Woman Suffering From Intense Pains Goes To Doctors, X-Ray Reveals What Husband Left Inside Her


When a woman went to the hospital complaining of agonizing pain in her abdomen, doctors were shocked to find the source of the pain. The story behind what they found is even more disturbing, however.

A woman in northern India went to the hospital complaining of severe abdomen pain, and doctors could just by watching her walk that something was seriously wrong.

Doctors Remove Rolling Pin From Woman’s Abdomen

Doctors took an x-ray, but it still didn’t make the cause of the problem clear. The next step was to perform an emergency surgery, according to the Sun.

During the surgery, doctors were shocked to find what was causing the pain – the 38-year-old woman had a rolling pin in her abdomen. The rolling pin was more than 15 inches long.

Medical staff was shocked by what they found and questioned the woman about it when she woke up following the procedure.

According to Mad World News, the woman revealed that she was infertile and that her husband tortured her.

Amita Lokhani, vice-chairperson of the National Commission for Women, spoke to the victim about the incident.

“In an act of brutality he inserted the rolling pin into her body through the anal region and threatened to kill her if she told anyone about it,” Lokhani told The Sun.

“He kept her locked in the house for two days until her condition worsened. He brought her to the hospital on December 25 however he went missing after we started investigating the matter.”

The woman’s husband is currently missing and a team of police officers are working to catch him. Police say the NCW “has played a great role here as the woman was not convinced to speak / to the police until they counseled her.”

Doctors say they were shocked when they found the rolling pin and that the damage she suffered was severe.

“The internal damage she suffered was very serious and she could have died,” Dr. Kedar Singh Shahi said. “The size of the rolling pin was around 40 cm long which is a big size to be inserted into a human body.”