Walmart Employee Fired For ‘Gross’ Thing He Did There Every Day For 20 Years

More bad press for the big box store Walmart? Read on, and you decide. Frank Swanson used to work at Walmart in Missouri, but he was fired.

The reason Swanson was fired has caused a social media uproar – are you ready for the reason? Swanson hugged the customers and helped them get good deals. That is it.

Swanson said he would always ask before hugging the ladies. The final straw for Walmart management was when Swanson helped a customer with a price match from a competitor.

Swanson offered her 50 cents off an item to match the competitor’s price. He was fired for giving a customer a 50-cent discount on Red Diamond Iced Tea.

I thought that was how price matching worked, you show the store a competitor has a better price, and you offer them a better one.

Walmart Employee Makes Unexpected Discovery Inside Car That Had Been Parked In Lot For 3 Weeks

The groundskeeper of a Maryland Walmart who investigated a foul smell emanating from a parked car stumbled upon a revolting surprise: the decomposing remains of a woman’s body.

Authorities believe the woman’s body had been decomposing for about three weeks when it was found.

The 2002 Chrysler Sebring was reportedly parked “suspiciously” far away from the store. The groundskeeper found the car – and the body – at around 3 p.m. on Thursday as he was mowing the store’s lawn.

Despite the car’s strange location, Elkton Police Department spokesperson Lt. Joseph Zurolo said that “It doesn’t appear to be foul play.”

“The car was parked in an isolated area of the Walmart parking lot,” Zurolo added. “It wasn’t in the mix with all of the other vehicles.”

The store’s surveillance footage shows the woman pulling into the parking space on May 29. Authorities have said that the woman can be seen getting out of the driver’s seat and moving into the back seat.

After that, noted Zurolo, “the car never moves.”

The woman is believed to have been 37 years old. The vehicle in which she was found had Delaware license plates.

The body has been taken to the Maryland State Medical Examiner’s Office in Baltimore for an autopsy.

Elkton police are currently working at positively identifying the woman’s remains and have not yet released the woman’s identity.

Group Of Men Attack Mother And Baby At Walmart, Don’t Realize Their Mistake Until It’s Too Late

Two Good Samaritans risked their lives to help save a mother and her baby after they were attacked in a Walmart parking lot.

Two suspects approached the woman in the parking lot of a Shawnee, Kansas, Walmart and hit her over the head — prompting a Good Samaritan to step in and try to protect her.

The Good Samaritan was shot multiple times by one of the suspects, and another bystander shot back soon after. One suspect was killed, but the other fled the scene.

The mother was taken to the hospital in critical condition, but she was later upgraded to fair condition. The baby was unharmed.

The suspect who fled, 27-year-old Arthur Wyatt, was arrested and charged with attempted first degree murder, attempted aggravated kidnapping and attempted aggravated robbery.

Wyatt was arrested after police initially detained the wrong person — a young man who matched the description of the suspect. That young man’s mother, Janet Lewis, spoke to WDAF about the incident.

“As I come pulling up, I see them arresting my son. I didn’t make it to park the car because as I seen my son, and the police around my only child, I sped up,” she said. “He was a little pissed off. I’m going to put it out there. He was pissed off.”

The Good Samaritan who was shot — a 33-year-old Iraq War veteran — was rushed to the hospital in serious condition. The suspect who was shot and killed was ultimately identified as 28-year-old John Simmons III.

The story quickly went viral, with many readers praising the brave actions of the two Good Samaritans who stepped in to help.

“Thank you to the Good Samaritans who saved this mother and baby. Thankfully, at least one of them had a gun and was able to stop the killing of and innocent mother and her child,” one reader commented on Mad World News’ Facebook page.

Entitled Customer Steals 2 Spots, Big Mistake With What She Returned To

A photo of a pointed prank on a person who double-parked at Walmart went viral.

The amusing photo, shared by WGME on its Facebook page, showed the inconsiderate shopper’s car fenced in by shopping carts as revenge for taking up two parking spaces.

Many readers applauded the shoppers who fenced in the person’s car for their actions.

“People shouldn’t take up two spaces and I dont, but saying that if u love ur car and want to keep people who don’t give a damm opening their doors and hitting ur car with it really passes me off,” one Mad World News reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

“I do hate it when people do this, the other day I was in Walmart , I came out to find a Hugh truck parked so close to me I couldn’t get in my car, he was like 6 INCHES from my car, I’m not to bendy these days, n my car has two sets n a council, to climb over,

I not real comfy with being out in the dark unable to get in my car, I went back in n explained my prob, one of Walmart’s employees when out with me, she was gonna vlimb over n drive forward.

As she is about to do this the old man came out, n I said is this your truck, he said yes, I asked if he realized how close he was to my car, he said I’m moving it now, no I’m sorry I parked in your parking place n mind, people can sometimes be so insensitive to common decency,” one WGME reader commented.

“WELL…maybe if people were more courteous about other peoples vehicles and didnt OPEN their Doors into them and parked correctly themselves, then others wouldnt have to feel like they need two spots to park…

YOU can thank ALL the Idiots that have NO Respect for other peoples vehicles !!! The ideot that did this is someone with No Respect for others,” another wrote.

“What really irks me is sometimes when u pull in to a parking space the other person is parked like this so you just move over and the other person leaves and the next one comes and leaves a nasty note on your car!” another added.

Others pointed out the fact that the circumstances behind the double parking were not being considered.

“This is hilarious until you think what if it was a little old lady whose car broke down during snow storm. Look at the snow right side of ground.

You park per the other cars at time and you drive where there is a way when no lines in snow.

I had shared this one and thought both funny and what’s the story behind it. Most people try to park correctly unless having a problem or snow,” one reader commented.

Walmart Worker Of 20 Years Fired For Offending A Customer, Here’s The Town’s Response

After 20 years of working for the company, a Missouri man was fired from Wal-Mart, leaving his community outraged.

Frank Swanson, 56, was just 20 days short of working a full 20 years at the West Plains Wal-Mart when he was fired.

Frank’s brother, Drexel Swanson, says his brother’s ultimate goal in life is to “make other people feel good about themselves and to bring a smile to their face,” after he was left disabled from an accident as a child, Attn: reports.

Every day at work, Frank hugged customers who accepted his offer. Management at the store had warned Frank about hugging customers, calling it “gross.” He assured his managers he was respectful of customers’ personal space.

“I was asking the ladies if I could give them hugs before I hugged them, ” Frank told Attn:. “They said yes.”

Frank also tried to make customers’ days better by memorizing competitors’ weekly ads to price-match to help them save money, which Wal-Mart advocates.

When a customer purchasing a single iced tea said she saw a lower price from a competitor, Frank gave her the small discount, saving her 50 cents, according to Attn:.

“I was checking out a lady who had some iced tea,” Frank said. “Someone had it on sale in town.”

Because the customer did not have the ad she was referring to on hand, the West Plains Wal-Mart considered the 50 cent discount Frank gave the customer to be theft.

Frank did everything he could to prove to his managers that the price he rang up was correct, but they didn’t listen and he was fired from his job, according to Mad World News.

“My brother doesn’t have a mean bone in his body,” Drexel Swanson said. “He loves to hug people, especially the older generation. He says they don’t get enough hugs in their life. That’s Frank Swanson, my brother, and I am proud to call him my brother.”

Walmart Employees Take One Look At Couple’s Engagement Photos, Refuse To Print Them (Photos)

A Walmart employee reportedly explained to the couple that she felt the photo promoted “gang violence,” something that is against “store policy,” and that she was sorry, but she wouldn’t process it.

Wehner says she is disappointed because the photo “depicts our love for each other, and I wanted to be able to display those at the reception,” reports WFAA. The couple is set to get married this weekend.

Wehner also described the picture as one that is both “creative” and includes something that is important to them both,

adding that the rifle was the first Stobl purchased for himself and is his personal favorite when he goes hunting.

Strobl says he is shocked that they are being associated with gang members and that guns are simply a part of their lives, particularly since he creates manuals about hunter safety and outdoor recreation for a living.

Walmart issued a statement in which it blamed the new employee for mishandling the situation.

“We had a new associate who was misinformed. Her actions are not consistent with our policy,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson said Walmart is not against printing photos of its customers holding firearms.

Here’s The Viral Video From Inside A Walmart In Georgia That Everyone Is Talking About

Being a parent is difficult. You have to always be on your A-game and be one step ahead of your kids. This means that you need to be rested enough and aware enough to keep track of your life and your child’s life.

It is tiring! But if you want to raise a good human who can contribute to society when they are older, it’s an important part of the process.

But some parents just don’t have the ambition or desire to do right by their children. Instead, they allow them to do anything they wish and don’t discipline them.

Sometimes this happens because parents are so busy working multiple jobs to keep the family fed. Other times it is laziness.

As you’ll see in the security footage from a Walmart in Macon, Georgia, a group of renegade children have their will on the retail store.

The group of two dozen out of control teenagers sprint through the halls and knock items off the shelves. Other customers are forced to stand aside as the stampeded destroys the store. Where are their parents when they need them?

The group of young people keeps coming. It seems to be an endless throng of them coming into Walmart at the same time. It is unclear why they have all diverged onto the retail superstore at the same time, but it is clear that they mean to be destructive.

The YouTube video, which was uploaded in the summer of 2015 by William Bastone, shares the following as a description:

“Dozens of young marauders are seen rampaging through a Walmart in Macon, Georgia at 1:45 AM on June 28, 2015. A 17-year-old boy arrested at the scene told police that the vandals wanted to ‘see how much damage they could cause.’”

Nearly one million people have tuned in to watch the nearly 7-minutes of rampage caught on camera. Here are some of the viewers’ comments:

Joint Pain Relief

“Walmart needs to teach a lesson to “their customers”. Close for a moth and lay off his employees (their relatives) why they don’t be alert outside when they see a lottery of punks outside, why don’t close the doors,

why don’t they call the police, why don’t call their employers to stop them, many questions without answers…” shared YouTube user eblanco78.

Nathan Solderblom, who claims to have been working at the store during the rampage, wrote: “I work at this store and I was about to be going to my 2am lunch break and saw it all happen. Ya’ll can argue all the live long day but at least you didn’t have to f***in clean it up lmao”

“I hope the cops caught them and arrested all of them and made them pick it all up,” the Richards Family shared.

“The guy standing there like the green lantern and not doing anything to stop things. Take away his [super] powers,” joked rigomortisfxstudios.

What do you make of this video footage? Have you ever seen something like this before?

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Walmart Customers Upset Over ‘Racist’ Clothing Display; Did They Go Too Far? (Photo)

Customers at a North Las Vegas Walmart were enraged to find what they say is a racist and insensitive clothing display.

An employee at the Walmart store hung clothing from the ceiling, and many customers found the display to be disturbing.

A KTNV reporter took a picture of the display and showed it to people on the street, asking for their first impressions.

While some said the display looked like “mannequins of people hanging from the top of the roof” or “people hanging from the ceiling,” others saw something else.

One man described the display as “four black items hanging from the ceiling as if they were four black people,” KTNV reports.

According to Some News, a woman said it looked “a little like the Ku Klux Klan, black people hanging from the ceiling.”

Walmart reportedly took down the display, but nobody from the company has responded to the controversy or apologized, according to KTNV.

Do you think that the store’s display has any racist implications? See for yourself below.

Woman Prepares To Pay For Walmart Goods, Then Man Behind Her In Line Asks Surprising Question

An anecdote detailing a Louisiana man’s act of kindness toward a Baton Rouge flood victim has gone viral.

In a Facebook post on Aug. 15, Allison LaCombe Welch described a scene she witnessed in the checkout line at a Wal-Mart in Marksville, located about 90 miles from Baton Rouge, according to Fox News Insider.

“There was an older woman checking out, a middle aged couple behind her, and I was next,” Welch wrote on Facebook.

It was then that she noticed all the essential items the woman was buying, including shampoo, a tooth brush, tooth paste, shoes, clothes and makeup.

“I didn’t think anything of it but as she was almost done (her total was over $350) the man in front of me asked her, ‘Are you sending this stuff to flood victims?'” Welch wrote.

“And the woman said, ‘Actually sir, I am a flood victim, I lost everything I own and didn’t have time to even grab my purse. There is water up to my roof.

I’m staying here with my daughter until I can figure things out.'”

What the man did next brought them all to tears.

“And just like that, the man handed the cashier his credit card and paid for the woman’s things,” Welch wrote.

“She cried, his wife cried, and then I cried. It was so touching to see someone be so selfless, especially in this trying time for Louisiana!”

 Welch’s Facebook post has been liked nearly 50,000 times.

The devastating flood has been described by the Red Cross as the worst natural disaster in the U.S. since Hurricane Sandy in 2012, according to CNN.

“This disaster is the worst to hit the United States since Superstorm Sandy, and we anticipate it will cost at least $30 million —

a number which may grow as we learn more about the scope and magnitude of the devastation,” said Brad Kieserman, Red Cross’ vice president of disaster services operations and logistics.

At least 13 people have died as a result of the flooding, while Governor John Bel Edwards said at least 40,000 homes have been damaged.

Sources: Fox News Insider

Disabled Vet Gets In Girl’s Way At Walmart Parking Lot — Here’s How She Responded

The internet is praising a young woman after she shared her story of how she helped a struggling wheelchair-bound veteran at a West Virginia Walmart.

Morgan Wheeler, 21, was about to leave the Walmart parking lot when she saw a man cross her path in his wheelchair, waving apologetically at her for the delay, Wheeler explained in a Facebook post, according to Independent Journal Review.

Wheeler, a veterinary hospital employee, noticed the man was missing his right leg from the knee down, so she got out of her car and asked if he needed help with his grocery shopping.

The man initially refused the offer, but Wheeler insisted. She introduced herself and started wheeling him toward the store as the two had a conversation.

In a Facebook post, Wheeler explained:

I asked him if I could assist him with his shopping today, and he, quite grumpily, said that he was doing just fine and was not getting much anyways.

Me, being as stubborn as I am, insisted and proceeded to push him and tell him a little about myself.

He interrupted me and said that he only needed help to the door, to which I picked up where I had left off before he interrupted me. I told him about Fayetteville, and my horses, and my nephews (I had parked a good ways away from the doors).

And when I reached the doors, I continued to push him and talk. We reached the produce area and I asked him to tell me about himself.

He reluctantly looked at me and began telling me that he lived in Sod- Lincoln County, and that he just recently lost his wife.

I asked him if he was a veteran, to which he replied that he was- but with pain on his face, so I changed the subject and asked if he had made a shopping list.

The veteran only had four items on his shopping list: peanut butter, soup, bread and bananas.

Wheeler asked if he needed other things like milk, eggs and butter, and he replied that he might not make it home before they spoil. He told Wheeler he hitched a ride to the Walmart with a trucker.

Wheeler decided to add a few items to the man’s cart before calling a taxi for him. That’s when the proud veteran was brought to tears.

Wheeler wrote:

I knelt down and asked him what was wrong and he replied, that I ‘was doing far too much for an old man that I barely knew.’

I told him that where I am from, and from the family I was raised in, we help one another, no matter the task and that I had never met a stranger.

I also told him that he deserved everything I was doing for him because he fought for my freedom and sacrificed so much. We made it to the check out line and I paid for his groceries, against his request.

When we got outside, we waited for the taxi together. He thanked me over and over again and appeared- to me- to have been in a much better mood than when I found him.

Wheeler said when she returned to her car after the taxi arrived, she began to tear up as well.

“Today was a truly humbling experience for me, and I consider myself extremely blessed to have the capability of understanding what is truly important in this world,” she wrote in the Facebook post. “THAT man was a HERO, and far too many will say otherwise.”

Wheeler’s post has since gone viral, being shared more than 600,000 times on Facebook.

Wheeler said that while she is grateful for the positive response, she feels what she did should not be considered unusual.

“I’m so glad the post has touched so many people,” she told the “Today” show, according to the Daily Mail.

“There are far too many people like that gentleman who need help and I want to encourage everyone to help others. Trust me, it will be a very humbling experience.”

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Wal-Mart Employee Rips The Clothes Out Of Her Hand. Then Says The Outrageous About Her Size…

There are some moments where you’re just glad you caught what was happening on video because you know so many people may not believe you. When young Shiann was shopping for some winter clothes at Wal-Mart, a store employee told her something that she feels is discrimination. Shiann was standing in line for the dressing room, then a store worker took the clothes out of her hands.

The woman told her not to try them on because she would stretch them out and ruin them. The implication was that she was too big to even try to see if the clothes would fit. Shiann wasn’t trying to wear a smaller size than she actually is, so why did the lady feel the need to tell her she was too big?

“Don’t try to push it. Don’t try to put on something that is obviously not going to fit. Don’t stretch it,” the woman says. However, Shiann was certain that the clothes were her size. When she tried them on, they all fit. The clothes she got were her size from the lady’s section, some from the plus-size section, and a sweater in a men’s extra-large.

So what do you think? Was the worker treating Shiann unfairly? Let us know in the comments.

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