17-Year-Old Who’s A Mom To 7 Kids Has Demand She Thinks Taxpayers Should Foot The Bill For

When she was just 14-years-old, Argentine teenager Pamela Villarruel gave birth to her first child. The birth would set her down a path that she could not turn away from. For the next two years, she got pregnant back to back and subsequently gave birth to six more children. Now she has a total of seven in her brood.

Pamela lives at her parents’ home in the town of Leones in Cordoba Province, in northern Argentina. Although she only had three pregnancies, she gave birth to seven children. The first boy came in 2005. Then the other six girls were delivered in two different pregnancies each with triplets.

Now, Pamela is asking the public to give her money so she can have an operation to stop her from ever having children again…

Living in her parents’ living room in difficult. Her mother supports them all and works nonstop as a house cleaner to afford the large family.

Pamela has not had luck with men. The father of her first son abandoned them. The father of the first set of triplets was sent away because he was violent and continuously beat Pamela. The father of the third triplets is a mystery. Pamela refuses to admit who it is, if she even knows.

Because Pamela’s mother Magdalena is forced to care for all of them – including her daughter – she has asked that Pamela have her fallopian tubes tied. Since the girl does not use birth control, she has no other way to protect herself from an unwanted pregnancy. And with seven children, anymore would put them over the edge.

But Magdalena’s modest request was denied by the Argentinian government. They said that the birth control procedure cannot be conducted on a minor – even one that has already given birth to seven humans.

In the YouTube video below, which has been viewed thousands of times, you’ll get to see pictures of the young family.

In America, teenagers can get access to contraceptives to prevent such a fate entering their lives. While newborn children are certainly a blessing, being thrust into a parenting role for not just one, but seven, is very difficult.

However, some states are fighting to take away teenagers’ access to birth control. They want these teenagers to first tell their parents that they’re sexually active before getting access to contraceptive. This kind of measure will cause children to avoid the issue because they don’t want to talk to their parents and then have an unwanted pregnancy.

Besides increased risk of getting pregnant, teens that do not use contraceptive devices like condoms are at greater risk of contracting HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases. According to a study conducted by the Guttmacher Institute, nearly three million teens contract STDs every year. And if these go untreated, they can result in lifelong problems like infertility.

Do you think Argentina should have allowed the teenage girl to have her tubes tied? Or is the government right to stop it?

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Mom Of 5-Year-Old Triplets Shares Breastfeeding Photo, Says She’ll Only Stop When Kids Are Ready

Davina Wright is an Australian mother of five living in Hong Kong with her husband Jason. Three of her children are 5-year-old triplets, Connor, Willow, and Summer.

The triplets have been breastfeeding since birth, and Wright has no intention of stopping any time soon. She breastfeeds the kids a few times a day, and claims they absolutely love it.

Apparently Wright isn’t doing this for herself — it’s the triplets who want to keep nursing. Both of Wright’s older children self-weaned before they were 2, so Wright assumed it would be the same for the triplets. But now here they are, 5 years old and still breastfeeding.

Wright is all about breastfeeding positivity and ending the stigma surrounding breastfeeding, so she is a member of many pro-breastfeeding groups.

“In all honesty I would be happy if they weaned now,” Wright wrote in a breastfeeding-friendly blog. “I am big on letting the child decide when they are ready to wean but at the same time I’m like ‘dudes, there are 3 of you, and you’re 5, come on already!’

I am tired, I am touched out, and I am pretty sure the last of the ‘baby weight’ won’t shift until they stop. It’s not that I want my body back to myself, because the three of them will continue to climb on me, sit on me and take ‘piggy back rides’ on me, it’s more that I am just feeling done.” 

Although she still allows her children to breastfeed, she limits the times and places they do it.

Most of the time, she only breastfeeds once or twice a day — once in the evening before they go to sleep, and sometimes in the morning when they wake up. 

Even though she’s getting sick of it, she loves the connection she has forged with her kids through breastfeeding.

Sometimes it’s the only few moments of silence she gets with her wild 5-year-olds.

Wright says it’s been really nice to be able to talk to her kids about breastfeeding — she likes that her kids can express their appreciation and enjoyment of nursing. 

Did you breastfeed longer than you expected to? Would you let your kids breastfeed until they’re ready to be done?

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Grandmother Looks Down In Tip Line Of Receipt, Is Stunned By What Customer Wrote (Photo)

A bartender who is the caregiver to her triplet grandsons received a $300 tip.

Shiela Weisgerber, 48, of Lisbon, North Dakota, has been raising her 4-year-old triplet grandsons, Bentley, Ashton and Dalton, on her own for most of their lives. As their mother is a 30-year-old single parent who already had a toddler, she was not able to take care of three more children.

“She tried to do it, and when the boys were two months, she said she couldn’t do it, so I stepped in and offered to raise the boys,” Weisgerber told ABC News.

The boys’ father died in a car crash in February, Inforum notes.

Although taking care of the boys was “very overwhelming” at the beginning, Weisgerber said she is glad to have the opportunity to watch them grow up.

“I love children and it wasn’t in my cards to have more,” she told Inforum. “And now I’ve been blessed to raise the boys. If I was asked to do it over again, I would. These little guys are a true blessing.”

On April 30, Weisgerber was speaking to some regular customers at the First and Last Chance Bar, where she has worked full-time since October 2015. A couple overheard the grandmother talking about her family.

“And they were like, ‘Holy cow! Triplets?'” Weisgerber recalled to ABC News.
She then showed the couple a picture of the children, and when they paid for their meal, they gave Weisgerber a $300 tip and wrote “Take care of those boys!” on the receipt.

“I was in disbelief at first,” she said. “I looked at it, and I looked at it again. You read stuff about it, and you hear about it, and you wonder, ‘Is that really true? Do people really do that?'”

According to Weisgerber’s April 30 Facebook post, she was so overcome with emotion that she cried in the bathroom for a few minutes. “Words can’t describe how grateful I am,” she told Inforum. “You know there’s good out there. It helps, and it will help the boys later.”

Dave Cole, the owner of the bar, said the community was happy to hear about the incident.

“The last few months have been really hard with random deaths around here,” Cole explained. “We really needed a boost. This was a godsend. Literally, it made everybody brighten up.”

After the boys’ father died, Weisgerber opened savings accounts for the children. Each boy will receive $100 from the tip.

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Mom Holds Her Newborn Baby Triplets, Unexpectedly Passes Away Just 10 Days Later

After 34 weeks of pregnancy, Casi Rott’s triplets were finally born and looking healthy. All she could do was smile as the months of laborious strain were gone. Her husband Joey, and their two daughters Tenley and Chloe stood by excited to welcome the new members of the family.

The triplets took a toll on Casi’s body. She was forced to under go a cesarean section procedure prematurely and she stayed at the hospital for a few days with her babies. Her triplets had to stay at the hospital for longer but the doctors told Casi that she was fine to go home.

Then things started to go wrong. She felt pains in her chest at first and then was taken to the hospital. The doctors found that Casi had a blood clot in her lungs, that was from the strain on her body during the pregnancy. She went home after she was given blood thinners for the clot in her lungs.

Again, her chest was giving her pain at home, so her husband took her to the hospital. Tragically, she died.

Except for one small moment of being able to hold all three of her babies just after being born, Casi was robbed of the joy of her new children. Her family was changed forever, in so many ways.

While Joey and his family don’t have their loving mother anymore, they have the support of the community however.

A Horrific Car Crash Takes Their 3 Kids Away. 6 Months Later, Mom Is Pregnant With Triplets

What Lori and Chris Coble experienced is an insurmountable amount of pain. One fateful day, while Lori was driving her three children Kyle, Emma, and Katie home, disaster struck.

A big rig tow truck carrying 40,000 pounds of merchandise smashed into the back of the family’s minivan.

Lori has no recollection of the day’s events. What happened next, she only knows from what was told to her.

She and her children were taken to separate hospitals, as her husband Chris awaited the news of his family. It seemed that one by one, the husband and father was told that each of his children had passed away.

As Chris and Lori sought out justice against the driver and the truck driving industry that took away their children’s lives, just six months later they got the news of an unbelievable miracle…

See the Coble family’s heartbreaking journey below…


In May of 2007, the Coble family experienced a devastating tragedy. While Mom, Lori, was driving home with her three children — 5-year-old Kyle, 4-year-old Emma, and 2-year-old Katie — a truck carrying 20 tons of electronics crashed into the back of their minivan. The truck was driving 70 mph.

Lori has no recollection of the incident; her husband Chris had to tell her that her beloved children were dead.

dad and kids

The truck driver, Jorge Miguel Romero, who had a history of speeding, pleaded no contest to three counts of vehicular manslaughter.

mom and kids

After the accident, the couple took on the truck driving industry, hoping to change policies and save lives.

“This is an industry that’s based on payment on miles driven,” Chris Coble told Meredith Vieira.

“For a lot of truckers, if that truck isn’t rolling, they’re not getting paid, which really sets up an entire industry where it promotes danger and real safety concerns. These truckers are speeding and they’re tired and we’d like to get that changed.”

But just six months after the tragedy, it seemed Chris and Lori had a cause for hope…


The couple became pregnant with triplets: two girls and one boy, just like before. For Lori and Chris, it was clear that their kids had a hand in creating their brother and sisters.

“Your mind can’t even think otherwise. If you feel they’re somewhere watching over you, protecting you, and something like this happens, it’s hard to think that somehow they weren’t involved in crafting this,” Chris said.


In May of 2015, Ashley, Ellie, and Jake celebrated their seventh birthday.