Police Officer Pulls Man Over-When He Looks In The Backseat, His Heart Dropped

Not too long ago, LaVonte Dell was pulled over in Westland because of the illegal tint of his windows. Not a huge deal by any means. The police officer told him all he had to do was simply get it removed. But when the cop got a closer look into the back seat, he saw something that made his heart drop.

“I asked him, ‘why is she back there without a car seat?’” said Officer Joshua Scaglione. He continued to tell him that it wasn’t safe for the 3 year old girl to be in a regular seat.
“He teared up a little bit and told me he was going through some tough times,” said Scaglione.

The cop proceeded to ask him to get out of the car, and Dell was expecting the worst. But instead of giving him handcuffs and arresting Dell, he decided to help him out.

“I related to the fact that I’ve been in that situation before. I realized this was the perfect opportunity to help him,” said Scaglione.

Instead of giving him a ticket, Scaglione told Dell to follow him to the nearby Walmart, and it was there, that Scaglione bought a car seat for Dell’s daughter.

“You would have thought we were best friends. No awkward silence. I learned about him. He learned about him. He learned about me,” commented Dell.

The cop was able to tell that Dell was a hardworking man, who only wanted the best for his family. Scaglione didn’t want to make things worse by just giving him a ticket without even doing anything to help, and make things worse.

We are so thankful that Scaglione did this for Dell and his daughter. He has proven that police officers are here to HELP, they are not here to just give tickets and arrest you, and send you on your way.

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Photo Of Toddler Sleeping On Some Cardboard Is Going Viral. Here’s The Story Behind It

Recently, a photo got posted on Facebook that shows the heartbreaking moment a toddler was caught in a compromising position. Since then officials and journalists have exploded the child’s story to find out more about where he came from and where his family is.

But the truth is heartbreaking. The boy was found sleeping on the streets of an out-door market. And when you discover why, your heart will go out to this innocent child and the millions more in a similar situation as him…

The photo shows a child, who looks to be no older than three, asleep on a piece of unfolded cardboard laid out on top of dirt.

“It would be good if this innocent child slept in a kindergarten or at home, instead of at the market” shows a boy sleeping on the street on the market in Kara-Suu, Kyrgyzstan,” the photo uploaded wrote.

Side-by-side images of the child, show the boy sleeping on the cardboard from different angels. He is alone in the dirt on the outskirts of a market behind a fence. When the investigation was sparked, officials discovered that the child’s name was Ishaq. He was confirmed to be only two-years old.


The most heartbreaking facts about his story? He is not alone in the world. He has three other siblings. And he is a familiar sight in the outdoor market, employees who work there say.

After a bit more digging, journalists at “Sputnik” identified Ishaq’s mother. She is 35-year-old Zulfiya.

She has been left to raise the four children all by herself. The father went to work one day and never came back – he could have died, he could have ran away, no one knows.

Toddler is Convinced His Mom Served Him Poop On A Roll For Dinner. You Have To Watch [video]

While toddlers have a way of testing our patience and causing a seen in public places, they also provide us with a steady flow of laughter.

This is mostly due to their honest humor and ability to say the things that most people think but are too reserved or scared to say.

When it comes to dinnertime, toddlers can be particularly challenging because they are set in their ways and often don’t like to open up to testing out new foods. Put yourself in their shoes for a day…you sit down for a meal and get a completely foreign object placed in front of you.

It has different smells, textures and shapes. Do you blame them for not being so open to trying out these strange food items right away?

One toddler has the world laughing as he refuses to eat a sloppy Joe. Most of the times a toddler doesn’t really have a reasoning for denying a food, but this little guy does.

“It’s poop,” he says, as he fiddles with the meat sandwich. And he isn’t letting up when his mother assures him that it’s not poop and it is a sloppy Joe. Her words are not enough to convince him that it’s not poop.

The video starts out with the little boy removing the bread from the sandwich. As he is scanning the meant, the look that he has on his face is priceless.

He simply says, “Poop.” You can hear his siblings repeatedly telling him that it’s not poop, but he is still not convinced. And it may not be the fact that he is saying poop over and over again, but it is the way the determined little boy says it.

As he continues to remove the bread and the meat off of his plate and onto the table, he shows some hesitance in touching the meat.

Once the meal is said aside, he throws his arm forward and lets out a loud screech, “IT’S POOP!”

As his mama continues to get him to take one bite, he refuses, but proceeds to eat the chips that are on the plate. This little boy is so determined that he even has viewers convinced that it’s poop…

“I mean, I think I’m convinced its poop at this point.”

Toddler Drops Burger In Fast Food Restaurant, Mother Reacts In Unexpected Way (Video)

An unnamed woman is facing criticism after a video (below) of her beating a toddler emerged online.

Daily Mail reported the woman’s actions were captured on closed-circuit TV at a fast food restaurant.


The footage shows a small boy reaching out for a hamburger, which he drops. The woman hits the toddler as she cleans up after the boy, who was apparently her son.

She then escalates the situation by pushing and kicking the toddler.

Although an employee was sitting nearby and took note of the situation, no one intervened.

A representative for the restaurant said, “We have spoken to the employee on duty at the time and he has been disciplined.”

The police are now looking for the woman. A spokesman said, “Thanks to members of the public who have come forward we have several leads we are pursuing.”

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Toddler Turns Blue & Throws Up Blood, Dies For One Scary Reason

Each parent is terrified of their kid getting hurt or, far more detestable, slaughtered. Tragically for a couple of parents in Oklahoma, their baby passed on after the two-year-old was hurried to a healing facility.

She unexpectedly began to turn blue and hurled blood, however when specialists requested a x-beam, they found out the reason of the toddler’s death was all too common.


Two-year-old Brianna Florer started to get a low-grade fever. At first, her parents, Brian and Stephanie Florer, didn’t think too much of it until their daughter started to turn blue and threw up blood.

They immediately called an ambulance, and their daughter was taken to Grove Hospital. After ordering an x-ray, doctors quickly learned that the young girl had ingested a button battery that was smaller than a dime.


They immediately transported her to another hospital where she was rushed into surgery to attempt to remove the battery. “They operated on her for 2 hours, but they couldn’t stop the bleeding,” explained Brianna’s grandfather, Kent Vice, according to Daily Mail.

“They believed the battery ate through to her carotid artery by way of her esophagus.” He continued, “’One minute she is perfect, and the next minute she is dead.

We had no idea when she swallowed it.” These batteries are commonly found in toys and gadgets, such as remote-control cars, TV remotes, and novelty musical greeting cards.

‘Pre-school age children are most at risk because these batteries are shiny and the same size as a Smartie.

Children will think it’s a sweet, pop it in their mouth and swallow it,’ says Dr Kate Parkins, a pediatrician and consultant at Manchester University Hospitals Trust, who is calling for a Department of Health campaign to increase awareness.

An electric current from the battery combines with saliva to produce sodium hydroxide — or caustic soda.

This can burn through the oesophagus and surrounding blood vessels, causing potentially fatal damage within a couple of hours. ‘The child can bleed to death,’ explains Dr Parkins.

Doctors believe that Brianna had ingested the object within days of her death, but they won’t know the official cause of death until the autopsy results come back.

cute kid

Vice wants his granddaughter’s death to act as an eye-opener for parents and bring about change. “’I want to keep these things out of houses,” he admitted. “They are dangerous.”


According to Daily Mail, “There were 11,940 cases of children swallowing batteries from 2005 to 2014.”