Pitbull Chained In Snow Cries For Help – Now Watch When The Policeman Comes To His Rescue

Pit bulls have a bad reputation and are sometimes mistakenly identified as “fight dogs.”

Many people believe that the breed is the most violent and aggressive one out there. But the truth is pit bulls aren’t naturally aggressive—they only become aggressive when their owners mistreat them.

It breaks my heart to see pit bulls so misunderstood even though they face more than their share of neglect and abuse. But perhaps the most painful thing is that when pit bulls end up in shelters, they’re often the last dogs to be adopted.

Fortunately, though, the tide is turning, thanks to dogs like Kiah, and the wonderful man who adopted her.

Her unbelievable story is one you’ll defintely want to share. When Kiah was found, she was chained outside in the icy cold. But a police officer rescued her, and soon, she got much more than a second chance in life.

She was given a golden opportunity to showcase her breed’s best side—by working side by side with police officers in New York.

Not only is Kiah the first pit bull to work as a police dog in New York State, she also passed her training with the highest marks.

Everyone, including her owner, Justin, was impressed.

“All pit bulls are not nasty and aggressive, Kiah is a perfect example of that. She loves everyone, is friendly and although she came from the terrible ills she showed in the end she has a heart of gold,” said her handler, Justin Bruzgul.

Hero Spots Exhausted Pit Bull Who’s Been Stranded In Floodwaters For 16 Hours

Devastating floods have descended upon the state of Louisiana. According to The Weather Channel, at least 40,000 homes have been impacted, 30,000 people have been rescued, and at least 11 people have died.

In addition, approximately 1,000 pets have been rescued. But amidst the horror and destruction, countless people are doing whatever they can to help — and that includes rescuing the countless animals trapped in the flood’s wake.

olunteer rescuers like Mike Anderson and Darrell Watson have been searching for any signs of life, riding through the floodwaters and risking their lives to save whoever they can. So far, they’ve rescued nearly 100 lives, both human and animal.

Recently, Mike and Darrell found two pit bulls struggling to survive in four feet of water. Mike says there’s a good chance they were in the water for up to 16 hours.

Not only are Mike and Darrell searching for more lives to save, but they’ve also volunteered to foster the two pit bulls, should the animal shelters be too full to hold them. Simply incredible.

Baton Rouge was recently hit with deadly floods, and volunteer rescuer Mike Anderson is determined to save as many lives as possible.

Recently, Mike and his friend Darrell rescued two pit bulls who had gotten separated from their families and were trapped in the flood’s wake.

So far, Mike and Darrell have saved 100 lives, and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

A Family Abandoned Their Pit Bull On Moving Day But A Stranger Came To His Rescue

Moving is a big deal to many people. It’s the start of a new chapter and the chance to leave behind parts of your life you need to let go or forget. But people don’t typically think of letting go of a pet when they move. A pet is family and family means no one gets left behind. Unless you’re this family from Michigan.

They left behind someone’s best friend and the reason is still unknown. Some lives are meant to cross and even though the circumstances may not be the best, the outcome can be a beautiful thing. A family didn’t appreciate the loving animal they had, but someone else did, and they couldn’t let it go to waste.

When you move, you make sure to pack up the things that mean the most to you.


You take photo albums, trinkets, memories…


One family packed up everything they deemed important.

And left behind their dog.

dogThe family’s neighbor saw the dog curled up on an old mattress.

He snapped a picture and posted it to Facebook.

mattressHe hoped someone would pick up the dog.

But no one came.

abandoned-dogThen Mike Diesel, founder of Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue, saw the picture.

He immediately went out to meet the dog named Boo.

carHe stayed there all day.

And all night.


He Locks Himself In With A Battered Pit Bull. Now Watch When He Starts To Eat.

Dr. Andy Mathis, a veterinarian in Elberton, Georgia, was about to leave the hospital for the night. Right at closing time, however, a woman called about a starving dog she found on a county dirt road. Dr. Mathis told her to bring the dog in so he could take a look at her.

The woman arrived at Granite Hills Animal Care with a gray pit bull in horrible condition. This dog was emaciated, anemic, hypothermic, and was suffering from a severe vaginal prolapse. Dr. Mathis wasn’t sure if she would make it, so he turned to his fellow animal lovers on Facebook for help and support. “So I had 2 choices,” Dr. Mathis wrote on Facebook. “I can put her to sleep. Or try to save her. So I asked the universe … also known as Facebook … and the universe said ‘Try.’ The universe even named her as they said, ‘we hate the thought that any pet gets sent to rainbow bridge or passes away without a name,’ so they christened her Graycie Clair. Spelled with a Y for her gray coloring.”

In the touching video below, Dr. Mathis sits down with Graycie inside her kennel in the attempt to encourage her to eat breakfast. By this point, Graycie was already making drastic improvements and beginning to gain weight, but has serious trust issues. Dr. Mathis treats this dog with such kindness and respect, showing her that it’s okay to dig in and enjoy her meal. He even takes his own breakfast into the kennel with him, eating out of a metal dog bowl to show her that they’re equals.

Wait until you see Graycie react to her savior’s incredible gesture. Will she eat her breakfast with him?

Graycie the pit bull was found abandoned on a dirt road. Starving, hypothermic, and suffering from a vaginal prolapse, Graycie fell into the hands of Dr. Andy Mathis in Elberton, Georgia.pit bullDr. Mathis knew he had two choices — he could either put her to sleep or try to save her. Though the odds were stacked against her, he chose the latter.graycieGraycie improved every day. She began gaining weight and eating better. She became more alert and her gums returned to normal color. Graycie is a miracle.


She needs more time to heal physically and emotionally, but Dr. Mathis looks forward to the day Graycie is ready to be adopted into a forever home. In the meantime, she’s in wonderful hands.

cute pit bull


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