Do You Think You Have A High IQ? Prove It By Answering Riddle Correctly [Answer]

Math…you either love it or you hate it. But in today’s world, with the growing need of math skills, you need to learn to love it. Brainteasers are a tool that are designed to get you to find some appreciation in math and they often become addicting. One teaser that has gone viral has adults and children alike stumped.

  • The teaser has three numbers placed together in an addition equation…

The problem, which has four possible solutions, asks you to move one of the sticks to solve the equation. The color-coding display and easy numbers make the task seem simple, but it’s got people mind-boggled across social media.

One of the four ways to solve the problem is by transforming the six to a zero in the first number. By, simply moving the green line over to the right so that it is vertical, an entirely new equation is placed before you…0+4=4.

  • Doesn’t sound too hard right?
  • Here are some more solutions…

Another fun way to solve the equation is by removing the yellow vertical stick from the plus sign, which in turn transforms the plus sign to a minus sign. Then, place this line on the upper right side of the six, turning the six into and eight and achieving the following accurate equation:


The next way to work wonders with this equation is by removing the blue vertical line from the six and placing it on top of the answer number at the far right. You will turn the line sideways so that it is now horizontal and it creates the number nine. Your end result will be:

I’ve Given This Puzzle To Everyone I Know And They All Failed. Can You Be The First To Pass?

A popular pastime to engage in on the internet is seeing if you can beat and solve these puzzles that nobody else can seem to get.  There are many puzzles out there that have pretty hard riddles and equations that you need to solve which very few people get right.

These puzzles are great because you may come across one that is actually in your area of expertise or practice, and you will be able to solve and beat it when everybody else is failing!

There are puzzles for the eyes, the math brain, and even the book worm by testing their knowledge in the general English language.

If you are one who is particularly inclined to like dealing with numbers, then this puzzle will be perfect for you.  This puzzle has a riddle of numbers being added, and you need to recognize the pattern that the mathematics is presenting to you in order to guess the last number.

It may seem like a very simple puzzle at first, but its does in fact have quite a non-intuitive though process that goes along with it.

Check out the equations below and see if you can recognize any type of pattern or sequence that goes along with it.

You will probably find yourself looking at this puzzle and wondering what that last number is, because it is in fact quite a hard puzzle.  If you can get this one right, that means you are better than 90% of other people who are taking this puzzle!

If you just simply cannot figure it out, then don’t worry because we will offer a full explanation as to how you get the last number below.

The last number can be calculated in two different ways.

Method 1: To get the last number, ad the numbers on the right side of the equation, and then multiply that sum by three.  By this logic, 1+5=6, which indeed gives you 18.  2+10=12, which when multiplied by 3 does give you 36, and same with 54.  So 4+20=24, multiplied by 3 gives you 72.

Think You’re Smarter Than Most? Solve This Puzzle In A Minute And You May Be Right

There are a lot of intelligence tests online, and they never seem to go out of style. There’s just something about these brain teasers, optical illusions, and riddles that seems to be irresistible to most people. Even though online tests aren’t necessarily the most accurate things in the world when compared to, say, an actual IQ test, they still give us a sense of accomplishment when we solve them.

Research has shown that the human brain responds positively to riddles and brain teasers. Our brain craves stimulation, and solving mental problems (which ultimately make your brain more nimble) activates the reward centers, which in turn makes you more eager to solve a puzzle the next time around.

Take a look at the puzzle below and see if you can figure it out. It’s been making the rounds online and has been seen by over three million people already. It’s being said that if you can solve it, your IQ is significantly above average. If you couldn’t get it, don’t feel bad, the solution is provided below.

Ok, here it is. Take a good, hard look and see if you can get it.intellegence test

So, did you get it? Or are you as confused as we were?man

Don’t worry, the solution is provided in the video below.

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I Stared At This Picture For Hours And Couldn’t Find The Hidden Panda. Can You? See The Answer…

A new illustration is sweeping across Facebook, leaving every single person who views it absolutely dumbfounded. The brilliant Christmas-themed drawing was created by Hungarian artist Gregerly Dudás, who then shared it on his personal page.

He told his followers there was a panda among these many different snowmen, asking if they could spot the dark panda. What seems like an easy task has quickly gone viral, driving thousands crazy and begging the question: can YOU spot the panda?snowmen game

After just a few days, Dudás woke up to 42,000 likes and 100,000 shares on his newest creation. The best part was that most people still couldn’t find the panda, some seriously doubting it’s existence. Gary Pearsall joined in, commenting, “There ain’t no panda in there!” Darren Fox added, “Been looking for 15 mins still can’t find it lol.”

On the other end of the spectrum, some views claim to have found the panda as quickly as five seconds after first viewing the picture. Out of all the mind-bending puzzles that this talented artist shares, this Christmas-themed one is definitely the most popular – and the most frustrating!

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