Police Officer Pulls Man Over-When He Looks In The Backseat, His Heart Dropped

Not too long ago, LaVonte Dell was pulled over in Westland because of the illegal tint of his windows. Not a huge deal by any means. The police officer told him all he had to do was simply get it removed. But when the cop got a closer look into the back seat, he saw something that made his heart drop.

“I asked him, ‘why is she back there without a car seat?’” said Officer Joshua Scaglione. He continued to tell him that it wasn’t safe for the 3 year old girl to be in a regular seat.
“He teared up a little bit and told me he was going through some tough times,” said Scaglione.

The cop proceeded to ask him to get out of the car, and Dell was expecting the worst. But instead of giving him handcuffs and arresting Dell, he decided to help him out.

“I related to the fact that I’ve been in that situation before. I realized this was the perfect opportunity to help him,” said Scaglione.

Instead of giving him a ticket, Scaglione told Dell to follow him to the nearby Walmart, and it was there, that Scaglione bought a car seat for Dell’s daughter.

“You would have thought we were best friends. No awkward silence. I learned about him. He learned about him. He learned about me,” commented Dell.

The cop was able to tell that Dell was a hardworking man, who only wanted the best for his family. Scaglione didn’t want to make things worse by just giving him a ticket without even doing anything to help, and make things worse.

We are so thankful that Scaglione did this for Dell and his daughter. He has proven that police officers are here to HELP, they are not here to just give tickets and arrest you, and send you on your way.

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Age 4 Child Alone by Pond. Cop Knows and Takes Off Running. That’s When He Sees Him Face-Down in Water

Topeka police officer Aaron Bulmer made an amazing rescue the morning of April 30. The events left him understandably overwhelmed.

Bulmer was driving near a park close to the Central Park Community Center when he noticed a small child walking alone. Suddenly, the child was no longer in sight.

Knowing that the park had a pond, he felt like something could have gone wrong. Thinking on his feet, he immediately began running toward where he last saw the little boy. His intuition was right and soon he spotted the child. The boy was lying face-down in the water.

Bulmer ran towards him while his body camera captured every second. He grabbed the crying child, dragging him out of the water.

Bulmer quickly flagged down a passerby to call 911 and waited for the paramedics to arrive. Thanks to his quick actions, the 4-year-old was taken to the hospital and was found the be unharmed.

Watch Video Below:

The video of the heroic rescue was later shared by the police department. Now, Bulmer is rightfully being hailed a hero. His department quickly commended him for a “job well done.” Meanwhile, he was just thankful to be able to help the boy, he told The Topeka Capital Journal.

“I believe that God put me into that situation,” Bulmer said Monday afternoon. “He allowed me to be in the right place at the right time.”

“I believe that he directed me away from the call I was on to make sure that I found that child. That’s really been hitting me today — that God put me in that situation.”

It was incredibly providential that Bulmer was on the scene. “It definitely would have been a drowning if I would have been 30 seconds to a minute later,” he said.

Thankfully, he was there and the boy, who was later identified as having been diagnosed with autism, was saved. “A job well done” indeed!

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Cop Stops Teen On Street, Discovers Broken Home Life. Then Mom Calls Cop, ‘You Need To Take Him’

It was September 2014 when 16-year-old Anthony Schultz was running down the road on a hot Arizona night. He was alone, he was running with all his might, and he had no idea that a Peoria police officer was watching him.

Eyeing the teenager from his patrol car, Officer Brandon Sheffert couldn’t shake the instinctual feeling that something about this kid was troubling. So, he stopped the boy and tried to talk to him, but young Anthony wanted nothing to do with a cop.

“Something about it bugged me, because I couldn’t get through to him,” said Sheffert. “He just seemed like there was something going on, and that there was something that was hurtful going on that he wouldn’t say.”

Sheffert, who went home to his wife and two young children, couldn’t shake the image of the troubled teen out of his mind. For an officer who’s seen it all, Sheffert felt compelled to investigate the boy’s living situation and find out a little more about the mystery teen.

Sheffert began visiting Anthony at his apartment complex, where he learned that the teenager was sharing a 1-bedroom apartment with seven family members. “I kept coming over here, talking to him, spending time with him, getting to know him, getting to know the family, understand what’s going on,” Sheffert explained.

Eventually, the budding friendship evolved into a formal mentorship through the Reach & Rise Mentoring Program with the YMCA. “I had a role model, I had someone I could look up to, I had someone I could aspire to be,” Anthony explained.

But as the desperately needed mentorship flourished, Anthony’s home life was rapidly deteriorating. One night, Sheffert’s phone rang, and Anthony’s overwhelmed mother was on the line.

“You need to come take him,” Anthony’s mother said. “I can’t take him anymore.”
Sheffert was stunned. “I was like, ‘whoa, whoa, whoa. That doesn’t make sense,’” Sheffert recalled.

With nowhere else to go, no other family to turn to, Sheffert and his wife made a decision that would soon change Anthony’s life forever. They initially agreed that Anthony could live with them for several days, while Anthony’s mother sorted things out.

But things at home didn’t get sorted out, and when Anthony reached age 18 last November, he again had nowhere to live. “This kid just keeping getting hit over and over with things that no kid should have to go through,” a compassionate Sheffert expressed.

So, Sheffert and his wife did the unimaginable: they took Anthony into their home as their own son. For the first time in his life, Anthony had the warmth, love, and stability of a healthy family.

“We have taken him in as one of our own,” said Sheffert. “Even my kids say he’s their big brother, and they love it.”

Under the protective wings of his new family, Anthony began to thrive. He stopped worrying about where his next meal would come from, he learned to drive, he had his own bedroom, and even got his first job.

For the first time, Anthony saw a hope and a future for his own life. Later this month, Anthony will become the first person in his family in 30 years to graduate high school on time.

Looking back, Anthony is profoundly thankful that Sheffert chose to stop him on that fateful September night. “If he weren’t there that night, there would be no one else, in my opinion,” Anthony explained.

“I don’t think I would be here,” he continued. “I wouldn’t be the person I am — I could be in jail for all I know.”

Now, Anthony is preparing for a future in the Army, and after that, well, anything is possible. “I feel as though there’s not a lot stopping me, at this point,” Anthony grinned.

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Cop Floors It Behind Motorcycle Rider, What Happens Next Leaves Bystanders Shocked (Video)

A newly-released dash cam video (below) from the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office shows a deputy’s cruiser hitting a speeding motorcyclist who died in a crash on April 19 in Summerville, South Carolina.

WCIV notes that the video appears to show Deputy James Vansant hitting the back of the motorcyclist, Robert Lee Clark, twice. After the second time, Clark swerves to avoid hitting a bystander’s car, and crashes. Clark, who was not wearing a helmet, died at the scene; not seen in the video is Vansant’s reported attempt to revive Clark.

Both the sheriff’s office and Vansant only mentioned one bump of the cruiser against the motorcycle in their statements, but the video shows two.

According to Chief Deputy Mike Cochran, Vansant saw Clark speeding at about 11:51 p.m, notes WCSC.

Clark was reportedly going approximately 66 mph in a 45 mph zone. When Vansant turned on his lights, Clark sped up and the chase reached over 100 miles per hour at times, according to the sheriff’s office.

A press release from the sheriff’s office says that at one point Clark hit his brakes sharply, and swerved to the right to avoid a car that had stopped for Vansant’s blue lights.

According to Corchan, Clark tried to speed up, but apparently missed a gear as the bike continued going slowly. These actions by Clark are what made his slowing motorcycle have contact with Vansant’s front right corner, Corchan stated, and Clark subsequently lost control of his motorcycle, hit the curb and crashed.

The sheriff’s office and the state Highway Patrol are conducting separate investigations of the incident; Vansant is on administrative leave.

The South Carolina Department of Public Safety says “a pursuit is only justified when the necessity of the apprehension of a suspect outweighs the risks created by the pursuit,” noted SC Now in 2011.

The main factors that South Carolina law enforcement are supposed to consider during a police chase are the speed involved, reason for the chase, weather and traffic conditions, and how long the pursuit goes on.

The police car must have lights and a siren, which appears to be the case in this video. The pursing officer has to immediately contact his precinct and let them know the details of the chase. There are voices heard vaguely in the video, which may have been Vansant contacting his command center.

(Note: Bumping begins at 5:15 mark)

Watch Video Below:

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Man Steps Off Bus And Sits Bags On Ground, Cop Becomes Sick When He Learns The Contents

A Gainesville, Florida, police officer garnered praise across the Internet for replacing a disabled, elderly man’s groceries after they were stolen.

The Gainesville Police Department shared the story on Facebook, explaining that Officer Franklin was called in reference to a theft. Saleem Hasan, 74 years old, got off a bus and put his grocery bags on the ground. An unknown female walked past him and stole his groceries. Mr. Hasan has difficulty with mobility.

The $85 of groceries was due to last him the whole month. Ofc. Franklin took it upon himself to go to the Publix where he purchased the groceries and see if they could help with the replacement. They did and with the receipt Ofc. Franklin purchased all the same items and took them to Mr. Hasan. He was very appreciative. These are the efforts that our officers are doing on a regular basis that show the citizens how much we care.

The post quickly went viral, with many readers applauding Officer Franklin for helping Hasan get what he needed after his groceries were taken from him.

“And this people is a real hero helping because it’s the right thing to do , i pray some of you can change your minds about the police, non of you neighbors have helped this old man bless his heart,” one reader commented on Mad World News’ Facebook page.

“Thank you officer. It may have only been $85 for what was taken, but it was all the food he would have had for the month! He would have gone hungry! I cannot see how someone can be so low to steal, especially from the elderly!!” another added.

Local readers thanked Franklin for his generosity on the police department’s Facebook page, with some even sharing their own stories of interactions with him.

“I always liked bumping into Officer Franklin when he came to the plaza where I worked. He is always pleasant and very respectful. My co worker and I usually had a conversation with him. Keep up the good work Officer!” one reader commented.

“I’m a former bus driver for RTS. My phone was stolen off of the bench at the station. Officer Franklin called me numerous of times to see if I had found it, or was it returned. Great officer if I may say so myself!!” another added.

“Proud to live in Gainesvile and count with a great Police Department!!! Great story and my respects to Officer Franklin, Awesome work that goes beyond the calls of duty. God Bless you and keep up the awesome work!!!” another reader wrote.

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Wal-Mart Employees Refuse To Make Cake For Officer (Photo)

Wal-Mart employees in McDonough, Georgia, reportedly refused to make a Blue Lives Matter cake for a police officer’s retirement party because they felt it was “racist.” The story went viral after Taylor Wilkies, a local officer, wrote about it on Facebook.

“My buddy’s sister went to Walmart in McDonough, GA to have a cake made for their father’s retirement party,” Wilkies wrote.

“She asked Walmart to make a ‘thin blue line’ cake to commemorate his extensive and honorable service as a dedicated police officer. Walmart refused to honor her request due to it being ‘racist’. To me, this is appalling. People CHOOSE to make EVERYTHING about race. I’m so tired of it. It’s literally exhausting for me to think about now.”

Conservative host Todd Starnes heard about the incident and spoke to the daughter of the officer, revealing her thoughts on the incident on his website.

“I was so shocked,” she told Starnes. “I didn’t know what to do or say or anything. I was trying not to lose my temper or make a scene.”

The daughter initially asked for a version of the police officer’s flag with a blue line, but she was rejected. She then proposed a chocolate frosted cake with a blue line, but that was also turned down on the grounds that it was racist.

“I was disappointed,” she said. “I go to Walmart all the time — at least once a week spend hundreds of dollars. I just wanted to make my dad a cake to show how much i appreciated him.”

A Walmart spokesperson told Starnes that they apologized to the family, offered to make the cake for free and gave them a gift card.

“Our goal is to always take care of customers,” the spokesperson said. “But, sometimes we misstep. We’re glad we were able to connect with the family to apologize and make this right.”

Reaction to the incident was intense, with many blasting the store for their actions. One social media user, however, said he called and asked about the incident, and that an employee familiar with the claim denied that it took place.

“She was very polite, was familiar with the story, and denied that any of this was true,” the man wrote, Daily Mail reported.

“I asked her if I wanted to have the bakery decorate a cake depicting the thin blue line would they do it, and she said that they would be more than glad to, that it’s ridiculous for anyone to make this claim, and that she doesn’t understand why someone would make it. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt at this point.”

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Police Officer Becomes Sick To His Stomach When He Sees What Boy Is Trying To Sell For Food

A 7-year-old boy in the historical town of Franklin, Ohio, reportedly tried to sell his teddy bear to get money for food.

He was found on Aug. 7 by Franklin police Officer Steve Dunham, who got a report of a young boy wandering around the busy downtown streets alone, reports WLWT.

As Dunham said, “It broke my heart … He told me he was trying to sell his stuffed animal to get money for food because he hadn’t eaten in several days.”

He took the enterprising boy to a nearby Subway restaurant to get a sandwich, then escorted him back to the Franklin Police Department, where they “said a little prayer and ate dinner together,” Dunham said.

Further investigation revealed the boy and his four brothers lived in a home full of trash and liquor bottles.

The boys’ parents, Tammy and Michael Bethel were charged with 10 counts of child endangering.

Their children, who range in age from 7 to 17, are now staying with family members, and the parents are not allowed to have contact with them.

Dunham says was just doing his job, and made a new friend in the process. The new friends even played together at the police station.

Dunham said: “I came back to check on him and he was hiding. He jumped out to scare me when I came back in the building; he got me real good.“

He concluded with a philosophical thought on the matter, saying most police officers just want to go home at the end of the day feeling like they’ve done something positive and had a positive impact on the community.

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Outback Workers Leave Note On Officer’s Receipt (Photo)

Two Outback Steakhouse employees picked up the check for a group of Slidell, Louisiana, police officers.

“They’re the sweetest guys,” server Zoë Rao told WVUE. “I enjoy waiting on them.”

Rao and her manager Arline Wood, who has worked at the restaurant for 18 years, decided to pay for the four police officers’ meal to show them how much they are appreciated.

“They care about the community, they care about everybody, they’re just great guys,” Wood said. “Our whole police force is great and these guys at night, I went to Zoë and I said, let’s take care of it.”

  • Rao and Wood paid the officers $67 bill and included a note on the receipt.
  • “Be safe!” they wrote on top of the receipt, with a smiley face.

“Thank y’all for y’all’s service!” the women wrote, signing their first names at the bottom of the receipt. “Enjoy y’all’s meal on us!”

The next day, the Slidell Police Department shared a picture of the receipt on its Facebook page. The post has been shared more than three thousand times and reacted to by more than 14,000 users. The attention Wood and Rao received was not something they planned on getting.

“I got a phone call early in the morning and I was like, ‘What are you talking about?'” Wood said. “People were calling me and then we saw it on Facebook, then it’s on this one and that one, and we didn’t do it for this publicity, because lord knows I don’t like all this publicity.”

The officers gave Rao a large tip to thank her for the generous act of kindness, the police department said. The Slidell Police Department enjoys sharing kind notes members of the community have given them on its Facebook page.

“Thank you again so much for the life of service and sacrifice you live to protect our community,” a note shared from the Hickman family reads. “You are loved, appreciated and prayed for by our family!”

“You are a blessing from God,” another shared note reads, which was left on an officer’s patrol car window.

“Thank you for putting your life on the line to protect us,” a second note left on the same vehicle reads.

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Passerby Sees Officer Laying With His Horse In The Street, Quickly Realizes Tragic Reason

A tragic moment for the Houston Police Department has been memorialized in a photograph that is going viral. In it, a Houston police officer comforts one of the city’s police horses that was struck by a commercial vehicle.

The officer who had been riding the horse had to be taken to the hospital, so another mounted officer stayed with the animal during its last few minutes before being euthanized.
The police horse had been spooked and tossed her rider before stepping into traffic and being fatally hit by a vehicle, near downtown Houston.

The Animal Justice League issued a statement on social media saying:

“We’ve always said we support ALL animals and know the relationship with those animals & their person is an incredible thing. Yesterday, here in Houston, a police horse backed into the wheel well of a concrete truck and sustained a broken leg. While Officer Herrejon (Charlotte’s partner) was being transported by ambulance to the hospital, another officer, Ronald Curry laid her down and covered her face while she took her last breaths before being euthanized on the scene. We admire the heart & strength of this officer because as you know, when you lose an animal, to be with them during their last breath is a heartbreaking & tough thing to do. Our hearts go out to both officers & the HPD family. RIP Charlotte.”

The Houston Police Department also released a memorial statement on their Facebook page which read:

“It is with heavy hearts that we announce the death of Charlotte, an HPD Mounted Patrol horse, who died in the line of duty this morning in a motor vehicle accident. Charlotte came to HPD as an unstarted 2-year old Tennessee Walker from Oklahoma. She thrived in HPD Mounted Patrol’s barefoot and natural horsemanship programs. She passed her evaluation period with flying colors and was working the streets of Downtown Houston within a short time of being started under saddle. She loved her job and was always ready to go to work putting bad guys in jail or giving nuzzles to children. She served the citizens of Houston for 4 years. She will be missed.”

The city of Houston, Texas has about thirty-eight horses and thirty-two mounted officers in its equestrian unit. They accept donated horses and also purchase them occasionally. Before each horse is deployed into the field, they must pass an intensive ninety-day training course and demonstrate that they are suitable for law enforcement duty.

They are then matched to the officers based on temperament and riding skill. Each officer then becomes personally responsible for the care and welfare of their assigned horse.

When a horse is retired from the police department, they are given over for adoption by suitable horse lovers.

The Houston Police Department is also doing groundbreaking work on a bare foot program that does not use horseshoes. Their program is being adopted by other departments around the country.

Horses and dogs have served our communities in law enforcement roles for as long as we have had communities. They always perform their jobs with enthusiasm and make great ambassadors for law enforcement agencies, because, well, who doesn’t like a dog or a horse? Criminals, that’s who.

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Female Officer Allowed Suspect To Beat Her Because She Was Afraid Of Backlash From Shooting Him

Chicago’s chief of police Eddie Johnson stated at a press conference Oct. 6 that a veteran officer did not shoot a man who was attacking her because she feared the media backlash. The 17-year veteran was taken to hospital along with two colleagues after the assault, which took place on the morning of Oct. 5, KABC reported.

The unnamed officer responded to reports of a car crash on the west side of the city. When they arrived, they found a man under the influence of drugs.

The officer attempted to question the man about the incident, but he began assaulting her. He slammed the officer’s head on the pavement repeatedly.

“She thought she was going to die. She knew that she should shoot this guy, but she chose not to because she didn’t want her family or the department to have to go through the scrutiny the next day on national news,” Johnson said, according to KABC.

The incident was captured on a surveillance camera belonging to a nearby business.

“It is terrible. It is total disregard for law enforcement. They put their lives forward every day for us and to see somebody do this, to pummel the police officer is terrible. It is a terrible thing,” Louie Rainone, who owns the business, told KABC.

The Chicago Tribune noted that Johnson refused to declare whether shooting the 28-year-old would have been justified, saying he did not know the details of the incident. But he said officers could use lethal force in life threatening situations.

“This officer could (have) lost her life last night,” Johnson added, the Tribune reported. “She’s hospitalized right now, but she still has the spirit and the bravery that these officers and firefighters display every day — every day. We have to change the narrative of the law enforcement across this country.”

Dean Angelo, president of the Fraternal Order of Police, said police “don’t want to become the next YouTube video.”

Trust in the police in Chicago has been in decline due to previous shootings involving officers.

“Any fair-minded person acknowledges that police have a very difficult and dangerous job, and this sounds like a very unfortunate situation,” civil rights attorney Jon Loevy told the Tribune. “The hope is that the department and the community can work to repair some of the lost trust so that officers won’t always feel so second-guessed.”

The 28-year-old man has been arrested and will be charged for assaulting the three officers.

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This Photo Of A Police Officer Is Going Super VIRAL. The Reason? Take A Look To The Left.

Recently, Charlotte police officer, Tim Purdy, received a call about a terrible situation. A high school student, who suffers from autism and has a history of violent behavior, was caught leaving his school’s campus in an erratic state.

Based on his behavior, school officials feared that the boy was planning to commit suicide.

Officer Purdy knew he had to approach the situation carefully. Instead of coming at the boy with threats or aggression, he decided to do something totally different.

His solution is to the situation was so good that it has now gone viral on social media.

Take a look below to see the whole story.

police officer

Officer Tim Purdy was dispatched to a situation involving a young autistic high school student who left the campus and may have been suicidal.

 Due to the young man’s neuro-developmental disorder, he also had a history of displaying violent behavior.

In order to build a connection with the young man, Officer Purdy sat next to him on the ground, talked things through and even got him laughing.