Cashier Tells Man His Card Is Declined. 15 Mins Later He’s Back With Cop Who Makes 1 Request

Have you ever been in that situation when you need to go out shopping for something straight away, like some milk for the children, or something to eat for that evening and as you pay you are told that your card was declined?

So you try your card again a second or third time and hope nobody sees what is happening.

Usually, that’s when the people behind you wonder why you’re taking so long and realize what is going on. You say out loud that there is money in your account, and you can’t understand it. So you leave the shop in the end empty-handed and with your tail between your legs!

Most people would walk out and not come back again with embarrassment, but one pawn shop customer thought differently.

This one customer really needed shoes, so when his card was declined, he came back with help from a police officer. The cashier jumped to ask quickly if there was a problem, the officer responded completely unexpectedly!

Alicia Danielle works at an ordinary pawn shop, it doesn’t look much from the outside, but; inside it’s like a small cavern full of little treasures. There was weightlifting equipment, big stereo speakers and all sorts of other things that people will eventually buy one day.

In this guy’s case, one pair of shoes that he both liked and really needed was what he found, but it didn’t look like he was going to be able to get them… He was walking out with the same pair of tattered shoes that he walked in with.

Alicia wrote on Facebook:

“So this guy comes in to buy a pair of shoes because his are literally falling off. Anyway, his card wouldn’t work so he left.”

This poor guy was really crossing his fingers that the bank may let this one slip, knowing that the money wasn’t really available, but if you don’t try then you never know, right? Miracles happen every day, and for this guy it did, but not in the way he was expecting.

This guy was really desperate for the shoes and he needed to do what he had to get them! A short time after he left the employees in the shop noticed the man return with the law on his side! The staff were very curious and asked the officer if there was anything wrong?