Pup Thrown Into Raging Fire Pit & Left For Dead. Family Desperate When Burns Overtake Tiny Body

We’ll never understand how people can be so cruel as to hurt defenseless animals, and puppy Polo will never get it either. Recently, the 8-month-old lab mix was shockingly thrown into a fire pit by, it is believed, several children.

He was badly hurt and his paws and belly were burned. His thick fur was also singed down to the skin, and it is believed that his coat actually protected him from being killed by the fire. After finding out about the horrifying incident, Polo’s family was desperate for help.

They quickly reached out to a Save A Dog Network Canada, which helps care for dogs living in northern Canada. Thanks to the network, Polo was flown from northern Manitoba to Winnipeg where he was taken to Tuxedo Animal Hospital.

There, he is being given the care he needs to recover. “He’s lucky to be alive, and he’s lucky that people chose to help him and get him the help that he needed,” Dr. Jonas Watson who was treating Polo told CTV News.

Polo’s recovery will be long and arduous as well as expensive. His family asked that he be given a new home where he can be loved and safe.

POLO NEEDS OUR HELP!On Sunday, Polo was the victim of a brutal attack. He was tossed into a fire and left for…

Posted by L.E.A.S.H. Animal Welfare Society on Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Meanwhile, Polo is proving to be quite the fighter. “Despite the horrors this little man has recently been subjected to he continues to try and wag his tail and remains in relatively good spirits,” L.E.A.S.H. Animal Welfare Society posted on Facebook. 

Katie Powell, who founded the Save A Dog Network, told TODAY that Polo “is still recovering from inhalation and eye injuries.” Still, he is just a pup and “is such a little ham.”

Man Sees ‘Shadow’ Running Out Of Rubble. Breaks Down Sobbing When He Realizes What It Is

During the past few months, Mother Nature has brought havoc, devastation, and chaos throughout the United States. From Florida and Alabama to California and Texas, thousands upon thousands of people have lost their homes and many their lives. 

The hurricanes, floods, and wildfires are entirely responsible for the destruction of homes, land, and lives, but from the ashes and floodwaters arise stories of hope and resiliency.

The recent wildfires in Santa Rosa, California, tore through acres of land, destroying homes and burning decades of family memories and possessions. Jack Weaver and his family, like many others, lost everything in the wake of the fire.

When it was safe for folks to return to investigate what remained of their homes, Jack and his brother-in-law took the initiative to check on the state of his parents’ home.

Jack feared that, along with losing their dwelling, his parents had lost their beloved Bernese Mountain Dog, Izzy. Jack didn’t want his mother to find Izzy’s body in the rubble.

In a video that has already gone viral, Jack records his progress exploring what remains of his parents’ burnt out house. In the footage, you can see the exact moment Jack notices a dark shadow beside a tree. Suddenly, he realizes what it is.

“Izzy is here!” Jack yelled excitedly. “Izzy, come here baby!”

4-Year-Old Dumps Food On Kitchen Floor – Now Watch The Pit Bulls’ Reaction

Humans have a tendency to put things in boxes: those people are bad, this breed is aggressive, that ethnic group is violent.

But sometimes it can be helpful to take a close look at things and not give in to prejudice.

Pit bulls are one good example of a group of dogs that are often stereotyped as aggressive and dangerous – and not to mention, difficult to control.

In the clip below, however, we witness just the opposite.

In it, we watch as a 4-year-old girl spreads out dinner on the floor as 6 pit bulls wait patiently for her instructions. They are so disciplined that they are able to resist rushing in for the food, despite smelling it right in front of them.

When the young girl finally indicates that it’s time to dig in, they continue to manifest great discipline and control and don’t fight over the food, despite that they stand crowded around one pile of food.

Have a watch at the pit bulls’ impressive behavior in the video below. 

This video has received over one million of views on YouTube, with many praising how well the little girl handles the dogs.

What do you think about this sweet moment between a little girl and her dogs? Please share along if you agree this moment is impressive – from both sides!

Petition Is Going Around To Let Retiring Cop Adopt His K9 Partner. Do You Support This?

If you’ve ever spent time training or caring for a dog, you know just how emotionally attached you can become. Dogs are incredibly smart and loving, and they often become a part of the family.

This was the case for Sergeant David Evans of the West Mercia Police force in the UK. After 34 years of service, he was distraught after learning that upon retirement, he would not be able to keep his four year old police dog Ivy.

Read on to find out what Evans’ family is doing to help him fight for his dear companion.

After more than three decades of serving and protecting, Sergeant David Evans had finally decided to retire. However, he was disappointed to learn that leaving his job also meant leaving behind Ivy, his dedicated and beloved police dog.

Evans was so heart broken that he even offered to pay the West Mercia Police force $40,000 to replace Ivy. However, his request was still denied.

Seeing how despondent this left her father, Jennie Evans started an online petition at change.org to help convince West Mercia Police that her father should keep Ivy. The petition has already received 26,000 signature and reads:

“My dad Dave is a Dog Handler Sergeant for West Mercia Police. And for the past four years he has had Ivy, a police dog, by his side.

In April this year my dad is due to retire and after 34 years he has only one request, that Ivy can retire alongside him and continue to live at the family home where she has been since she was 9 months old. But West Mercia police are trying to separate Ivy and my dad.

“West Mercia Police think putting Ivy into the hands of another handler is a “sensible” thing to do, they are reluctant to take into consideration the distress and heartbreak that would be caused by removing Ivy from the loving home she has with my dad and our family,

the heartbreak – not just for us but for Ivy, anyone who owns a dog knows the bond that is made and the distress that can be caused by separation. In the past four years, they have spent every day together and have created a special and unique bond with one another.

It is truly something you have to see to believe. Before joining the Police Force Ivy had already had 2 previous homes, with us she was able to finally be in a loving home where she could settle into a routine when she wasn’t on duty. She now loves nothing more than her endless walks around the fields with Dave.

“It is also extremely sad that this is how West Mercia Police repays a man who has dedicated 34 years of his life to the police Force.

My dad has even offered to buy Ivy or cover expenses of another dog to replace her job and they have even refused this!!

Please help us to try and make West Mercia Police do the right thing for our beloved Ivy, help make our Dad’s retirement the special achievement it should be and finish his career with Ivy by his side.”

While Jennie’s petition has received an overwhelming response, West Mercia Police have not been swayed by her efforts.

They have remained steadfast in their position, responding to her call to action on Facebook with, “The number of signatures is not the main driver – it is what is best for the animal and for the community we serve.

It might of (sic) been helpful to have raised the matter directly with the Chief Constable, before starting the public campaign.”

How do you think should keep Ivy? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section.