Group Gives Pizza Delivery Man 33 Cent Tip, But They Don’t Stop There (Photo)

On Friday night, this pizza delivery man brought one group a pretty standard order. It wasn’t huge – just $22.67 worth of food. If not for what happened, he probably wouldn’t have even remembered it the next day.

Unfortunately, he did end up remembering it because of the tip they gave him – 33 cents. That’s right: they gave him $23 for a $22.67 bill, and told him to keep the change.

Because the delivery man was a good guy, he didn’t say anything. He just took the money and left.

The next day, he was left stunned when this card was passed along to him:

Needless to say, the pizza delivery guy was pleasantly surprised by this turn of events.

The lesson here? We all make mistakes. But it’s never too late to make them right.

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Woman Overhears Family’s Conversation In Restaurant, Gets Offended, Leaves Them This Note (Photo)

A Texas woman’s note to a family she overheard using homophobic language at a restaurant is going viral.

Natalie Woods was having dinner at Snuffer’s Restaurant and Bar in Denton, Texas, Nov. 11 when she overheard a conversation between family members talking about being “disgusted” at the discovery that their “liberal” nephew came out as gay, The Huffington Post reported.

The family reportedly said they would “pray” for Jesus to “cure” their nephew.” Woods said she decided to “actually act like the Jesus” she “grew up learning about.”

  • Woods paid for their meal and wrote a note on their a receipt.
  • “Happy holidays from the very gay, very liberal table sitting next to you,” Woods wrote.
  • “Jesus made me this way. P.S. Be accepting of your family.”

Woods left the diner before the family realized their bill had been taken care of. She took a photo of the receipt before handing it in and shared it on Facebook. The post has received nearly 2,000 likes and several comments of support.

“You make me want to be a better person. Thanks for the example!,” wrote one user.
“I’m a 60 year old straight white guy – and I totally support what you did. Thanks for making our world a little better,” wrote another.

Woods said the incident reminded her that despite the strides made by the LGBTQ community over the recent years, the “fight is long [from] over.”

“It’s time myself and the people of this country defend each other, defend minorities, defend people of all races and religions,” Woods said, adding that she hopes her story will inspire other people to “continue the message of love.”

“Sometimes it starts with small acts of love, sometimes it’s protesting in the streets, voting, lobbying, or running for a local office.”

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Outback Workers Leave Note On Officer’s Receipt (Photo)

Two Outback Steakhouse employees picked up the check for a group of Slidell, Louisiana, police officers.

“They’re the sweetest guys,” server Zoë Rao told WVUE. “I enjoy waiting on them.”

Rao and her manager Arline Wood, who has worked at the restaurant for 18 years, decided to pay for the four police officers’ meal to show them how much they are appreciated.

“They care about the community, they care about everybody, they’re just great guys,” Wood said. “Our whole police force is great and these guys at night, I went to Zoë and I said, let’s take care of it.”

  • Rao and Wood paid the officers $67 bill and included a note on the receipt.
  • “Be safe!” they wrote on top of the receipt, with a smiley face.

“Thank y’all for y’all’s service!” the women wrote, signing their first names at the bottom of the receipt. “Enjoy y’all’s meal on us!”

The next day, the Slidell Police Department shared a picture of the receipt on its Facebook page. The post has been shared more than three thousand times and reacted to by more than 14,000 users. The attention Wood and Rao received was not something they planned on getting.

“I got a phone call early in the morning and I was like, ‘What are you talking about?'” Wood said. “People were calling me and then we saw it on Facebook, then it’s on this one and that one, and we didn’t do it for this publicity, because lord knows I don’t like all this publicity.”

The officers gave Rao a large tip to thank her for the generous act of kindness, the police department said. The Slidell Police Department enjoys sharing kind notes members of the community have given them on its Facebook page.

“Thank you again so much for the life of service and sacrifice you live to protect our community,” a note shared from the Hickman family reads. “You are loved, appreciated and prayed for by our family!”

“You are a blessing from God,” another shared note reads, which was left on an officer’s patrol car window.

“Thank you for putting your life on the line to protect us,” a second note left on the same vehicle reads.

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Harley-Davidson Refuses Military Wife’s Late Payment, Then She Sees Note They Attached

When Harley-Davidson dealership owner Dennis Packee wrote a letter to a soldier’s wife, he never expected it to go viral. He was only trying to reach out to an individual who he knew was going through a struggle. And although he wrote the letter from his heart, he could never have guessed that it would touch so many thousands when it was later shared online.

Before he was deployed overseas, Christopher Walters rented a space to store his motorcycle at Reiman’s Harley-Davidson. While he was away, his wife Jaime failed to stay on top of the rental space payments. With two children to watch over, she was overwhelmed with all the responsibility now that Christopher had left for his tour of duty.

Because unexpected problems popped up, Jaime fell behind on the Harley-Davidson payments. And when she realized her mistake, she sent the late check in the mail with a long apology. Now Dennis Packee’s response has gone viral…

In her letter, Jamie explained why the payment was late. And when Dennis read her reason, he refused to take her money. He knew that she needed it more than him.

“You send that money back to her,” he told his office employee. “I never, ever!”

Decades ago, Dennis was almost drafted into the Vietnam War. But when he had his medical examined, he was discharged. Since then, he has understood the sacrifices the men and women who serve America make on a regular basis.

And Dennis has always been looking for creative ways to give back. When he saw Jamie’s letter and late payment, he knew this was one of those opportunities. Accepting Jamie’s money was not only a problem for Dennis, it was against a policy Dennis instituted more than 18 years ago.

He wrote back to Jamie, returning her money, and explaining the dealership policy.

“Enclosed, you will find the check you mailed to us regarding the account of Christopher,” Dennis’s letter read. “It is the policy of Reiman’s Harley-Davidson to waive storage fees for our active duty service members who are deployed. It is our honor to keep your bike safe and secure while you provide us with our freedoms.”

And he forgot all about it…

Until he was flooded with calls of goodwill. Random people started thanking him. Jamie had posted Dennis’s letter online and it had gone viral…

Because Dennis doesn’t even use Facebook, he didn’t know how it worked. But the attention not only shocked him but increased his love for America.

“It was impossible to answer them all. I got to thinking, this is America and people DO care. They care about their soldiers and they’re expressing that,” Dennis said. “America is still America.

I was a little worried about how our country was going, and to see people step forward in this way, it’s just enlightened me. A small effort like this, and look where it’s gone. Maybe more will do the same thing.”

What do you think about this Harley-Davidson dealership’s act of kindness?

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