Video Of Model And Her Nephew Has People Calling Her Disgusting. What Do You Think? [watch]

When it comes to showcasing her “assets”, model Tillie Medland is not modest. She willingly shares very revealing and sexy shots on the internet often. Although she has heated up the social media streams before with her big eyes and smooth skin, she has never stirred up as much controversy as what happened just this week.

When the Toronto-based model posted a video with her nephew, half of the internet started freaking out. In the clip, the toddler stuffs his hand down the hot model’s sportsbra in front of the camera. While many people are jealous that the little boy got a free grab, others think this is a despicable display of the immorality that is becoming 21st century society…

Check out the video yourself and tell us what you think about this little boy’s reach.
In the short video, the nephew “Mickey” is in his aunt’s arms. With the camera rolling, the little boy forcibly stuffs his hand down the front of the model’s shirt. Then he moves it up and down along her breast. Instead of reacting and pulling the boy off her, Tillie Medland allows the boy to have his fun.

In the background, a man is heard saying, “He knows what he is doing.”

And after he has felt up his aunt, the boy has a sly look on his face like the man nailed his motivation on the head.

With the boy still in her arms, the model allows her nephew to feel her up again.

“He just goes right back for it,” Tillie is heard saying in the viral Instagram clip.

Many people thought it was cute.

A viewer by the name dizz37 shared, “That kid is 2 years old! It’s innocent as all hell, and a funny moment for those witnessing it. I’m glad you manage to capture the moment @Tilliemedland, for your family, for yourself and just so you can embarrass Jetty later on in life.”

“Haha your nephew is a cutie…I’m just surprise it didn’t hurt…all these sick minded people need to relax… he was probably hungry,” shared samsen_.

Others are calling for the police to arrest Tillie Medlan for child abuse. One viewer wrote, “that clearly shows how disgusting she is as a woman. And the parents should be in jail for neglect and being indecent f***ing role models. I know that child learned that s*** from TV and it is a shame. Pedophilia is pedophilia and she needs to be reported.”

Notasingleperson agreed, “Sick f*** she is. Allowing a child to touch her like that. Had she been a man the whole world would be labeling him a pedophile and a pig for letting a child touch him. What a shame.”

Tille had a few words of her own to share about the controversy:

“There were plenty of people who had no sense of humor about it; who were taking it way too seriously and would say things like ‘this is horrible’ and that we’re teaching the kid to be some kind of sexual monster,” she said. “I was like, ‘C’mon people he’s 2 years old!’”

Do you think she is a child molester or just having fun with her nephew?

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