Mother Of Two Had To Have Her Eye Removed After Horrible Makeup Accident

Erica Diaz, a mother of two, had a freaked accident two years ago with some make-up and had to have an eye removed! After a night on the town with friends, Erica came home and started to clean her face when her eyelid felt strange.

As it turns out, a tiny piece of glitter from the eye makeup she had on was lodged in her eye! The glitter cut her cornea and then got infected!

Tragically, the infection spread very fast and her entire eye filled up with puss. The intense pressure Erica felt was excruciating, and she needed emergency surgery to fix the problem.

Sadly, the doctors could not save her eye. Please be careful when wearing make-up.

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Glitter makeup may make you look beautiful, but there are hidden dangers.

This Is Being Called The Most Ironic Viral Picture Ever. Do You See Why? Look Closer. (Photo)

An Alabama baby was allegedly born holding his mother’s Intrauterine Device — the contraceptive that was supposed to prevent her from getting pregnant. A Facebook picture of the newborn, Dexter Tyler, has been shared over 71,000 times, reports the Daily Mail.

The mother, Lucy Hellein, said: “Dexter was definitely meant to be. His original due date was May 4th and even the doctor said “the force was strong with this one. Although he wasn’t planned, my family and I feel incredibly blessed.”

As explained by Planned Parenthood, an IUD is “a small piece of flexible plastic shaped like a T” which is “inserted into your uterus to prevent pregnancy.” It is “long-term, reversible, and one of the most effective birth control methods out there.”

The FDA has approved five different brands of IUDs: ParaGard, Liletta, Mirena, Skyla, and Kyleena. There are two types of IUDs — copper and hormonal.

Mirena, Lileetta, Skyla and Kyleena are hormonal, using the hormone progestin to prevent pregnancy.

Planned Parenthood explained them on their site:

The hormones in Liletta, Mirena, Skyla, and Kyleena IUDs prevent pregnancy in two ways: 1) they thicken the mucus that lives on the cervix, which blocks and traps the sperm, and 2) the hormones also sometimes stop eggs from leaving your ovaries (called ovulation), which means there’s no egg for a sperm to fertilize. No egg, no pregnancy.

The of IUD that Hellein was using was Mirena. However, just before Christmas 2016 she discovered that she was 18 weeks pregnant, meaning that Dexter was conceived only a few days after it was installed.

The device did not show up on an ultrasound, leading her obstetrician to suspect that it had probably fallen out. However, it had been hiding behind her placenta, which is how it allegedly ended up in Dexter’s hand when he was born.

IUDs are reputed to be effective 99 percent of the time. “IUDs are so effective because there’s no chance of making a mistake,” Planned Parenthood goes on to explain.

“You can’t forget to take it (like the pill), or use it incorrectly (like condoms). And you’re protected from pregnancy 24/7 for 3 to 12 years, depending on which kind you get. Once your IUD is in place, you can pretty much forget about it until it expires.”

But Hellein says she is not taking any chances in the future. After giving birth to Dexter she reportedly opted to be sterilized by having her fallopian tubes removed.

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Mom’s Response To Marshalls After Run-In With Employee Quickly Goes Viral (Photo)

A mom’s account of her experience at the store Marshalls in Oregon has gone viral, outraging nursing mothers everywhere.

Karina Gomez says she was shamed for breastfeeding while shopping at a Marshalls in Portland. She posted a photo on the department store’s Facebook page and wrote a detailed account of the incident.

Gomez wrote:

“Yes, this is me sitting on a toilet feeding my sweet, Katalina Maria, after I was denied my right to breastfeed where I wanted to by a #marshalls employee.

I was denied to breastfeed in a dressing room, instead I was directed to a bathroom stall to breastfeed. What a way to treat breastfeeding customers, shaming them for breastfeeding, making them feel embarrassed that you need to feed your child. I am angry, upset, but more so humiliated. My rights have been violated.”

Oregon law does protect the right of nursing mothers to breastfeed their children in public, and Marshalls issued a statement to local news station KGW apologizing for the incident.

The statement read:

“Thank you for reaching out to us. We have a breast feeding policy in place which instructs Associates to allow customers to breastfeed as they choose within stores.

We have looked into this matter and regret that it may not have been followed in this instance. We have asked the customer involved to reach out to us directly so we may resolve the matter and again, apologize for any inconvenience. ”

But the apology wasn’t enough for Julianna Gjerman, a local mother who was outraged by the incident.

“I felt that was ridiculous, I felt like they should have contacted her directly and taken care of it themselves,” Gjerman told KGW. “It’s shameful, it’s embarrassing. Here’s another story of a mom who was shamed for breastfeeding in public.

“I’ve seen quite a few of them.”

Gjerman added she is helping to organize a “nurse-in” at the Marshalls store on Monday at 11:30 a.m. She hopes the event will send a strong message to the department store and businesses everywhere.

“They need to train their employees,” Gjerman added. “I think all retail, restaurants, they need to be more aware of how to approach situations like this, and be more appropriate.”

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Crew Member Tells Mom To Get Off Plane. When She Asks Why, They Say She Can’t Go Home Just Yet.

The first thing that comes to mind when you see airplane stories on TV is that it’s probably about another unfortunate incident that passengers have had to face at the hands of the airline.

It’s not heartwarming at all to see passengers being taken off flights they’ve paid for because of over-bookings; or, in a more recent turn of events, a mom being assaulted with her baby’s stroller in the airplane by one of the crew members.

But thankfully, the story in this post is a lot different. When you read something like this for a change,

it actually gives you that “feel good” feeling about airline attendants and the values they hold high when it comes to customer service.

Peggy Uhle was on Southwest Airlines flying from Chicago to Columbus, Ohio, when the taxiing plane suddenly took a turn back towards the gate.

As the plane approached the gate, a flight attendant told Peggy that she’d have to get off the plane. Here’s where stories usually turn nasty, but not this one.

The gate agent told her to call her husband as soon as possible and this distracted Peggy from thinking that she was on the wrong flight. It’s when she called her husband that she got to know that their son had sustained a head injury and had slipped into a coma.

At this point Peggy frantically thought of what she can do to get to her son as soon as possible. But then came another (more pleasant) surprise—the airline had already made all the arrangements for her.

“The gate attendant already knew the situation and had booked me on a direct flight to Denver that was leaving in the next two hours,” she said.

“They offered a private waiting area, rerouted my luggage, allowed me to board first, and [even] packed a lunch for when I got off the plane in Denver.”

Peggy says that Southwest not only got her luggage delivered to where she was staying but also called to check in on her son.

Now that’s something that’s almost unheard of these days! And the cherry on top is that they didn’t charge her for any of these services. So amazing.

Peggy’s son did sustain serious head injuries but is on his way to recovery. And thanks to Southwest Airlines, she was able to be by her son’s side as soon as she heard the news.

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Mom Pulls Over In Vacant Lot To Fix Flat Tire, Hears Someone Approaching from Behind (Photo)

A woman has shared her tale of how a complete stranger improved her day by offering a few minutes of assistance. Caryl Soucy had just dropped her son off at school when she heard her tire go flat, according to Mad World News.

She stopped her car as soon as she could to change her tire. The place she found was a vacant parking lot. She got out of the car and examined the tire, which was completely flat.

“I pulled out the worst jack on earth and my T-bar and tried to start changing my tire,” Soucy wrote in a social media post.

But she hadn’t made it very far when she felt a tap on her shoulder. A police officer identified in reports only as Officer Clark offered a hand to make sure Soucy got back on the road.

“He didn’t even ask if I needed help or what happened, he just started helping me,” she added.

Soucy allowed him to take over. “He changed my flat faster than I’ve ever seen someone change one and considering the tools I had for him to work with, it was quite impressive,” she wrote.

Soucy hoped her story would let others know about how easy it is to make someone’s day.

“Please share this around so that he will know what his kindness and compassion meant to me,” she added.

Her post went viral. Soucy is not the only person to benefit recently from a helping hand from an officer when dealing with a flat tire.

Officer Biggs noticed a family in Mishawaka, Indiana, with a flat tire in late July, according to WTHR. He not only stopped to help them change the tire, but also paid the towing costs to get them to a local tire repair store.

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Here’s The Photo That Has A Family Unfairly Under A Microscope By The Easily Offended Left

Guns are quite the hot topic these days, as there are two opposing sides to the issue. Those who believe in the right to bear arms (the second amendment right) and those who believe that guns only cause more problems when it comes to crime and safety.

This battle between the two sides has been going on for years, but a recent Facebook image caused an uproar from those who are against guns.

MTV reality star Taylor “Lil Bit” Wright, thought she was posting a friendly family photo of her husband and baby on Facebook, but critics instantly took it up a notch when they noticed what was sitting on the nightstand in the background of the photo.

It wasn’t a family friend photo or a quirky alarm clock. Instead it was a gun, resting on the nightstand in plain view.

As soon as the gun was sighted in the image, anti-gun protestors joined together and demanded that the father be arrested for poor parenting. In the photo below, the black object is seen on the night stand behind Wright’s husband and baby…

While Wright, the feisty North Carolina native, wasn’t initially bothered by the criticism, she responded to the madness with the following: “By God I will unload on somebody if they break in and try to hurt me or my family. Someone breaks in, I’m killin’ ’em.”

The gun, which was on safety in the photo that went viral, is used as protection for Wright and her family.

She believes there are evil people in the world and she and her husband want to be able to protect themselves from the bad.

According to North Carolina law, it is technically a misdemeanor offense to leave a gun in the open where a child could easily get to it, however; in this case the child in the photo is only a month old so the chances are slim that he would be able to stand up, reach and grab the loaded firearm.

He would then need to turn off the safety and move the trigger in order to actually shoot someone. “Gun-grabbers,” or those who are against the right to bear arms don’t have much of a case in this situation as it would be nearly impossible for the baby to activate the weapon.

This reasoning certainly didn’t stop gun control enthusiasts from getting fired up about the firearm though, but most think that they had a political agenda that they were gearing up for.

It seemed as though the majority of commenters agreed that the intense ridicule of Wright and her husband is unjustified in this situation…

“Ridiculous as the baby is a month old and is incapable of jumping up and grabbing the gun.”

Taylor “Lil Bit” Wright is currently living in Tennessee, but she owns a tanning salon and boutique in North Carolina. She also has a lotion that has recently hit the market. Wright was the star of the MTV reality show, Party Down South.

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This Brutally Honest Post About Stay-At-Home Moms Was “Liked” Over 640,000 Times, But It Deserves More

Tired of constantly hearing the phrase “but what do you do all day?”, Florida-based tattoo artist Ryshell Castleberry decided to write a tribute to all stay-at-home mothers via Facebook.

It exploded. Her powerful post has been “liked” over 640,000 times and shared by more than 300,000 people. It may seem like a lot, but that’s not enough. It has to be read by everyone to really appreciate all of the enormous sacrifices moms make for the sake of their children.

However, not everyone agreed with her post. Some working mothers criticized Castleberry that “there’s those of us who do all that AND work.”

Castleberry defended her post by saying that anyone, whether a working mom or working dad, should be able to “read the message and replace the words with words that fit [their] situation.”

Tired of constantly hearing the phrase “but what do you do all day?”, Florida-based tattoo artist Ryshell Castleberry wrote this post:

It begins with an imagined situation where a husband complains to his psychologist that his “wife does not work”

She Says Moms Who Aren’t Skinny Are Lazy, Then Puts This Photo Of Her Abs On Facebook

Abby Pell is a nutritionist and mother to a 6-year-old girl. She uses her Facebook and Instagram accounts to motivate others to get in shape and seek healthier lifestyles.

However, one particular photo caused a firestorm on social media. The photo shows off Pell’s six-pack abs as her daughter gasps at her physique.

The caption reads, “I have a kid, a six pack, and no excuse.” Mothers everywhere became furious. Who was this woman to say that everyone should have a body like hers?

“She’s teaching her kid that anyone who doesn’t conform has no excuse, they’re just lazy,” one commenter wrote.

Many felt Pell’s message was a lot like Maria Kang’s message on body image: If you’re not thin then you’re not trying. However, Pell insists that she posted the picture to make people laugh and motivate them.

“I just thought it would be funny,” Pell said. “My message was about having a choice, and showing people that it can be achieved if you want to achieve it, and just by leading by example.”

While Pell may have had good intentions, in a much larger context, the image only added to the growing pressure of mothers being forced to snap back into shape weeks after pregnancy.

“Let’s give props to this person who obviously is in great shape,” said ABC News’ Dr. Jennifer Ashton. “But let’s also recognize that shaming people is usually not a powerful motivational tool. And I think that, certainly, when you’re talking about moms bouncing back from pregnancy, we have enough pressure on us as mothers.”

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Mom Who Thought It was Funny To Urinate On Veteran’s Memorial Just Learned Some Bad News

By now you may be familiar with serial public urinator and anti-World War I activist Kelly Martin. She is the British woman who keeps desecrating a memorial to the one million men who died at the Battle of the Somme during World War I.

She recently had her day in court and the judge did not take kindly to her stance on the war that began one hundred and two years ago this November. But if you think his words to her were terse, you should hear what how she responds.


Back in April, Martin was arrested while peeing on a memorial to the British soldiers who died during the bloodiest battle in human history, while disgusted visitors watched, in horror, no doubt.

After that incident, she returned to the same spot while on bail in June and repeated her disapproval of the European monarchies that sent a generation into the meat grinder of trench warfare.

This time she was not only charged with public urination on a monument to a settled matter, but also two counts of assault, one for allegedly hurling a bottle at a paramedic responding to the scene, and one for rubbing her bare rump against his leg.

In his decision Judge John Lodge had the following to say about Ms. Martin’s behavior:

“Each of these offenses is so serious that only a custodial sentence is appropriate. The two cases of outraging public decency involve urinating on a war memorial.

Inevitably war memorials were constructed at the center of towns and villages so on a daily basis people could be reminded of the sacrifices made by people who died….

What makes your case particularly bad is having been caught doing it one time, when the nation was commemorating the worst battle of the First World War you were caught doing it again in the middle of the day.”

It is not clear if Judge Lodge was firmly a supporter of the conflict that reshaped Europe, or if he really does not view midday as an appropriate time to relieve oneself.

What is clear is that he handed down a stern sentence: the unemployed mother of five is to spend seven months in jail for the four offenses.

As Ms. Martin was escorted out of the courtroom, she managed to get in the final words, telling the judge to “#[email protected]& This!”

Her political outrage at a war that ended 98 years ago, with her nation victorious, seems about as relevant and focused as Paul Newman’s anti-tax attacks on parking meters in “Cool Hand Luke,” or pretty much any political injustice Homer Simpson or Nancy Spungen ever protested.

Perhaps being incarcerated for the next seven months will teach her a thing or two about speaking out against issues that just do not matter anymore. If not, Judge Lodge could always decide to deport her to Australia.

Then again, if “Mein Kampf” taught us anything, it is that a short term in prison can do wonders for someone’s historical perspective and creative writing skills.

How do you feel about this scourge of monuments in England? Should they keel-hull her?

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Mom Of 12 Kids Gets More In Government Benefits Than You Make In A Year

A petition to take away a mother-of-12’s benefits has been signed by more than 13,000 people after she revealed plans to undergo breast enhancement surgery.

Cheryl Prudham of Skelmersdale, Britain, receives more than $52,000 each year in benefits from the government, the Mirror reported.

She recently appeared on ITV’s “This Morning” show, where she revealed that she was having breast enhancement surgery, and was looking for a sperm donor to have her 13th baby.


Siobhan Titzell has started a petition calling for Prime Minister David Cameron to “Sanction Cheryl Prudham’s Benefits.” The petition has garnered more than 13,400 signatures in just four weeks.

“Last I checked benefits are there to support those in need, not for plastic surgery procedures!” the petition’s description reads.

“What worries me is this woman gets overall [$52,000] from the state and has been on more holidays than I have the past few years and has been parading around in designer goods I can only dream of.

“However just think what that [$52,000] could achieve elsewhere.

“That [$52,000] could be put back in the system and be put towards a breakthrough cancer drug to [be] made available on the NHS,

in fact it could be used for the NHS in general as it is currently in crisis or it could simply go to others who are in need of benefits and are simply unfit to work through no fault of their own.”


The petition is already less than 2,000 signatures shy of its goal of 15,000.

Prudham also revealed on the show that she works part time on purpose so that she can avoid the $34,000 benefits cap.

Mom Gets $16 Million After Nurses Pushed Her Baby Back In During Delivery

Caroline Malatesta and her husband J.T. have just been awarded $16 million in a lawsuit filed against Brookwood Baptist Medical Center in Birmingham, Alabama. The couple claim that nurses tried to delay the birth of their child by pushing their baby back into Caroline’s vagina. Yes, it’s as absurd as it sounds.

The Malatestas chose Brookwood as the place to have their fourth child in 2014 because it promoted natural childbirth, along with access to birth tubs, wireless fetal monitoring and the ability to walk around during labor. After having three children prior, she knew how uncomfortable childbirth can be and wanted some freedom during the labor. She was also pulled in by their fancy advertising…


But the baby came a little earlier than expected, and at the time, Malatesta’s doctor was not on call. When her water broke, the nurses tried to get Malatesta to stop pushing, which is easier said than done. Malatesta then tried to labor in a more comfortable position on her hands and knees, which she’d discussed with her doctor. But she says the nurses forced her on to her back.

Then, instead of letting the child be delivered, one tried to keep the baby from being born until the doctor arrived by literally pushing it back inside her vagina. Malatesta estimated that this went on for six minutes until a doctor arrived, her son was born a minute later.