Do You See What Melania Did Wrong In This Picture? (Photo)

First lady Melania Trump may have broken the oldest rule in the wedding guest rule book.

Melania was spotted wearing a pink dress at U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Scottish-born actress Louise Linton’s wedding, Yahoo! Lifestyle reported.

Photos of President Donald Trump and his 47-year-old old Slovenian-born wife standing next to the newlyweds, along with Vice President Mike Pence and his wife, Karen, have surfaced online.

In the photos, the bride does not appear to be smiling quite as big as the other women. Some people speculate that it may be because Melania stole the show with her sleeveless J. Mendel gown.

The pink dress, which some have argued is dangerously close to off-white, featured a ruffled top and long, flowing skirt. While elegant, the dress may have broken the number one cardinal rule for weddings, which dictates that guests not wear white out of respect for the bride.

But the first lady did not appear to be too worried about this rule, donning a pair of nude Manolo Blahniks shoes to go with her light-colored dress.

The bride was seen in a custom-made gown by Toronto designer Ines Di Santo, and, like the first lady, she also wore Manolo Blahnik heels.

While she didn’t appear to smile in the photo, there are no confirmed reports that she was upset by Melania’s choice of dress.

Melania shared the photo on her Instagram account. Several social media users commented on the picture, most in awe of the first lady’s stunning looks.

Do You See What People See In This Viral Picture Of First Lady Melania Trump? (Photos)

Old modeling photos of first lady Melania Trump have plastic surgeons convinced she has had work done.

The first lady’s wrinkle-free face has become so famous that it has prompted its own plastic surgery trend called “the Melania,” Yahoo News reports. Now, experts say that Melania has gone under the knife herself.

Some plastic surgeons guess that Melania has spent at least $20,000 on procedures over the years. The estimate comes in the wake of Melania’s old modeling photos surfacing online.  

Experts believe President Donald Trump’s wife has had several procedures, including lip fillers, a nose job and Botox.

“I think few people could deny that she is strikingly beautiful in her still shots, but, considering the masses now indulge in facial aesthetic treatments,

I would be extremely surprised if an ex-model who has such a spotlight on her would not be doing the same,” Dr. Dev Patel, director of Perfect Skin Solutions in Portsmouth, England, told The Express.

“I noticed the very obvious signs of likely Botox recently, when watching her on a TV interview,” Dr. Patel continued.

“She was given a rather personal account of her background yet her upper face was not moving in harmony with her words. In fact, it was not moving at all.

“This suggests too heavy doses are being used by her doctor. The effects of Botox look great but only when the result is more natural in appearance.”

Dr. Patel believes the first lady has also had a nose job, and consultant plastic surgeon Jag Chana agrees.