Simple Riddle Is Stumping Most Adults. How Many Holes Do You Count In This Shirt?

It might sound like an easy question but can you tell how many holes are in this shirt?

When we tested thousands of people, we were shocked at how few people got the correct answer.

Since only 17 percent of people correctly solved this seemingly simple question, maybe something tricky hides beneath the surface. So we decided to ask you for your answer…

As you go through the quiz below, keep an open mind. With the right perspective and focus, maybe you will be one out of the 17% who are able to solve this puzzle without fail.

Check out this quiz below and then challenge your friends!

The question seems easy enough. Look closely at the t-shirt and tell us how many holes you see in it…

When you do, you’ll notice that the front of the shirt has two obvious holes in it. But is that all of the holes you see? Be honest now. Don’t guess and don’t let this trick question fool you.

There is a reason that so few people get this answer correct. They don’t spend enough time trying to figure out the real meaning behind the question.

The best way to approach it is to think closely about the words. How many holes are in this shirt?

When you break down the question to its most basic level, you’ll realize that there is more meaning in it than you might have given it credit for in the beginning.

For example, we take for granted that the t-shirt has an opening for the body, the arms, the head. But aren’t these holes as well?

Do You Think You Have A High IQ? Prove It By Answering Riddle Correctly [Answer]

Math…you either love it or you hate it. But in today’s world, with the growing need of math skills, you need to learn to love it. Brainteasers are a tool that are designed to get you to find some appreciation in math and they often become addicting. One teaser that has gone viral has adults and children alike stumped.

  • The teaser has three numbers placed together in an addition equation…

The problem, which has four possible solutions, asks you to move one of the sticks to solve the equation. The color-coding display and easy numbers make the task seem simple, but it’s got people mind-boggled across social media.

One of the four ways to solve the problem is by transforming the six to a zero in the first number. By, simply moving the green line over to the right so that it is vertical, an entirely new equation is placed before you…0+4=4.

  • Doesn’t sound too hard right?
  • Here are some more solutions…

Another fun way to solve the equation is by removing the yellow vertical stick from the plus sign, which in turn transforms the plus sign to a minus sign. Then, place this line on the upper right side of the six, turning the six into and eight and achieving the following accurate equation:


The next way to work wonders with this equation is by removing the blue vertical line from the six and placing it on top of the answer number at the far right. You will turn the line sideways so that it is now horizontal and it creates the number nine. Your end result will be:

Test Meant For 7-Year-Olds Is Stumping Most Adults. Find Out If You Guessed Correctly.

It’s no surprise that our children’s education is becoming more and more advanced by the minute. Between challenging assignments and projects and the massive amount of homework assigned to even children at the elementary level, students are under a lot of pressure. It used to be fairly easy for parents to assist with their children’s math homework, when the child was struggling, but with the progressive world of education, those once easy multiplication problems have turned into mind boggling equations.

When U.K. mom, Louise Bloxham, posted her second graders math problem on social media, the equation went viral and has parents arguing over the correct answer. The problem was taken from a required standard assessment test that her seven-year old child had been assigned.

Several different answers were debated amongst parents after it was posted on the Parents Against Primary Testing Facebook page.

Several answers were suggested including: two, 46 and zero. Some fought over whether there were people on the train to begin with and if the conductor should be counted as one of the riders. Parents debated over whether the children in second grade should be required to know such detailed questions that could result in a variety of outcomes.

The final comment on the page was: “The published answer for this is 65, so continue debating whether this is too hard.”

The Parents Against Primary Testing group is a place for parents to express their concerns and share advice regarding the effect that Primary Testing is having on their children and their education. Several parents believe that the testing isn’t for every child and it doesn’t offer any proof of their intelligence level. Several students freeze up when they are under the pressure of completing a standardized test, especially those that are timed.

The result of a poor test score follows them through the school life and could impact their futures, yet it doesn’t necessarily prove knowledge and intelligence.