Will You Be The First Person Today To Answer Quiz Correctly On Their First Try?

We just found another puzzle for you to solve on the internet, and this one is a doozy. What looks like an extremely simple logic problem is really far more difficult than you’d expect.

In fact, it is precisely because of your expectations that this very simple solution is so difficult to arrive at. We will let you spend a few moments trying to figure out the puzzle’s answer, and then give you the solution at the end of the article.

There are lots of tests you can take on the interwebs that can put you through the paces and find out just how astute you are. This made us want to look at different ways our brain attains and then retains information.

Visual memory is just one aspect to how we experience and respond to our world. There are a number of other types of memory that combine to give the human brain more firepower than any other animal. Here are some other ways we retain and retrieve information.

Procedural memory is a long term type of memory that is developed by the practicing of a certain activity, like riding a bike or playing a drum solo. It becomes something you don’t even have to think about consciously. Also referred to as motor skills, or “muscular” memory, Athletes and musicians are really good at this, but we all use it, like when we swim, or walk.

Episodic memory is based on personal experiences. Although scientists don’t yet fully understand how it works, it is wrapped up with emotions. This is the kind of memory that helps you recall how you felt, who you were with, and where you were, when you found out there is no such thing as Santa Claus… Oops. Too late for a spoiler alert?

Test Meant For 7-Year-Olds Is Stumping Most Adults. Find Out If You Guessed Correctly.

It’s no surprise that our children’s education is becoming more and more advanced by the minute. Between challenging assignments and projects and the massive amount of homework assigned to even children at the elementary level, students are under a lot of pressure. It used to be fairly easy for parents to assist with their children’s math homework, when the child was struggling, but with the progressive world of education, those once easy multiplication problems have turned into mind boggling equations.

When U.K. mom, Louise Bloxham, posted her second graders math problem on social media, the equation went viral and has parents arguing over the correct answer. The problem was taken from a required standard assessment test that her seven-year old child had been assigned.

Several different answers were debated amongst parents after it was posted on the Parents Against Primary Testing Facebook page.

Several answers were suggested including: two, 46 and zero. Some fought over whether there were people on the train to begin with and if the conductor should be counted as one of the riders. Parents debated over whether the children in second grade should be required to know such detailed questions that could result in a variety of outcomes.

The final comment on the page was: “The published answer for this is 65, so continue debating whether this is too hard.”

The Parents Against Primary Testing group is a place for parents to express their concerns and share advice regarding the effect that Primary Testing is having on their children and their education. Several parents believe that the testing isn’t for every child and it doesn’t offer any proof of their intelligence level. Several students freeze up when they are under the pressure of completing a standardized test, especially those that are timed.

The result of a poor test score follows them through the school life and could impact their futures, yet it doesn’t necessarily prove knowledge and intelligence.

If You Think You’re Smart, Try Solving This Puzzle. So Far No One Has Gotten It Correct. See Answer..

Puzzles on the internet are some of the most popular places people end up spending their time because they are so fun and nobody will know if you get them wrong or not!

Some puzzles are able to measure your color perception, or your reaction time, or even your IQ to an extent, but this puzzle measures how good you are at finding patterns in numbers, and it actually a very tough one to crack.

Method 1.) The trick was posted on June 10, and displays four numbers with a blank space at the end, and you must figure out what number goes in that last space.

The numbers go as follows: 32, 45, 60, 77 _?

This puzzle is quite difficult because it factors in a way of thinking about the numbers that many other puzzles don’t employ, as well as the fact that their are two different ways to arrive at the correct answer.  To read how each one of the methods will get you to the correct end point, read on.

You will find that the last number is 96.  You can find this by recognizing that 32 is the first number, and 32 + 13 is equal to 45.  Then you can see that 45 + 15 is equal to 60, and 60+ 17 is equal to 77.  

This means that the numbers are treated as a recursive sequence, where the value in the previous slot is taken into account and an odd number is added to it.

Can You Correct The Equation By Moving ONE Matchstick? This Is Tricky!

For the majority of us, it’s been years and years since we’ve taken a math class. Fortunately, many of the basics tend to stick with us, like simple addition and subtraction. But there is one simple addition problem that has been stumping people around the world, because its numbers just don’t add up. We all know that six plus four definitely does not equal four. Yet this is the math puzzle that has gone absolutely viral.

Similarly to this head-scratching school bus logic puzzle, the math problem “6 + 4 = 4″ has a trick to it. Each of the numbers in this equation is built from matchsticks. By moving only one matchstick, you can fix the equation so that it is correct.

Scroll through below for an exclusive look at this surprisingly difficult matchstick math problem. Do you know which matchstick to move to make the math problem make sense? Well, keep looking. Because even if you solve it once, there are at least three possible ways to make the equation work!

Are you able to find three different solutions? Let us know in the comments!

Can You Fix This Equation By Only Moving One Matchstick?gameDid you figure out one way to solve the problem? How about all three ways? Keep going until you’ve found three different ways to make the equation work!

Hint #1trick 1Do you know where it should go? Click the image below for the answer!Maya Borenstein for LittleThings The matchstick highlighted in blue is the one you want to move.

Solution #1trick 2

The equation now correctly reads “8 – 4 = 4.”

Hint #2trick 3

Again, the matchstick highlighted in blue is the one you want to move.

Solution #2trick 4

Now, the equation correctly reads “0 + 4 = 4.”

Hint #3trick 5

As before, the matchstick highlighted in blue is the one you want to move.

Solution #3trick 6

And finally, the equation correctly reads, “5 + 4 = 9.”