JonBenet Ramsey’s Killer Finally Revealed 2 Decades Later

A new crime show has revealed a shocking twist in the case of JonBenet Ramsey’s murder.

On Sept. 19, “The Case Of: JonBenet Ramsey” aired on CBS, revealing a surprising suspect in the murder — her brother, Burke Ramsey.

In 1996, JonBenet, a child beauty queen, was found beaten and strangled to death in her family’s cellar, just hours after her mother, Patsy, called 911 to report that she had been kidnapped.

To this day, no charges have been filed in the case and there has been much speculation about who may be responsible.

In the new two-part CBS documentary, a team of experts reviews the evidence in the case and, in the final minutes of the special, reveal that they have reason to believe Burke, who was 9 at the time, may be the suspect.

The experts believe, however, that JonBenet’s death could have been accidental. It was revealed in the documentary that Burke struck his younger sister with a golf club a year before her death after “losing his temper,” according to the Daily Mail.

James Kolar, former chief of investigation for the District Attorney in Boulder, presented the theory that Burke may be responsible for JonBenet’s death. He noted that Patsy had left a bowl of pineapple and some tea for Burke and that when Burke caught JonBenet trying to sneak some of the fruit later on, he lashed out and struck her with a flashlight, killing her.

“My hypothesis was that I think the Ramseys came home around 9:30, 10 o’clock,” Kolar said. “I think JonBenet was asleep. I think John did carry her upstairs, Patsy remained downstairs with Burke and served him the tea and the pineapple. I think that accounts for the physical evidence as well as the latent print. Then she got JonBenet up to make sure she used the toilet, so she didn’t wet the bed that night.”

Kolar added, “JonBenet was up, she may or may not have brushed her teeth, that stuff was out on the counter, then I think she was up and awake enough that she was maybe still hungry and she went downstairs.”

“In the meantime, Patsy continued packing for the Michigan trip,” he continued. “I think if Burke was upset about circumstances or Christmas presents, he probably would have been upset about her trying to snag a piece of pineapple — out of anger he may have struck her with that flashlight.”

Investigators believe that there was likely no intent to kill on Burke’s part, but that the Ramsey family had intended to mislead the investigation.

“The Ramsey family did not want law enforcement to resolve this case and that’s why it remains unresolved,” former FBI profiler Jim Clemente said.

Investigators added that they do not believe Burke was involved in the cover-up, but that both parents likely were, based on the conflicting motives in the ransom letter.

It was also concluded that DNA on JonBenet’s underwear did not match any family member and did not prove that any sexual assault had taken place, notes Us Weekly.

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Tells Cook He Doesn’t Want “Black Man Touching His Food.” Then 8-Year-Old Girl Leaves Him in TEARS

Racism is an unavoidable subject in the media today. Though it can be a difficult topic to discuss and sensitive in nature, it is important that it is not avoided for those reasons.

Whether or not you have personally experienced or witnessed racism, there are sadly many occurrences still taking places daily. There are devastating stories that many who have been hurt by racism have shared.

Even though these stories are heartbreaking, the voices of those suffering need to be heard. Even when victims themselves are silenced, there are those willing to use their own voices to take a stand.

One KFC worker was targeted because of his skin color. He never expected for an 8-year-old girl to be an advocate on his behalf. Eight-year-old Autumn was at a KFC with her mother Danee Maserang when they witnessed an act of racism. One of the cooks was a black man.

A customer made it clear that he would not accept food from this particular cook simply because of his skin color. The customer said, “I don’t want any black man touching my food, so you have to re-cook it.”

The mother and daughter saw the hurt in the cook’s face when he heard that horrible statement. They both wanted to do something to show their support for the cook.

Maserang got in touch with her friend Jana, who thought of a creative idea. Jana worked at a Christian school as an art teacher. Jana’s students were given the task of creating cards for the KFC cook. The students also included messages in the cards to show their support.

Age 2 Son Collapses, Body Goes Limp as Mom Sees Face Turn Red. At ER, Doctors Break Paralyzing News

Imagine watching your healthy son play in the backyard one minute and then finding out that he had become paralyzed only hours later. That is exactly what happened to one Irish mother who is now hoping to give her son as much of a normal life as he can get.

Eileen Goulding was watching her 2-year-old son, Billy, play with his older cousin and sister. Suddenly, and without any influence, he collapsed.

Goulding ran over to him quickly and noticed that his face was turning red and his temperature was rising. His limp arms and rolling head prompted her to call emergency services.

He was rushed to a hospital in Limerick, but it was too late to prevent permanent damage. Only five hours after his collapse, Billy was paralyzed from the chin down. “At first the doctors didn’t really understand what was going on. I was told it could be cancer, a stroke or Transverse Myelitis (TM),” Goulding told Independent.

None of those options were positive but doctors told the mom to hope that it was TM because the other two would probably cost Billy his life. For better or worse, he was diagnosed with TM shortly thereafter.

TM is an inflammation in both sides of one section of the spinal cord. The neurological disorder can cause damage to the insulating material covering nerve cell fibers called myelin.

In Billy’s case, it was prompted by an underlying illness. “He had picked up a virus which didn’t make him sick but his system created antibodies to kill it. But then the antibodies began attacking Billy,” his mom explained.

Since then, there hasn’t been a lot that doctors have been able to do to help little Billy. The specific procedure he needs cannot be preformed in Ireland but his parents are hoping to give him as much of a chance as they can.

“He has a one in a million condition so it’s hard to get the help he needs over here. We just don’t have the resources,” his mom said.

With a lot of work, and help from funds donated through Billy’s GoFundMe page, she was able to take him to London where Billy is now getting the treatment he deserves. There is hope yet.

“He has feeling in his body but we’re hoping the treatment will allow him the use of his arm. He can move his left arm slightly as it is but the treatment could improve it even further,” she noted.

“I just want him to be able to have some sort of independence, some sort of quality of life. If he could use even one arm he’d be able to use a wheelchair.”

No one can really understand what the Gouldings are going through, but we are all hoping that Billy can pull through and gain some freedom and mobility.

His mom said that after everything he has gone through, him being able to use a wheelchair would feel like winning the lottery. Here’s to hoping and praying that this brave little boy reaches that goal and more.

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12-Year-Old ‘Humiliated’ By Chess Tournament Officials Over ‘Seductive’ Dress

The girl wore a knee-length dress to participate in the tournament held in Malaysia.

A chess coach in Malaysia is demanding an apology after his 12-year-old student was forced to withdraw from a chess tournament because officials deemed her dress too “seductive.”

Without revealing the minor’s name, Kaushal Khandhar, the girl’s chess coach, detailed on Facebook the “disturbing incident” that took place in mid-April during the 2017 National Scholastic Chess Championships in Putrajaya, Malaysia. He included a photo of the girl’s dress, which appears to reach near the knee and cover both shoulders.

“One of my student, who is a 12-YEAR-OLD GIRL felt harassed and humiliated by the actions of Tournament Director and Chief Arbiter,” Khandhar, a member of the World Chess Federation, wrote.

After the second round of the chess tournament, Khandhar explained, the event’s chief arbiter told the competitor and her mother that the girl’s dress was too “seductive” for the event and claimed it was a “temptation from a certain angle far, far away.”

According to the Federation Internationale des Eches (FIDE) handbook, which the National Scholastic Chess Championships followed, the chief arbiter is responsible for ensuring the players’ comfort during the tournament.

Khandhar said he’s been competing in Malaysian chess tournaments for nearly two decades and has never seen an issue like this before.

Tournament officials advised the girl’s mother late in the day to buy another outfit at a nearby mall before the start of the next round the following day, according to Khandhar. Since shops were closed that evening and opened too late to purchase something before the matches began again, the girl had to withdraw from the chess tournament, forfeiting the event’s registration fees, coaching costs and travel expenses.

The girl, Khandhar added, was the chess champion of her district in Kuala Lumpur with “tremendous potential.” He said the officials’ comments about the girl’s outfit left her “extremely disturbed and embarrassed.”

“We are absolutely DISGUSTED by the treatment of Tournament Director to a 12-year-old girl and her mother,” Khandhar wrote.

The girl’s mother, identified as Chin Wai Ling by The Star, told the Malaysian tabloid that her daughter was shocked that the arbiter had interrupted her chess match to comment on her dress.

“From that point onwards, she said all she could think of was whether anyone was peeping [at her] throughout the game,” Ling told The Star.

The FIDE handbook, which sets the standard for chess tournaments worldwide, states that all competitors are required to be “dressed in a suitable manner,” but does not offer a specific dress code. However, Chess Daily News published a FIDE dress code policy proposal that appears to allow dresses and skirts, but forbids “revealing attire” and “clothes that expose areas of the body usually covered in the location where the event is taking place.”

People responding to Khandhar’s Facebook post of the story slammed tournament officials for being perverted and sexualizing the young girl. Others could not figure out how this dress could be considered seductive.

Officials with the National Scholastic Championships and the Malaysian Chess Federation did not return HuffPost’s request for comment.

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Four Days After Scraping His Knee, Boy Dies. His Parents Are Using This Tragedy To Save Others

Next time you tell someone, “it’s just a minor cut or scratch,” you may want to think again. If these minor wounds aren’t cleaned up in a timely manner, they can lead to major health issues and sometimes even death.

Twelve-year-old Rory Staunton’s story is one that started out innocent, as he fell and skinned his knee while diving for a basketball during a game at his New York private school.

Following what was thought to be a minor incident, Rory’s teacher covered up the cut with plasters. Little did they know at the time, Rory had suffered from severe septic shock and he died just four days later.

As the leading cause of death in hospitals, Sepsis is a life-threatening condition that is triggered when the body’s immune system goes into overdrive to fight an infection.

Because doctors and those affected fail to recognize the symptoms of Sepsis, the condition is often untreated and undiagnosed, which often results in untimely and unnecessary death. Prior to Rory’s death, there were no protocols put in place to detect sepsis and no awareness for the condition.

Rory’s parents, Orlaith and Ciaran Staunton made it their mission to not only raise awareness but to encourage protocols that would help parents identify and treat Sepsis. They didn’t want any other parent to have to suffer the pain that they have had since Rory passed in 2013, so they founded the Rory Staunton Foundation.

Thanks to the efforts of the Staunton’s, the Sepsis Care Improvement Initiative has been put in place in New York, and earlier detection and treatment have lowered the death rate due to the condition. While the initiative is still new, encouraging improvements have been demonstrated. There have been 4,727 fewer Sepsis deaths in New York since the initiative was launched.

“We have met the people that have been saved by these protocols,” said Ciaran. “We are happy that their parents are not joining us in this miserable life. We want that fighting chance extended to every family in America.

When our son died, there was no awareness, no sepsis protocols, nothing in the A-Z book on sepsis. Now we’ve shown here’s what we can do in New York. We want the US Government to have the same level of anxiety and awareness of Sepsis as they do Ebola.”

According to the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS), every year more than one million Americans are affected by Sepsis and several end up dying from it.

Pictured below on the left: Orlaith, Ciaran, Rory and younger sister Kathleen. Right: Rory Staunton

Commenters shared their thoughts on the tragic incident…

“Went to a fundraiser in NYC for this foundation. Glad to see that the foundation is making a difference. Sorry for your loss.”

One commenter shared just how much Sepsis can affect someone’s body…

“I had Septicemia after surgery here in Ireland. It went undiagnosed for days which deteriorated into Toxic Shock Syndrome ( Septic shock). It was only the microbiologist who saved my life eventually. However, I am left with many lifelong after effects e.g., kidney failure. and frequent infections.”

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12-Year-Old Girl’s Controversial Photo Sparks Debate (Photos)

Pictures on Facebook showing a 12-year-old girl from Utah posing with carcasses from a series of hunts have been targeted for criticism.

People from around the world have posted on Aryanna Gourdin’s page, including some who have issued death threats, according to media reports.

One of the most controversial pictures showed Aryanna posing with a dead giraffe, holding her rifle up in victory.

“Thanks for reminding me that stupid people still exist.. Please consider using that thing in your head next time, that what we call A BRAIN,” one user wrote, according to Daily Mail.

Aryanna has been pictured hunting with a bow and a rifle. As well as African animals, like giraffes and zebras, she has also been photographed with animals native to North America like bears and deer.

Family friend Mark Martineau, who runs Rack Em Up Hunts and organized a safari to Africa involving Aryanna and her father, Eli, defended the girl.

“All of these death threats towards a child because she chooses to hunt,” Martineau wrote on his business page.

“You threaten her or her family and you’ll have to come through her father and myself and thousands of others.

Young Boy Mouths Two Words About CNN While They Were Live From The White House

A video has gone viral depicting a boy mouthing the words “fake news” behind a CNN broadcaster in a live on-air segment (video below). The boy appears to be a guest at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll April 17, hosted by the First Family on the White House Lawn.

The video, which first appeared on CNN as part of a live television show, has been redistributed by several outlets. The boy can be seen mouthing “fake news” in the background of the live shot, in addition to making an ‘X’ with his arms, a gesture popularized by Dallas Cowboys’ wide receiver Dez Bryant.

CNN and other mainstream media outlets have been labeled “fake news” by President Donald Trump, and the term has become a flashpoint for reporters and journalists. The term was popularized in society during the 2016 presidential campaign, when Trump would often generalize unflattering stories or reports as “fake.” He often did not dispute particular facts.

In many instances during the campaign, however, some news was genuinely and intentionally wrong or misleading. In an interview with the New York Times, Paul Mihailidis, a director of a graduate program at Emerson College, describes how proliferation of fake news reached a peak during the presidential campaign.

“Citizens engage with like-minded views more and more, and they feel secure in posting their thoughts and having a lot of reinforcement. This election was very heated, and citizens in these networks felt empowered to participate,” said Mihailidis.

“It became designing and sharing things that they didn’t really care were credible.”

Mihailidis also described a phenomenon in which readers often do not seek to understand a particular article, but rather base assumptions and form opinions solely after reading only the headline.

“Media literacy has often been apolitical,” he said. “It was about the text and that was it: Can you tell me the sources? Can you tell me something about its accuracy? What’s missing?”

Now, he says things have changed. He urges his students to focus on their engagement in the conversation as a whole, and examine whether or not what they’re reading is thoroughly researched. He also notes that his students understand how media can be influenced and manipulated by politicians.

According to a Gallup Poll conducted in September 2016, just 21 percent of the American public trusts newspapers and TV news. Lowest was Congress at 9 percent, and highest was the military at 73 percent, according to Axios.

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Boy, Age 11, Opens Up About Why He Murdered 4-Year-Old In Cold Blood

An 11-year-old boy in Florida who reportedly strangled a 4-year-old boy has a history of choking other children and carrying around dead farm animals, police reported.

When police questioned the 11-year-old boy, he reported that he was angry at his mother when she told him she couldn’t afford presents or a party for his birthday, the Daily Mail reported.

That apparently led to the boy choking his 4-year-old victim, Braydan Anthony Trahern, though police said the boy’s motivation remains unclear.

The boy said he wanted Braydan to “come back to life” during a discussion with police. According to Putnam County police, the two boys lived together in a mobile home with their mothers.

The mother of the 11-year-old boy has been identified as Vanessa Jones, and the mother of the victim has been identified as Kyra Trahern. Around 4 a.m. on Monday,

a male friend staying as a guest in the house woke up to find Braydan slumped over and unresponsive.

He also saw blood coming out of the boy’s mouth. The guest then called 911 while Jones attempted to revive the boy.

When police arrived they identified “suspicious bruises” on Braydan’s neck, according to the arrest warrant. He was then rushed to a Gainesville hospital where he was pronounced dead on Tuesday.

The 11-year-old boy was taken to a juvenile detention facility on Monday and charged with aggravated battery resulting in great bodily harm. It’s possible that the charges could be upgraded to murder.

“We just started our investigation,” John Harrell, Florida Department of Children and Families spokesperson said.

Boy, 12, Dies After School Takes His Asthma Inhaler

Ryan Gibbons was only 12 years old when he died from a severe asthma attack during recess at school.

He would have simply reached for the prescription inhaler that he always carried with him, but his school took it away and locked it in the principal’s office.

As Ryan gasped for air, his friends picked him up and carried him to the office where his inhaler was held.

But they couldn’t get there in time. Ryan passed out before they reached his potentially life-saving medicine. He never recovered. The date was Oct. 9, 2012.

The tragedy took place at Elgin County School in Straffordville, Ontario, Canada. Now Ryan’s grieving mom, Sarah Gibbons, is leading a campaign to get schools to change their senseless policy of keeping essential inhalers away from asthmatic children — by law.


The bill that she wants lawmakers to pass is dubbed “Ryan’s Law,” in honor of her son’s memory.

The proposed law would force schools to let kids who have a doctor’s okay carry inhalers in school, in a pocket or backpack.

Gibbons says that her son often brought a spare inhaler to school with him for exactly this reason. What if he couldn’t get to the principal’s office in time? But over and over, school officials took it away.

“I received many a phone call stating Ryan had taken an inhaler to school and they found it in his bag and would like me to come pick it up because he wasn’t even allowed to bring it home with him,” Ryan’s mom (pictured) told Canada’s national TV network, the CBC.

“There’s supposed to be one in the office and that’s the only one he can have. I didn’t understand why.”

Indeed, it is difficult to understand why. What possible reason could a school have for this bizarre anti-inhaler policy? In the United States, all 50 states have already passed laws permitting children to carry their inhalers in school — but even some American schools still don’t allow it.

According to one expert, schools are sometimes fearful that they could be hit with liability claims if a student incorrectly administers his or her own medication or allows another kid to share the inhaler.

“I understand these concerns, but what’s the liability in allowing a child with asthma to exercise without having access to an inhaler when a nurse may or may not even be at the school?” asks Maureen George, a nursing professor at the University of Pennsylvania.

She says that schools sometimes ban inhalers under a blanket anti-drug policy as well.

“But do prescription medications really need to be grouped with illicit drugs?” George wonders.

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After Boy’s Vomit Turns Black, Parents Discover What Bullies Made Him Eat At School

A 10-year-old boy in China had to have his stomach pumped after bullies at school forced him to eat the lead of a pencil. According to The Daily Mail, Liu Xinze had to be rushed to the hospital after his parents saw him vomiting a black substance at their home in Daqing, northern China’s Heilongjiang province.

“There were plenty of black substances in his vomit. I wondered if he had eaten Oreo biscuits,” the boy’s sister told Heilongjiang Television Station. “We saw graphite in his vomit. It’s still hard.”

Last Friday, Liu had to undergo a three-hour operation to have the graphite removed from his body, reported Huanqiu. When he was first asked why he would eat the graphite, Liu reportedly told his parents that he was “just hungry.”

However, after a bit of probing, the terrified little boy finally confessed that he’d been bullied into eating the pencil by two girls at school.

According to The Daily Mail, Liu suffers from low self-esteem and didn’t want to tell his parents that he was being bullied. Fortunately, since graphite does not contain lead, Liu did not suffer from lead poisoning.

The young boy’s parents have since reported the incident to police.

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Mom Overdoses In Dollar Store And Camera Captures 2-Year-Old Trying To Revive Her

In the toy aisle of a Family Dollar store in Lawrence, MA, strangers witnessed – and recorded – a harrowing, heartbreaking scene: a mother was collapsed on the ground while overdosing on heroin.

Her crying 2-year-old is seen tugging on the unconscious woman’s clothing, trying to revive her.

This is but the latest scene emerging from New England depicting the devastating effects of the opioid addiction epidemic that’s sweeping the country, particularly this region of the United States.

The footage, taken by another customer, was released by cops to raise awareness about this epidemic, showing the devastating effect of heroin addiction.

Now, the clip has gone viral, and millions of people have seen it.

Heroin is one of the most addictive substances that can be consumed. According to the Addiction Center, the number of regular heroin users has nearly doubled form 2007 to 2011.

Half of these drugs addicts had gotten hooked on prescription pain killers before being introduced to the opiate.

This mother, from New Hampshire, will be charged with child endangerment after miraculously surviving the ordeal thanks to two doses of Narcan. The toddler is currently in protective services.

Following this scene, and another recent one in Ohio captured in photos by an East Liverpool police officer, law enforcement wants to emphasize that addiction is a serious matter that should be treated as a medical condition.

 If you or someone you know struggles with addiction, you can find resources and helplines available on the Addiction Center website, or find a rehab center near you on, among other sites.

Watch Video Below:

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Police Officers Called To School After 9-Year-Old Says The Word ‘Brownies’

Police were called to a New Jersey elementary school after a 9-year-old student said, “Brownies,” while talking about snacks, his mother alleged. Another student reportedly misinterpreted the comment and thought it was said in a racist way, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. A teacher subsequently called police.

“He said they were talking about brownies,” Stacy dos Santos, the child’s mother, said. “Who exactly did he offend?”

Dos Santos added that the incident has made her think twice about sending her child back to the school in the fall.


“I’m not comfortable with the administration; I don’t trust them, and neither does my child,” she said. “He was intimidated, obviously.

There was a police officer with a gun in the holster talking to my son, saying, ‘Tell me what you said.’ He didn’t have anybody on his side.”

Officers also spoke to the children’s parents, and the incident was reported to the New Jersey Division of Child Protection and Permanency.

Collingswood Police Chief Kevin Carey stated during a meeting with school officials that they should report incidents to police, including cases “as minor as a simple name-calling incident that the school would typically handle internally.”

9-Year-Old Stands In Rain For 30 Minutes To Honor Veteran He Didn’t Even Know That Died

Besides being a decorated World War II veteran and an ace fighter pilot, Jeremiah Joseph “Jerry” O’Keefe was a recognized philanthropist and politician. And with 13 children from one beloved wife, Jerry was a family man and well-respected member of the community.

But on August 23, 2016, Jerry passed away at the age of 93. After living such an inspiring life, it is no doubt that the veteran’s funeral was attended by other veterans, loved ones, and community admirers alike. But there was one person, a young 9-year-old stranger, who did something at Jerry O’Keefe’s funeral that will be remembered forever…

While the funeral procession wound its way through the streets of Ocean Springs, Mississippi, the O’Keefe family looked out of the window of their vehicle and noticed a small, little boy standing barefoot by the roadside.

The 9-year-old boy held his hand over his heart as the rain cried down on the veteran’s funeral procession.
Although the boy did not know O’Keefe personally, he knew the great man’s legacy intimately. Plus, the little boy understood the value soldiers have in American. Although it was raining profusely, the little boy stood at attention for 30-minutes until the entire procession passed.

After O’Keefe returned from war, he served as a member of the Mississippi House of Representatives. And from 1973 to 1981, he was the beloved mayor of Biloxi, Mississippi.

The O’Keefe are a recognized family in the community. And in the mid-90s, they even released a family cookbook featuring their beloved Southern Cooking recipes. Jerry’s wife, Annette died in 1998. And the precocious man remarried a woman named Martha.

Because the family noticed the little boy and were touched by his act of patriotism and dedication to American veterans, the family snapped a photo of the little boy.

As the horse-drawn hearse passed, the unnamed boy stood barefoot in the rain with his hand held over his heart.

The family then shared the photo on their Facebook page and asked if anyone could identify the little tyke.

The post went viral. Later that day the boy was identified as 9-year-old Kaiden Wade.
O’Keefe’s daughter Cecila saw her father in the little boy, Kaiden: “This young fellow was the symbolism for the youth and vitality that was so present in my Dad,” she said.

Kaiden’s mother, Amy, is not surprised by her son’s gesture. He always does kind things for people. The boy is known as an exceptionally kindhearted individual who always shows respect unlike the majority of his peers who only care about their smartphones and Pokemon.

Because the O’Keefe family was so touched by Kaiden, they reached out and invited him to the Bradford-O’Keefe Funeral Home so they could thank him in person for his patriotism and kindness. While visiting with the family, the young boy got to see a number of keepsakes owned by the decorated WWII veteran as well as an up-close look at the horse-drawn hearse that is keeping Mississippi tradition alive.

Sun Herald posted the video of Kaiden meeting the O’Keefes on YouTube. Watch his excitement as he looks through the memorabilia and gets an insider look into the veteran and politician’s life.

Watch Video Below:

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