Rescuers Find Pony Tied To Tree, Then Discover Heartbreaking Reason He Won’t Turn Around

When police in Almoradí, Spain, came across a pony tied to a tree, they couldn’t believe their eyes. The poor thing was extremely thin and dehydrated – he had obviously been there for a while.

The pony had his head shoved as far as he could get it into a bush. At first, the police were confused about why he had done that and why he wouldn’t even turn to look at them, but then they discovered the heartbreaking truth – it was the only way the sickly pony could keep the flies out of his eyes.

The police quickly contacted the Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre in Alicante, Spain, which helps rescue and rehabilitate abused and neglected horses, ponies, and donkeys. The rescuers couldn’t believe the condition he was in.

The pony, who they named Fudge, was malnourished, dehydrated, and had a wobbly gait, most likely caused by a neurological disorder. One of his eyes was rotting inside his head, and the other had been damaged by either an injury or blow that had caused an ulcer, leaving him about 40 percent blind in that eye.

An x-ray revealed Fudge had also suffered fractures on two of the vertebrae in his neck which rescuers think is the cause of his neurological problems.

The rescuers believe the 20-year-old pony was abused and the injuries to his neck and eye were done deliberately. Once he was considered “no good” anymore, he was left to his fate – tied to a tree with no food or water and exposed to the elements.

Amazingly, Fudge survived the trauma, and thankfully he was found and rescued by people who are now showing him the love and care he deserves.

“He’s munching away happily in our stables, probably thinking he’s gone to heaven,” the rescuers said.

We may never know what Fudge’s life was like before – it obviously wasn’t a good one – but thankfully now he will be well cared for. While he has a long road to full recovery ahead of him, his condition should not deteriorate any further now that he is receiving the proper care.