Wife Confused When Husband Jumps Out Of Car, But When She Sees Why She’s In Tears

I’m sure you’ve heard it said before: “Good men are hard to find.” And unfortunately, that old adage tends to ring true quite often.

Our society has become full of people who feel entitled and don’t want to work hard. Boys aren’t taught how to be gentlemen, and we are left with lots of selfish and lazy men.

Perhaps because it’s so rare, when we hear stories of true men still out there showing what a man is supposed to look like, we can’t help but swoon.

That’s what happened when we heard this story from Tara Carter.

Tara had picked up some food with her family and they were on their way home when her husband, Chris, suddenly turned the jeep around and told her, “Take the food home and come back and get me.”

Tara didn’t know what Chris had seen that made him want to stop, but she said, “Okay,” and went to get in the driver’s seat.

That’s when she saw what had caught Chris’ attention. An elderly man was outside with a push mower trying to clean up his yard. Chris went over, took the mower from the gentleman, and proceeded to mow his lawn.

Tara was touched and so proud of Chris and what he had done.