Teen Kicked out Graduation for Only Pants He Can Afford. Three Minutes Until Start, Sees Stranger Outside

Leroy Solis Jr. walked across the stage at the Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio, Texas to receive his high school diploma. He looked like many of the young men graduating from MacArthur High School that day.

He wore a blue cap and gown along with dress pants, a dress shirt, and a tie. Solis Jr. did not stand out from the crowd of graduates.

However, the reason he was actually able to walk across the stage during graduation stands out as an exceptionally touching example of kindness. In just three minutes, this high school graduate went from not being allowed to participate in the ceremony to lining up with the rest of his classmates.

Solis Jr. was presented with information and expectations pertaining to the graduation ceremony. Dress code for the ceremony was one of the topics included.

A newsletter from the principal stated, “Failure to comply can result in not being allowed to participate in the ceremony or removal from the ceremony . . . This is not something that I ever want to see happen, but these expectations will be enforced.”

Solis Jr. was required to wear dress slacks, a dress shirt, and a tie. He did not own slacks or a tie, though.

Instead of asking his single father on a fixed income to buy him the required clothing that he might end up wearing only once, he planned on wearing jeans and no tie. The high school senior did not think he would encounter a problem with not meeting the dress code because he thought the gown would cover his lack of dress clothing.

When he showed up to the ceremony wearing jeans, he was sent home. With three minutes left until the graduates had to line up, Solis Jr. left and walked to his car.

Before getting into his car, he saw a young man similar to him in size. Not only was he similar in size, but he was wearing dress slacks!

Solis Jr. explained to the stranger that he needed dress slacks in order to walk in his graduation ceremony that was about to start. Amazingly, the young man and his father told Solis Jr. to get in their truck where they traded pants.

The young man and father told Solis Jr., “Go cross the stage.” He quickly found somebody selling $10 ties just outside the Coliseum in the parking lot.

Thanks to the young man’s kindness in the midst of an unusual request to give a stranger his pants, Solis Jr. was able to proudly cross the stage without putting financial strain on his family. Rosemary De Los Santos, Solis Jr.’s sister, shared this story along with a picture in hopes of finding the man who gave up his pants so that her brother could walk across the stage.

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