Couple Leave Home For Quiet Dinner, But As Soon As They Return Discover Strangers Inside House

When people leave their house every day to go to work, run errands around town or go on a date night with their significant other, they don’t expect anything bad to happen in their absence. Yet, sometimes unlikely situations can not only go wrong, but they lead straight towards disaster!

Mike Cox and his wife were enjoying a quiet dinner out, not knowing what was in store for them when they returned home. When he left with his wife no one remained in the home.

But upon returning home, he couldn’t believe the sight unfolding at his own house. How awful!

The couple were stunned at just how quickly things can change. In only a few short hours, their Colorado home was hit with tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage, and nothing was left untouched.

Glass window panes were shattered, furniture had been destroyed and the walls were left in ruins. Yet, it wasn’t a regular force of nature that was behind all this mess.

The empty beer bottles that littered the floor told Mike all that he needed to know – an alcohol-fueled tornado of epic proportions had ripped through his precious home! He had no clue what had happened, but he definitely was going to find out.

When the parents are away, the teens come out to play. Only in this case, the teens that broke into Mike’s house and partied like it was 1999 weren’t even his own – they were complete strangers!

Mike was stunned when he discovered that a crowd of more than 300 teenagers not only broke into his home and drank all the alcohol there, but they also posted footage of their mayhem on social media.