Man pays for stepdaughter’s wedding, then The Brides real character shows through that breaks his heart

A partner who makes you feel bad about yourself really doesn’t belong in your life, you need to get your life together, at all costs, and move on!

The terrifying thought of being alone is more often than not greater than the yearning for happiness and the reason that people stay in a relationship for longer than they should, even when we feel terrible about it!

A bad relationship is very hard to find the conviction to break free of, but in this storey, the man was pushed to the point of no return.

He told everyone about his situation by writing in a forum and very quickly received support from thousands of others who had read his post!

The man wrote:

My stepdaughter will be getting married on August 3rd. The wedding planning has consumed most of her and her mother’s life (I say her mother because we aren’t married, though we’ve lived together for 10 years) for the past six months.

My step-daughter graduated last December from University. I paid for her to go to college, though it was a state school, it still ran $40K. She does not have a job and has been living with us for the duration of her college career and since her graduation. I also bought her a car to get back and forth from school when she finished high school.

From time to time her deadbeat father would pop into her life and she would fawn all over him.

Although he has not contributed a cent to her education or paid any child support, though that is my girlfriend’s fault as c.s. was not part of the settlement, she still loves him and wants him in her life. He stays long enough to break her heart by skipping town and breaking some promise that he made her.

The wedding venue holds 250 people max. I gave them a list of 20 people that I wanted to invite, you know since I was paying for everything. They told me that was no problem and they’d take care of it.

So I let these people know they’d be getting an invite and they should save the date. Saturday, I saw one of my friends on this list at the golf course and asked if he was coming. He told me that he wasn’t invited. He told me that he got an announcement, but not an invitation.

He had it in his back seat (along with probably six months of mail) and showed it to me. Sure enough, it was just an announcement, and my name was nowhere on it. It had her dad’s name and her mom’s name and not mine.

Her Dad’s New Wife Tried To Ruin Her Wedding, But The Mother-Of-The-Bride Gets The Best Revenge

As you know, divorce is not easy for anyone – especially when kids are involved. While some divorces end relatively peacefully, there can be unintended consequences that come forth years later. Like finding a love letter your new spouse wrote to their ex. Or having to deal with one parent getting remarried while the other just doesn’t seem to recover.

So when one divorced dad married a younger woman, he knew it wasn’t going to be easy mending his family. But when it was time for his daughter to get married, he had to bring his new wife to his girl’s wedding. However, the new wife wasn’t ready to let things go. She knew all the horrible things the man’s ex-wife had done to him and she wanted revenge against the mother-of-the-bride.

So, even though it was years after her parents’ divorce, things were about to get very ugly – all over again.

With Jennifer’s wedding day got closer, nothing could make the excited bride lose momentum. Not even her parents’ divorce. Although it had often been a source of stress for the young woman, she was able to put it out of her mind and just focus on her big day.

Jennifer’s mom had found the perfect dress and would look like a beautiful mother-of-the-bride on her daughter’s big day. Everything was going to well.

But just one week later, Jennifer discovered that her father’s 25-year-old wife had bought the exact same dress as her mom…

Obviously this was not okay. So she asked her stepmom to return the dress and get another one since her mom had it first. But the young wife refused.