Firefighters Put Out House Fire – Then See The Dog Carrying Something In Its Mouth

A mother’s love cannot be compared to anything else in the world. It is unconditional and infinite. No matter what species, a mother will always have overwhelming feelings of love towards their children. They are willing to make huge sacrifices for their child’s sake, and don’t even bat an eye even if they have to give away their lives.

When a house caught fire recently, the true strength of maternal love was finally revealed. A house in Santa Rose de Temuco, Chile, caught fire. Firefighters immediately came to the scene and worked on subduing the flames. Thankfully, none of the family was hurt.

When a fire raged in this family house in Santa Rose de Temuco, Chile, firefighters were quickly on scene. Fortunately, the family escaped unhurt apart from some minor burns.

But as the firefighters began to head back to their fire truck, they discovered that someone else had survived the fire, someone they had not been able to find in the house.

The mother dog, Amanda, raced back and forth between the house, putting her 10 day old puppies in the safest place she could find – the firetruck!

After everyone was rescued she lay close to them, protecting them and making sure they were ok. Veterinarians were quickly called on scene to ensure that all her puppies survived unharmed.

The mamma dog obviously had incredible instinct to be able to manage to save all of her puppies from the flames. Aside from one puppy being treated for serious burns, the entire family are alive and well – thanks to the bravery of Amanda.

Clearlt, nothing could stop this heroic mother from being with their loved puppies. Not even a blazing fire.

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24-Hour Hunt For Age 3 Boy Ends When Dog Makes The Discovery Family Didn’t Expect

A family camping trip over Memorial Day weekend quickly turned into a nightmare when 3-year-old Ezra Parrish wandered away from his father and siblings in Sam Houston National Forest in Texas. According to police, Ezra’s family was setting up camp when the boy disappeared into the thickly-wooded forest.

Ezra’s mother, Gloria Cooper, was in Houston with her husband, Jeremy Cooper, when she received the news that Ezra had been missing for hours. Terror must have gripped her heart as the Cooper’s hurried to the camping area and tried to focus on finding her son.

Family members flew in from out of state to join their anxious relatives in the hunt. Search and rescue teams worked through the night and into the next day, knowing Ezra’s chances of survival were growing slim with each passing hour.

According to reports from My San Antonio, the search took a hopeful turn for the better when a dog picked up Ezra’s scent. The 200-man search and rescue effort came to a conclusion about a mile away from where the boy was initially lost.

It was Ezra’s 21-year-old cousin, Lalaine Dungca, who finally discovered the little boy, hiding in a thorn bush. Senses heightened, Dungca heard a faint noise coming from the brush after she’d been repeatedly calling Ezra’s name.

“He was quiet, standing in a thorn bush holding a shoe,” Dungca recalled. “Then he got emotional when we got to him.”

They held his scared little body close, the crippling worry vanished, replaced with a flood of relief. “It was very emotional for us too,” Dungca expressed.

Search and rescue teams were elated that Ezra was found alive, and aside from a few scratches and dehydration, was unharmed. Ezra boarded a four-wheeler for his triumphant entrance back into the civilized world.

“A large contingent of people came down and he came back on a four wheeler and he was waving, so surprised — like, ‘what are you doing here?’” said Micahel Hughes, a volunteer with Texas EquuSearch. “It was an emotional moment for everyone.”

Ezra’s stepfather, Jeremy Cooper, embraced the little survivor and got the details from his night alone in the woods. Ezra admitted he had been scared, but was able to fall asleep in the grass.

“We were hoping for the best and expecting the worst,” said Tim Miller, founder of Texas EquuSearch. “I’m speechless right now.”

“A great day, a great effort,” said Jimmy Williams, spokesman for the New Waverly Fire Department. “We appreciate everyone’s support.”

For a family on the verge of being torn apart, there were no words to express their deep relief and gratitude. “The happiest day of my life,” Cooper expressed, and one camping trip that this family will never forget.

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Tiny Pup Starts Taking To Groomer, Mom’s Captured Video Is Putting Everyone To Laughter

Dogs are wonderful creatures. They are really intelligent, cute, friendly, affectionate – the list goes on and on.

If you have a dog, you probably love them like a part of your family. They become a part of our household and become a part of our daily lives.

Grooming is one of the most important parts in raising a healthy dog. It not only makes the dogs look good, but it also ensures that they are clean and in good shape.

Some of us groom our dogs at home , while some of us prefer going to the groomers. The lady below chose the latter.

Their precious puppy has been to the groomer one time before. She is called Oreo and she is only 11 weeks old. And though she has already been to the groomer once, she still hates it.

As you can see in the following video, she doesn’t enjoy the groomer visit so much. Before the groomer can work on her, the puppy starts throwing the cutest temper tantrum. Even the groomer ends up in stitches when she sees her fit!

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Dog Gets Tired Of Sitting In The Car Waiting On His Owner, Hilariously Takes Matters Into His Own Hands

Dogs love going for a car ride, especially if they get to go to a pet store or out for ice cream. Even better if they end up at the dog park.

What they don’t really care for is being stuck in the car waiting for the owner to come back from running errands. They get bored easily, and well, many things can happen.

They can chew the upholstery, bark like crazy until they return, or tear up personal belongings that the owner may have left out.

The dog in this story did something a little differently to let his owner know that he was not happy being left in the car so long.

It was a crisp day in Pennsylvania, and Melissa Bailey decided to make a grocery store run. While still sitting in her car a car pulled in beside her. There was a man in the car, along with his dogs – four Airedale Terriers.

As the man walked by her car window she commented to him that his dogs looked like they were really happy and having fun. He just gave her a kind smile and walked on to go in the store.

He had just entered the door of the store when one of the dogs jumped into the driver’s seat, and then…

H-O-O-O-O-N-K! He began honking the horn.

Just then another car pulled in with a man in it and the dog stopped honking the horn. All of the dogs watched the man for a minute and then realizing it wasn’t their master went back to business.

She Thinks Dog Is Covered In Bug Bites, Then Realizes Those Are Bullet Holes…

When Hayden Howard noticed some strange marks on her English Mastiff Jackson’s body, she thought they were bug bites. When she took a closer look, though, she was horrified by what she saw. Instead of raised bumps, Hayden realized those were actually holes covering her beloved dog’s body.

“I was in shock, I didn’t even know what to think,” the Seymour, Indiana, woman said.

Hayden rushed Jackson to the vet where they shaved his hair back and discovered holes across his body. He had been shot by more than 60 pellets and BBs. Vets removed 20 pellets and seven BBs, although another 20 pellets are still lodged in Jackson’s body and they believe 20 others hit him and bounced off.

Police checked the homes of Hayden’s neighbors and discovered a BB gun and pellets, along with drug paraphernalia, at the home of Tim Woodard.

Woodard was arrested for drug charges and police are waiting for laboratory tests to match the gun and pellets to Jackson’s injuries. If they are a match, police will bring an animal cruelty charge against Woodard as well.

Seymour Police Department Assistant Chief Craig Hayes said this was the worst case of animal cruelty he has ever seen.

“I have never seen an animal shot that many times,” he said. “It’s a very bad case and it’s sad to see.”

He said he believed Woodward was under the influence of drugs when he attacked Jackson.
Thankfully Jackson is now being taken care of and will hopefully make a full recovery soon. We wish him a quick healing and many happy years ahead.

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After Being At The Shelter For 2,531 Days, All This Dog Wants Is To Be Loved!

Seven years is a long time. That is how long Dahlia has been living at the Santa Barbara Humane Society (SBHS) in California. When she first arrived no one could have known how long she was going to be there. Dahlia arrived at the shelter when she was six months old.


She was brought there because her owner couldn’t care for her anymore. Dahlia was overlooked for 2,531 days. The shelter is desperate to find a home for Dahlia; she deserves a forever home. They posted a picture of her next to a sign that tells people how long she has lived at the shelter.


She has the record of being the dog who has lived at the shelter the longest – not a title that any dog wants to have. The best home for Dahlia would be one without any other pets.


Spread the word; Dahlia needs a home of her own!

Her Dog Was Barking Loudly, So She Tells Him To Be Quiet. His Response Is Hilarious

We love dogs here at Wimp. We love their adorable faces, their happy-go-lucky attitudes, their wagging tails, even their occasionally hilariously bad behavior. But let’s face it, barking is never anyone’s favorite aspect of dogs. Sometimes it can be cute, or even helpful, but more often than not it’s something you’re not really interested in. Most dogs can be successfully trained to keep barking to a minimum. But can barking be funny? And would you want to train your dog to bark?

In the case of one Japanese woman and her pup, the answer to both of those questions is a resounding yes. She has taught her dog to very cleverly bark at different volume levels. All the way from a “shout” to a “whisper” of a bark. The results are not only adorable, they’re surprisingly funny to watch in action.

This dog seems to be pretty clever, and be in quite a bit of control over his own voice. Or maybe she’s just really, really good at training. I certainly wouldn’t mind her coming over and working her magic on my beagle. If I could tell him to speak a little more quietly, I think everyone within a few miles of me would be eternally grateful.

As it is, you definitely known when he’s spotted a squirrel. Or the garbage man. Or a leaf. Or if he’s bored and wants to come inside. Or if he’s hungry. Or, well, I guess he doesn’t need much of a reason to let loose the loudest howl in the world. He is a beagle, after all.

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Rottweiler Is Trained To Love And Protect Those With PTSD

I truly believe that dogs deserve more credit than humans sometimes… They never cease to amaze me with what they can do for people! This big Rottweiler is most likely more helpful than any human in this man’s life.

In this video, we’re shown how this big dog is a big help for many people who suffer from PTSD.

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a disease that is triggered in your daily life after being a witness to, or experiencing yourself, a terrifying event.

This disease affects millions of people in the world, especially those we honor who have thankfully come home from war. But not a lot of people know about its severe reality, or know how to deal with it.

In order to help cope with this disease and these memories, some people can get service dogs which are trained to prevent or stop anxiety attacks and depression that overcome their humans.

In this very short and simple video, we see a very intimate and important relationship between a man and his service dog. I am so thankful for these animals and all of the people who are surviving this horrible disease. They deserve so much love, and it’s nice to see all of that love being given in this video.

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