This Precious Pup Drags A Garbage Bag Home From The Dump – Shocked, His Owner Immediately Calls 911

The star of this story is this dog, Pui, a male Thai Bangkaew. The Bangkaew is a spitz-like breed, rare in most other countries, but fairly common in Thailand. Pui is the pet of  Gumnerd Thongmak and his family.

After his recent heroics, he is now the sweetheart of the Tha Rua district (Bangkok vicinity) in Thailand. He gained his many thankful followers after what appeared to be a regular visit to the garbage dump one day.

No one is quite sure why Pui dug into a pile of garbage and pulled out a white plastic bag. No one heard any sounds or saw anything suspicious. But, Pui apparently did.

He gently pulled the plastic bag from the tall pile of debris and carefully walked back home with it. His family was used to him being gone most of the day, so when he began barking in their yard they came immediately out to investigate.

At first, they scolded Pui because he had dragged home garbage. It was only moments later that Pui became a hero to them, however.

The bag began to move. Thongmak’s niece hesitantly opened the top of the bag and peered inside. What she saw was not even in the top thousand of things she likely expected.

It was a newborn baby girl!

They rushed the baby to the hospital. Doctors told them she had been born prematurely — at around seven months — and weighed just 4 pounds 8 ounces. She was very newly born. Her umbilical cord was even still attached.

Man And Woman See Dog Being Thrown Out Of Car, React Quickly (Photos)

A British couple may have saved the life of an abused and abandoned whippet dog after it was thrown from a car by dog fighters.

Lucy Edwards and Graham Houghton were driving along the M56 in Cheshire on April 5 when they noticed the injured dog, the Daily Mail reported.

The couple pulled over to the side of the road and helped highway patrol and RSPCA rescue the dog. They made a makeshift stretcher using items from their car after the dog turned out to be too large for the animal rescue’s emergency carrier.

The dog had a broken leg, bites and a collapsed lung. RSPCA told the couple that if no one could pay for his surgeries, it would have to put the dog down. The couple decided to take the dog, which they named Chance, into their home.

“At first we didn’t have a clue what had happened to Chance, and we thought he had been hit by a car,” Edwards told the Daily Mail.

“I spotted the traffic officers on the side of the road. As we slowed down we noticed there was a blanket on the floor and all we saw was his head sticking out from under.”

“We are both animal lovers so we decided to stop and help,” the mother of three said. “They were quite surprised. I ended up sitting on the grass verge with him. I started stroking him to keep him calm.

He only cried out once or twice but each time he did it was heartbreaking, a really soulful sort of noise. He looked me full in the face with big brown eyes so full of pain and fear that it broke my heart, yet he trusted us to help him.”

She fell in love with him on the spot.

“The RSPCA made it very clear to us that if we couldn’t — or someone couldn’t — pay for surgery, he would have to be put to sleep. We couldn’t let that happen, to be put to sleep for a broken leg.

Before this happened, Graham and I had said that we were not having any more cats or dogs but with Chance we both looked at each other and decided he was coming home with us.”

The couple took Chance to Chester Gates Hospital, where the dog underwent life-saving surgery. Metal plates were inserted into the dog’s legs and his lungs were treated.

Edwards took out a $4,700 loan to pay for Chance’s medical bills. Veterinarians conducted a medical examination on the dog, which revealed the disturbing cause of Chance’s injuries.

Chance had bite wounds consistent with those from dog-fighting. The vet thinks the whippet might have been used as a baiting dog and was probably thrown from the car.

‘”The vet told us that his injuries were not consistent with being hit by a car,” Edwards said. “They had found lots of puncture wounds in him and a lot of scarring consistent with dog bites. She said that in her professional opinion he had been used as a baiting dog.”

The couple have received support from friends, family and pet lovers with covering Chance’s medical bills. A GoFundMe page has met the $3,100 goal.

“As soon as he saw us after surgery his tail started wagging and he was trying to stand up,” said Edwards. “On the way home he was trying to move closer to me and looked me in the eyes and there as that moment of recognition and he absolutely covered me in kisses.

“This little boy has been to hell and back but and he is now doing absolutely amazingly well.”

Sources: Daily MailGoFundMe

Family Comes Home To Find Their Beloved Dog Murdered, Then Dad Spots Note On Counter

Dogs are man’s best friend. That’s how the saying goes, and the majority of dog owners can agree that this sentiment is true. After a long, hard day at work, a dog never fails to greet you at the door.

And who better to share your long walks with than a happy-go-lucky pup? We grow attached to them for good reason…because they are committed to the family members who took them in.

Even for those who don’t initially love animals, it’s hard to escape the spell that a loving dog can cast on you.

So, imagine coming home to discover that your dog isn’t there to greet you? It would be pretty disappointing right? Well, one family recently experienced just that, but they soon found out that it was much worse than their dog simply escaping.

Dog owners everywhere are going to be appalled by how the Oakland Police Department handled a recent situation.

When the Hallock family returned home from their day out, they expected to be greeted by their 11-year-old golden lab, Gloria. But, instead, they came home to a note on the door that read…

“Your dog was shot and killed by a police officer due to threats.”

Evidently, the officers responded at the Hallock Home when their alarm went off. Allegedly, Gloria approached the officer with a threatening stance and bark, so the officer shot her.

“Did you have to go to the revolver first? Did you have pepper spray, a taser, a baton instead?” said Gloria’s owner, Ward Hallock.

”There is no way you couldn’t stop Gloria if you simply dropped a donut or a ham sandwich in front of her.”

The family admits that Gloria had a loud bark and took it upon herself to protect the family and the backyard, but she also had arthritis and she moved slow.

Even family dogs are known to protect their owners, and it’s so very common for a dog to bark at a stranger approaching their home. So, why did the officer feel the need to go immediately for his gun?

“Being in her presence made everything feel complete,” said Gloria’s other owner, Matthew Hallock. “Now that she’s gone it’s like missing a family member.”

The family now clings to Gloria’s favorite stuffed animal and spend a lot of time looking through a scrapbook with photos of the pup.

The family says that they are not angry with the police, but they do however; want to know if some of the policies need changing.

It seems a good topic of discussion to bring up, considering there are so many other ways of calming a dog down when you feel threatened. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that an innocent dog has been unrightfully killed.

It makes one wonder if the responding police officer had an issue with dogs to begin with. Maybe he had been bitten in the past and he had a fear?

In any event, Gloria’s life ended too soon and for a reason that simply wasn’t justified.

Mom Writes Open Letter To Dog Owners Who Call Themselves ‘Parents’

First, let me say this: I am an animal lover.

I don’t have any pets at the moment, but I have had them in the past, and it really is just the best. I love slappin paws with the cute pup at the park, and firmly believe that to communicate with, tend to, and to make a family that includes something “other” is super valuable for kids growing up.

  • I truly look forward to being able to offer my daughter that very experience.

That being said, “fur babies” are just not a thing. Dogs — the animal that inspires the most intense faux parents — can switch homes and owners with relative ease as long as they continue to be well loved and cared for. So enough of the dramatic media show during public celebrity splits over who gets the dogs — it’s absurd and minimizes the real trauma that happens when families split, and children get caught in the middle.

Timothy Krause/Flickr
Timothy Krause/Flickr

People are the masters of domestic creatures. Let’s not forget that animals will generally remain loyal no matter what their owners say or do. The same certainly can’t be said for children. The behavior, needs, and expectations of animals are also mostly unchanging. If only that were true for children.


Now, I know most of you pet owners are aware that having an animal under your care is not the same as parenting a child. I have to say though, as someone who is earning her parenting stripes in a very real way, I’m totally over even making the comparison.

The urge to commiserate with an actual parent of actual children regarding actual parenting responsibilities when you’re simply a pet owner? Well, it’s misguided at best. If I asked a neighbor to occasionally walk my crate-training toddler once a day while I was at work, protective services would be at my door before I could type neglect.


Part of the problem here seems to be rooted in the ever more fluid definition of family. Love has so many shapes and I honor and value all of them, but pet owners who call themselves parents trivialize the very real, ever-changing lifetime commitment that parenting is.

Man Is About To Surrender His Dog To The Shelter When He Opens A Letter From The Former Owner…

I brought my first dog home from the animal shelter. My heart was overflowing with happiness and anxiety. Getting a pooch can be the best feeling the world. In any case, you never expect you may wind up with a story like this. A man embraced Reggie, a Labrador puppy, and things were troublesome at first.

The man had as of late moved into another city and was attempting to make sense of his new environment. Reggie was attempting to change in accordance with his new surroundings as well. The haven had a two-week return period in the event that Reggie and the man were not a solid match.

Before the end of the two weeks the man was going to take Reggie back to the safe house. That is the point at which he found a container containing Reggie’s stuff, alongside a vital letter from his last owner.

Read the letter below.

dog story

She’s Been Locked Up Her Whole Life. When She Finally Feels Love? Look Closely In Her Eyes…

It seems unbelievable to most people, but for whatever reason there are actually humans out there who think that chaining a dog up and keeping her in solitary confinement is a perfectly normal thing to do!

There are actually people out there who refuse to give dogs like Sarah in the video below the proper medical care and emotional love and support that every dog needs and deserves to live a good life.

Sarah was covered in flies, and her previous owner knew that she wanted to be loved and given a little pet. Nothing crazy, nothing too much to ask for, just a little pat on the head like nearly all dogs are used to. But Sarah’s owner refused because she was “too yucky!”

Thankfully, an amazing group of rescue workers came into the picture and took Sarah away from those miserable conditions. She was cleaned up and given a second chance at life.

Now, Sarah can experience what being a dog actually means. For too long, she was kept completely isolated and alone, but after a little bit of effort, she’s begun to show that she absolutely loves being in constant contact with humans. These animals are very social creatures, so to keep them away from any contact is the cruelest thing you can do!

Luckily, she’s doing great these days in her new forever home. And now she’ll feel nothing but love and respect for the rest of her days.

Warning: Some of the footage below may be difficult to watch, but Sarah is doing much better in her new home.

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