Newly Adopted Dog Wouldn’t Stop Growling. New Owner Makes A Terrifying Discovery

No one seems to know why Kailey was at the shelter, but one thing was clear: she was hard to place. Skinny and riddled with heart worms, Kailey came to the shelter in poor shape. But worse than her physical problems was a psychological problem that kept her there for over a year.

Kailey didn’t like to be touched by people she didn’t know. The DeKalb County, Georgia, shelter people were despairing of ever placing her, and her D-day was fast approaching.

In fact, she was scheduled to be euthanized when Jacqueline Berlin and Keith Santer-Perham rescued her and became her foster parents.

At only three years of age, the shepherd mix had a lot of years ahead of her…but only if she could find a new home. That’s when Suzy Chandler stepped in.

Suzy saw something special in Kailey and knew she needed to share her life. And Kailey took right to her new owner.

Then something very strange happened. One day, Kailey was agitated. She wouldn’t quit barking and growling. Suzy didn’t know what was wrong.

Finally, she took Kailey outside, and that’s when the miracle happened. Kailey fairly drug her owner around to the side of the house and showed her a leaking gas line.

Pit Bull Who Saved Little Boy And Bit Mom Who Threw Him Into River Learns His Fate

A pit bull will be returned to his owners after saving a 9-year-old boy that was thrown into a river by his mother.

Authorities said the pit bull, whose name is Buddy, will not be put down for mauling a 9-year-old boy because he was attempting to save the child’s life after he was thrown into a river by his mother, the Daily Mail reported.

‘”It is likely that the dog was acting in reasonable defense of the nine-year-old boy that was subsequently hospitalized,’” 

Murray River Council interim general manager Margot Stork said in a press release, according to the Riverine Herald. ‘

“The NSW Police have advised council that they will not be seeking an order to destroy this animal.’”

‘”The dog is well and presently being cared for in a Murray River Council facility,’” Stork added.

‘”Since the incident, we have microchipped the dog and are working with the dog’s owner to register the dog and set up the appropriate conditions to enable the dog to return home.

‘”The owner has visited the dog at council’s facility and is working with us to ensure compliance with all obligations under the Companion Animals Act.’”

The decision came shortly after a petition to “Help Save Buddy” was started. In the description, the petition recounted the incident, and made the argument that Buddy was indeed trying to save the boy:

On the 2nd of march 2017 a mother of 2 has attempted to drown her children in the Murray river at moama.

In this selfish mothers attempt to drown her 2 boys buddy the dog has reacted and attempted to save the boys in doing so he has bit the eldest boy in his rescue attempts unfortunately he was unable to save the youngest boy and has also bit the mother.

Buddy is his name and he is a pitbull cross and has since been seized from his owners who are distraught by not only what this mother has done but also that our dog has been seized when he should be [labeled] a hero instead.

Buddy doesn’t have a history of being a dangerous dog and most certainly hasn’t ever bitten anyone and has never been seized before for anything.

Buddy is a member of our family and has grown up around children his whole life and has been the most [gentele] dog, he has clearly seen a child in distress and attempted to help,

dogs don’t have hands to help like us humans they have to use their teeth and in doing so it’s being [portrayed] as [if] this dog has attacked the young boy.

The petition collected more than 45,000 signatures before being closed.

The 9-year-old boy is currently being treated for dog bites at the Royal Children’s Hospital. The 5-year-old’s body was found in the river on March 4.

Their mother, whose name was not released, has been charged with murder and attempted murder.

Sources: Daily Mail

Abused Dog Cries When She Finally Has A Kind Hand Touch Her

Hearing about animal abuse isn’t uncommon, and it never fails to make the blood boil. Every image, every story, every mention makes you lose a little faith in humanity. How could someone treat an innocent animal in such a cruel and callous way? And WHY?!

Seeing the images of injured animals can tear you up inside, and it’s hard to imagine anything good happening. What’s important is to remember that even the most neglected animal still wants to be loved, and we can fix almost anything by showing them what affection and trust is like. And this is the perfect example.

A severely abused and neglected dog is shown love for the very first time. Her cries are purely out of fear because when humans had approached her in the past, bad things happened. Just wait, I know it’s hard to watch at first, but this video becomes so uplifting once Priscilla can accept that she is now safe and loved. And will NEVER suffer again!