Dog Left To Die With A Taped Mouth And Legs – Now Watch His Reaction After Being Rescued By Plumbers

It was the dog’s first taste of human kindness.

In Robstown, Texas, two employees from Shoreline Plumbing, plumber Carlos Carrillo and his colleague, were en route to a job location when they’ve suddenly noticed something unusual figure lying in a ditch by the roadside.

They halted their vehicle, and squinted into the distance – it was a dog! The two quickly got off, and made their way towards it.

To their horror, the dog had been tied up tightly with cable tubes – on all fours. Plus, its muzzle was sealed – with duct tape!

Fisherman Hears Desperate Cries. When He Whistles? Watch The River Bank…

This incredible video begins with a group of fisherman hanging out in their boat when they suddenly hear the sounds of crying and whimpering along the river bank. As they steer their boat in closer, they realize this is no fish or sea creature they’re dealing with — but a beautiful and helpless black puppy! Abandoned out on the riverbank for what could have been days, the adorable pup was cold, thin, and hungry.

The men — whose identities have yet to be revealed — prove themselves to be the dog’s angels in disguise. The moment the dog realizes these men are there to save him, he can’t get to the boat fast enough — wiggling his tiny body through the thick brush to reach them. The puppy was clearly desperate for help, considering how willing and ready he is to accept the fisherman’s hand.

We’re happy to report that the lucky pup has found his forever home. “I took him home, cleaned him up and got some food in his belly. Had some friends looking for a dog that took him in.” He even suggested that they name the River or Bridger based on where he was found.

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