I Thought This Man Was Mean To His Dog, But Then The Pooch Left Me In Stitches

Dogs are some of the most adorable creatures on the planet. They are known for their beautiful nature, their loyalty, and their intelligence.

In fact, they are said to be as smart as a two year old human kid! That is pretty impressive if you ask me! Because of their intelligence, they have been assisting mankind in many different ways.

You can train them to do tricks, and you can even train them for things like therapy, and bomb and drugs detection.

Dogs are also very playful. They love participating in whatever their friends and family are doing. Their silly antics always keep you entertained, don’t they?

Our canine friends can make us laugh without even trying! Just take a look at the dog in the video below for instance!

This precious pooch is the perfect example. He is named Mudd and he has never been on a trampoline before. So one day his owner decides to let him test it out!

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16 Dogs Form A Huge ‘X,’ But Keep Your Eyes On The Humans In Blue… INCREDIBLE!

It’s a well-known fact that golden retrievers are an all-around intelligent breed of dog. They’ve got amazing personalities and they’ll do just about anything to please their humans!

The dogs you see in the video below are about as well-trained and smart as you can ask a dog to be. These 16 are the absolute “best of the best” when it comes to obedience talents, and they’d love more than anything to show off their talents to the world while getting some doggy treats!

All of these dogs are members of the display team, and they stand with the same level of intensity and precision you would expect to see from a silent drill team!

While there are a few hiccups, these dogs did an amazing job at showing off to the world just how smart they are and how much they love to be with their humans. Imagine how hard it must be for these dogs, surrounded by hundreds of people in a huge stadium, performing with music playing. Meanwhile their loving human begins to walk away, and every inch of them wants to spring back to their human, but they’ve been trained to stay put!

Luckily, their human always come back to reward them with a little treat, even if they messed up we still love them and always will! These dogs are as perfect as you could dream for!

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Dog Walks By A Car Playing Music. When He Hears It? So Funny!

Need a little extra bounce in your step? You’ve come to the right place then! This dog shows us all how to really enjoy life! He’s just hanging out, doing his doggy thing, but then he comes across this car in the street…

Many dogs will stop and bark at cars in the street. Others run away from them or begin chasing behind… This dog is so wonderfully different!

What he does? The bounce like a boss! With every beat he dips down and pops back up better than any celeb I’ve ever seen. Seriously, he is on point with those moves!

He might just be the coolest dog in the world.  What do you think? Have you ever seen a dog dance better than this one? Let me know in the COMMENTS.