Husband Writes Emotional Letter To Doctors And Nurses Who Cared For His Dying Wife

With regards to treating patients, most therapeutic staff work enthusiastically to ensure they are as substance and agreeable as could be expected under the circumstances — like this sweet hospice nurse. However, ordinarily, their employments extend far past the medicinal procedures themselves.

Patients and their family experience numerous passionate minutes when they are being dealt with, which implies their doctors and nurses serve as an emotionally supportive network and also parental figures.

Though DeMarco suffered an unbelievable loss, he was still incredibly thankful for all of the hospital staff that treated his late wife with respect and dignity.

In an online letter that has been republished in the New York Times, DeMarco details all of the amazing little ways the doctors, nurses, and staff made the incredibly hard situation a little more bearable for the couple.

Check out his entire touching tribute below.


Ever since his wife, 34-year-old Laura Levis, passed away due to an asthma attack, Peter DeMarco has been writing touching tributes in her memory.

One of these touching posts extensively thanks all of Boston’s CHA Cambridge Hospital staff that helped treat her, and it has since been shared extensively and republished in the New York Times.

Check below to read all of the incredibly poignant letter, detailing the staffs compassion and care.