New Dad Texts Pics Of Wife And Daughter To Family, Then Has To Break The Heartbreaking News

When Nathan and Megan Johnson found out they were expecting their first child together, they were over the moon. Megan immediately began to get things ready for little Eilee Kate’s arrival, and Nathan, a contemporary Christian music artist, was happy to support her all the way.

“She was so excited to meet that baby, and she had her name picked out and talked all about that,” said fellow Christian music artist and friend Francesca Battistelli.

Eilee’s due date was July 5, but when they went to the hospital on Monday for a check-up, doctors decided she should be induced. Everything went smoothly and Eilee was born at 2:40 a.m. on Tuesday.

“They were just so happy,” said friend Josh Wilson, whose band Nathan plays in. “Eilee is so beautiful. Nate said they were just so happy and sat together talking and looking at Eilee for hours and hours. Everything was normal. All their family went home to rest.”

Megan held little Eilee and fed her and Nathan excitedly sent pictures of his daughter to friends and family. They were already envisioning the bright future ahead for their little family.

But then, between 9 and 10 in the morning, tragedy struck. Megan began having complications and, though doctors rushed to help her, there was nothing they could do. She passed away within the hour. Eilee was only 8 hours old.

Nathan, of course, is heartbroken.

“Meg was his everything,” Josh said. “He doted on her in a way like I’ve never seen a husband do.”

Mom Holds Her Newborn Baby Triplets, Unexpectedly Passes Away Just 10 Days Later

After 34 weeks of pregnancy, Casi Rott’s triplets were finally born and looking healthy. All she could do was smile as the months of laborious strain were gone. Her husband Joey, and their two daughters Tenley and Chloe stood by excited to welcome the new members of the family.

The triplets took a toll on Casi’s body. She was forced to under go a cesarean section procedure prematurely and she stayed at the hospital for a few days with her babies. Her triplets had to stay at the hospital for longer but the doctors told Casi that she was fine to go home.

Then things started to go wrong. She felt pains in her chest at first and then was taken to the hospital. The doctors found that Casi had a blood clot in her lungs, that was from the strain on her body during the pregnancy. She went home after she was given blood thinners for the clot in her lungs.

Again, her chest was giving her pain at home, so her husband took her to the hospital. Tragically, she died.

Except for one small moment of being able to hold all three of her babies just after being born, Casi was robbed of the joy of her new children. Her family was changed forever, in so many ways.

While Joey and his family don’t have their loving mother anymore, they have the support of the community however.