Pregnant Mom With 12 Daughters Prays For A Boy, But Doctors Are Floored By Her Next Sonogram

Augustina Higuera has 14 children — all of them are girls. The 29-year-old mother and wife from Paris, TX, is taking the Internet by storm with her unbelievable vow she has made to herself and her husband.

Augustina plans to keep growing her family until she has a little boy.

Her story so far is both fascinating and staggering. Augustina had her first daughter, Belicia, with her first husband. Three more girls followed, but that was only the beginning.

Over the years, Augustina tested all types of contraception, but nothing proved effective. Each pregnancy came as a surprise, but sent her over the moon.

After Augustina split from her first husband, she met Jose, her second husband. They had two daughters about two years apart. But six years ago, Augustina learned she was pregnant again — and this time, with twins.

She was certain at least one of the babies would be a boy. Even the doctors told her it was more common to have a boy and a girl than same-sex twins.

Not only did Augustina learn the twins were both girls, but shortly after they were born, she beat the odds of 500,000 to one for a completely different reason.

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Mirror UK
Mirror UK

Augustina Higuera is a dedicated mother of 14 children, all daughters.

Not only does she have a massive brood, but, at 29 years old, Augustina has beaten the incredible odds of 500,000 to one to give birth to a third set of twins.

The mother and wife from Paris, TX, has also vowed to keep getting pregnant until she gives birth to a boy.

Despite her hectic and exhausting lifestyle, Augustina says she wouldn’t change a thing. Growing up, she spent much of her time looking after her younger siblings, and wanted to be a mother ever since.

For Augustina, being pregnant has always been a joyful and non-stressful experience.

Mirror UK
Mirror UK