Mother Sees What Employee Did In Front Of Elderly Woman, Requests To Speak With Manager

A mother took to Facebook to share a story of a Target employee who became an example for her children when it came to exercising patience and understanding.

Sarah Owen Bigler’s Facebook post went viral after it was shared online.

In the post, Bigler explained that she went to Target with her two children and hoped to be in and out of the store relatively quickly:

I found a line with just one person ahead of me and began organizing my items on the conveyor. After placing my items, I look up to see that the person ahead of me was an elderly woman. She was paying for her items with change and wanted to purchase each separately. Part of me, the part that had a long day at work, the part of me who had a 1 1/2 year old having a melt down in the cart, the part that had set an unnecessary timeline for Target and getting home, was frustrated with this woman and the inconvenience she had placed on me.

She went on to describe how the Target cashier handled the situation.

“BUT then I watched the young employee with this woman,” she wrote. “I watched him help her count her change, ever so tenderly taking it from her shaking hands. I listened to him repeatedly saying ‘yes, mam’ to her. When she asked if she had enough to buy a reusable bag, he told her she did and went two lines over to get one for her and then repackaged her items. Never once did this employee huff, gruff or roll his eyes. He was nothing but patient and kind.”

Bigler then noticed that her daughter, Eloise, was watching the employee closely the entire time.

“She was standing next to the woman, watching the employee count the change. I realized I hadn’t been inconvenienced at all. That my daughter was instead witnessing kindness and patience and being taught this valuable lesson by a complete stranger; furthermore, I realized that I too needed a refresher on this lesson,” she wrote.

When it was finally Bigler’s turn to check out, the employee thanked her for her patience with the previous customer.

“I then thanked him for teaching us patience and kindness by his treatment of that elderly woman. And although my timeline for target was askew, when he was finished I pushed my cart through the store trying to find the manager,” she wrote. “I wanted her to know of the employee’s, kindness and patience, and how much it meant to me. After tracking her down and sharing the story with her, we left Target with a cart full of consumable items, but what is more a heart full of gratitude for such an invaluable lesson.”

Many readers praised the employee for being such a good example for the woman’s children.

“Thank you for sharing this story,” one Mad World News reader commented on the site’s Facebook page. “The world needs more young people like this young man . He will be rewarded.”

“The things we learn when we open our eyes and pay attention to the things around you !!” another wrote. “Many,many Blessings Young man !! Thank You for Your patience !! Amen.”

“Awesome story!” commented another. “You sure don’t see that very often. Many young people, today, are so uncaring. It is nice to know there are some still out there that are nice and caring.”

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Waitress Returns to Table and Finds $1700 ‘Tip’ Left by Customer. Quickly Realizes It’s Not for Her

“She was just a gracious, great person.”

You never know when you might be on the receiving end of an unexpected act of generosity. There are many instances in particular where waiters and waitresses have received enormous and life-changing tips from kind customers.

Though there have been multiple instances of these random acts of kindness at restaurants, each recipient has been completely surprised when it happens to them. Kaylie Cyr, a waitress at Buffalo Wild Wings, found a huge stack of cash at one of her tables.

However, she knew that she was not on the receiving end of a giant tip from a customer. In fact, her actions would change the typical “customers leave a large tip” narrative a bit.

This time, the waitress would be the one to act in the best interest of the customer. Glenn Morse was the customer who would be impressed and touched by Cyr’s act of kindness.

Morse, a regular at Buffalo Wild Wings, had dined at the restaurant and left Cyr a good tip. He also accidentally left an envelope containing $1,700 in cash on the table. That’s a lot of money to be carrying around, but it was intended for the expenses and payroll at his business. Cyr found the envelope after Morse cashed out.

According to ABC News, Cyr explained, “I looked inside and saw a big stack of 100 dollar bills. You hear those stories where people give those huge tips, but after seeing his name on the envelope, I knew it wasn’t the case.”

Watch Video Below:

Though it crossed her mind that the envelope’s contents would certainly be like the amazing ‘waitress receives huge tip’ stories she’d seen in the news, she turned in the money right away. When Morse came back the next day hoping that his envelope of money would be at the restaurant, he wanted to thank Cyr for her honesty.

He gave her a $100 bill a week later as a reward for returning the money. Cyr was delighted and surprised to receive a reward, but even more happy that she took the opportunity to do the right thing instead of giving in to the tempting choice of keeping the “extra tip.”

Morse was surprised that a waitress would anonymously surrender the cash without expecting any recognition. “You’d think someone would say, ‘It was me who did that great deed’ and I thought that was very impressive,” he said. “She wasn’t been looking for a reward or praise. She was just a gracious, great person.”

Here’s a final tip: Honesty is the best policy!

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A Restaurant Owner In Alaska Fired A Customer. Here’s Why She Did It.

P.J. Gialopsos is the owner of a restaurant called Little Italy Restaurante. Recently, she got a phone call from an angry male customer, who complained about a mistake that one of her employees (a delivery driver) made.

Turns out, this employee has autism. Since he started working for the restaurant, many customers have had issues with him. But after being told that he’s autistic, they usually would let things go and forgive.

This time, however, the customer not only refused to understand, but continued to call him inappropriate names and even accused him of being a drug user.

In a situation like this, you would expect the restaurant to side with the customer and punish the employee. However, Gialopsos did the exact opposite.

Read her Facebook post below for the entire story:

owner 1
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