Parents Forced to Leave Miracle Preemie Who Died in Arms at NICU, Then Cops Show Up

Born at just 29 weeks with many genetic issues, baby Axel Winch was going to need a miracle in order to survive. Without the necessary equipment to care for him in his hometown, he was flown almost 300 miles away to Children’s Hospital Colorado to be treated in the NICU.

Axel’s parents, Melissa and Adam Winch, stayed with their baby for months in the hospital. Their “mystery baby” baffled doctors who were unable to pinpoint what was wrong with him.

The preemie died numerous times in his parents’ arms, and his nurses saved his life multiple times. Baby Axel proved time and time again that miracles are possible.

So it was naturally heartbreaking when his parents had to return to work so many miles away from him. Melissa works as a police officer, and Adam is a former officer who owns his own business.

“I cried not all the way home, but majority of the way home. It’s terrible,” Melissa said of having to leave her baby in the hospital.

The parents had no idea when — or if — they would get to hold their baby again. That’s when the Aurora Police Department stepped in. An officer had a child being treated at the same Children’s Hospital, and connected with the Winch family.

The Aurora PD wanted to set up a ‘cuddle watch’ for Axel. “I didn’t want him to be alone,” said Sgt. Mike Pitrusu, who runs Aurora PD’s Employee Support and Wellness unit.

Sgt. Pitrusu set up the ‘cuddle watch,’ and had officers sign up for times to go and visit with Axel.

While mom and dad were hard at work or unable to be with him, nearly 20 officers cuddled with the baby. The officers also visited with the family, helped raise money for them, and even opened their homes to them.

Sgt. Pitrusu said it was not only beneficial for Axel, but also for the officers. And the Aurora PD says this is the start of a lifelong friendship with the Winch family.

After months in the hospital, the family experienced yet another miracle. They could finally take Axel home. Now his parents say that Axel always wants to be held — and they gladly oblige.

Although his future remains unclear, the Winch family is grateful that he is happy and healthy. “God bless the Aurora Police Department,” Adam said in a Facebook post after finally being able to bring Axel home. “God answers prayer and performs impossible miracles, now and forever.”

Now it looks like the officers of APD will need a new baby to cuddle and comfort. “We almost need to set up a cuddle watch for Children’s Hospital, just give the opportunity to come in and take care of the little ones,” Sgt. Pitrusu said.

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Woman Spots Age 10 Girl Crying and Walking Without Shoes in Desert. Cops Horrified When She Says Why

The temperature was over 90 degrees when a woman saw a 10-year-old girl walking alone down a Mojave Desert highway with bare feet and tears in her eyes. When the woman asked the girl why she was out there, the child replied that her father had driven her out to the hot, barren sands and left her there.

There are a lot of things out in the desert that will end you. Scaled and venomous creatures, daggered plants, and the dry heat will suck the soul right out of you: it’s not a welcoming place, and certainly not a place you’d expect to find a wandering child.

This the kind of horrible story that makes it hard to find a silver lining. Yet, it’s exactly the kind of horrible story that makes us appreciate the acts of simple goodness we share with each other, and with our own children or the people we love every day.


The woman took the little girl home and called the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office. Officers responded shortly after, and eventually arrested Christoper Charles Watson, her father.
The girl revealed the whole story. Her father, she says, drove her out to desert, bit her as he forced her out of the truck, and sped away.

Watson is being charged with the felony crime of “child abuse per domestic violence.” The Department of Child Safety took his daughter and his 9-year-old son.

Watson told the police that he had driven his daughter out to the desert in order to calm her down after a long argument they’d been having. He says he went back after about 15 minutes to find her, but returned home when he couldn’t do so.

The police say they smelled alcohol on Watson and that he’d been sleeping when they found him. That raises the specter of alcoholism as a contributing factor in this situation, but it’s difficult to feel sorry for a man after he’s left daughter in the desert, an act which is essentially a death sentence.

Nothing is really gained by heaping hatred upon the man, though. Even if it might be justified.

What is easy to forget in hearing these stories is that they are so shocking precisely because they are so abnormal. For every one of these foolish, destructive acts, there are hundreds or thousands of little acts of kindness that go on all around us, unnoticed.

If that were not the case, then these horror stories wouldn’t shock us so badly. It was the kindness of a stranger that saved the girl from a worse outcome than the one she experienced — let’s not forget that.

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Cops Pulls Over Man Going 112MPH, Laugh, And Let Him Go. Anger Erupts After Name Is Released

When police officers act like they’re above the law, they earn the derision and disrespect from the citizens they’ve been sworn to protect.

But when local police departments do their best and adhere to the oath they took when they first got their badge, the local community loves them – as a recent Gallup poll indicates concerning the increasing amount of respect for police across the country for both white and non-white Americans.

But recently, an Arkansas police chief got in hot water when he was caught driving his red pickup truck 107 MPH on backroads. But he did not get a ticket.

In the video, which was published on LiveLeak, you’ll see the officers finally pull over Brinkley Police Chief Edward Randle after they followed him for miles.

Check out the footage and learn more what happened below!

Trooper L. Williams was called in to catch the speeding pickup and as soon as he got out of his car and saw who is was, he started laughing and said, “Where are you going so fast?”

On October 21, the police chief was speeding in his off-duty pickup truck because he needed to “call a game in Clarendon.”

Williams indicated to someone off-camera, saying “Look, this guy right here has been following you for miles.”

  • “He’s calling the state police,” the trooper said.
  • Randle yelled: “I know you didn’t call the damn state police!”

At that point another, Brinkley police officer approached the truck and said “I didn’t have your plate, so it didn’t go over,” THV11 reported.