Woman Spots Age 10 Girl Crying and Walking Without Shoes in Desert. Cops Horrified When She Says Why

The temperature was over 90 degrees when a woman saw a 10-year-old girl walking alone down a Mojave Desert highway with bare feet and tears in her eyes. When the woman asked the girl why she was out there, the child replied that her father had driven her out to the hot, barren sands and left her there.

There are a lot of things out in the desert that will end you. Scaled and venomous creatures, daggered plants, and the dry heat will suck the soul right out of you: it’s not a welcoming place, and certainly not a place you’d expect to find a wandering child.

This the kind of horrible story that makes it hard to find a silver lining. Yet, it’s exactly the kind of horrible story that makes us appreciate the acts of simple goodness we share with each other, and with our own children or the people we love every day.


The woman took the little girl home and called the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office. Officers responded shortly after, and eventually arrested Christoper Charles Watson, her father.
The girl revealed the whole story. Her father, she says, drove her out to desert, bit her as he forced her out of the truck, and sped away.

Watson is being charged with the felony crime of “child abuse per domestic violence.” The Department of Child Safety took his daughter and his 9-year-old son.

Watson told the police that he had driven his daughter out to the desert in order to calm her down after a long argument they’d been having. He says he went back after about 15 minutes to find her, but returned home when he couldn’t do so.

The police say they smelled alcohol on Watson and that he’d been sleeping when they found him. That raises the specter of alcoholism as a contributing factor in this situation, but it’s difficult to feel sorry for a man after he’s left daughter in the desert, an act which is essentially a death sentence.

Nothing is really gained by heaping hatred upon the man, though. Even if it might be justified.

What is easy to forget in hearing these stories is that they are so shocking precisely because they are so abnormal. For every one of these foolish, destructive acts, there are hundreds or thousands of little acts of kindness that go on all around us, unnoticed.

If that were not the case, then these horror stories wouldn’t shock us so badly. It was the kindness of a stranger that saved the girl from a worse outcome than the one she experienced — let’s not forget that.

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6-Yr-Old Punished For Being Tardy, But Local Radio Host Realizes There’s More To The Story

While attending school, I always had classmates who’d show up late. Their tardiness would throw off the teacher’s train of thought because they’d meander in and take their seat. They’d need to be caught up, and that would take away from moving forward with the lesson.

At the time, I was slightly annoyed because I did what I could to show up on time and here they were arriving late.

Research has shown that tardiness not only has an impact on the student late for class, but also on their fellow students and the teachers as well.

While it’s better to show up late to school than to miss entirely, students with chronic tardiness are more likely to have a poorer performance rate and lower math and reading scores than their peers.

Oftentimes, though, a child’s tardiness isn’t their fault. Such was the case with Hunter Cmelo.

Like many kids, 6-year-old Hunter had a tough time getting to school on time. But it wasn’t because he was dragging his heels or being slow getting out of bed.

Hunter’s mother struggles with health issues and their family car tends to break down. On one particular day, the car wouldn’t start at all.

When Hunter yet again showed up late to Lincoln Elementary School in Grants Pass, Oregon, he found himself at the center of misguided administrative discipline.

“[The school has] a policy where every three tardies, you get a detention,” his mother, Nicole Garloff, said. “Every tardy after that, you get a detention.”

The 25-Pound 8-Year-Old: Little Girl Mercilessly Tortured By Her Own Parents For Years

After years of being raped, beaten and confined to a closet by her parents, Lauren Kavanaugh, now 21, has rebuilt her life.

Lauren, who lives in Athens, Texas, has graduated from high school and is now attending community college where she studies psychology so she can help victims of abuse like herself.

As a baby, Lauren was adopted by Sabrina and Bill Kavanaugh, but due to a legal error, Lauren’s biological mother, Barbara Atkinson, and stepfather, Kenny Atkinson, were able to take custody of her.

When Lauren was 3 years old, her mother forced her into a 4-foot-by-9-foot closet without food or water. She was later raped and shoved back into the closet.

“From then on, it became my new home,” she said. “The carpet was drenched in urine, and I lay under a thin, wet blanket.”

Lauren was routinely starved and beaten. “… When I was 6, [my mother] put a bowl of macaroni cheese in front of me – she told me I could chew it but then had to spit it out,”

she said. Lauren was also burnt with cigarettes and had her head shoved underwater.

Video Of Model And Her Nephew Has People Calling Her Disgusting. What Do You Think? [watch]

When it comes to showcasing her “assets”, model Tillie Medland is not modest. She willingly shares very revealing and sexy shots on the internet often. Although she has heated up the social media streams before with her big eyes and smooth skin, she has never stirred up as much controversy as what happened just this week.

When the Toronto-based model posted a video with her nephew, half of the internet started freaking out. In the clip, the toddler stuffs his hand down the hot model’s sportsbra in front of the camera. While many people are jealous that the little boy got a free grab, others think this is a despicable display of the immorality that is becoming 21st century society…

Check out the video yourself and tell us what you think about this little boy’s reach.
In the short video, the nephew “Mickey” is in his aunt’s arms. With the camera rolling, the little boy forcibly stuffs his hand down the front of the model’s shirt. Then he moves it up and down along her breast. Instead of reacting and pulling the boy off her, Tillie Medland allows the boy to have his fun.

In the background, a man is heard saying, “He knows what he is doing.”

And after he has felt up his aunt, the boy has a sly look on his face like the man nailed his motivation on the head.

With the boy still in her arms, the model allows her nephew to feel her up again.

“He just goes right back for it,” Tillie is heard saying in the viral Instagram clip.

Many people thought it was cute.

A viewer by the name dizz37 shared, “That kid is 2 years old! It’s innocent as all hell, and a funny moment for those witnessing it. I’m glad you manage to capture the moment @Tilliemedland, for your family, for yourself and just so you can embarrass Jetty later on in life.”

“Haha your nephew is a cutie…I’m just surprise it didn’t hurt…all these sick minded people need to relax… he was probably hungry,” shared samsen_.

Others are calling for the police to arrest Tillie Medlan for child abuse. One viewer wrote, “that clearly shows how disgusting she is as a woman. And the parents should be in jail for neglect and being indecent f***ing role models. I know that child learned that s*** from TV and it is a shame. Pedophilia is pedophilia and she needs to be reported.”

Notasingleperson agreed, “Sick f*** she is. Allowing a child to touch her like that. Had she been a man the whole world would be labeling him a pedophile and a pig for letting a child touch him. What a shame.”

Tille had a few words of her own to share about the controversy:

“There were plenty of people who had no sense of humor about it; who were taking it way too seriously and would say things like ‘this is horrible’ and that we’re teaching the kid to be some kind of sexual monster,” she said. “I was like, ‘C’mon people he’s 2 years old!’”

Do you think she is a child molester or just having fun with her nephew?

Watch Video Below:

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Man Throws Acid In 4-Year-Old Girl’s Face And Blinds Her, Is Shocked When He Hears His Punishment

An Iranian man is set to be blinded by the state as punishment for blinding a young girl with acid. The Daily Mail reports that in 2009, a 4-year-old was blinded by a man who threw acid in her face.

The law of retribution in Iran states that criminal can be punished via the dictum ‘an eye for an eye.’ This is considered a central part of Sharia law, which is enacted by the Islamic government of Iran.

Human rights groups, however, condemn this form of punishment, which is used in many Islamic countries. According to The Guardian, Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam, from Iran Human Rights (IHR), an independent NGO based in Norway, condemned the blinding as barbaric.

“Medical staff who cooperate with the Iranian authorities in this act have broken the Hippocratic oath and cannot call themselves doctors,” he said.

The head of criminal affairs for the Tehran prosecutor’s office, Mohammad Shahriari, said: “In 2009, this man threw lime into the face of a little girl of four years in the Sanandaj region, leaving her blind. Today, the law of retribution was applied in my presence and that of experts.”

This is not the lone case of “eye for an eye” type punishment in Iran this year. Mojtaba Saheli had his left eye blinded after he attacked and blinded a taxi driver with acid. He is scheduled to have his right eye blinded, as well.

Raha Bahreini, a researcher with Amnesty International’s Iran team, claims that this form of punishment is “unspeakably cruel.”

She told The Guardian: “Blinding is totally prohibited under international law, along with stoning, flogging, amputation and other forms of corporal punishment provided in Iran’s Islamic penal code and must not be carried out under any circumstances.”

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Gang Member Who Decided To Molest A Child Will Soon Find Out What Prison Justice Means

Inside Edition is reporting that an alleged gang member in Atlanta has been arrested for molesting a child as part of a gang initiation.

The incident occurred in 2016, and one man and one juvenile have been arrested in connection with the case. Twenty-five-year-old Antonio Banks, of Atlanta, Georgia, was arrested last week on charges stemming from a gang-related child molestation case from last summer.

According to the arrest warrants, “Banks and another juvenile held the victim against his will after he tried to run from them while being initiated into the gang. The victim may have been a willing participant until oral sex became a part of it.”

According to a Dekalb County Police spokesman, the practice is a common initiation ritual for the Gangster Disciples of which, Banks is an alleged member. He is also accused of burning the minor’s thighs with a lit cigarette.

Speaking to the press, Major Stephan Fore said: “It has been seen before where members are sexed into a gang.”

According to the Police, the alleged assault happened sometime between May and August of 2016 in an area abandoned house. Public response to the arrest has been nothing short of outrage, as one could expect. People have been taking to the internet to express themselves, saying things like:

“My first feeling is utter revulsion. This is disgusting! But it makes me sad that children are so eager to belong to something, anything …outside of themselves. Why can’t these stupid gangs get together and do something worthwhile? All that wasted time and energy…and for what? All they get is death and prison terms.”- Anon.

“Anyone that hurts a child deserves nothing less than a bullet between their eyes.”- Margaret Smith

“Wow tough guy. Since he likes boys so much then he will feel right home in prison. They love child molesters.”- Shannon Lindsay

“Throw his ass in jail and never ever let him out. I hate people like him. they should all be exterminated once convicted.”- Samantha Lima

“What happened to the old school jumped in?? Now they molest children!!! They’re pedophiles!”- Holly Bennett

“You get punked out to do things to children to be part of a men cult. You are weak and sick to do this to a child just to belong to some bull like that. Can’t wait until they pass you around in lock up. You don’t have to man up now.”- Deborah Sharp

“You want to be a part of a despicable empty moral code gang? Even the hardest criminals in jail have a special treatment for garbage who touch children or prey on the weak. you must be so proud.”- Karen Frye

“They can’t think of anything better to do with their time besides being homosexual gang members.”- Marcy Nair

“Disgusting!!! Make me sick to my stomach! This is a crazy sick world that we’re living in! That let me know that we are in the end time.”- Dolores Banks

If Banks is convicted, what do you think his sentence should be? Share your thoughts with us here.

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Kelly Clarkson Accused Of ‘Child Abuse’ After Giving This To Her Daughter

It seems that no matter what moms do for their kids, it’s somehow the wrong thing. Multiply this by 50, and you’ll understand the scrutiny that celebrity moms face on a daily basis.

Take, for example, Kelly Clarkson.

The original American Idol winner and three time Grammy winner is not one to shy away from posting about her family on social media. Recently Clarkson posted a video of her eldest daughter, River Rose, trying Nutella for the very first time.

Remember the first time you had Nutella? It was a life-changing experience for many.

“River, do you like Nutella?” asks Clarkson. River obviously does, as she does a little happy dance in her seat.

But that’s when the mom-shamers came in. Some even called giving River ‘child abuse.’

“Stop trying to make your daughter as fat as you. That’s child abuse. You should be ashamed,” wrote one user.

“There’s way too much sugar in that. I wouldn’t give that to my kid. Too young.”

“Nutella is PACKED with sugars,” wrote another. “Don’t make your kid blow up.”

“Stop eating Nutella, it’s been confirmed to cause cancer.”

A lot of moms were quick to come to Kelly Clarkson’s defense, basically pointing out that every mom has given their kid sugar at one point or another.

“Sounds like they need some Nutella to sweeten their being.”

“Like u people never give cake for [a] birthday?”

“I can’t believe ppl are saying this is child abuse,” added another. “Wtf is wrong with you? EVERYTHING IN THIS WORLD gives you cancer now a days fries give you cancer, chips give you cancer, donuts give you cancer, milk gives you cancer shut the hell up! There are so many problems in the world right now and you ppl are focusing on a mother giving a child Nutella omg wow! That’s America for you!”

The mom of two hasn’t taken down her Nutella post, and from the looks of it MOST people have her back.

Whose side are you on?

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Dad Notices Bruises All Over Children’s Bodies, Gets Shock Of His Life

Steven Corthorn noticed something was amiss with his children.

“There were like bruises and bumps, like missing fingernails and cuts,” he told WDRB.

Corthorn’s wife and the mother of his children, Kendra Beswick, claimed she didn’t know how the children were being injured, so Corthorn decided to secretly install cameras in their Peskin, Indiana, apartment without Beswick’s knowledge.

He didn’t check the video until he grew suspicious in early November. “She quit texting me and telling me how the kids were and that kind of sent up red flag but then I went ahead and went home from work and found out she was going and the kids were gone,” he said.

Corthorn’s footage allegedly showed Beswick abusing their children. “Then I just started going back through just video footage from that week and I happened upon that click and I said, oh my gosh, I can’t believe this is going on,” he said.

Cornthorn decided to post the footage online and it caught the attention of local police.
“A big difference in spanking a child and beating a child and I think that anybody can watch this video and probably can say that the mother probably went too far,” said Sgt. Jerry Goodin.

Corthorn is also trying to take full custody of their children after he retrieved them from Beswick. “When I got home to change them into their pajamas I noticed new bruises on them,” Corthorn told WHAS11.

Beswick has been charged with two counts of battery on a child under the age of 14 and Corthorn is seeking a divorce.

“It is awful. I have cried many nights because I just felt like I couldn’t do anything for my children,” Corthorn said.

“Hopefully they won’t remember this when they get older. I hope they won’t remember this abuse and it doesn’t affect them long term.”

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4-Year-Old Girl Screams One Word While Man Rapes Her, And His Response Is Even More Horrifying

A Maryland man has been arrested after allegedly recording himself sexually assaulting at least three children, all of whom are under the age of 5.

Kyle Thompson, 31, would befriend women to gain access to their children and sexually assault the children, according to WUSA. An anonymous source told police the former air conditioner repairman showed him multiple videos of him assaulting a 4-year-old girl and two other minors.

In one video, police say, a child yells “I want my mommy,” to which Thompson replies, “Your mommy can’t save you.”

The same toddler has her arms tied with a belt and cries as Thompson reportedly performed an undisclosed sexual act.

Police say another video shows Thompson assaulting a 3-year-old girl when her mother left to buy food. The string of alleged assaults lasted approximately six months and took place in Thompson’s home as well as a nearby wooded area.

WUSA also reports that Thompson raped and beat one of the victim’s mothers, holding a handgun to her mouth to intimidate her into submission. Investigators believe that there are more victims than the ones identified on the videos, and they urge possible victims to call the police or the FBI.

Investigators also suspect Thompson of an attempted sexual assault of a minor, one victim’s older sister, in 2013. The girl tells officers that she was with Thompson when the man asked for a hug. He then tried to sexually assault her, but she ran away.

“The allegations are, quite frankly, just horrific,” said Montgomery Assistant State’s Attorney Danielle Sartwell, according to The Washington Post.

On March 17, Thompson was charged with two counts of first-degree sex offense, two counts of sex abuse of a minor, and one count of third-degree sex offense. He was later charged with additional counts of sex abuse of a minor and third-degree sex offense. He is currently in jail without bail.

Thompson’s employer said that he was “shocked and saddened” by the allegations, and that Thompson was hired 10 years ago after passing a criminal background check. He reportedly has no previous criminal record.

“We never had any reason to suspect he was anyone but a hard-working, loyal employee,” said Lee Piazza, vice president of Compu Dynamics, an air-conditioning firm. He has since been fired from his job.

His neighbor, Donna Ballard, struggles to wrap her head around the allegations, saying that Thompson has been nothing but “pleasant.”

“It’s hard — when you see just one side of a person — to comprehend this sort of stuff,” she said. “I don’t think any of us can sit in judgment until all the facts come out. But if he did this, he needs to be locked up.”

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Police React In Horror After Realizing What Couple Was Using Their Newborn Twins For

An Alabama couple was arrested on May 3 and later charged with the aggravated abuse of their twin infants. Jordan Lanie Swenson, 19, and Marion Austin Dycus, 20, were then held on $1 million bond, according to AL.com.

Court records related to Swenson and Dycus’ case indicate that the couple’s twins were severely and cruelly abused from the time of their birth through April 27. The St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office and the Alabama Department of Human Resources led the investigation.

The DHR had notified the St. Clair Sheriff’s Office on April 27 after the parents had transported the infants to the Intensive Care Unit in Children’s of Alabama.

Hospital workers reportedly saw a bite mark on the daughter, who was also in severe respiratory distress and had a torn frenulum (the fold of skin between the lips and gums under the tongue).

  • Reports indicate that the son had fractured ribs, and both children had heavy bruising on their heads and faces.
  • WVTM reported that the children were later released to other family members.

A warrant in the case says that early on, the couple started to “torture, willfully abuse, cruelly beat, or otherwise willfully maltreat the child by causing physical injury which created the substantial risk of death on multiple occasions.”

  • Mad World News reported on May 25 that the couple is headed to prison.

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Mom Posts Horrifying Photos Of Her Child On Social Media

A woman in the Philippines by the name of Ayra Dela Cruz Francisco sparked outrage and controversy after she posted a series of appalling photos to her Facebook account.

The pictures showed her child with a leash around his neck, hovering over a bowl of what some have speculated to be dog food.

An Inquirer report featured a quote from Dinky Soliman, Secretary of The Department of Social Welfare and Development, who claimed that the photos were intended to be taken as a joke.

Very few, if any, shared that sentiment. Soliman noted the severity of the issue, saying, “It is a clear case of child abuse and the perpetrator is liable under the Violence against Women and Children Act and under Republic Act 7610 or the Anti-Child Abuse Law.”

Lurleen Hilliard of Dublin, Ireland, was the one to call nationwide attention to the images, according to an article from the Daily Mail.

The 46-year-old came across the photos while browsing Facebook back in May of this year, and immediately got in touch with authorities in the United States.

They then reached out to authorities in the Philippines in hopes to locate the woman and further investigate the story. Mirror reported that Dela Cruz Francisco was to be examined by psychiatrists following the incident, and her would be taken into care.

The mother’s twisted attempt at a joke was clearly not well received, and she faced the consequences. There doesn’t seem to be public information about the development of the case.

Dela Cruz Francisco deleted her Facebook shortly after the post garnered national attention, but the photos can be viewed in the video below.

Watch Video Below:

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Extremely Disturbing Video Shows A Mother Hitting Her Crying Kids, Yelling, “I’ll Beat These Kids To Death”

A child abuse investigation has begun in Maryland after graphic video of a woman hitting her crying, terrified children found its way to Facebook after it was texted to Devon Macijeski.

The video has been viewed more than 55,000 times. The viral nature of the video has resulted in local authorities and social services immediately getting involved and removing the children from the home.

The disturbing 23-second video shows young boy and girl being hit by their mother, who yells at the very end, “I’ll beat these kids to death.”

Due to the graphic nature of this particular video, we will not embed it in the story, but it is still displayed on Devon Macijeski’s Facebook page.

In ABC’s report, a video recorded by a witness purports to show the woman being taken into custody by police, but neither the Department of Social Services nor the police confirmed that.

Baltimore’s Child Abuse Center told The New York Post that it received nearly 200 emails because of the video.

“We’ve gotten a lot of responses from both media and concerned citizens,” Drew Fidler said. “People are concerned that this happens, that it goes viral, that so many people are watching. Unfortunately, we’re living in a time when we see so much violence on social media that it’s really overwhelming. And people don’t want to be passive bystanders, they want to help, and they want to make a difference.”

Watch Video Below:

ABC and Patch both included in their stories a detail that the parents of these children appeared on an episode of the Steve Wilkos Show in 2012 and a child abuse investigation was launched as a result.

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Husband Whose New Wife Had One Night Stand With Dwarf Stripper Gets Shock Of His Life 9 Months Later

After his new wife gave birth to a baby with dwarfism, a Spanish husband was shocked to learn his bride of less than a year had an affair with a dwarf stripper at her bachelorette party.

“Neither her closest female friends or her family knew she had s*x with the midget stripper but once she had her son in her arms, she broke down and confessed what had happened,” the Spanish media outlet LasCincoDelDia said, reports the Mirror.

“As you can imagine no one that sleeps with a stripper at her hen night broadcasts it or at least they try to take their secret to the grave,” the Spanish paper added.

The unidentified woman had no choice to divulge her secret when it became obvious the newborn had dwarfism.

It is not clear what the husband’s response was after he learned of the affair.

Many on social media were outraged by the woman’s behavior.

“Sad thing is she has the husband thinking it is his kid for 9 months,” wrote Cindy Figorski on Watch This: It was just a dream’s Facebook page.

“That right there is pretty messed up. This is why you should NEVER EVER cheat regardless of the situation or the reasoning you come up for the right to cheat. smh.”

  • Others were more sympathetic.

“What if the wife was unsure if it was her husbands or the strippers at the time…she problem was hopeing for her husband the whole time( but regardless cheating is not cool in any way or form),” wrote Marley Monique Miller.

Dwarfism affects more than 650,000 people globally and is a condition often stigmatized, according to nonprofit B Stigma-Free.

“Throughout history, people with dwarfism have been misrepresented in art, literature and movies.

Fighting against the stigma and discrimination associated with being a person of short stature is still the greatest challenge that people with dwarfism face on a daily basis,” the nonprofit notes.

“Today, people with dwarfism are challenging stigma and misperceptions by raising awareness and [ensuring] that people with dwarfism are treated with respect and dignity.”

Mother’s Photo Of Baby Son And His Sibling Sparks Controversy (Photo)

A picture showing a young boy pretending to breast-feed his sibling has garnered strong responses from parents, with some lauding it as natural, while others said the photo was distasteful. 

The image, posted by the Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook page shows a little boy placing his nipple in a baby’s mouth, with the caption: “Don’t worry mom, I got you covered.”

It got more than 20,000 likes and has been shared 15,000 times but it has alienated some followers of the page, according to Daily Mail.

Jeanetta Lee completely condemned the photo and wrote a strongly worded post, repeatedly calling it “sick.”

“This picture and idea is sicko. Playing with a doll yes, but what he is doing is nothing but sick,” she said. 

Nicole was another user who called the picture “sick.”

“This is disgusting to say the least,” she ranted. “If it were the mother, that’s different. I see no problem. But to allow a sibling, that is just sick.

I see no humour in this at all. New mothers, this is not cute it is sick and you need to wake up and learn what is normal and what is not. Anyone who allows this needs serious help.”

Venessa M Francheschi had a similarly strong reaction, saying the picture was “pornographic picture really.”

Maranda Snow agreed, saying: “Why the eff would you want to associate sexual acts with a child? What is wrong with people?”

Alsiha Therese called her out, replying: “Anyone that sees a child as sexual in any way is perverse, and I can only hope doesn’t allow themselves around children.”

  • Sarah Birnbaum said she unsure how to feel about the photo. 

“I have no qualm with breastfeeding at all,” she said. “That just seems wrong in a way. With a bottle or to a doll of whatever, fine. But to the baby isn’t OK to me.”

  • Some worried netizens were more concerned that it might be hazardous.

“If you make this OK for the older siblings, you’re not watching,” Michele Wright wrote. “Your baby could be suffocated. Then you’ve hurt two children. I guess common sense isn’t common.”

Others balked at the image because they felt nursing mothers should breast-feed in private and not in front of their children. 

“I’m sorry, but all these pictures and all of these examples are the exact reason why women need to go be ‘private’ to breastfeed,” Wrote Nita Ann Noel. “I don’t think it’s anything to be ashamed of, but I do think that it’s highly personal.”

Responders Find 2-Year-Old With Blood Running Down Leg; Man Claims What He Did To Her Is Normal

A Somalian national living in Ireland was arrested Sept. 22 on suspicion of having performed a genital mutilation on a 2-year-old girl.

Investigators arrived at the scene on the morning of Sept. 23 to gather evidence related to the alleged crime,

which reportedly took place in a South Dublin apartment where a woman lives with her two young daughters.

“This Somalian man was taken into custody on suspicion of mutilating a child,” a source told Dublin Live.

The arrest is said to be the first made under the Criminal Justice (Female Genital Mutilation) Act of 2012. If found guilty, the unidentified man faces a fine of over $11,000 and up to 14 years in prison.

Female genital mutilation (FGM), known also as female cutting, is a customary practice in many African countries.

The procedure is nonmedical and oftentimes leads to serious complications and health problems, including life-threatening infections.

A neighbor told Dublin Live that he did not know the family very well.

“I don’t know the family by name, I just say hello,” he said. “The kids are not even 5 years, they are younger. I have been living on this road for one year now and they were living here before me.”

He said he was surprised to see the police arrive next door, and that officers would not tell him what was going on.

 “I was [shocked] to see the police car outside and that is why I asked them what had happened but they didn’t tell me,” he said.

FGM is on the rise in Western countries as immigration from Africa increases. According to the Population Reference Bureau, more than 500,000 women and girls living in the U.S. are at risk of being subjected to the procedure or have been already, reports Newsweek.

“Not all of these women and girls have undergone the procedure,” Population Reference Bureau analyst Mark Mather said.

“We’re just trying to come up with our best estimate of potential risk. Given that we’ve seen a lot of new immigrants, especially from Africa, it’s become a more important issue here in the U.S. and in Europe as well.”

Sources: Dublin Live

Coroner Said It’s The Worst Crime They’d Ever Seen. Should 25-Year-Old Be Put To Death?

When 25-year-old Thomas McClellan didn’t know how to respond to his 5-year-old stepdaughter, he repeatedly stabbed the little girl and then set her body alight with vodka.

The little girl’s crime? She simply asked the Michigan man for a snack at the wrong moment – he exploded in anger and now the small girl is dead.

The murderer from Holt, Michigan said he “snapped” on November 1 when Luna Michelle Younger wouldn’t leave his room and kept pestering him for a snack.

After the stepfather murdered the girl with a sharp object, he wrapped her body in blankets and then tried to burn her up by soaking the corpse in vodka before setting her on fire.

McClellan appeared in court on Thursday for a preliminary hearing where Detective Chuck Buckland spoke to the 55th District Court in Mason on behalf of the murdered little girl.

Learn more about this despicable crime below!

A medical examiner claimed that Luna was stabbed at least five times and died from those wounds. Her body was then burned in a fire after she died.

McClellan lost control of the fire when he tried burning her in his bedroom. The Delhi Township fire department arrived on the scene and extinguished the flames.

Firefighter Corey Drolett thought the girl was hiding from the fire. He searched in the closet and under the bed – then he found her corpse wrapped in the burning blankets.

He passed her body through a window to his colleagues.

“I knew the victim had expired,” Delhi Township Firefighter Corey Drolett testified. “Based on the situation [I] felt that would show [the mother] that we were attempting some effort.”

Commanding officer Jeffrey Young commanded another firefighter to perform CPR “very lightly” because the girl’s mother was there.

Victoria McClellan who is married to the murderer, was working when he killed her daughter. She later convinced Tom McClellan, who has no criminal history, to turn himself in to the police.

Mom Learns Her Fate After Causing Brain Damage, Starving Her Daughter

Alyssia Skinner, 23, will spend the next 17 years in prison after being convicted of child abuse.

Skinner subjected her 17-month-old daughter, Isabella, to horrendous treatment prior to her arrest. Authorities discovered Skinner’s abuse after coming to check on the health of her daughter.

When Citrus County, Fla. deputies arrived at Skinner’s home, she tried to hide her identity and claimed she didn’t have a child.

Authorities found Isabella anyway, and were shocked at the infant’s condition. According to investigators, Skinner left her daughter in a cold room for long periods at a time and denied her food and nutrition.

Isabella now has brain damage resembling shaken baby syndrome.

She also has re-feeding syndrome, which occurs when the body has been starved for long periods of time and reacts negatively when re-introduced to food.

Isabella’s muscles and tendons fused in the fetal position as she tried to conserve body heat for days at a time in the cold. The room Isabella was locked in was covered in urine and feces. Baby bottles were found on the floor with maggots crawling inside.

The child’s grandmother went into detail about Isabella’s heartbreaking condition. “Isabella has no skin on her bottom or her thighs from laying in her own human waste,”

Rhonda Maser said. “She has a hole in her face. We are not even sure what that is from. Her brain has shifted to one side of her head.”

You Be The Judge. After Watching This Video Of A Mom, Do You Think She Should Be Arrested?

When a Texas mother learned that her 9-year-old daughter had spoken to her father when he visited school, she got so angry she started striking the little child. A bystander happened to notice the child abuse and turned on their cellphone camera. You can see every strike happening in video.

In the clip, Angela Armendariz, the abusive mother, is seen striking her daughter and shouting curse words as they sit in the front seats of their car. The reason for the excessive abuse? Apparently, the little girl spoke to Armendariz’s husband while she was at school. Learn more and see what mom did in the video below!

The 36-year-old mother from Pecos, Texas was caught on camera abusing her child. In the clip, she shouts:

“Look at him and tell him why I bust your [expletive] [expletive]. Tell him why.”

Because the abuse was clearly caught on video, the clip went viral. Without any other options, the police were forced to issue a warrant for the 36-year-old mother’s arrest. Armendariz has since been charged with injury to a child. “Stop hitting her Angie,” said a bystander recording the video. But she paid the bond and is now back on the streets of Texas…

The girl’s father, Jesus Armendariz, spoke to KWES about his wife, “The officer recommended me not to look at [the video clip] because to him it was graphic.” But the father couldn’t resist. The 9-year-old is his little princess after all and he wants her to be protected and safe. Seeing his wife beat the child made him question her ability to parent.

“I thought that at that time I was strong enough to handle it and so I watched it. I just can’t believe what I was seeing,” Jesus says before breaking down…

Jesus had gone to see his daughter at school. This angered his estranged wife and she took out her emotions on the child. The couple are currently in the middle of a divorce.

Jesus admits this isn’t the first time he has ever witnessed her abuse. He reported it to the police before but they couldn’t do anything since he didn’t have evidence. And the law is heavily in the favor of the mother – even when she is abusive like Angela Armendariz.

“I’ve tried and I’ve told them and they just say it’s the best interest in the child to be with their mother,” said Jesus Armendariz.

Because the evidence is irrefutable now, the court has issued a protective order, giving Jesus custody of his 9-year-old daughter.

Jesus asked: “A lot of kids get beat up and they get killed. If my child was to go back to her you think that behind closed doors she’s not going to beat her again?”

Here are some people’s thought on the crime!

“Thank goodness someone video’ed it. That poor child. Her mom is violent and crazy.”

“It’s time to stop letting mothers use kids as weapons against loving fathers.”

Do you think laws need to be made to protect kids against abusive mothers?

Watch Video Below:

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7-Year-Old Gets Job At McDonald’s For Shocking Reason (Video)

The story of a Bicknell, Indiana, boy went viral after he got a job at McDonald’s for a shocking and heartwarming reason (video below).

Trenton Gardner said he loves his job cleaning tables at the fast-food restaurant. The 7-year-old wanted desperately to get a job so he could earn some money, and was determined to convince management to let him help.

“You see, when I wipe tables and customers are at the tables, I get paid for it,” he told WPXI. “It’s the coolest job I’ve ever done.”

General Manager Rhonda Butler said that Gardner was incredibly determined, despite the fact that he was initially turned down because of his age.

“He asked for a job and they told him he was too young, and he burst into tears because he was so upset,” Butler said. 

Eventually, Gardner got the job as an honorary employee. Complete with a hat and apron, he was brought on to clean tables and assist the staff.

Eventually, the staff found out that he wasn’t trying to keep the money he made for himself — he was raising money to buy toys for children in his community. 

Man Who Repeatedly Slammed 5-Week-Old Baby Into Sidewalk Learns His Fate

A man who killed his girlfriend’s 5-week-old baby by slamming her into the sidewalk multiple times has been sentenced.

Dalton R. Davis, 22, admitted to killing his girlfriend’s 5-week-old baby daughter, Lillian Grace Lloyd, by slamming the child’s head into the sidewalk outside multiple times, according to the Daily Mail.

The baby was pronounced dead that day, with the cause of death found to be severe head trauma with skull fractures. Davis has been sentenced to 65 years in jail, 55 of which he will not have the possibility of bail.

Courtney Lloyd, Lillian’s mother, called 911 in September 2015 when she found her child unconscious in her crib. Davis had reportedly had an argument with Courtney when he walked outside with Lillian in his arms.

Police say that the man then grabbed the baby by her legs and slammed her head into the pavement two or three times. He is then reported to have placed Lillian, unconscious, back into her crib. He later admitted that he believed that the baby was dead when he put her in the crib.

Courtney had been asleep when Davis attacked the child, and only discovered Lillian’s injuries when she went to check on her in her crib.

When initially questioned by police, Davis said that he had no idea how Lillian had gotten her injuries. He later admitted to the child’s murder.

At first, Davis said that he had checked on the baby a half hour before she was found by her mother, and that she had been “fine and did not appear ill.” The man then changed his story, saying that he took Lillian outside with him while he smoked a cigarette and then accidentally dropped her on her head.

The baby’s injuries did not match up with Davis’ story, however, as authorities noted that the newborn had “a large amount of bruising” on her head, chest, and back, according to the Indianapolis Star. Davis later admitted that he had slammed the newborn’s head into the sidewalk because of an argument that the couple had had about Davis’ consumption of alcohol.

The prosecutor in the case, Wes Schemenaur, said that he believed Davis should receive a life sentence without the possibility of parole, adding that he had never seen a case so “senseless or barbaric” in his career.

Davis took a plea deal in July, receiving a 65-year sentence, with 55 years of no possible bail.

Sources: Daily MailIndianapolis Star 

Mom Gives Kids ‘Feel Good Medicine’ To Help Them Sleep. Then Cops Notice What’s On Their Arms

A Washington mom has been accused of injecting her three young children with heroin to make them go to sleep faster.

According to KIRO, 24-year-old Ashlee Hutt and her boyfriend, 25-year-old Leeroy “Mac” McIver, gave her kids, ages 6, 4, and 2, the dangerous drug on more than one occasion.

“Some of the statements they made were very disturbing about how they would get sleeping juice to go to sleep and it was injected to them by needle,” Detective Ed Troyer told KIRO.

Authorities say the 6-year-old told them that their mom would always give them the “feel good medicine” to help them calm down.


The little boy described the “medicine” as a white powder mixed with water, according to The Daily Mail.

When Child Protective Services first got involved in the case, they immediately noticed markings and bruises on the 2-year-old girl’s body that suggested she had been injected with a needle.

In one instance, the 6-year-old boy told police that he was given the powerful drug after being choked by McIver.

Both Hutt and McIver have since been charged with three counts of unlawful delivery of a controlled substance to a minor, second-degree criminal mistreatment, and second-degree child assault.

According to KIRO, Hutt’s children were taken away from her last year and are now in the foster care system.

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Mother Notices 4-Year-Old Acting Odd After Hiring New Nanny – Cam Reveals Something Horrifying

A security camera caught a Kentucky babysitter brutally abusing a special needs child (video below).

Lillian D. White was arrested on Oct. 3 and charged with second-degree criminal abuse.

Tiffany Fields’ son Luke, 4, has Down syndrome, heart defects and epilepsy. The 4-year-old needs round-the-clock care, so Fields employed White from Caretenders, a division of Almost Family.

A few months after White was first hired to care for him, Luke started acting strange, reports WKYT.

“Luke had always been a very loving child, had always been the type of child that liked to be held by his mother,” said the family’s attorney, Dale Golden. “Suddenly, all of that changed and that caused Tiffany to become very concerned.”

So Fields set up a nanny cam to figure out what was wrong – she was traumatized by what she saw.

“Once she looked at it, to her shock, she saw that her child was not only being physically abused but also verbally abused,” Golden said.

The footage shows White yanking Luke by his feet and sitting on him while changing his diaper.  

“You’re not going to kick me, ‘cause I’m sitting on top of you,” White said to Luke.

The babysitter can be heard swearing at the little boy numerous times. In the video, White reportedly said, “you little s***. This is what we’re going to do. We’re going to do it my way.”

White was also caught flipping Luke on the floor.

Young Girl Dies While Giving Birth Because Her Body Just Couldn’t Handle It

A 15-year-old girl in Turkey recently died while giving birth.

The girl, known only as Derya B, died in the Mukti district of Turkey after going into labor sometime during the week of Oct. 9, 2016, reports Metro. The initial diagnosis is that she died of a brain hemorrhage.

Professor Aydan Biri, a gynecologist who spoke with Hurriyet Daily News, said Derya’s death was likely to have been caused by getting pregnant so young, reports The Independent. “It is dangerous for a child bride to get pregnant,” she said.

“The pregnancies of children who have not completed their physical development and whose organs have not yet completely developed often end in death.”

Derya reportedly got married when she was 14, although the minimum age for marriage in Turkey is 17, or 16 with special court approval.

Turkey has one of the highest rates of child marriage in Europe with an estimated 15 percent of girls married before the age of 18, reports the organization Girls Not Brides, which was formed with the goal of ending child marriage in Turkey.

The organization says that child marriage in Turkey is a result of the country’s strong patriarchal values, which places importance on the ability of girls to be wives and mothers, but little value on education, while tolerating violence against females in general.

Woman Caught On Video Charged With Child Abuse

A 56-year-old woman in Lexington, Kentucky, has been charged with second degree child abuse after video footage was secretly taken of her looking after a 4-year-old boy (video below). Lillian White was hired to take care of 4-year-old Luke Field, who has down syndrome, epilepsy and a heart condition, according to WLEX.

Tiffany, Luke’s mother, noticed her son’s behavior change and decided to install a nanny camera to see if anything was happening while she was away.

On the first day the camera was used, it captured footage appearing to show White abusing Luke.

At one point, she sat on the boy’s chest as she changed his diaper.

“You little s***. This is what we’re going to do. We’re going to do it my way,” White is heard saying at one point, WLEX reported.


The footage also shows White roughly flipping Luke over and dragging him across the floor.

“You’re not going to kick me, ‘cause I’m sitting on top of you,” she says at another point.

White was arrested Oct. 3 and charged.

“Yesterday, Lillian D. White, an employee, was charged with allegations of abuse,” White’s employer, Caretenders, said in a statement. “The company learned of the allegations against Ms. White only a few hours before her arrest. We take these allegations very seriously, and are taking prompt steps to address the matter.”

An 8-Year-Old Bride Died On Her Wedding Night And The Reason Why Is Tragic And Sickening

Arranged marriage is an extremely controversial topic today, as it is slowly being snuffed out in cultures around the world.

One prevailing tradition in Yemen is for young girls to be married off to their much older husbands, and the results can be deadly, as seen in the most recent case of this form of marriage.

What would you do if you did not have the choice in who you marry?  What would you do if your spouse was much older than you, so old that you shouldn’t be together?  This is what many Yemeni girls face when they are put into arranged marriages.

It is not uncommon for young girls, as young as eight, to be taken into marriage by a man more than five times her age.child-abuse

This tradition has serious consequences, not only for the lives of the girls being married, but for the society as a whole.  Young girls’ lives are taken away, and sometimes in the most literal case.

One Yemeni girl died on her wedding night due to internal bleeding when her husband raped her.  She was eight years old.

Over a quarter of the Yemeni female population is married before they are 15, which presents a real prevailing problem in the country.child-marriage

10-Year-Old Goes To The Hospital For Ultra Sound, Leaves Doctors Scratching Their Heads

Could you imagine being pregnant and not even knowing it until you were in labor? Now, imagine how scary it would be to learn you were in labor if you were a ten year old girl.

Last Tuesday, a ten year old girl was in class and began to complain about a horrible stomach ache. The pain was so severe that teachers and school officials evacuated her to a nearby hospital, where doctors discovered that she was actually in the late stages of labor.

Upon being admitted to the emergency room, they discovered that she was seven months pregnant. Shortly thereafter, she gave birth.

Despite the mother’s incredibly young age and the baby’s prematurity, the delivery went through with no complications. Both are still recovering in the hospital.

According to the family, neither they nor the little girl had any idea that she was pregnant. A spokesman for the police department said, “The mother alleges that she, along with other family members, hadn’t noticed, taking into consideration the child’s small frame.”

child abuser

After the delivery the girl confided to her mother that her forty year old stepfather had sexually assaulted her. The girl’s mother then notified authorities who interviewed the child. She told police that her stepfather had threatened to kill the family if she told anyone about his abuse.

The stepfather had not living with them at the time of the birth. He was arrested and soon confessed to raping the ten year old. They have charged him with rape of a child and possession of an illegal firearm.

Parents Urged To Anchor Furniture After 3rd Child Killed By IKEA Dresser

A tragic accident that occurred in Minnesota earlier this year is reigniting conversation about furniture safety in households with young children. On Feb.14, 22-month-old Theodore “Ted” McGee died after an IKEA MALM dresser reportedly fell on top of him. This tragedy comes nearly a year after IKEA and the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a “repair program” for dressers and chests in July 2015, following the deaths of two toddlers in separate incidents in 2014.cupboard

As the CPSC stated in a press release, “The chests and dressers can pose a tip-over hazard if not securely anchored to the wall.” Though the IKEA dressers come with the equipment necessary to anchor them to the wall, not all customers complete that last assembly step.

Through the repair program, which is a type of product recall, customers who have not securely attached their dressers and chests to the wall during initial assembly can request free repair kits with anchoring hardware, instructions and warning labels to place on the furniture. The recall affected roughly 27 million dressers, and thus far, over 300,000 anchoring kits have gone out IKEA customers.

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, the McGees were unaware of this repair program, and their lawyers are prepared to file a lawsuit against IKEA, as they have for the families of the other two toddlers who died.

IKEA’S U.S. Corporate Public Relations Director, Mona Astra Liss, issued a statement to The Huffington Post, which reads in part:

“We at IKEA offer our deepest condolences to the McGee family.

At IKEA, we believe children are the most important people in the world and the safety of our products is our highest priority. Consistent with our ongoing work and cooperation with the CPSC, upon being informed of this incident we immediately reported it to the CPSC and an investigation is taking place. IKEA has been advised that the product was not attached to the wall, which is an integral part of the product’s assembly instructions.

We wish to emphasize that the best way to prevent tip-over of chests of drawers is to attach products to the wall with the included restraints and hardware per the assembly instructions. IKEA has included restraints with our chest of drawers for decades, and wall attachment is an integral part of the assembly instructions.”

Liss also said that IKEA is committed to publicizing the importance of wall attachment through its “Secure It!” campaign, which has involved social media posts, video PSAs, ads in parenting publications, millions of customer emails and media coverage of the repair kit program.

Though the company says its safety message has been distributed, “more than 100 million times,” IKEA plans to do more. “Even with these results, we plan to expand the campaign to ensure that this important message reaches even more people,” Liss said.

IKEA’S statement and McGee’s tragic death serve as important reminders to parents that anchoring furniture is crucial.

In 2015, the CPSC launched the “Anchor It!” campaign to raise awareness about the issue.tv show

According to the “Anchor It!” website, a child in the U.S. is injured by a furniture or TV tip-over every 24 minutes, and two-thirds of tip-over fatalities involve toddlers. The campaign also features some rather terrifying and eye-opening videos about what happens when furniture tips over.

Her Kids Were RUDE To The Woman Who Served Them Their Dessert. How Mom Responds? This Is BRUTAL!

Most women would hate to have the title of the ‘meanest mom in the world,’ right? After all, when you’re a mother, you want your kids to see you as lovely, caring and friendly. Still, there is one woman out there who doesn’t care how her children see her. Recently, mom of three, Jaime Primak Sullivan, whipped ice creams right out of her kids’ hands and THREW them in the garbage. It sounds like the actions of a total monster, but there was actually a really good reason for her actions. Don’t believe me? Then read on…

As a parent, it’s important to teach your kids many things, but nothing is more valid than teaching them some basic manners! Recently, one mom posted this online. In the seriously compelling Facebook post, she explained why she is officially the meanest mom in the world. And, I have to say, she did the right thing.

After she’d bought her three little ones an ice cream each, she waited for them to thank the woman at the counter. Nothing happened. And then… she waited some more. Nothing happened. And some more. When she’d had enough, she asked her kids to go outside and that’s when she taught them a very important lesson.

Here’s what the FULL post said:

So… I am the meanest mom ever… Like… Ever.

  • Took the kids to Dairy Queen after dinner. They ordered their dessert choices and we waited about 5 minutes for them to call out our number. The young lady (maybe 17) handed each child their ice cream. Not one looked her in the eye. Not one said thank you. Not to her, not to me… So I waited. I counted to 10 in my head as they dug into their ice cream and the young lady just looked at me (probably because she thought I was hearing voices) and I watched as my children strolled out the door. I followed them outside where I calmly collected their ice creams and my kids watched in horror as I deposited them into the nearby garbage can. All 3 launched into mass hysteria. I waited. Quiet. Calm. When they realized I had something to say, they quieted down.
  • I explained that one day, if they were lucky, they would work a job like that young lady. And I would hope that people would see them. Really see them. Look them in the eye and say thank you. We are too old at 8/7/5 to move through our days without exercising manners and honestly basic human decency.
  • So today, I am the meanest mom in the world.

That is certainly the LAST time those kids will forget their manners. I’m not saying that this is the right way to show your children how to have manners, but it will definitely stick with them for years to come. Brilliant!

Here’s how you can teach your kids manners: