Man Sees ‘Shadow’ Running Out Of Rubble. Breaks Down Sobbing When He Realizes What It Is

During the past few months, Mother Nature has brought havoc, devastation, and chaos throughout the United States. From Florida and Alabama to California and Texas, thousands upon thousands of people have lost their homes and many their lives. 

The hurricanes, floods, and wildfires are entirely responsible for the destruction of homes, land, and lives, but from the ashes and floodwaters arise stories of hope and resiliency.

The recent wildfires in Santa Rosa, California, tore through acres of land, destroying homes and burning decades of family memories and possessions. Jack Weaver and his family, like many others, lost everything in the wake of the fire.

When it was safe for folks to return to investigate what remained of their homes, Jack and his brother-in-law took the initiative to check on the state of his parents’ home.

Jack feared that, along with losing their dwelling, his parents had lost their beloved Bernese Mountain Dog, Izzy. Jack didn’t want his mother to find Izzy’s body in the rubble.

In a video that has already gone viral, Jack records his progress exploring what remains of his parents’ burnt out house. In the footage, you can see the exact moment Jack notices a dark shadow beside a tree. Suddenly, he realizes what it is.

“Izzy is here!” Jack yelled excitedly. “Izzy, come here baby!”

Mom With Her Kids Smiles As She Burns House Down, Gives Just 1 Simple Reason Why She Did It

A Florida mother got revenge on the man that raped and murdered her daughter by setting his house on fire.

Diana Thompson said she was happy to have been asked to help destroy the home where her daughter was killed.

“Burn, baby, burn,” Thompson said as she watched Jarred Harrell’s home engulf in flames.

Thompson’s daughter, Somer, died at the home on October 19, 2009, after being lured inside while she was walking home from school. She was then sexually assaulted and smothered before Harrell put her body in the trash.

The girl was found dead two days later, and Harrell ultimately pleaded guilty to the murder – receiving a sentence of life in prison for first-degree murder, kidnapping, sexual battery and lewd and lascivious conduct.

Harrell’s house later went into foreclosure and the bank transferred ownership to the Somer Thompson Foundation, which donated it to the Orange Park Fire Department for training purposes.

The department allowed Thompson to take part in lighting the fire that would serve as a training exercise for firefighters.

“I get to burn their house down,” she told the Florida Times-Union. “I’m the big bad wolf this time knocking down your door, not the other way around.

It’s really nice to know that I’m not ever going to have to drive in this neighborhood again and see this piece of trash.”

Chief Ty Silcox said that lighting the house on fire was an emotional experience.

“It’s been a long time coming,” he told WJXT. “I think the community is ready to start healing, and I think being a part of this is going to help the community start (to) heal.”

Many readers applauded the fire department for allowing the mother to get some sense of closure by burning down the house where her daughter was so brutally murdered.

“I think it was a good thing. None of his family could save the house. The community will not have to see.

Children won’t have to be afraid of the house they know a man kill a little girl in. I hope the mother makes it a material park for her daughter and other children.

So parents have a place to visit and just meet and have their time needed. My prayers are with you,” one Mad World News reader commented on the site’s Facebook.

“I am so happy that this mother got to do this. It does not take away the pain that this mother and family has been threw but it will help take away some of her anger. My prayers for this family . sorry for the loss of a beautiful child,” another added.

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