Check Your Home: If You Have Any Of These 7 Beanie Babies You Can Retire Right Now

Beanie Babies are classic toys that seem to get more and more valuable as time goes on – and it turns out there are certain rare versions of these stuffed animals that can bring you a small fortune if you’ve got one of them in your collection.

Beanie Babies, QPolitical reported, were so popular at their height that they made up a shocking 10 percent of sales on eBay at the time.

Nowadays, some of the toys are worth so much that they’ve changed people’s lives forever. One of the rarest is the Princess Diana Memorial bear, of which the company manufactured less than 100. 

In 2015, a couple bought a $12 Princess Diana Beanie Baby at a car boot sale but soon discovered it was worth $25,000. There’s even an extremely rare Diana beanie that sold for as high as $507,000.

The most amazing thing about Beanie Babies is the fact that they once sold for extremely low prices – which makes their current worth staggering.

These collectible dolls are sought after all across the world, and the more rare they are, the more money they’re worth. Here are some rare beanie babies that could be worth a small fortune.

The Peace beanie differs from bear to bear in color and configuration, which has made each one extremely valuable because of how unique they all are.

There are also dozens of variations in the tags, pellet type and origin country. This doll could sell for as high as $30,000. 

The Claude the Crab beanie, a tie-dyed doll released in 1997, has been selling online for up to $10,000 in less-than-mint condition. One of these sold online was listed by a seller who claimed it was actually worth $100,000.

Millennium the Bear was released in 1999 in celebration of the forthcoming millennium, and is extremely valuable depending on which one you have.