After Years Of Raising Adopted Kids, Little Couple Opens Up With Hard Truth About Their Children

Dr. Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein are both under four-feet tall and star in one of the most successful reality shows called The Little Couple.

After nine seasons and counting, audiences around the world have learned that despite of their dwarfism, their life and their hearts are anything but small.

While Jennifer’s thriving career in pediatrics and Bill’s successful business ventures have made the duo seem unstoppable, it is their choice in parenting that eventually made them an inspiration to all.

The couple chose to adopt two children with dwarfism back in 2013 after Jennifer’s failed pregnancy and diagnoses of uterine cancer.

Their son Will who is now seven-years-old is from China and their daughter Zoey, who is now six-years-old, is from India. Their emotional process of adoption was captured on the show, leaving their fans in tears of joy!

It seemed inevitable that for a family that shared the same physical condition, growing and bonding together would come easy.

In a recent interview with People magazine however, Jennifer and Bill now admit just what it was like to get to know their adopted children, and to let them know they were loved. Apparently, it wasn’t as easy as they had expected!

Jennifer who is 43-years-old, confessed to People magazine that trying to bond with their children early on was heartbreakingly difficult. Undergoing intense chemotherapy for her cancer right as Will and Zoey entered their family perhaps didn’t help the matter any. As Jennifer said in her interview about Zoey:

“She really wanted nothing to do with us.”