Daycare Owner Thought No One Was Watching, Forgot She Had Security Cameras. Pays The Price


A woman that owned and operated a Nebraska daycare center has been arrested by police after video shows her abusing one of her charges.

Omaha’s KMTV reported that the woman, Lynn Rowe has been apprehended in Iowa, as well as presenting clips from the disturbing video. You will not believe your eyes when you see what the footage shows.

Fifty-eight-year-old Lynn Rowe, owner and operator of Lynn’s Learning Center in Omaha, Nebraska, has been arrested by police in Iowa after disturbing footage taken at her daycare center shows her attacking a four-year-old girl.

A videotape of the attack, which apparently occurred on March 28, clearly shows the woman repeatedly shake and slap the child. At one point she commands the four-year-old to “quit messing with your hair,” and later, when the child cries, she can be heard to say “good, I hope it hurts you.”

The video was shot by a former employee who says that she was too shocked and scared to intervene during the incident. A couple of days after the abuse was filmed, the worker gave the video to the girl’s parents, who then contacted local police.

The parents of the child, Al and Kelly Meyers, agreed to be interviewed by KMTV, and say that they had known rowe for several years. Rowe had watched their daughter since she was eleven week old, and previously taken care of their older son.

Speaking with the news outlet, the Meyers said “A lot of anger, mixed emotions too. You’re mad, you’re sad, you’re confused, upset, I mean we feel betrayed by her. We considered these people family. We entrusted them with the care of our children. She’s just lucky she wasn’t home that night after we saw the video.”

Rowe is facing several charges including felony counts for the incident. Omaha police are also still trying to determine if there have been any other victims of Rowe’s abuse.

Not surprisingly, this video has outraged parents who have taken to social media to express themselves, saying things like:

“Sick to my stomach. The fear in this child’s voice!”- Nikki Boulet

“Just so awful for the little girl and her family and any other child that woman was entrusted with.”- Jean Lofy Durkin

“Let’s just hope she doesn’t get out of prison!! That poor little girl. Lynne Rowe you will never ever have your daycare business again! Here is your message: “leave town” or “disappear ” that’s all I’m going to say!”- Kenneth Taylor

“The horror of watching this just makes me physically ill. She is nothing but a gigantic bully who has no business taking care of anyone! My heart breaks for that little girl. So glad they found her and now she has to answer for her ignorant ways.”- Tracy Bordura

“Even us non moms find this disturbing. I hope she gets thrown in jail for life. How dare you hurt an innocent child.”- Jenny Mosher

Watch Video Below:

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