Mother Sees Blisters On Baby’s Feet, Disgusted To Learn Babysitter’s Sick Secret


A Maryland babysitter reportedly burned a baby’s feet with a crying pan because the child wouldn’t stop crying.

Ismelda Ramos-Mendoza was arrested and charged with child abuse, reckless endangerment and assault after police were called to a Bladensburg hospital following reports of a 6-month-old child with severe foot burns.

The baby’s parents told authorities that they believed their daughter was injured while being watched by Ramos-Mendoza.

The woman admitted to police that she became frustrated when the baby was “crying too much” and proceeded to harm the child.

“Out of frustration, she placed the baby’s feet on the grill or pan she was cooking tortillas on,” Detective Cpl. Charles Earle told the Washington Post. He said that blisters covered the child’s feet, which became swollen from the burns.

“Other seasoned police officers and investigators that have seen the pictures say it’s heart-wrenching,” he said.

Earle said that police were investigating whether Ramos-Mendoza might have harmed other children during her time as a babysitter in the area, which he had been doing for “about a year or two” before the abuse occurred.

Many readers expressed outrage over the incident, calling for the woman to be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

“See I’m a nanny and that boils my blood! Some people shouldn’t have kids much less watch someone else’s! They have given their most precious person in their life!

It is your job to die for those children before they feel an ounce of pain!” one Mad World News reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

“This babysitter and all others like her should be burned to within an inch of their lives and than healed up and burned again. People I promise you if the punishment fit the crime a lot of this type of thing would cease,” another wrote.

“This isn’t just frustration. This is sadistic. This woman is cruel and evil. She most likely enjoyed hurting this baby.

I hope she goes to prison for hurting this baby like this. Can you imagine how much that baby screamed in pain.

I surprised the parents didn’t realize she was hurt when they came home. I would think the baby would still be crying. Burns like that are so painful,” another added.

“he better be glad it was not one of my grand babies bc I would hold her feet and hands to a stove eye if not worse!!!

What is the world is wrong with somebody like that?? Has to be pure evil!! Exactly why nobody else keeps any of my boys!!!” one reader exclaimed.

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