Homeowners Finds Snake On Lawn, Desperately Call For Help When They See Its Mouth


In yet another example of the ugly side of the human condition, a snake that had been abused as part of a religious ritual was just recovered in Florida.

The juvenile ball python was recovered by firefighters who were responding to a call by a homeowner who saw the snake on their lawn. When they arrived on scene, the firefighters discovered that the reptile had its mouth sewn shut.

Firefighter Scott Mullin recognized the snake as a ball python, a common variety popular with pet owners due to their docile nature.

Mullen recounted the experience on his Facebook page, saying “I had a strange call today. I picked up this baby ball python. It was found outside a home in South Dade. The family had never seen it before. I reached down and gently picked it up.

Now I have never come across a ball python that was not a sweet heart. They are by nature very docile snakes. They truly make a great pet. Well as you can see from the pictures someone {had sewn] her mouth shut. I have never seen this done.

I did see a show once on snake charmers in India who sewed the mouths of cobras shut to insure they would not bite the snake charmer but this is a first for me here in the States.”

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