His Fiance Has No Idea He Knows She’s Having An Affair, Offers Up Brutal Dose Of Karma


Being cheated on by a loved one always hurts and oftentimes it can do a lot of damage to one’s pride. It doesn’t matter if it’s a girlfriend or boyfriend or a spouse, the pain is still there and it takes a long to time either forgive or move one. We all have our different ways of dealing with the cheating situation, but one man, really let his girlfriend have it when he discovered that she was cheating on him…

In the video below, you can watch this man share his story of heartbreak, but you will be floored when you see how he breaks up with her. When the man finds out that his fiance had been cheating on him in the midst of their extravagant wedding planning, he was devastated. But he managed to execute a pretty good plan.

The man had seen all the text exchanges between his fiance and the mystery man and had kept it a secret for three weeks. His fiance has no idea that he was aware of the affair. The man even puts together a heart-shaped card to give her on their special date the following night. The card says…”Here is a question I’m going to ask you…who the fuck is Thomas Roux?” Mr. Roux is evidently the mystery man who his fiance has been cheating with.

The man is mortified that his fiance was shagging other blokes while they were planning their wedding, but he claims that he is over it. When his fiance enters the house, he acts as if he has a romantic surprise planned and she follows him up the stairs. He guides her up the stairs and into a room filled with candles. He has her sit down and tells her to read the letters and the entire time the camera is on her.

As she goes through the letter, you can see that she is starting to cry but we can’t be sure if it’s because words of kindness or if he mentioned that he knows about the cheating in the letter. We can see him bring her a glass of water and check in on her.

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