It’s Being Called One Of The Scariest Drug Overdose Videos Ever Captured [video]


Parents are always looking for ways to deter their children from doing drugs. In the early nineties, an anti-drug PSA commercial portrayed a frying egg and compared it to what your brain looks like while on drugs. But, recently a new video has emerged, that might be the key to keeping kids off drugs.

The footage is of an unidentified woman who is on some type of drug-induced high and it has been compared to both the exorcism and a real-life walking zombie. Probably not something that your kids would aspire to be.

The video starts out with the woman wearing what appears to be only a black t-shirt. She is clinging to an iron fence in downtown Baltimore while screaming as passerby stop to film her horrifying movements and expressions.

For a good part of the video she is stumbling down the streets begging strangers for help, but nobody as sympathy for her. One woman responds by saying “Aint nobody helping you, you dirty ass.”

The same woman continues to film the drug addict and taunts her by calling her the exorcist and follows her around trying to convince her to jump on cars. The addict is seen contorting her body and climbing up walls with her head lolling around. The image is quite frightening.

And a man convinces her to twerk before he calls her ugly. At one point she falls onto the porch of another onlooker and struggles to get back up. It’s as if her brain isn’t connected to her body and she is walking around in a zombie-like haze.

When she is no longer able to stand on her own feet, she proceeds to crawl along the dirty sidewalk.

She falls to the ground and smacks her head one final time and pleads, “Help me, I can’t breathe. I’m sorry.”

It’s shocking that this woman didn’t get hit by a car, as she is just mindlessly walking around the busy streets of Baltimore. She has no sense of herself and no control of her body.
Maybe this should be the next PSA for drug use, or maybe parents can keep this video handy when it comes time to convince their kiddos to steer clear of illegal substances.

According to the Baltimore Police and Fire Department, they were unaware of the incident happening.

The majority of commenters felt bad for the addict and shamed the person filming her instead of trying to help her…

“There but for the Grace of God go I – Do unto others as you would have others do unto you – No, I’m not a “religious” person, but there are many ideals that are in the bible that are worth living by – I know many people just dismiss people with addiction, and to an extent that’s understandable.

Those who don’t want help, or won’t listen are frustrating, but addicts have a problem. What kind of a person, what society walks by a person like this and taunts, mocks and streams without any help? Says more about the person/s behind the camera than the one in front.

I feel sick and saddened by the addict, but I’m disgusted by those who took pleasure in her suffering. Mental illness and addiction, 2 of the biggest problems in our society. Don’t just walk by.”

“The exceedingly creepy woman filming this needs to be jailed immediately. How disgusting.”

Watch Video Below:

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