Airline Shows No Remorse, Kicks Disabled Boy Off Of Flight For His First Ever Vacation

When American Airlines noticed that a severely disabled 12-year-old boy was boarding a flight home after his first-ever vacation, they looked for a reason to kick him off and have someone else deal with him. That when they saw his service dog. The Airline then claimedthat the service dog was “too big” and the 12-year-old disabled boy would need to find another way home from vacation.

12-year-old Bryant Weasel has Dravet Syndrome, which is a rare form of epilepsy in which he experiences frequent and prolonged seizures. His service dog helps him prepare for an oncoming seizure, so he can get to safety.

Chug, Bryant’s 110-pound service dog, is trained to alert his family when he suffers from a seizure and comfort him while he experiences the debilitating episode.

  • But American Airlines didn’t want such a “big” dog on their plane…

Bryant and Chug had loved their first-ever visit to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. But during their return flight home on Thanksgiving Day, Bryant and his service dog, who was given to the family a year ago by a charity when his last dog suddenly died, were kicked out of the airplane while seated next to Bryant’s parents and his older sister…

When a flight attendant from PSA Airlines, a regional airline owned by American Airlines, saw Chug she argued that the dog was too large to travel, even questioning whether Chug was a legitimate service dog or not.

Because the incident further tarnished their poor reputation, American Airlines has apologized for the incident and offered the family discounts on future flights.

Infamous Pro-Hunting Vet Dies While Shooting Birds (Photos)

A veterinarian widely criticized for hunting large game animals fell 100 feet to his death while firing at wild birds in Italy.

According to officials, the infamous veterinarian, 55-year-old Luciano Ponzetto, plunged down a ravine while hunting birds for food with friends near the Italian city of Turin, reports The Sun.

“We were called by the mountain rescue services who had been alerted to the incident by someone who was out with him,” said a spokesman for the Italian police force, according to The Sun. “His body was recovered by helicopter and taken to a local hospital.”

The spokesman said that officers believe Ponzetto slipped during the hunt and “died instantly.”

Dog Unrecognizable After Man Tattoos Eyes, Nose And Cheeks; Before And After Photos Are Startling

Social media users are outraged after photos of a dog with five tattoos on its face surfaced online.

The pictures were posted on Facebook by the dog’s owner, the Daily Mail reported. Brazilian lawyer Fernanda Soares was the first to notice them and draw attention to them.

In the photos, a bull terrier is seen with tattoos of an anchor, a pair of brass knuckles and a diamond on its nose. A pair of stars are tattooed next to the dog’s eyes and the logo of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team appear on both ears.

The dog’s owner was later identified as Emerson Damasceno, a tattoo artist from Pocos de Caldas in Brazil. He deleted the images from his Facebook account after he learned that he was about to become the subject of an online campaign against animal cruelty.

Incredible Video Captures A Mama Squirrel Saving Her Tiny Babies From Certain Death

Trimming trees can be a little hazardous if you don’t know what you’re doing, and that’s why we leave it to the professionals. But there are other members of the animal kingdom who are disadvantaged from these activities, as you’re about to find out.

Landscapers were trimming the branches off some palm trees when they accidentally knocked down a squirrel nest with three babies still inside.

Not wanting to risk injury, they managed to carry the nest down to the ground, but no one knew what to do with them. That’s when the mother squirrel steps in and fulfills her role as perfectly as any mother would.

Take a look at this video…

Bleeding Cat Photo Goes Viral For Shocking Reason

A shocking photo of what appeared to be a cat bleeding on the road went viral.

In the picture, the cat appeared to be dead or badly injured due to the fact that there is blood surrounding it. The person who took the photo decided to investigate, and discovered something shocking as they got closer.

At first glance, it looked like the cat was injured. As the photographer got closer, however, it became clear that something wasn’t as it seemed. 



What This White Doe Just Gave Birth To Has Even Animal Experts Scratching Their Heads

Without a doubt nature is magnificent and beautiful. If you just spend a few moments perusing Google Earth or watching a TV show on the Animal Planet, you’ll admit that nature can blow you away every time.

There is such an abundance of diversity on planet Earth that we humans have hardly even discovered all life forms yet. Even large sea creatures like the super shark that ate a great white are still a mystery to many scientists.

But in the video below, you’ll see something truly spectacular that has never been caught on video before. A white doe is giving birth.

The first fawn comes out and it is a healthy brown calf like you’d normally see. However, minutes after that natural birth, the white mamma dear pushes out another baby that is truly a beautiful surprise…

Fortunately, the camera was rolling as Lacy the all-white deer was giving birth to her two buck fawns. At the start of the video, she has already given birth to the first baby deer.

It has been quick as the filmmaker captioned, “I had turned my back for 5 minutes and she had him. I had been with her for over an hour waiting to get it on film and she out smarted me!”

But from that moment on, the filmmaker doesn’t take the camera off the beautiful all-white doe. She licks her baby clean and prepares him for the good life.

Rescue Goat Suffering From Anxiety Only Calms Down In Her Duck Costume

Rescue goat Polly was suffering from anxiety until one day her owner got her a duck costume that changed the goat’s life forever! The poor animal is blind, has neurological problems and is severely underweight. Little did her owner know that the duck costume she got from the kid’s section at Marshalls would help her goat go from anxious and stressed, to all zen and chill! “As soon as I put it on her, she just instantly got calm,” Leanne Lauricella from Goats Of Anarchy told The Dodo.

Before that, Polly would be frantically running around and crying if she couldn’t find her owner. She would also show some other anxiety related behavior. “She’ll find a corner of a wall in the house, and she’ll just start sucking on the wall,” says Lauricella. “So all the corners in our house have these little suck marks from her mouth.”

Well, these days are over, all thanks to the duck outfit. “There’s something about that duck costume that calms her” Lauricella says. “She goes into a little trance. She just closes her eyes and she’s out.”

Rescue goat Polly was suffering from anxiety until one day her owner got her a duck costume

duck-costumeThe poor animal is blind, has neurological problems and is severely underweight


The duck costume helped Polly the goat go from anxious and stressed… to all zen and chill!


Man With Brain Injury Left In Tears After Job Interview

A man who suffers from a brain injury has had a hard time finding a job that would allow him to be accompanied by his trusty service dog. What he was told in one job interview left him shocked.

Owen Lima suffers from a serious brain injury and is helped out by his reliable service dog, Blue. His search for a job has been tough, as many employers will not allow a dog in their establishment every day.

One day, Lima went in for an interview at Lowe’s, and brought Blue into the interview with him. He was nervous that, like every other interviewer so far, he and Blue would be turned down. However, the duo got a pleasant surprise. Owen and Blue were both hired, under one condition – Blue would have to wear a vest just like all the other employees.

“It’s so hard to find a job where people can accept me for the way I am and the fact that I have a service dog with me,” Lima told CBS News, through tears.

The North Regina, Canada, store manager, Paul Gallo, told Lima upon hiring him, “We don’t care about your past, what you are — we care about what you can do.”


Gallo found the perfect role for Lima and Blue at the store. Lima will be a customer service associate, and he and Blue will spend their time greeting customers and managing carts near the entrance of the store.

Lima and Blue’s story was shared, along with a photo go Blue in his work vest, on the Lowe’s Canada Facebook page, where it quickly went viral, being shared more than 11,000 times, according to CBS News.

Strange Dog Keeps Wandering Into Her Home To Sleep, Then She Finds A Note Tied To His Collar

In the story below, we meet a woman who sees an old, tired-looking dog wander into her yard. The dog, who was kind, well-fed, and in good shape, then follows her inside her house and proceeds to curl up on the floor to take a nap.

After the dog awakens, he stands up and leaves the woman’s house, only to return again the next day for another sleep session. The dog kept coming back to take a nap, and would promptly leave.

This went on for several weeks until the woman attached a note to the dog’s collar, hoping his owner would read it and respond. She wanted to find out why a stranger’s dog was using her home to catch some Z’s.

When the dog returned with a new note attached to his collar, the woman finally learned the truth. We found this story circulating online, and though we couldn’t track down its original source, it’s simply too good not to share.

Keep reading to find out what happened after an old dog wandered into a woman’s yard… and plopped down to sleep inside her house.


“An older, tired-looking dog wandered into my yard; I could tell from his collar and well-fed belly that he had a home and was well taken care of.”

254-600x337“He calmly came over to me, I gave him a few pats on his head.

He then followed me into my house, slowly walked down the hall, curled up in the corner and fell asleep.”

golden-retriever-620159_1280-600x449“An hour later, he went to the door, and I let him out.”

super-snoozers-noodley-fibers-create-a-cozy-nest-for-dogs-600x337“The next day he was back, greeted me in my yard, walked inside and resumed his spot in the hall and again slept for about an hour.

This continued off and on for several weeks.”

339-600x399“Curious I pinned a note to his collar:

‘I would like to find out who the owner of this wonderful sweet dog is and ask if you are aware that almost every afternoon your dog comes to my house for a nap.’”

431-600x450“The next day he arrived for his nap, with a different note pinned to his collar:

‘He lives in a home with 6 children, 2 under the age of 3 he’s trying to catch up on his sleep.

Can I come with him tomorrow?’”

Children who grow up around dogs are lucky to have such loving, protective four-legged family members. But sometimes, just like parents and guardians, our canine companions need a little break from the chaos that is child-bearing. If this adorable story made you smile, please SHARE it with your friends on Facebook!

He Looks Over His Shoulder And Tells His Puppy He Is Handsome. His Pup’s Reaction Is Hilarious

A lot of dog owners like to accessorize their pets. Some give their animals vests and sweaters. Others put little dog booties on their feet when it rains outside. Some people like Paris Hilton treat their dogs as an accessory.

But this dog owner decided it was time to try out the trend. He put a little bandanna on his puppy and thought he looked so cute. But when he tells the dog that he looks good and handsome, the puppy responds by doing this…

At the beginning of the now viral clip, the young man holds his smartphone and takes a selfie video at arm’s length. The cute French bulldog puppy stands behind him on the couch while the man sits on the floor leaning into it.

The man asks, “Hey, how do you like your bandanna?”

Every human watching the video knows the puppy looks cute. There’s just no doubt about it. The dog is adorable with the little red bandanna tied across its chest.

But the dog seems to think otherwise. Maybe he wants a tougher look or perhaps something more in-your-face. Why? Because the dog begins to growl and bark.

“You like it? It’s pretty nice,” the owner says. But the dog knocks its head against the man’s shoulder preparing for a fight.

“No? You look handsome,” the man admits. That’s when the puppy goes for the jugular. He reaches in and bites the man on the back of the neck. “Ow,” the guy says.

“I still think you look handsome,” the man says. “How do you like your bandana?” he asks again. I don’t know if he wants to get bit, but it seems like he’s just asking for trouble by repeating the question that caused all the trouble in the first place.

The man turns around and faces the white puppy. “You look super handsome.”

The dog rises up on its hind legs and seems to shake with agitation. This dog does not know how to take a compliment.

VIDEO: Spider Drags Mouse In Creepy Feat Of Strength

QUEENSLAND, Australia — This is sure to get your spidey-sense tingling.

In what is just the latest in a long line of extraordinary Australian animal videos, a Queensland man spied a Huntsman spider carting off a full-grown — mercifully, apparently dead — mouse and quickly called over his neighbor to witness the creepy feat of strength.

“So I am just about to leave for work about 0030 and me neighbour says ‘You want to see something cool’ and I say ‘Hell yeah.’ So we proceed to his place and he shows me this. Huntsman trying to eat a mouse,” Coppabella, Queensland resident Jason Womas posted on Facebook.

The 20-second long video shows the hearty arachnid skittering across a refrigerator with its furry prize as a voice — apparently Womas’ — expresses approval.

“What’s he going to do with him,” he asks rhetorically. “Mate, that is so cool.” He then laughs at the spine-chilling sight.

A series of images show the spider in its full glory and impresses the enormity of the task for the spider — the rodent is significantly larger than its own body.

Huntsman spiders, which are part of the informal “hairy scary” variety given their size and scuttling speed, usually subsist on a diet of insects and other invertebrates. Their venom is non-deadly to humans — although large specimens can give humans a painful bite.

This Guy Kills A Spider And Accidentally Unleashes A Freaking Nightmare

There are so many crazy things that you can find in the animal kingdom, from wish with one eye and glow in the dark veins, to spiders the size of dinner plates.  

We keep on discovering new animals, bugs, and other organisms all the time on our earth, but some are a bit more unwelcome than others.

Some of the scariest animals that live on our planet are parasitic worms. These creatures are absolutely terrifying because they take over their host’s body, and eat their insides until they are essentially dead.  

There are some worms such as tapeworms that can grow up to a football field in length inside of a human body.

If you think the notion of having a worm inside of you is creepy, then you probably will want to hear about what one person found inside of a spider that he killed which was lurking around in his home.

Parasitic worms can infect any type of creature, from a mammal, to a fish, to even in an insect like the one this person found in his home.  

He saw the spider, which was big and hairy, and everybody knows that when you see a spider like that, you either need to bring it outside, or if you are squeamish kill it with some type of poison or spray, which is what this person opted for.

The person taking the video started recording when they saw what was coming out of the spider, and if you see the video too you will most certainly get some chills.  He sprayed the spider, effectively killing it, but there was much more than just blood and guts on the inside.

Farmers Shocked By What Was Inside Captured Snake

A giant, swollen snake was captured and killed in Nigeria because it was suspected of eating a calf and killing livestock around the area. The snake was almost 1 foot wide and around 10 feet long.

The snake in question was most likely an African rock python, the continent’s largest snake.

As soon as the locals sliced open the serpent, they were shocked by what they found.


Crammed inside the snake were dozens of eggs. The reptile was not bulging because it had feasted on livestock, but because it was laden with eggs.

The snake eggs, which are considered a rare delicacy in Nigeria, were then removed and are expected to be eaten by the locals, according to the Daily Mail.

Some species of snakes are capable of producing up to 100 eggs at a time.

Nigerian commentators felt little sympathy for the snake and many users were pleased that dozens of snake births were prevented.

African rock pythons can grow up to around 16 feet and are not venomous. They kill their prey through constriction, asphyxiation and crushing. Claims dating back to the 1950s allege a 23-foot python was killed with a human infant inside, along with another animal.

This species usually eats large rodents, monkeys, warthogs, antelopes, fruit bats, monitor lizards and crocodiles. African rock pythons have also been known to eat lion, leopard and cheetah cubs.

Monsters Buried This Dog In Deep Snow, But After A Few Days This Happened

This is a story of a poor dog who had no idea what he did wrong to deserve such a cruel fate, such cruel owners and such a sad life. In Sarajevo, Bosnia, a poor dog was recovered deep under the snow barely alive and with no hopes of living anymore. Now named Sam, the poor dog was not only frozen, he was scared and completely heart broken.

Sam was rescued by Fahrudin Caki Bravo, the founder of Caki’s rescue dogs and was taken to safety, where they say he is doing much, much better.

According to the vets, Sam was buried under deep snow for over 2 days and no one knows how he ended up there and no one came to help. But many assume that he may have been abandoned.

Watch Video Below:

I don’t know why this happens to these poor defenseless animals, and I really do hope that something can be done to avoid such situations in the future. Thank god Sam is doing well, and hope he finds his forever loving home soon.

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Mom Tells The Dog To Get Out Of The Crib, But He Disobeys Her In A Hilariously Adorable Way

Mom was looking all over the place for the dog and finally found him in the crib with the baby. She should’ve known he’d be right by his best friend! Watch as this crazy Boston Terrier interacts playfully with the baby. How adorable.

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After Being At The Shelter For 2,531 Days, All This Dog Wants Is To Be Loved!

Seven years is a long time. That is how long Dahlia has been living at the Santa Barbara Humane Society (SBHS) in California. When she first arrived no one could have known how long she was going to be there. Dahlia arrived at the shelter when she was six months old.


She was brought there because her owner couldn’t care for her anymore. Dahlia was overlooked for 2,531 days. The shelter is desperate to find a home for Dahlia; she deserves a forever home. They posted a picture of her next to a sign that tells people how long she has lived at the shelter.


She has the record of being the dog who has lived at the shelter the longest – not a title that any dog wants to have. The best home for Dahlia would be one without any other pets.


Spread the word; Dahlia needs a home of her own!

Bear Who Lost All Her Fur After Being Mutilated For 20 Years Is Finally Free

While many people love going to the zoo or circus, they don’t realize that not every organization treats the animals in their shows and exhibits correctly.

While there are many zoos and sanctuaries across the world who put in extra care to make sure their animals get the best lives possible, that isn’t the case across the board.

As you have probably heard before, many animals live in tiny cages and deplorable conditions for their entire lives. This abuse becomes all they know.

These abused animals are the driving force behind many rescue organizations, like Animal Defenders International. They work tirelessly to save these show animals and give them better lives.

In 2015, ADI saved Cholita the bear. Cholita spent 20 years in cages, suffering horribly at her owners’ hands. She was mutilated; they cut off her toes. She lost virtually all her fur. She didn’t even look like a bear anymore.

But in the year since ADI saved her, Cholita’s life has been very different. She can relax now. She has room to play and do whatever she wants and eat whatever she’d like. She is free and you can see how happy she is in the video below!

You can learn more about the hard work that Animal Defenders International does by checking out their websiteFacebook, and YouTube account.

If you love this rescue story, you will also enjoy Hoover’s story of living behind bars in a circus before finally feeling real grass on his paws for the first time!

Video Credit: Animal Defenders International

Warning: The video below contains images of the evidence of animal abuse.

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Baby Orangutan Was Chained Between Two Buildings — And Left There For A Year

 This orangutan had to wait a year for someone to save him. Mingky was only a baby when he was captured on some farmland near an Indonesian forest. His mother was likely killed before he was taken.

The man who captured him is thought to have given him to a friend. This man decided the best place for Mingky to live was chained up between two houses.

1aPanut Hadisiswoyo, the founding director of the Orangutan Information Centre (OIC), said that the man wanted an orangutan on his property to entertain family and friends.

2aSo, Mingky stayed tethered that way for nearly a year. He had a chain around his neck and no shelter.

3aThe only thing beneath his feet was a crumbling concrete floor. The width of the space he was living in was only about 2 feet.

4aMingky got fed fruit every day. People would walk by, but no one did anything to help. Everything changed a few weeks ago.

5aOIC found Mingky and quickly reached out to local wildlife authorities stating that Mingky’s owner was breaking the law by keeping him.


Maniac Covers Stray Puppy In Super Glue. Then, A Rescue Worker Realizes There’s Still Hope

It’s hard to believe that there are actually people out there who would bully a dog, but unfortunately, there are. Thankfully though, for every evil person out there in the world who would be so cruel to an animal, there are countless more who would do everything in their power to save a four-legged friend’s valuable life!

Pascal might be small, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been through a lot. For whatever reason, a group of truly horrible people decided to cover this innocent puppy in glue.

After enough time covered in glue, little Pascal became covered in dirt and mulch. Eventually it hardened to be harder than rock.


The glue tomb was so thick that it started to cut off the little baby’s blood flow. This beautiful dog was going to die.


But thankfully, at the last moment, a group of truly amazing rescuers showed up and got to work immediately.

glue dog

Vet Finds 40 Bugs In Mouth Of Dog That Refuses To Eat

A Kansas pet owner was horrified to find a ladybug infestation in her dog’s mouth.

Frances Jirik noticed something odd about her dog, Bailey, when he refused to eat. The dog also became lethargic and started foaming at the mouth.

“He was just lethargic, real lethargic and the foam was just coming. It was kind of scary,” Jirik told KWCH.

Jiriks brought her dog to a local vet where doctors discovered 30 to 40 insects stuck on the roof of the dog’s mouth.

The bites can leave an open wound in a dog’s mouth, leading to serious consequences, according to veterinarian Dr. Lindsay Mitchell.

“Definitely it’s painful,” said Mitchell. “They’ll have some pain, they won’t want to eat as well, and they run the chance of infection if they have those ulcers there.”

Mitchell posted a photo of the infestation on social media, reports Red Book.

“This is the second pup I have seen like this today,” Mitchell wrote on Facebook. “If your pet is drooling or foaming at the mouth, look for these ladybugs. They cause ulcers on the tongue and mouth and have a very painful bite.”

Mitchell’s photo and warning quickly became viral and caught the attention of many pet owners.

A Family Abandoned Their Pit Bull On Moving Day But A Stranger Came To His Rescue

Moving is a big deal to many people. It’s the start of a new chapter and the chance to leave behind parts of your life you need to let go or forget. But people don’t typically think of letting go of a pet when they move. A pet is family and family means no one gets left behind. Unless you’re this family from Michigan.

They left behind someone’s best friend and the reason is still unknown. Some lives are meant to cross and even though the circumstances may not be the best, the outcome can be a beautiful thing. A family didn’t appreciate the loving animal they had, but someone else did, and they couldn’t let it go to waste.

When you move, you make sure to pack up the things that mean the most to you.


You take photo albums, trinkets, memories…


One family packed up everything they deemed important.

And left behind their dog.

dogThe family’s neighbor saw the dog curled up on an old mattress.

He snapped a picture and posted it to Facebook.

mattressHe hoped someone would pick up the dog.

But no one came.

abandoned-dogThen Mike Diesel, founder of Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue, saw the picture.

He immediately went out to meet the dog named Boo.

carHe stayed there all day.

And all night.


Dog That’s Paralyzed, Pregnant, And Left To Die Just Became A Mom. She Can’t Stop Smiling

We love stories of dogs being rescued by loving humans. Unfortunately, however, if a dog is in need of rescue, that means it was first neglected or abandoned by its humans. In this heartbreaking story, we learn about the courage and strength of Maria, a paralyzed, pregnant, and abandoned dachshund who was forced to breed and then left to die. Luckily, a rescue group found her in time and helped give Maria a new life. Read on for the full story.

Maria is a remarkable dog.

Discovered paralyzed and pregnant, she was abandoned by her humans when they learned that in order to deliver her babies, Maria would need a $3,000 c-section operation. When she was rescued by Friends Of Emma, a rescue organization in Texas on a mission to rescue and heal homeless and abandoned dogs, Maria was diagnosed with anemia as a result of several past flea infestations, as well as a number of other infections.

It was clear that Maria had suffered from emotional damage due to her lack of care and horrible breeding conditions, and she was scared for the welfare of her unborn babies. But she had a group of people dedicated to saving her life and the lives of her puppies. You have to see this video to watch the incredible rescue.

It’s important that groups like Friends Of Emma work to rescue animals and find them loving homes. Here are 10 important facts about stray animals in the United States that you need to know.

1. There are about 70 million stray animals living in the U.S.

2. Of this 70 million, only about six to eight million cats and dogs enter the nation’s 3,500 shelters every year, according to the Humane Society of the United States.

3. That evens out to about five homeless animals for every homeless person in the U.S, reports

4. The two main reasons animals end up in shelters are because they’ve either been surrendered by their guardians or picked up off the street by animal control officers.

5. About 30 percent of shelter dogs are eventually reclaimed by their guardians, with cats far behind at only 2 to 5 percent.

Wolf Cuddles Up To Woman (Video)

A video (below) of a majestic wolf bonding with a wildlife worker named ‘Danielle’ will melt your heart. Kekoa is an 8-year-old grey wolf who lives at the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center, a snowy animal sanctuary in the woods, according to The Dodo. His name means Brave One in Hawaiian.

Although Kekoa does everything a normal wolf would do, he also enjoys the presence of humans. Grey wolves are generally sociable animals and travel in packs of six to ten.

The 115 pound wolf was transferred from the Seacrest Wolf Preserve in Florida to Colorado.

“Kekoa is a handsome young male with a sweet personality, which is good because he loves to greet visitors with wolf kisses,” his biography on the center’s site says, the Daily Mail reports. “When he puts his paws on an other person’s shoulders he towers at about 7 feet.”


The footage shows the moment when Kekoa cuddles up next to Danielle, who shows no fear, the moment she sits next to him. The love fest doesn’t end there. Sakara, Kekao’s sister, comes by to kiss Danielle on her face. The three are happily exchanging kisses and snuggling.

Sakara then comes toward the person filming and licks their hand.

“I have always had a passion for nature and animals,” Danielle says on the site, according to the Daily Mail. “These wolves have my heart and I am [honored] to have been accepted into their pack.”

His Girlfriend Demanded He Get Rid Of The Dog, So He Flew Into A Rage And Made An Impossible Choice

In romantic relationships, it’s usually a bad sign when things come down to an ultimatum. When one person forces the other to make an impossible choice, it’s usually a sign of larger problems in the relationship, and suddenly they all come to a head in one drastic dilemma.

When this man and his girlfriend discussed moving in together, there was a problem: his girlfriend hated his dog. So, she made him choose: it was either her or the dog…

This man and his girlfriend wanted to move in together, but she despised his beagle Molly. So she gave him a choice: her or me.


Soon after, he made this ad on Craigslist: “My girlfriend does not like my beagle Molly. SO I have to rehome her.”
“She is a purebred from a wealthy area and I have had her for 4 years. She likes to play games. Not totally trained. Has long hair so she’s a little high maintenance, especially the nails, but she loves having them done.”


“Stays up all night yapping but sleeps while I work. Only eats the best, most expensive food. Will NEVER greet you at the door after a long day or give you unconditional love when you’re down. Does not bite but she can be mean as hell!”


He concluded the post: “So…anyone interested in my 30-year-old, selfish, wicked, gold-digging girlfriend? Come and get her! Me and my dog want her rehomed ASAP!!”


LOL! That’s a tough position to be in, but it sounds like that guy definitely made the right call. Making somebody give up their pet is simply too much to ask!

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These Pets Thought Their Parents Would Be Out For At Least Another Hour

What happens when you go to work and leave your pet to his or her own devices, with the run of the whole household? You’d imagine, or at least hope, that they’d peacefully nap in a sunny patch on their nice, soft bed you spent $70 on, or play with the toys you shower them with all the time.

BUT, more likely than not, our pets are probably throwing a house party, inviting all the neighborhood pets. Usually, everything looks normal by the time you get home, but sometimes, you catch them in the act.

1.) This is tame, as far as shenanigans go.

Dog Shaming
Dog Shaming

2.) Hey, if you gotta nap, you gotta nap.

Facebook/Pet’s Life Naturally
Facebook/Pet’s Life Naturally

3.) “What? It’s not my fault she was thirsty!”

Pinterest/William O’Neill
Pinterest/William O’Neill

4.) “What, you thought I woke up like this?”

Amazing Creature
Amazing Creature

5.) “Actually I’m kinda glad you’re here. I dropped my iPhone in the toilet again.”

The Chive
The Chive

“Can you get it for me? No opposable thumbs and all…”

6.) “MOM. Some privacy, please? JEEZ.”

The Chive
The Chive

7.) “Listen, it was just too fluffy to resist.”

The Chive
The Chive

8.) “It wasn’t me! I hardly even touched your plant!”

The Chive
The Chive

This Family’s Water Kept Going Missing… So They Set Up A Camera. You Gotta See What It Caught!

When a Colorado family’s water started going missing from the barrel they kept in their backyard, they had no idea where it could possibly be going. They weren’t using it and there’s no way that much water was evaporating in only a day’s time. One day, after filling the barrel back up, they decided to leave a camera outside and record what’s been causing the water to go away.

What they discovered is quite scary on paper, but the are nothing short of adorable.

Nothing yet.water

Oh, here comes a bear to check things out. It must be curious about where all of the water has been going too.bear

What?! That bear’s been drinking it all?black-bear

Wait–the bear hasn’t been drinking the water.cute-bear

It’s been bathing in it!bear-swimming

Hey, be careful! You’re going to waste all of the water splashing around like that!bear-love

Aww! Okay, go ahead.

 Source: Ralph Metzner / Viralnova
Source: Ralph Metzner / Viralnova

It’s not often that you’re excited to see a bear in the direct vicinity of humans, but this one sure makes it easy!

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Kitty Thinks That Its Owner Is Drowning In The Bathtub. Its Reaction Is Taking The Internet By Storm.

A bath tub is pretty safe for humans, as long as you don’t fall asleep in one, but for small animals, a giant container filled with water might look much more menacing! This adorable kitty notices her Mommy lying in the bathtub with water all around her and immediately panics, thinking that she’s in danger and drowning.

She knows that she must do anything in her power to save her Mommy! She meows frantically, grabbing onto her owner with her paws, claws, and teeth and trying to haul her out of the deadly tub.

She doesn’t stop trying, becoming increasingly worried with every passing second. Poor kit! It’s okay, little one, it’s just a bath!

Take a look at this video!

At least one thing is for sure – you can always count on this kitty save the day! If ever this cat’s Mommy needs help, her superhero will be ready to save her from any crisis. What a good kit! Share away, people!

Source: Heroviral

Puppy Shot 18 Times With BB Gun Makes Incredible Recovery

To call Brody the puppy resilient would be something of an understatement. The 6-week-old Lab mix was struck with 18 BB gun pellets by a group of teens in Rock Hill, S.C. When a nearby maintenance worker saw what was going on, he notified the authorities, who rescued the injured dog and brought him to the Ebenezer Animal Hospital, LLC. (Since the incident of abuse, two of the alleged assailants have been arrested.)

While this shocking—and sadly, not terribly uncommon—instance of animal abuse could have had a much worse conclusion, this brave pup and the dedicated staff at Ebenezer have, wonderfully, turned this into a story of triumph.

April Splawn, the owner and hospital administrator at Ebenezer, informs petMD that when Brody was brought into their facility he was “bleeding, but stable.” Under the care of Dr. Jay Hreiz, the puppy was given fluid therapy and pain medication. Dr. Hreiz and the staff at Ebenezer waited until the next day to follow up on Brody’s condition, which was still good.


Splawn explains that because none of the BB pellets pierced anything vital, surgery—for the time being—was unnecessary. She also notes that for a puppy this young, undergoing anesthesia would be a major health risk.

Abused Dog Cries When She Finally Has A Kind Hand Touch Her

Hearing about animal abuse isn’t uncommon, and it never fails to make the blood boil. Every image, every story, every mention makes you lose a little faith in humanity. How could someone treat an innocent animal in such a cruel and callous way? And WHY?!

Seeing the images of injured animals can tear you up inside, and it’s hard to imagine anything good happening. What’s important is to remember that even the most neglected animal still wants to be loved, and we can fix almost anything by showing them what affection and trust is like. And this is the perfect example.

A severely abused and neglected dog is shown love for the very first time. Her cries are purely out of fear because when humans had approached her in the past, bad things happened. Just wait, I know it’s hard to watch at first, but this video becomes so uplifting once Priscilla can accept that she is now safe and loved. And will NEVER suffer again!

Here’s What Happens When A 4-Year-Old Is Left By Herself With A Pack Of Hungry Pit Bulls (Video)

Pit bulls are widely feared and get such a bad reputation, but one woman wanted to prove how well-behaved pit bulls can be by letting her 4-year-old daughter feed their six pets.

Each pit bull is far heavier and more powerful than the small girl, the Daily Mail notes, but she has no problem fearlessly controlling the dogs surrounding her.

The woman recording the video (below) says it’s “feeding time” and tells the young girl to “go ahead and call them in there.”

Once all the dogs are seated, the girl takes out a plastic box from on top of her cooker and thanks them individually by name for obeying her orders.

None of the pit bulls rush toward her after she pours two buckets of kibble on the floor and spreads it out so they have plenty of space to eat.

The little girl counts to five, and that’s when she finally tells them to start eating.

“Six male pit bulls, some people say it could never be done,” the woman behind the camera said. “They live and eat together. We are a family. That was a four-year-old, who was able to tell those dogs what to do and when to do it.”

She ends the video by saying, “Love your pit bull.”

You can watch the adorable clip, which has already garnered nearly 3 million views on YouTube, below:

Sources: Daily MailWTVR 

Monsters Dumped Injured Dog With Duct Tape Over Her Eyes So She Won’t Follow Them

With duct tape covering her eyes and several open wounds, a German shepherd was dumped on the roadside in Harris County, Texas on Monday. ABC News reported that several of the dog’s wounds were serious and the dog also had head trauma and several tumors that appeared to have been punctured.

The dog was found by a Precinct 1 deputy. The Houston SPCA veterinary team also reported that her muzzle had been taped shut with duct tape. Sgt. Christine Kendrick said that duct tape is used to stop a dog from barking and it isn’t a rare occurrence. What people don’t realize is how much damage duct tape does to the skin and tissue.


The Houston SPCA veterinary team feverishly to lessen the dog’s pain and assess her injuries. They had to humanely euthanize her when they realized her skull had been crushed and she could not be saved. Share away, people.

Via Heroviral, Pet Rescue Report

Human Asks His Rottweiler To Make His Mean Face. He Proceeds To Make The Most Hysterical Face Ever.

These days it never damages to have a little included security at home, especially when that insurance comes as an extremely adorable dog.

This Rottweiler’s name is Reese, and he’s been prepared to give a mean face at whatever point his owner asks, which I can ensure will off put any unpleasant character that is come around. Even if it doesn’t, what comes of that face and that growl definitely will!

Young Woman Smacks Police Horse, Doesn’t Anticipate Horse’s Response (Video)

A young woman probably wasn’t expecting the reply she got when she smacked a horse’s behind. (video below).

The video, taken during the Queen’s University homecoming in Kingston, Ontario, shows a blonde woman wearing a dark-colored shirt with a red stripe run up to a police horse and slap it on the rear. The horse reacts by kicking the woman with one of its legs, causing her to fall face first on the ground.

A woman runs to help her, and she gets up off the ground and runs away while holding her hand over her face.

Three people were arrested and charged in horse-slapping incidents during the homecoming festivities, according to VICE, but police didn’t confirm that the woman in the video is facing charges.

The Kingston Police Department identified the slapped horse, who is new to the department, in a tweet.


They Put A Dog Inside His Jail Cell And Started Filming. Now Watch What The Inmate Does…

Taking the abandoned stray dogs and placing them in prison with criminals at first didn’t generally appear like a smart thought, however truly putting the animals that have been through some extreme time in similar live with people who’ve been through their own personal hell provided the much needed connection for both of them.

This is the tale of how people dismisses by society discovered friends who don’t pass judgment on and who themselves recognize what it resembles to be abused and hurt.

If not for those prisoners who took them in, it was more than likely that the greater part of the puppies would have been euthanized.

Parents Are Petitioning After THIS Toy Was Seen On The Shelves Of Walmart…

When your child asks for a new toy, you expect it to be a plastic car, aeroplane, doll or action figure. So, parents were a little bit shocked when they saw Walmart’s latest toy on the shelves.

These little piggies have to get to market somehow. And what better way to get them there than with your very own slaughterhouse truck?

So, what is this toy exactly you ask? Are you ready for this? It’s a slaughterhouse truck. Not an ice cream truck, or a Barbie sports car, oh no.

Sure, it’s a toy. But the idea of selling animal slaughter as the stuff of child’s play isn’t sitting well with animal welfare groups.

Via Google
Via Google

Now, many are calling on Walmart to stop selling the toy vehicle in an online petition….

“As a trucker, seeing these in real life is no treat,” wrote Susan Schindler of New Jersey, one of more than 4,000 people who signed the petition. “The reality is violence. Do not support desensitization of children.”

Via Google
Via Google

With around 11,500 stores worldwide, Walmart are a major influencer over what kids will be asking for this holiday season.

Great Dane Is Jealous Of Dad Petting His Brother And How He Reacts Is Absolutely Hysterical

As we all know, Great Danes are very known to be one of the largest when it comes o the size of the dog. But these adorable creature seem to be very jealous. I think the need for affection can sometimes lead to jealousy.

In this beautiful video, uploaded by Youtube Channel: Ron Cameron, you are about to watch one of the Great Danes starts to receive some affection from its owner, but because of jealousy something adorable happened next.

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It Might Look Like A Kitten But It’s Full Grown. Rare Breed Is Making A Comeback [Photos]

The conversation has been brought up numerous times by pet owners…”I wish I could keep my dog or cat as a puppy.” They imagine how amazing it would be to maintain that cuteness for the pet’s entire life.

There is something that everyone loves about the innocence of a kitten or a puppy. Maybe it’s those little tufts of fluffy hair on their heads, or the clumsy way they walk.

Well, wish no more…if you are a cat lover and you’ve longed to keep you cat frozen in time with its kitten exterior, your dream has come true. A new breed, known as a “Munchkin Cat,” will stay miniature for its lifetime.

Because it is born with really short legs, it will stumble around clumsily in its first couple of months of life, but, as they get just slightly taller, they end up looking more like a normal kitten. And they will stay that way for life!




Apparently, this munchkin cat breed was very popular back in the nineties, but they seem to be making a comeback. And why wouldn’t they, with their ridiculous cuteness. They are so tiny that they can hardly be spotted walking through a house, so the one downfall is that you always have to be on the lookout so you don’t step on them.

The breed is still relatively new and it’s characterized by its very short legs, which are caused by a naturally occurring genetic mutation. As with all the new “designer breed pets,” much controversy erupted over the breed when it was recognized by The International Cat Association in 1995. The majority of concerns were voiced over the potential health and mobility issues due to the short legs of the breed.

Owner Frustrated By Dog Shedding In Car, Invents Hilarious Doggy Leotards & People Can’t Stop…

Tyson Walters is the proud owner of a huge Saint Bernard named Harley. In spite of his adoration for Harley, Tyson felt disappointed at whatever point he needed to take Harley on an auto ride: “My car was practically ruined. Harley’s hair would intertwine in the fabric and not have any desire to ever turn out. She would shake and the hair would simply explode off her and disperse throughout the car.” Sound familiar, dog owners?

It got to the point where Tyson started day-dreaming about a gadget that would prevent all that shedding in the first place. “I couldn’t find a solution. So I decided to make one.”I couldn’t discover an answer. So I chose to make one.” That’s when Tyson concocted the Shed Defender. Presently, I– personally– have not attempted the Shed Defender, or seen it in real life, so I can’t support the item. But here’s why I’m telling you about it: the Shed Defender is basically a doggy-leotard. And it’s awesome.

Check out the hilarious photos





Man Sees Tiny, Shaking Body, Then He Realizes Puppy Was Thrown 30 Feet Down A Ditch

I have a very big heart. I try to keep it open and spread love to all of the animals I meet that need it.

On the internet, we read so many stories about animals that have been severely abused and shouldn’t have survived, yet these beautiful animals still manage to make it.

Jordan was found in a ravine in Los Angeles, shaking while sitting on a Cheetos bag. He was missing a leg, which had been cut off before he was tossed down over 30 feet.

Thankfully, the folks at Hope For Paws got involved in Jordan’s rescue. They brought him straight to a doctor and wanted to rush the tiny dog into surgery, but he was too fragile to get the immediate help.

Jordan got IV blood transfusions, multiple baths, and then he was finally was able to get his life-saving surgery.

With a lot of TLC, Jordan went from a puppy who’d been horribly abused, suffering from mange and many other ailments, to a fully grown and loved dog who has made the best of his new lease on life!

If you enjoy seeing animals like Jordan get rescued from these terrible circumstances, you will be happy to see this german shepherd being saved!

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Mom’s Confused When Pit Bull Darts Outside, Then Realizes A Neighbor Is Being Beaten By Husband

Back in 2009, a shocking story about a pure breed pit bull took the world by storm. In Grand Rapids, Michigan, a man was thrown in jail on home invasion and domestic violence charges after brutally beating his estranged wife.

But the unlikely hero of this story is a pit bull named Blitz who witnessed the horrifying scene from screen door — as the terrified woman was beaten and dragged across the street. 

As soon as Blitz saw what was going on outside his house, the two-year-old, 100-something pound canine hero jumped into action.

Just as his mom was heading off to bed, she noticed Blitz dart outside as the woman screamed, “Help me!” Blitz ran straight towards her attacker.

Although Blitz never bit the attacker, he scared and distracted him just enough to get him to loosen his grip on the woman. She then picked herself off the ground and ran with Blitz’s back into his apartment where she called the police.

Police arrived at the scene and the woman was saved.

Blitz’s mom, who remains anonymous, shared her story in the hopes it would help reduce the stigma attached to the bully breed. She told reporters Blitz is “great with my kids, he’s just wonderful.”

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Brazilian Worker Absolutely Stunned When He Found 30-Foot Anaconda Hanging Out…

How did that get there?!

Brazilian construction workers were blown away when this slithering serpent wound up on their site.

The snake was reportedly 33 feet long and weighed 400 kilograms. Workers were forced to use a crane to lift it out of the construction site so they could get back to work.

13 years he is imprisoned in a cage. Seconds after being released his reaction kills me.

For centuries, animals have served people for their entertainment. In the circus, they perform traps while being applauded.

However, what happens behind the shades, will give you a sinking feeling in your stomach. It is with very good reason, that efforts have been increased to ban the keeping of animals in the circus.

The lion, Will, also had to endure the worst of these tortures for 13 years. However then he encountered a minute that flipped around his life.

It would be wonderful if all captive animals were able to experience the same as Will. The joy that he experienced in this liberating moment is indescribable. Share these magical images.

This Dog Was Tortured To The Bone. When The Tape Was Removed, It Tore His Rescuer’s Heart.

The cruelty that some people commit against animals is incredibly disturbing. But what animal rights activists in Vietnam recently discovered renders one speechless: a dog whose mouth had been tightly wrapped shut with adhesive tape.

According to his condition he must have lived with this torture for some time.injured-dog

The animal cowered with what must have been unbelievable fear. It had obviously had the worst possible experience from its encounter with humans.


The veterinarian had to cut the adhesive tape away very carefully. It had already dug deeply into the flesh.


The animal’s pain must have been unbearable.


When the tape had finally been completely removed, one saw for the first time that it hat cut through both fur and flesh until it reached bare bone. After the successful intervention, Lucky (so named by his rescuers) could eat again for the first time.


After his meal, his nose was bandaged. The danger of infection was still significant.


Crew Thought They Saved A Puppy, But After They Clean Her Up They Are In For A Surpirse



When construction workers were on the job in Canary Wharf, London, they found something they didn’t expect. Deep in a hole caked in mud and strips of plastic was a small helpless animal.

The workers carefully extracted the animal from the hole, but it was so entrenched in mud and garbage that they could not make out exactly what it was. At first, they guessed it was a puppy, but they soon learned they were wrong. They enlisted the help of a wildlife hospital, and you won’t believe what they found. Read on for the whole story! tells the story: “The story started when, on a normal work day in England, some construction workers had a task to do near an area close to London’s Canary Wharf. While going on with their jobs, a few ground holes were left open. The workers were startled when they heard a faint sound of cries coming from one of the open holes! Imagine how heartbreaking it must have sounded. The workers didn’t waste any time, they rushed to try and locate the animal, without even knowing what they should expect to find, or whether any of them could be in danger.”fox

The workers contacted specialists from the Essex Wildlife Hospital who worked for hours to carefully clean the animal. After a good bath and lot of special care, the workers were able to properly identify the animal as a four month old baby fox. They named him Muddsey and lauded the construction crew for saving him.

Su Schwar who runs the hospital said, “it would certainly have had a pretty awful death if it hadn’t been found, it was very cold and in shock but is fine now. We felt very sorry for him because he was completely caked and was absolutely petrified.”

Others have applauded the efforts of construction workers as well. One Green Planet wrote, “If rescuers hadn’t found this baby fox trapped in a hole, who knows what could have happened to him? With all that dirt on him and no mother in sight fretting over him, he must have been tough to spot. What a lucky guy! While we’re not sure if he’s old enough to be out and about on his own just yet, he’s in the capable hands of the veterinary staff at the wildlife hospital, who will help him learn to be the best fox he can be before they release him back into the wild.”

Hero Viral wrote, “This 4 month old fox had actually fallen so deep that he couldn’t get out himself. As to why the fox came to the construction site, chances are the construction forced his family to move out of their home. They give the poor fox a bath and now he looks like a proper fox! According to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), animals find themselves at threat against various land developments and hence they decide to move out and go somewhere else.”cute-fox-baby

Have you ever rescued an animal in need? Tell us your story here.

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Soldier Adopts Puppy In Iraq, Then Brings Him Home To California

When a stray puppy wandered onto an army base in Iraq, he quickly won the hearts of every single soldier at the camp. They named the mutt Ollie, and he formed a special bond with one soldier in particular. Former Army Specialist Ken Wyrsch took Ollie under his wing and raised him. Te two best friends spent every moment they could while Wyrsch was serving duty. “He was there when we left on our missions, he was there when we got back,” he told told CBS SF.

We’ve seen it happen before — when a soldier must leave behind his canine companion and head back to the states, heartbroken. That’s exactly what happened when Wyrsch heard the camp in Iraq was shutting down and the unit was disbanding. He knew he’d have to leave Ollie behind, but he feared the pup was too sweet and mild-tempered to survive the harsh environment and potential abuse.

But instead of trying to put Ollie out of his mind and move on in life without him, Wyrsch contacted SPCA International in the hopes they could help raised the funds needed to rescue Ollie and bring him all the way back to California. One month later, Wyrsch went to the cargo depot SFO to make a very special pick-up.

Watch what happened next in the video below.

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What 8 Animals Would Look Like If They Had Eyes In The Front

Have you ever looked at an animal and wondered why their eyes look like that?

For example, when you look at a cow or a deer, their eyes are not directly in the center of their face with just a little space between them, but their eyes are on either side of their head. At least you can kind of see both of a deer’s eyes when looking at them from an angle, but a dolphin’s eyes are so far apart and they have that long snout in between. How do they see like that?

If so many animals have their eyes on the sides of their heads, does that mean we’re the ones with the funny eyes?

Maybe our eyes look weird to an animal, but an animal with eyes in the same place that a human has them is much stranger to look at. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget what that deer looks like now!

If I saw this deer in my yard, I’d run away as fast as possible.deer

While this is strange, a shark with eyes at the front of his head is not that intimidating! I’d go for a swim with this guy.shark

Even with these freaky too-close eyes, this bunny is still pretty cute.rabbit

Is it just me, or did I not realize chickens eyes didn’t look like this already?roster

Oh, that is just a strange look for a pigeon!pigeon

I take back what I questioned earlier for dolphins. Their eyes belong very, very far apart.dolphin

This giraffe actually looks like a pretty chill guy!giraffe

Goat and sheep eyes are already infinitely weird, but this just took it too far.animal

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The Sloth Institute Takes Care Of Baby Sloths

Two words: baby sloths.

Now that I have your attention, if you haven’t heard of the The Sloth Institute, well, you’ve come to the right place. The amazing organization located in Costa Rica has made it their mission to take care of and inform others about the well-being of sloths. We all know that sloths are absolutely adorable, but for many, that is the extent of our knowledge. Releasing rescued sloths back into the wild is a slow process. All of the sloths that are in the institute’s care will be released back into their natural habit.

Here’s some more information about the organization and, as promised, photos of baby sloths. 

The Sloth Institute in Costa Rica is probably the cutest thing you will see all day. 

The name basically says it all… it’s an institute full of adorable sloths. The organization also seeks to raise awareness and education around sloths to enhance their welfare and conservation.

via The Sloth Institute Costa Rica
via The Sloth Institute Costa Rica

The sloth institute has a three-part mission. 

The first is to research captive and wild sloths. The institute clearly points out that they are not a sloth sanctuary. Before you get your hopes up, the sloths are not available to be seen by the public. 

At least we can still enjoy the cute photos on their website.

via Facebook / The Sloth Institute Costa Rica
via Facebook / The Sloth Institute Costa Rica

The second mission is to collaborate with other institutes that work with sloths around the world. 

This Orca Was Stuck And Crying For Hours, But A Group Of Strangers Saves Him In The Oddest Way

Killer whales have long been a source of legends and myths for humans. Also known as Orca whales, these sea mammals are the largest member of the dolphin family. These black and white carnivores are extremely intelligent and adaptable. According to, orcas can communicate and coordinate with each other to hunt more effectively.

On a daily basis, orcas are on the hunt for seals, sea lions, fish, and squid. They need to do what it takes in order to get their meal. Although they have earned the threatening nickname the killer whale, orcas aren’t typically a threat to humans. There have even been stories of killer whales protecting humans from sharks.

But recently off the coast of British Columbia, one orca whale has gotten stranded on a series of rocks while trying to catch a meal. Thankfully a group of animal rescuers were there to return the favor and do their best to protect the stranded orca from death by exposure…

The female orca was spotted by one man who knew in his heart that he needed to help. He picked up the phone and called the animal rescue group Guardians from Hartley bay, British Columbia. Besides them, a few people from For Whales also showed up to help keep this stranded orca alive.

Everyone at the scene was a volunteer. By the time she was spotted, the killer whale had already been stranded on the rocks for hours, the group’s Facebook post revealed.

When the volunteers arrived, they covered the whale with tarps and sheets. Then they proceeded to douse her with water in order to keep her cool and wet.

In order to be more effective, they assembled a water pump. This let them keep the whale wet without having to go back and forth with buckets from the water.

Live Animal Keychains Exist And People Are Furious

People usually don’t spend much time accessorizing their keychains, mainly because they spend most of the time sitting on a random desk or stuffed in a pocket. Somehow, keychains are in the news and people are getting very angry. Why would anyone be angry about a keychain?

Live animals are being sealed in small keychains and sold to anyone who wants one. You have to see the new trend that has people both fascinated and horrified. Animal rights activists are highlighting the trend as an abuse of animal rights.

Everyone has a keychain. For most people, keychains are something we pay very little attention to because they serve a specific purpose: holding keys.

via The Egyptian / Wikimedia
via The Egyptian / Wikimedia

For the crazy ones out there, sometimes they have a few personalized add-ons and have a fun design.

It’s pretty common to have a stuffed animal keychain. For the even crazier ones out there, only a liveanimal keychain can please them.

via Instagram / @karthika.sarath
via Instagram / @karthika.sarath

People have started packaging live animals and adding them to keychains.

Here is someone with live turtle keychains. Let’s just say that some people love them — and some people absolutely hate them.

via Shared
via Shared

Mother Finds Family Dog Bleeding On Porch With Note Explaining What Happened

Angela Laymon of Oklahoma wants the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office to pay after shooting her dog and leaving it injured on her porch with a note.

Laymon came home to find her dog, Bruno, bleeding on her front porch, reports KOKI.

“He was leaning against the door crying and whining,” Laymon told KRMGG.

The Rogers County Sheriff’s Office left a note on her door explaining that a deputy had shot the dog. She checked Bruno and found a bullet wound.

Mom Captures Precious Last Moments With Her Dying Girl Before Putting Her Down

  • There’s something incredibly special about a dog that you get to spend your life with.

After all, dogs are called “man’s best friend” for a reason; there are days where it feels like they’re such perfect companions that we humans almost don’t deserve so much sweetness and loyalty!

And for anyone who has ever grown and lived with a dog for years, you know that there’s nothing more painful than realizing that it’s time to let the sweet pooch in your life go. The tragedy of being a dog lover is that you’ll almost always outlive your beloved canine companion.

When you know that the day is coming, there’s nothing you can do but give your pooch lots of hugs and kisses, and close out an awesome chapter in your lives with one perfect shining day, as we saw with this darling pup spending her last days checking off every item on her doggy bucket list.

The latest tragically sweet comes from a woman who documented her dog’s perfect last day on Snapchat, and then posted the photos to the photo-sharing site Imgur.

Let us be the first to confess, we were in tears by the time we got to the end of the gallery.


In a post entitled “Dogs are too amazing to let go, but sometimes it happens and they will forgive you,” a young woman shows us all what it means to love a dog so much that you’re willing to let her go.


She doesn’t explain the exact circumstances, but she makes it clear that it’s time for her sweet girl to go to a better place.

The dog, a yellow Labrador, looks every bit the picture of a beautiful dog who has lived a good long life.


Anyone who has ever had to make the choice to say goodbye to a beloved animal companion knows that it’s an incredibly tough choice, and usually it’s one that you face when the animal’s health is so deteriorated, they don’t have much time left.


For an elderly dog with severe cancer or another condition that gives the pooch chronic pain, there are situations where the condition is terminal, or where treatment would be unfairly cruel to the pet, because she simply won’t understand why you’re putting her through so much pain.


Clearly, these were the circumstances for this lovely old dog and the woman who owned her.

This Sausage Dog Mom Had Six Teeny Sausage Pups And You Have To See Them!

Being a sausage dog is full of perils. Everyone is taller than you. There are enemies in the ground, delivering the mail, on the T.V. No one appreciates you when you sing. But sometimes, you get a break. Sometimes, you have some seriously cute kids.

sasuage dogsOne could say she had a six pack!

A few little known facts about Dachshunds; they are born with teeny tiny knitted caps, to keep their ears warm. The color varies, according to their level of sassiness.

cute dog

The brighter the color, the higher the sass factor.

All joking aside, isn’t this literally the cutest line of puppies you’ve ever seen?!

baby dog

Look at their little noses!

Mom Spots Trash Bag ‘Walking’ In The Road, Then Rips It Open To Find A Dog Who’s Very Much Alive

Malissa Sergent Lewis was running late to work. To make it quickly to the elementary school where she works, she took a shortcut through the quiet, remote backroads of Kentucky. It was then and there that she made a startling discovery, and one that changed the course of her life.

The mother of three spotted a black trash bag in the middle of the street. Even from a distance, she could tell the bag was moving and shifting. There was definitely something inside.

The closer she got, the more it seemed like whatever was in that bag was trying to walk its way across the road. Malissa pulled out her cellphone as she slowly drove up to the bag.

The creature inside could sense Malissa’s presence, and started walking over towards her on the concrete as best it could. It didn’t matter that it could have been a dangerous animal — Malissa tore into the bag anyway, disregarding the knot tied tightly at the top.

But when Malissa peeked inside, she couldn’t believe her eyes…

Facebook / Malissa Sergent Lewis
Facebook / Malissa Sergent Lewis

On the morning of August 25, 2016, Malissa Sergent Lewis decided to take the backroads to work at her elementary school in Kentucky.

She never expected to make such a shocking discovery.

Facebook / Malissa Sergent Lewis
Facebook / Malissa Sergent Lewis

Malissa spotted a trash bag in the middle of the road. “The closer I got, I realized it was moving,” she told The Dodo.

This Tiny Hamster With Broken Arm Will Make You Go “Aww”

Vet clinic in Petrozavodsk, Russia has posted this super cute photo of a teeny-tiny hamster with a tiny cast and now the Internet can’t handle its cuteness. The poor fella broke its arm and was was brought into a vet’s office. Luckily, it was taken care of and given probably the world’s tiniest cast.

Although we feel very sorry for this unfortunate guy, there’s just something super cute about pets with casts. Just take a look at these pics below…


There’s just something super cute about pets with casts:

broken bunny arm
Image credits: Faderaumator
Image credits: unknown
Image credits: unknown
Image credits: Jeff Moore
Image credits: Jeff Moore
Image credits: City Wildlife
Image credits: City Wildlife
Image credits: Josh Henderson
Image credits: Josh Henderson

Woman Is Facing Jail Time For Giving Water To Dying Pigs In The Back Of A Truck

Awoman in Toronto, Canada, is battling the courts for a charge of “mischief” after she discovered a truck full of exhausted, overheated, and dehydrated pigs on their way to slaughter and kindly provided them with some water.

Anita Krajnc’s compassion, however, was not well received by the man driving the vehicle. The animal rights activist was joined by other members of their group, Toronto Pig Save, who filmed the entire altercation between Krajnc and the irate man.

The unfortunate pigs were being sent to Fearman’s Pork Inc. in Burlington, just south of Toronto. You wouldn’t think such a simple act of compassion would receive such an aggressive response, but the driver hurls insults and physical threats at Krajnc, all of which was caught on film.

  • The next day, pork farmer Eric Van Boekel contacted the police to press charges against Krajnc, citing her as pouring an “unknown liquid” into the compartment.

Members of Toronto Pig Save are often found standing at their local traffic islands to “bear witness” to the animals being sent off to slaughterhouses. She and her lawyer will be fighting the charges with testimony from experts in agriculture, nutrition, and veterinary medicine, among several others.

I think we can all agree that regardless of how we look at the meals we eat, there’s no need for animals to be forced into such harsh conditions. Krajnc and others like her across the globe will continue to fight for every animal’s right to live cruelty-free.

  • Take a look to see the jarring confrontation.

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Mom Writes Open Letter To Dog Owners Who Call Themselves ‘Parents’

First, let me say this: I am an animal lover.

I don’t have any pets at the moment, but I have had them in the past, and it really is just the best. I love slappin paws with the cute pup at the park, and firmly believe that to communicate with, tend to, and to make a family that includes something “other” is super valuable for kids growing up.

  • I truly look forward to being able to offer my daughter that very experience.

That being said, “fur babies” are just not a thing. Dogs — the animal that inspires the most intense faux parents — can switch homes and owners with relative ease as long as they continue to be well loved and cared for. So enough of the dramatic media show during public celebrity splits over who gets the dogs — it’s absurd and minimizes the real trauma that happens when families split, and children get caught in the middle.

Timothy Krause/Flickr
Timothy Krause/Flickr

People are the masters of domestic creatures. Let’s not forget that animals will generally remain loyal no matter what their owners say or do. The same certainly can’t be said for children. The behavior, needs, and expectations of animals are also mostly unchanging. If only that were true for children.


Now, I know most of you pet owners are aware that having an animal under your care is not the same as parenting a child. I have to say though, as someone who is earning her parenting stripes in a very real way, I’m totally over even making the comparison.

The urge to commiserate with an actual parent of actual children regarding actual parenting responsibilities when you’re simply a pet owner? Well, it’s misguided at best. If I asked a neighbor to occasionally walk my crate-training toddler once a day while I was at work, protective services would be at my door before I could type neglect.


Part of the problem here seems to be rooted in the ever more fluid definition of family. Love has so many shapes and I honor and value all of them, but pet owners who call themselves parents trivialize the very real, ever-changing lifetime commitment that parenting is.

Man Is About To Surrender His Dog To The Shelter When He Opens A Letter From The Former Owner…

I brought my first dog home from the animal shelter. My heart was overflowing with happiness and anxiety. Getting a pooch can be the best feeling the world. In any case, you never expect you may wind up with a story like this. A man embraced Reggie, a Labrador puppy, and things were troublesome at first.

The man had as of late moved into another city and was attempting to make sense of his new environment. Reggie was attempting to change in accordance with his new surroundings as well. The haven had a two-week return period in the event that Reggie and the man were not a solid match.

Before the end of the two weeks the man was going to take Reggie back to the safe house. That is the point at which he found a container containing Reggie’s stuff, alongside a vital letter from his last owner.

Read the letter below.

dog story

Watch What This Green Bird Says When His Blue Parakeet Brother Approaches Him

  • Have you ever wondered if certain animals recognize their family members?

Elephants, for example, are incredibly family-oriented. They stick together through thick and thin, and even mourn the deaths of their family members and friends. There’s no doubt that these creatures love and care for each other very much.

Dogs, too, recognize their family members. When adopted by different families and reunited after years of being apart, puppy brothers and sisters will wag their tails and give each other kisses upon seeing each other. It’s really quite a sight to see.

These two parakeets, Fabio and Gabriel, are blood brothers. They were born one year apart, but they’re basically inseparable. Much like elephants, there is no doubt that these two beautiful birdies know that they’re brothers.

It’s always nice to keep two animals as pets instead of just one so that they have someone to cuddle with and a partner to play with. But it’s even sweeter to keep two siblings together, as the bond that they share is all the stronger.

These two birds have a very special way of saying hello to each other — I’ve never seen anything like this before! When the blue brother approaches his green pal, something truly incredible comes out of his bright red beak. I had to watch this twice to believe it!

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