Lonely Pregnant Goat Was In The Barn When A Feline Showed Up – This Is A Must-Watch

This is one video you absolutely have to see for yourself! It appears that Pretty Boy is more than just a pretty face. This adorable cat became so much more when he stumbled upon a female goat preparing to give birth.

When the goat finally welcomed three babies into the world, Pretty Boy was right there with her. He has truly become part of this goat family. For our part, we could not be more in love with this sweet and caring kitty cat.

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Firefighters Put Out House Fire – Then See The Dog Carrying Something In Its Mouth

A mother’s love cannot be compared to anything else in the world. It is unconditional and infinite. No matter what species, a mother will always have overwhelming feelings of love towards their children. They are willing to make huge sacrifices for their child’s sake, and don’t even bat an eye even if they have to give away their lives.

When a house caught fire recently, the true strength of maternal love was finally revealed. A house in Santa Rose de Temuco, Chile, caught fire. Firefighters immediately came to the scene and worked on subduing the flames. Thankfully, none of the family was hurt.

When a fire raged in this family house in Santa Rose de Temuco, Chile, firefighters were quickly on scene. Fortunately, the family escaped unhurt apart from some minor burns.

But as the firefighters began to head back to their fire truck, they discovered that someone else had survived the fire, someone they had not been able to find in the house.

The mother dog, Amanda, raced back and forth between the house, putting her 10 day old puppies in the safest place she could find – the firetruck!

After everyone was rescued she lay close to them, protecting them and making sure they were ok. Veterinarians were quickly called on scene to ensure that all her puppies survived unharmed.

The mamma dog obviously had incredible instinct to be able to manage to save all of her puppies from the flames. Aside from one puppy being treated for serious burns, the entire family are alive and well – thanks to the bravery of Amanda.

Clearlt, nothing could stop this heroic mother from being with their loved puppies. Not even a blazing fire.

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24-Hour Hunt For Age 3 Boy Ends When Dog Makes The Discovery Family Didn’t Expect

A family camping trip over Memorial Day weekend quickly turned into a nightmare when 3-year-old Ezra Parrish wandered away from his father and siblings in Sam Houston National Forest in Texas. According to police, Ezra’s family was setting up camp when the boy disappeared into the thickly-wooded forest.

Ezra’s mother, Gloria Cooper, was in Houston with her husband, Jeremy Cooper, when she received the news that Ezra had been missing for hours. Terror must have gripped her heart as the Cooper’s hurried to the camping area and tried to focus on finding her son.

Family members flew in from out of state to join their anxious relatives in the hunt. Search and rescue teams worked through the night and into the next day, knowing Ezra’s chances of survival were growing slim with each passing hour.

According to reports from My San Antonio, the search took a hopeful turn for the better when a dog picked up Ezra’s scent. The 200-man search and rescue effort came to a conclusion about a mile away from where the boy was initially lost.

It was Ezra’s 21-year-old cousin, Lalaine Dungca, who finally discovered the little boy, hiding in a thorn bush. Senses heightened, Dungca heard a faint noise coming from the brush after she’d been repeatedly calling Ezra’s name.

“He was quiet, standing in a thorn bush holding a shoe,” Dungca recalled. “Then he got emotional when we got to him.”

They held his scared little body close, the crippling worry vanished, replaced with a flood of relief. “It was very emotional for us too,” Dungca expressed.

Search and rescue teams were elated that Ezra was found alive, and aside from a few scratches and dehydration, was unharmed. Ezra boarded a four-wheeler for his triumphant entrance back into the civilized world.

“A large contingent of people came down and he came back on a four wheeler and he was waving, so surprised — like, ‘what are you doing here?’” said Micahel Hughes, a volunteer with Texas EquuSearch. “It was an emotional moment for everyone.”

Ezra’s stepfather, Jeremy Cooper, embraced the little survivor and got the details from his night alone in the woods. Ezra admitted he had been scared, but was able to fall asleep in the grass.

“We were hoping for the best and expecting the worst,” said Tim Miller, founder of Texas EquuSearch. “I’m speechless right now.”

“A great day, a great effort,” said Jimmy Williams, spokesman for the New Waverly Fire Department. “We appreciate everyone’s support.”

For a family on the verge of being torn apart, there were no words to express their deep relief and gratitude. “The happiest day of my life,” Cooper expressed, and one camping trip that this family will never forget.

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Pitbull Chained In Snow Cries For Help – Now Watch When The Policeman Comes To His Rescue

Pit bulls have a bad reputation and are sometimes mistakenly identified as “fight dogs.”

Many people believe that the breed is the most violent and aggressive one out there. But the truth is pit bulls aren’t naturally aggressive—they only become aggressive when their owners mistreat them.

It breaks my heart to see pit bulls so misunderstood even though they face more than their share of neglect and abuse. But perhaps the most painful thing is that when pit bulls end up in shelters, they’re often the last dogs to be adopted.

Fortunately, though, the tide is turning, thanks to dogs like Kiah, and the wonderful man who adopted her.

Her unbelievable story is one you’ll defintely want to share. When Kiah was found, she was chained outside in the icy cold. But a police officer rescued her, and soon, she got much more than a second chance in life.

She was given a golden opportunity to showcase her breed’s best side—by working side by side with police officers in New York.

Not only is Kiah the first pit bull to work as a police dog in New York State, she also passed her training with the highest marks.

Everyone, including her owner, Justin, was impressed.

“All pit bulls are not nasty and aggressive, Kiah is a perfect example of that. She loves everyone, is friendly and although she came from the terrible ills she showed in the end she has a heart of gold,” said her handler, Justin Bruzgul.

Evil Teen Arrested After Posting Horrifying Videos Of Herself Doing Despicable Things To Animals

Animals like dogs and cats rely on human beings to nurture and protect them. Even animals who live on the streets seem to hope that the people who pass by will toss them some scraps to eat—or at least give them a pat on the head.

In Russia, the streets are overrun with abandoned dogs and cats. And while local animal lovers do all they can to help, there are only so many homes for all of these creatures.

When one woman in Russia started adopting stray animals, it appeared that she was simply being selfless and kind. However, once it was revealed what she was doing behind closed doors with those animals, the community was shocked—and her story even made international news.

Alina Orlova, 21, seemed to care about the stray dogs and cats she would take into her home in Russia. After all, why else would she be adopting them? But she was arrested—and she could be facing a lot of time in prison—for what she did to those animals once they were in her home.

After she took in the abandoned cats and dogs from the streets of her neighborhood, she would torture them… and kill them.

If that wasn’t gruesome enough, Alina would share very graphic videos and photographs of the abuse she was inflicting on social media. In a twist of fate, it was the act of posting these horrific images that got her caught.

Alina, whose hand is seen in one image threatening a cat with a knife, was arrested at the Vladivostok airport in Russia where she was waiting for a connecting flight.

Alina is a passionate horror film devotee and is quoted as saying, “I love blood.” But it only gets worse…

Alina did not commit these terrible acts alone, either. Often she enlisted the help of friends who would pose with her in photographs detailing their crimes. Alina denied the allegations claiming that all of the photographs and videos had been digitally edited to frame her.

The various photographs and video that Alina was accused of publishing, which chronicled her sick and violent treatment of the animals she was supposed to care for, were far too graphic to be shared on this site.

Bear freed after spending 9 years in ‘torture vest’ – Watch when he discovers water for the first time

Tuffy the bear was forced into a ‘torture vest’ for over 9 years producing bile for a farm. His life was one of misery, sadness and torture, but Animals Asia stepped in to make his life better and the results bring tears to my eyes…

The poor bears are raised in a cramped cage and don’t even know how to survive in the wild, all to produce bile for Chinese medicine. It’s a horrible life for many bears, but when they discover water, it’s amazing!

I cried tears of joy watching this bear… Just watch the video!

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Dog Left To Die With A Taped Mouth And Legs – Now Watch His Reaction After Being Rescued By Plumbers

It was the dog’s first taste of human kindness.

In Robstown, Texas, two employees from Shoreline Plumbing, plumber Carlos Carrillo and his colleague, were en route to a job location when they’ve suddenly noticed something unusual figure lying in a ditch by the roadside.

They halted their vehicle, and squinted into the distance – it was a dog! The two quickly got off, and made their way towards it.

To their horror, the dog had been tied up tightly with cable tubes – on all fours. Plus, its muzzle was sealed – with duct tape!

Check Your Home: If You Have Any Of These 7 Beanie Babies You Can Retire Right Now

Beanie Babies are classic toys that seem to get more and more valuable as time goes on – and it turns out there are certain rare versions of these stuffed animals that can bring you a small fortune if you’ve got one of them in your collection.

Beanie Babies, QPolitical reported, were so popular at their height that they made up a shocking 10 percent of sales on eBay at the time.

Nowadays, some of the toys are worth so much that they’ve changed people’s lives forever. One of the rarest is the Princess Diana Memorial bear, of which the company manufactured less than 100. 

In 2015, a couple bought a $12 Princess Diana Beanie Baby at a car boot sale but soon discovered it was worth $25,000. There’s even an extremely rare Diana beanie that sold for as high as $507,000.

The most amazing thing about Beanie Babies is the fact that they once sold for extremely low prices – which makes their current worth staggering.

These collectible dolls are sought after all across the world, and the more rare they are, the more money they’re worth. Here are some rare beanie babies that could be worth a small fortune.

The Peace beanie differs from bear to bear in color and configuration, which has made each one extremely valuable because of how unique they all are.

There are also dozens of variations in the tags, pellet type and origin country. This doll could sell for as high as $30,000. 

The Claude the Crab beanie, a tie-dyed doll released in 1997, has been selling online for up to $10,000 in less-than-mint condition. One of these sold online was listed by a seller who claimed it was actually worth $100,000.

Millennium the Bear was released in 1999 in celebration of the forthcoming millennium, and is extremely valuable depending on which one you have.

Cop Follows Frantic Dog Down Street. When He Sees Where He’s Going Can’t Believe Eyes

I’m partial to Labradors. I had a sweet black Lab named Tess in my life for over 10 years. She was not only my guide dog, but my companion. Tess and I walked around college campuses and in the city. She took me safely from curb to curb as we crossed the street. She found stairways, ramps, and doors with ease.

Tess had a personality all her own. She loved to play and have fun. I couldn’t eat carrots or apple slices without sharing them with her – she wouldn’t let me!

She also always kept a watchful eye on me. Puddles of water led from her water bowl down the hallway to the doorway of whatever room I was in. Tess had to make sure I was all right.

Labs are loyal and adoring. They merely wish to please their owners.

John Boy is a sweet black Lab who had some trouble finding a permanent residence. He had been to three previous homes before finding his forever home with Krystal Lauer in Germantown, Wisconsin.

While on duty one day, Germantown police officer Jeff Gonzalez was driving down County Line Road when he saw a frantic John Boy running around barking, trying to get the attention of anyone who would listen.

“He stood there and barked a little bit, then I rolled down my window and called to him,” Officer Gonzalez recalled. “Then he wagged his tail and got more friendly until I got out of my car. And then he ran a little bit.”

Thank goodness for the officer’s astuteness. He realized John Boy needed help.

“He pointed me in the right direction,” he said.

Gonzalez followed John Boy and the pooch led him straight to the front porch of his home. There, slumped in a chair, dressed in her pajamas, and completely unresponsive, was John Boy’s owner, Krystal. She had been sitting in the 3-degree weather for what Gonzalez estimates was about an hour.

The officer explained his reaction to seeing Krystal: “To be honest with you, I thought she was dead,” he said. “And when I went up, she was very cold to the touch; her lips were blue. But I was able to determine she was breathing and had a pulse. I called for assistance, and my partner was close. So together we got her in the house.”

Thankfully, after getting her to the hospital, doctors were able to revive Krystal and determine that she would be okay.

Endangered Tiger Goes Into Labor, Zookeepers Rush To The Cameras…What They See Leaves Them Speechless

If you didn’t know, there are only 300 to 400 Sumatran tigers left in the wild. This makes them one of the most critically endangered species on the entire planet.

Widespread poaching and increasing deforestation have contributed to the tiger’s decline in their natural habitat of Indonesia.

So, whenever a new Sumatran tiger cub is introduced to the world, it’s a big deal (even if it happens in a zoo). However, zookeepers weren’t expecting Melati to do what she did after giving birth…

At the ZSL London Zoo, after 108 days of pregnancy, Melati did indeed give birth to a healthy new baby. Her partner, Jae Jae, joined Melati in the den and carefully tended to the newborn. Happy zoo staffers thought it was over.

But suddenly, the cameras they set up to capture the exciting event started to show something new…

Melati apparently wasn’t done.

An hour after the birth, Melati looked a little uncomfortable, so she lay down again. Zookeepers were a little concerned… Was it the aftereffects of a difficult birth? What could be wrong? Oh, nothing. She was just going into labor again!

That’s right, Melati soon gave birth to a second cub and more importantly, a twin. This almost never happens in tiger land.

You can watch the two cubs in the video above; mom and dad play a big role as well, which is beautiful to see.

Not only did the world get an unexpected Sumatran tiger, we got a twin!

How amazing is THAT?

Pup Thrown Into Raging Fire Pit & Left For Dead. Family Desperate When Burns Overtake Tiny Body

We’ll never understand how people can be so cruel as to hurt defenseless animals, and puppy Polo will never get it either. Recently, the 8-month-old lab mix was shockingly thrown into a fire pit by, it is believed, several children.

He was badly hurt and his paws and belly were burned. His thick fur was also singed down to the skin, and it is believed that his coat actually protected him from being killed by the fire. After finding out about the horrifying incident, Polo’s family was desperate for help.

They quickly reached out to a Save A Dog Network Canada, which helps care for dogs living in northern Canada. Thanks to the network, Polo was flown from northern Manitoba to Winnipeg where he was taken to Tuxedo Animal Hospital.

There, he is being given the care he needs to recover. “He’s lucky to be alive, and he’s lucky that people chose to help him and get him the help that he needed,” Dr. Jonas Watson who was treating Polo told CTV News.

Polo’s recovery will be long and arduous as well as expensive. His family asked that he be given a new home where he can be loved and safe.

POLO NEEDS OUR HELP!On Sunday, Polo was the victim of a brutal attack. He was tossed into a fire and left for…

Posted by L.E.A.S.H. Animal Welfare Society on Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Meanwhile, Polo is proving to be quite the fighter. “Despite the horrors this little man has recently been subjected to he continues to try and wag his tail and remains in relatively good spirits,” L.E.A.S.H. Animal Welfare Society posted on Facebook. 

Katie Powell, who founded the Save A Dog Network, told TODAY that Polo “is still recovering from inhalation and eye injuries.” Still, he is just a pup and “is such a little ham.”

This Precious Pup Drags A Garbage Bag Home From The Dump – Shocked, His Owner Immediately Calls 911

The star of this story is this dog, Pui, a male Thai Bangkaew. The Bangkaew is a spitz-like breed, rare in most other countries, but fairly common in Thailand. Pui is the pet of  Gumnerd Thongmak and his family.

After his recent heroics, he is now the sweetheart of the Tha Rua district (Bangkok vicinity) in Thailand. He gained his many thankful followers after what appeared to be a regular visit to the garbage dump one day.

No one is quite sure why Pui dug into a pile of garbage and pulled out a white plastic bag. No one heard any sounds or saw anything suspicious. But, Pui apparently did.

He gently pulled the plastic bag from the tall pile of debris and carefully walked back home with it. His family was used to him being gone most of the day, so when he began barking in their yard they came immediately out to investigate.

At first, they scolded Pui because he had dragged home garbage. It was only moments later that Pui became a hero to them, however.

The bag began to move. Thongmak’s niece hesitantly opened the top of the bag and peered inside. What she saw was not even in the top thousand of things she likely expected.

It was a newborn baby girl!

They rushed the baby to the hospital. Doctors told them she had been born prematurely — at around seven months — and weighed just 4 pounds 8 ounces. She was very newly born. Her umbilical cord was even still attached.

Newly Adopted Dog Wouldn’t Stop Growling. New Owner Makes A Terrifying Discovery

No one seems to know why Kailey was at the shelter, but one thing was clear: she was hard to place. Skinny and riddled with heart worms, Kailey came to the shelter in poor shape. But worse than her physical problems was a psychological problem that kept her there for over a year.

Kailey didn’t like to be touched by people she didn’t know. The DeKalb County, Georgia, shelter people were despairing of ever placing her, and her D-day was fast approaching.

In fact, she was scheduled to be euthanized when Jacqueline Berlin and Keith Santer-Perham rescued her and became her foster parents.

At only three years of age, the shepherd mix had a lot of years ahead of her…but only if she could find a new home. That’s when Suzy Chandler stepped in.

Suzy saw something special in Kailey and knew she needed to share her life. And Kailey took right to her new owner.

Then something very strange happened. One day, Kailey was agitated. She wouldn’t quit barking and growling. Suzy didn’t know what was wrong.

Finally, she took Kailey outside, and that’s when the miracle happened. Kailey fairly drug her owner around to the side of the house and showed her a leaking gas line.

Rescuers Find Pony Tied To Tree, Then Discover Heartbreaking Reason He Won’t Turn Around

When police in Almoradí, Spain, came across a pony tied to a tree, they couldn’t believe their eyes. The poor thing was extremely thin and dehydrated – he had obviously been there for a while.

The pony had his head shoved as far as he could get it into a bush. At first, the police were confused about why he had done that and why he wouldn’t even turn to look at them, but then they discovered the heartbreaking truth – it was the only way the sickly pony could keep the flies out of his eyes.

The police quickly contacted the Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre in Alicante, Spain, which helps rescue and rehabilitate abused and neglected horses, ponies, and donkeys. The rescuers couldn’t believe the condition he was in.

The pony, who they named Fudge, was malnourished, dehydrated, and had a wobbly gait, most likely caused by a neurological disorder. One of his eyes was rotting inside his head, and the other had been damaged by either an injury or blow that had caused an ulcer, leaving him about 40 percent blind in that eye.

An x-ray revealed Fudge had also suffered fractures on two of the vertebrae in his neck which rescuers think is the cause of his neurological problems.

The rescuers believe the 20-year-old pony was abused and the injuries to his neck and eye were done deliberately. Once he was considered “no good” anymore, he was left to his fate – tied to a tree with no food or water and exposed to the elements.

Amazingly, Fudge survived the trauma, and thankfully he was found and rescued by people who are now showing him the love and care he deserves.

“He’s munching away happily in our stables, probably thinking he’s gone to heaven,” the rescuers said.

We may never know what Fudge’s life was like before – it obviously wasn’t a good one – but thankfully now he will be well cared for. While he has a long road to full recovery ahead of him, his condition should not deteriorate any further now that he is receiving the proper care.

Man Sees ‘Shadow’ Running Out Of Rubble. Breaks Down Sobbing When He Realizes What It Is

During the past few months, Mother Nature has brought havoc, devastation, and chaos throughout the United States. From Florida and Alabama to California and Texas, thousands upon thousands of people have lost their homes and many their lives. 

The hurricanes, floods, and wildfires are entirely responsible for the destruction of homes, land, and lives, but from the ashes and floodwaters arise stories of hope and resiliency.

The recent wildfires in Santa Rosa, California, tore through acres of land, destroying homes and burning decades of family memories and possessions. Jack Weaver and his family, like many others, lost everything in the wake of the fire.

When it was safe for folks to return to investigate what remained of their homes, Jack and his brother-in-law took the initiative to check on the state of his parents’ home.

Jack feared that, along with losing their dwelling, his parents had lost their beloved Bernese Mountain Dog, Izzy. Jack didn’t want his mother to find Izzy’s body in the rubble.

In a video that has already gone viral, Jack records his progress exploring what remains of his parents’ burnt out house. In the footage, you can see the exact moment Jack notices a dark shadow beside a tree. Suddenly, he realizes what it is.

“Izzy is here!” Jack yelled excitedly. “Izzy, come here baby!”

Dog Sleeps On Streets For 11 Years, Then Wakes From Nap To Find Whole World Changed

For a dog living on the streets, life is tough. These strays must be agile and street savvy. One dog managed to survive for over 11 years on his own as a stray on the streets of Los Angeles, but, as often happens when dogs age, he began to slow down.

This poor pooch became exhausted and ill. He took refuge on the porch of a stranger’s home, curling up to take a nap and hoping a kind person lived there.

Thankfully, he picked the right house. The woman who found him didn’t banish him. She took him in and named him Solovino, which in Spanish means, “he who came alone.”

Solovino remained at his makeshift home for days. The woman contacted Rocket Dog Rescue. Based out of San Francisco, this rescue group takes in animals and re-homes them. It embraces dogs who would usually be euthanized at regular shelters.

The well-tempered dog was taken to the rescue, treated, and then put into a foster home. Sadly, his foster placement didn’t last long. Solovino was returned and fostered to different homes for over a year and a half.

When Carol Messina read Solovino’s sad story online, she immediately fell in love with the old boy and decided to adopt him. A life-long Star Wars fan, she shortened his name to Solo.

Posted by Carol Messina on Monday, June 12, 2017

Messina anticipated Solo’s integration into her home would go well, but the weather-beaten old dog – used to being on the streets – had difficulty acclimating to life with her.

Shy and apprehensive around humans, Solo had trouble believing that Messina would be able to give him the happy and safe life he so deserved but had never experienced.

“When he first came to live with me, he kept his tail between his legs for months,” Messina recalled. “He was very non-reactive to dogs and people and cats, and flinched anytime anyone tried to pet him.”

Man Stumbles Upon Gigantic Muscular Kangaroo Bathing In Australian Creek

You’re walking in your grandmother’s backyard, approaching a creek you played in during your childhood. You’re with your dog, and nostalgia hits you sweet and salty like an ocean breeze.

Then, suddenly, you notice something is off. In fact, you notice the head of some animal rearing out of the water, an animal taller than you are. Your pupils dilate. You want to screech in fear. It’s a 200+ pound six-foot-five kangaroo, just taking a bath in your grandma’s creek.

Jackson from Perth sighted the animal at 11:30 am:

“I have been going to that creek since I was a little boy and there have always been kangaroos on the property. 

I was walking my dog and we saw this huge roo standing in the water. I have never seen a kangaroo standing in the water like that, we could just see his head at first, and he was one of the biggest I have ever seen.

“As I ran around him to take a picture he came closer and that was when I realised he was coming right at me and he was really big. 

I am pretty confident around animals but the moment when he started to come out of the water my heart definitely jumped and I decided to take a few steps back. He looked to be at least two metres (6ft 5in) tall, or taller, and must have weighed at least 100 kg (16st).”

U wot, m8?

“He had a really big body and was taller than me. There are a lot of roos at my grandma’s place but I have never seen one that muscular before – he was a big macho male.

 I decided to get Dharma out of there as we thought the kangaroo was going to lure him into the water to drown him.

59-Year-Old Dying Chimp Refuses Food, But Then She Recognizes Her Old Caretaker’s Voice

This is Mama, a 59 year-old chimpanzee who was matriarch of the colony at the Royal Burgers Zoo in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

The colony is famous as the basis of groundbreaking research involving primate behavior, resulting in the book Chimpanzee Politics by Frans De Waal.

Back in April 2016 she was coming to the end of her life, sick and unable to eat. On hearing the news, co-founder of the colony and professor of behavioral biology Jan van Hooff came back to visit Mama and pay his last respects. He had known her since 1972 and the pair shared a deep bond.

At first Mama, weak and seemingly accepting of her nearing end, didn’t recognize Jan. When she does though, the emotions are clear for all to see and are just a thing of beauty.

Watch the video below to see the amazing bond that can be forged between animals and humans, and don’t forget the Kleenex.

This is Mama, a 59 year-old chimpanzee who was matriarch of the colony at the Royal Burgers Zoo in Arnhem, the Netherlands

She was coming to the end of her life, sick and unable to eat

Hearing the news, her old friend Professor Jan van Hooff came back to visit Mama and pay his last respects

I Thought This Man Was Mean To His Dog, But Then The Pooch Left Me In Stitches

Dogs are some of the most adorable creatures on the planet. They are known for their beautiful nature, their loyalty, and their intelligence.

In fact, they are said to be as smart as a two year old human kid! That is pretty impressive if you ask me! Because of their intelligence, they have been assisting mankind in many different ways.

You can train them to do tricks, and you can even train them for things like therapy, and bomb and drugs detection.

Dogs are also very playful. They love participating in whatever their friends and family are doing. Their silly antics always keep you entertained, don’t they?

Our canine friends can make us laugh without even trying! Just take a look at the dog in the video below for instance!

This precious pooch is the perfect example. He is named Mudd and he has never been on a trampoline before. So one day his owner decides to let him test it out!

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She Noticed A Deer Sitting On Her Porch. What Her Dog Does To It Next

Perhaps there is nothing cuter in the world than unlikely animal friendships. Two critters that defy nature’s laws by being friends show the ultimate power of love.

Love can conquer anything, and by looking at such friendships, it seems to trump animal instincts as well. Just take a look at the two unusual friends in the following video!

This video shows two very unlikely friends — a dog and a deer. They are totally comfortable with each other. You can see them sitting together catching some sunlight without a care in the world.

They even play tag together! After some playtime, these two cool down by licking each other. Aren’t they just the cutest?

Did this video melt your heart? Share with all your friends and family!

This video is definitely worth watching and then watching it over and over. It will take just a few minutes and you won’t regret the time spent on it.

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Every time he pets his bird, she lets him know everything that’s on her mind – watch her go!

Dogs and cats are some of the most famous pets in the world. But our avian friends aren’t too far behind. Many people prefer the company of birds over cats and dogs. And who could really blame them? Birds are adorable, sociable, and intelligent.

But just because they are small, it doesn’t mean that they don’t need as much attention from your side as our four-legged friends do. Featured below is an adorable little parrot who just loves getting attention from her owner.

Every time her owner gently pets her, this precious bird makes sure they know how much she appreciates it. She sits on her owner and starts talking, squawking, and squeaking up a storm. She goes on to tell them everything that is on her mind!

Her adorable chat was enjoyed by so many people that it ended up becoming viral on YouTube. The words coming out of the bird’s mouth might not be discernible, but it is quite clear that she is enjoying the love being showered upon her.

The little bird shows off her big personality throughout the video. She is no doubt one of the cutest birds on the internet, and her “talking” only adds to her charm! Don’t miss this!

Watch this adorable cutie below! Did she bring a smile to your face? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

Family Saves Stranded Octopus – The Next Day, He Returns To Thank Them In Remarkable Fashion

Those of us who spend time with animals know they are capable of processing emotions and becoming attached to humans. Apparently that even goes for octopus as well.

The emotional intelligence of an octopus has been confirmed by scientists and their studies.

“They are probably the closest we will come to meeting an intelligent alien,” said Peter Godfrey-Smith in his piece “The Mind of an Octopus” which was published in Scientific American Mind.

According to Godfrey-Smith, an octopus can tell human faces apart even when the humans are wearing identical uniforms.

Their other human traits including playing with items, having long and short-term memory and being really clever when it comes to escaping.

One family find out just how human-like the creatures are after saving an octopus that was stranded on a beach.

“We spent our Holidays at the Red Sea,” their YouTube video caption reads. “While walking along a lonely beach we saw a stranded octopus in the sand. We were not sure if he is already dead. So we pushed him back into the water.”

They thought that would be the last they ever saw of the octopus but the next day they found out this wasn’t the case.

Tiny Pup Starts Taking To Groomer, Mom’s Captured Video Is Putting Everyone To Laughter

Dogs are wonderful creatures. They are really intelligent, cute, friendly, affectionate – the list goes on and on.

If you have a dog, you probably love them like a part of your family. They become a part of our household and become a part of our daily lives.

Grooming is one of the most important parts in raising a healthy dog. It not only makes the dogs look good, but it also ensures that they are clean and in good shape.

Some of us groom our dogs at home , while some of us prefer going to the groomers. The lady below chose the latter.

Their precious puppy has been to the groomer one time before. She is called Oreo and she is only 11 weeks old. And though she has already been to the groomer once, she still hates it.

As you can see in the following video, she doesn’t enjoy the groomer visit so much. Before the groomer can work on her, the puppy starts throwing the cutest temper tantrum. Even the groomer ends up in stitches when she sees her fit!

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Woman Receives Death Threats After Posting This Picture Online (Photos)

Rebecca Francis, winner of the reality television show “Extreme Huntress,” has been receiving death threats for pictures that she has posted to social media. The photos show her posing next to animals that she has killed while hunting.

Metro reported that the Utah native has killed bears, moose, zebras and antelopes during her hunting career. She recently posed with a big smile next to a dead giraffe and posted it to Facebook.

Many social media users reacted negatively; some even said that they wished the hunter was dead.

Twitter user @AsapGinger1 wrote, “I know this is very hypocritical of me but I want to f****** shoot her just for this picture.”

Actor Ricky Gervais is also an animal rights supporter and tweeted the photo of Francis next to the dead giraffe. His message was retweeted more than 17,000 times.

According to the Independent, Francis has eight children. However, multiple pregnancies and babies have not prevented her from hunting in the United States and Africa.

“We hunt elk and deer every year without fail, even through pregnancy, and nursing babies. Our hunting trips are self-guided,” she said.

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Angry Cockatoo Is Told To Go To Her Cage, Throws An Expletive-Filled Tantrum. Hilarious!

There isn’t a more hilarious moment than when having a conversation with an angry cockatoo or parrot.

These little things tend to learn a lot in language, especially when they live in a very vocal environment. If you keep secrets, you better not say anything when around these creatures because they’ll tell everyone what you said.

Now, the cockatoo in this video has something even more interesting to make your day brighter!

Now, Pebble is a cockatoo like no other. She has lived in 10 homes over the course of the last 20 years. That’s not cool for a bird that tends to bond with only one human in their lifetime, and also given that they live a long life.

A cockatoo can hit 100 years of age. You can imagine how much it can have learned in such a lifetime!

Pebble didn’t want to go back to her cage. I think she let me know what she thought about going. She’s not afraid to let her feelings be known. Listen close to the whole video she’s a Ying stuff throughout the whole video.

A couple stood out to us tho. At 1:50 I certainly ly do! Ya I do! F****** around up there looking at f****** marrying me but tell me whos marrying you? I just like rock and roll! Then At 2:43 I ask “do you have an attitude pebble?” She says “ya! That’s right! The f***** veterinarian!” Her reaction is hilarious. Pebble doesn’t take any orders from anyone. I’m literally falling over!

How many statements can everyone hear? What do you hear?? We welcome your input In the comments section bellow:

Angry Woman Screams At Veteran For Bringing His Service Dog Into Restaurant

More than 200,000 people have already watched the following video, and it’s easy to see why it’s sparking so much discussion.

Recently, a woman went to eat lunch at Kathy’s Crab House & Family Restaurant in Delaware City, Delaware. But the mood in the eatery quickly changed when she noticed a man with his service dog.

The man is Army National Guard Bill Austin, a veteran who suffers from PTSD. His Great Dane, JP, is a service animal who provides him with necessary emotional support during potentially crippling social situations. JP is crucial to Bill’s everyday life, whether he’s waking him up during PTSD-related nightmares or reminding him to take his medicine.

According to federal law, the Americans With Disabilities Act requires that restaurants admit patrons with service animals.

Despite this, the woman was furious. The more she went off on the man and his family, the more belligerent she became. She insisted the service dog be put in a different section of the restaurant because animals in restaurants are “disgusting.”

While the veteran remained stoic and composed, another patron desperately tried defending him. “He’s alive because he fought for our country!” she hollered back.

Watch the video to see how the heated encounter finally concluded, and please SHARE this viral video with your friends on Facebook!

Note: This video contains graphic language that may be offensive to some viewers.


Dad Put Camera In Car To Show 4 Dogs Flipping Out When They Hear They’re Going To The Park

You’re about to find out what happens when you tell four big, energetic dogs they’re on their way to play at the park… and trust me, it’s awesome to watch.

Recently, a YouTuber from Canada by the name of “T3” uploaded a hilarious video, and it’s already getting a ton of attention.

  • “Took the dogs to their favorite spot for a walk and they do this every time,” he wrote.

Luna and her three canine companions are German shorthaired pointers, a breed known for being affectionate, active, and loyal.

At first, all is calm inside the car. But just as Dad reveals their destination, the mood instantly changes.

  • “Alright y’all, where we going?” he asks.

It doesn’t take long for the four big pups to figure it out. They get so excited he’s nearly forced to pull over so they can calm down!

  • So. Freakin’. Cute.

Though this clip is still pretty new, it’s already received millions of views on YouTube. It’s easy to see why.


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7 Adorable Signs That Your Dog Sees You As Her Pack Leader

When my family got our first puppy, my youngest sister was almost as small as she was. Of course, the puppy grew at a faster rate than the baby human and the dog was bigger and stronger in no time.

We had a running joke that my dog thought she was ranked higher than my little sister in our “family wolf pack.” Even though it was a joke, there was some truth to the matter.

Dogs are called man’s best friend for a reason, and part of it has to do with them respecting us as the alpha. Thousands of years of domestication has brought us to this point, where dogs do incredible things like save their masters from burning buildings.

Even if your dog isn’t a hero, chances are she does things to show you how much she loves and respects you as the pack leader every day.

Scroll down to learn about how your dog might be paying you respect as the alpha dog in your family pack.

How Does Pack Order Work?

We all know that dogs descended from wolves and that wolves live in packs. In the wild, pack order is important for survival.

Pack order is still important for domestic dogs who retain many wolf qualities.

According to Cesar’s Way, the pack is led by an alpha male and female, followed by betas and omegas.

Betas serve the alphas, and the omegas at the bottom of the barrel serve everyone else. With domesticated dogs, humans are part of the pack, and we hold the dominant role.

Sign 1: Your Dog Follows You Around

Does your dog follow you around? If she does, this is a sign that you are in fact the pack leader.

Dog Needed To Go To The Bathroom. But What Dad’s Camera Caught Next? I Can’t Believe It! OMG!

Dogs are one of the most entertaining species on the planet. They are also very faithful and loyal, and they are known to be quite intelligent too.

Over the course of years, humans have taught canines to help them with many different things. Dogs can give you a hand in your chores, they can help in therapy, and they can even help out in bomb detection!

Dogs are some of the most easily-trainable creatures. If you have a dog at home, I am sure you have tried to teach them some few tricks yourself.

This family is not an exception. However, instead of teaching their dogs tricks like “roll over” or “play dead”, they taught him something very useful. You are going to be speechless when you see this fully potty trained pooch!

He even flushes after he is done! According to his owners, they still take him outside for fresh air and a good walk every day.

Watch this amazing pooch below and let us know what you think in the comments section!

Dog Gets Tired Of Sitting In The Car Waiting On His Owner, Hilariously Takes Matters Into His Own Hands

Dogs love going for a car ride, especially if they get to go to a pet store or out for ice cream. Even better if they end up at the dog park.

What they don’t really care for is being stuck in the car waiting for the owner to come back from running errands. They get bored easily, and well, many things can happen.

They can chew the upholstery, bark like crazy until they return, or tear up personal belongings that the owner may have left out.

The dog in this story did something a little differently to let his owner know that he was not happy being left in the car so long.

It was a crisp day in Pennsylvania, and Melissa Bailey decided to make a grocery store run. While still sitting in her car a car pulled in beside her. There was a man in the car, along with his dogs – four Airedale Terriers.

As the man walked by her car window she commented to him that his dogs looked like they were really happy and having fun. He just gave her a kind smile and walked on to go in the store.

He had just entered the door of the store when one of the dogs jumped into the driver’s seat, and then…

H-O-O-O-O-N-K! He began honking the horn.

Just then another car pulled in with a man in it and the dog stopped honking the horn. All of the dogs watched the man for a minute and then realizing it wasn’t their master went back to business.

Parrot hears favorite Irish song come on, then busts out a jig like you’ve never seen

Ever seen a bird dance more than just bobbing their head? Probably not like this…

Black Headed Caiques are a very common type of parrot to have as a pet. They are usually very lively and love interacting with people, but this one is pretty special.

He LOVES to dance. Every time they puts on a song – this parrot goes to town. I’m thinking he must have some Irish blood in his body or something because this bird is an absolute natural.

You have got to see his amazing Irish jig…it’s guaranteed to make you smile =)

And his coloring matches the theme perfectly.

I mean look at those high kicks!

Here is a gif if you prefer that…


The wave he does at the very end had me dying! 

Clip Of Dog’s Response To Getting Slapped By Baby Goes Viral (Video)

Video of a baby hitting and taunting a patient pet dog went viral, and had people all across social media wondering whether it’s an adorable friendship in the making or a case of irresponsible parenting.

The video shows the amused baby hitting and pushing his pet dog, which soon begins to lick the baby and push back slightly. The duo becomes more playful as the video continues, and the dog subsequently jumps up onto the baby’s seat and engulfs him in a hug.

All the while, an onlooker – thought to be the toddler’s mother or father –films the moment as it unfolds.

Response to the clip was mixed, with many viewers questioning whether or not the parents should have intervened and made sure the dog didn’t become agitated or aggressive with their baby.

“Even if you know that your dog is safe, that’s still not smart. Dogs have off days, too,” one viewer commented.

“The dog obviously adores the little one. It’s not irresponsible,” another argued.

Do you think it was safe to let the baby and his dog interact the way they did? Watch the clip below.

4-Year-Old Dumps Food On Kitchen Floor – Now Watch The Pit Bulls’ Reaction

Humans have a tendency to put things in boxes: those people are bad, this breed is aggressive, that ethnic group is violent.

But sometimes it can be helpful to take a close look at things and not give in to prejudice.

Pit bulls are one good example of a group of dogs that are often stereotyped as aggressive and dangerous – and not to mention, difficult to control.

In the clip below, however, we witness just the opposite.

In it, we watch as a 4-year-old girl spreads out dinner on the floor as 6 pit bulls wait patiently for her instructions. They are so disciplined that they are able to resist rushing in for the food, despite smelling it right in front of them.

When the young girl finally indicates that it’s time to dig in, they continue to manifest great discipline and control and don’t fight over the food, despite that they stand crowded around one pile of food.

Have a watch at the pit bulls’ impressive behavior in the video below. 

This video has received over one million of views on YouTube, with many praising how well the little girl handles the dogs.

What do you think about this sweet moment between a little girl and her dogs? Please share along if you agree this moment is impressive – from both sides!

Petition Is Going Around To Let Retiring Cop Adopt His K9 Partner. Do You Support This?

If you’ve ever spent time training or caring for a dog, you know just how emotionally attached you can become. Dogs are incredibly smart and loving, and they often become a part of the family.

This was the case for Sergeant David Evans of the West Mercia Police force in the UK. After 34 years of service, he was distraught after learning that upon retirement, he would not be able to keep his four year old police dog Ivy.

Read on to find out what Evans’ family is doing to help him fight for his dear companion.

After more than three decades of serving and protecting, Sergeant David Evans had finally decided to retire. However, he was disappointed to learn that leaving his job also meant leaving behind Ivy, his dedicated and beloved police dog.

Evans was so heart broken that he even offered to pay the West Mercia Police force $40,000 to replace Ivy. However, his request was still denied.

Seeing how despondent this left her father, Jennie Evans started an online petition at change.org to help convince West Mercia Police that her father should keep Ivy. The petition has already received 26,000 signature and reads:

“My dad Dave is a Dog Handler Sergeant for West Mercia Police. And for the past four years he has had Ivy, a police dog, by his side.

In April this year my dad is due to retire and after 34 years he has only one request, that Ivy can retire alongside him and continue to live at the family home where she has been since she was 9 months old. But West Mercia police are trying to separate Ivy and my dad.

“West Mercia Police think putting Ivy into the hands of another handler is a “sensible” thing to do, they are reluctant to take into consideration the distress and heartbreak that would be caused by removing Ivy from the loving home she has with my dad and our family,

the heartbreak – not just for us but for Ivy, anyone who owns a dog knows the bond that is made and the distress that can be caused by separation. In the past four years, they have spent every day together and have created a special and unique bond with one another.

It is truly something you have to see to believe. Before joining the Police Force Ivy had already had 2 previous homes, with us she was able to finally be in a loving home where she could settle into a routine when she wasn’t on duty. She now loves nothing more than her endless walks around the fields with Dave.

“It is also extremely sad that this is how West Mercia Police repays a man who has dedicated 34 years of his life to the police Force.

My dad has even offered to buy Ivy or cover expenses of another dog to replace her job and they have even refused this!!

Please help us to try and make West Mercia Police do the right thing for our beloved Ivy, help make our Dad’s retirement the special achievement it should be and finish his career with Ivy by his side.”

While Jennie’s petition has received an overwhelming response, West Mercia Police have not been swayed by her efforts.

They have remained steadfast in their position, responding to her call to action on Facebook with, “The number of signatures is not the main driver – it is what is best for the animal and for the community we serve.

It might of (sic) been helpful to have raised the matter directly with the Chief Constable, before starting the public campaign.”

How do you think should keep Ivy? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section.

Onlookers See Water Splashing Around, Horrified When They Realize What Man Is Doing (Video)

A viral video showing a man throwing an unknown substance into the St. Johns River has prompted the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation to investigate the man on manatee harassment allegations, a spokesman said.

The video, posted to Facebook on Friday by a man named Scott McCormick, shows a man hurling a liquid substance from a red bucket into the water. When the substance hits the river, animals begin splashing in the water.

The Facebook post seems to sarcastically ask, “Is it safe to swim in the water?”

The video, which was later purchased by a licensing agency, has been shared nearly 35,000 times and has been flooded with thousands of comments. The post  is embedded below.

Commenters on the post suggested that disturbed manatees caused the waves; others said it could be fish or another aquatic animal.

FWC spokesman Greg Workman said the agency is investigating the man. Wildlife officials aren’t sure what the substance was, but they do believe frenzied manatees caused the ruckus in the water.

Workman said it appears the manatees were mating at the time, which could be why there was likely more than one.

News 6 showed the video to people in the area, who had mixed reactions.

“If he’s throwing something that’s getting them excited or startling them, then he needs to stop,” said Tim Biers of DeBary.

  • “I get angry, absolutely angry,” said Jack Bering, while watching the video.
  • “I’ve never seen manatees strike the water like that,” added Alex Brunett.

News 6 went to McCormick’s home to ask what was he doing in the video, but no one was home. His neighbors of his said they talked to him and that he told them he threw fresh water in the river. They didn’t know if he was trying to harass them.

Workman also provided a list of tips for peacefully coexisting with sea cows without disturbing them.


Those tips include not touching them, keeping noise levels down, not pursuing them and not splashing excessively. See the full list here.

Great Dane Walks Up To Her Hospital Bed, Now Keep Yours Eyes On The Dog’s Back

When BarkPost heard about this little girl’s story of how her service dog, George, helped her walk again, they knew he was more than deserving of their “Dog’s Best Day” honor.

11-year-old Bella suffers from a rare progressive disorder called Morquio Syndrome that effects her mobility.

Her mother decided that she needed a service animal, and Bella fell in love with her new best friend, George, while volunteering at Service Dog Project, Inc.

Since that day, the two have been inseperable and Bella goes on to say in the video that she knew when she met George that he needed her as much as she needed him.

Now, Bella wants to give back to George for all he has done for her, so together with BarkPost they were able to give George the BEST DAY EVER!

Watch BarkPost’s video of “Dog’s Best Day” for George:

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She Finds 7 Huge Horses Sleeping In A Tiny Barn. But Watch Them When She Starts Filming…

Liz Mitten Ryan was happily walking around her 320-acre horse retreat when she heard an odd noise coming from inside one of her barns.

When she looked inside, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing! A whole group of horses lounging around, sleeping after a eating a huge meal earlier that morning!

Liz runs a special horse retreat called Equinisity. People from all over the world come to her neck of the woods to experience what it means to live amongst nature, wild animals, and wild horses!

The horses have all been born and raised with human love and affection, but for the most part, this group of animals loves to roam the huge swath of land Liz owns.

The horses are all accustomed to being around humans, and even enjoy their company, but at the end of the day, these animals travel as a family group with the freedom to run and play in the wild!

But for whatever reason, even though they have miles and miles of land to run around, this group of horses decided to fit into a barn on the property to get a quick afternoon nap after eating.

The doors to the barn are wide open for them to come and go as they please, but even though it’s a beautiful day, these horses all felt like spending it indoors instead!

So when Liz noticed this family group sleeping, she just knew she had to take some pictures. But when she heard the after-effects of their meal? She couldn’t stop laughing.

While some might think this is a bit gross, you really won’t get a better chance of seeing such an amazing example of how horses act in the wild! Lying down together in perfect harmony, they don’t mind a bit of farting when it’s all in the family!

Horses can get a lot of sleep while standing up, but they are known to lie down when they need the all important REM sleep.

Whether or not a horse lies down seems to be up to their personal preference, many horses lie down only when they feel safe and comfortable.

None of these precious horses is suffering from colic in any form. Liz loves them very much and takes good care of them at all times. Horses just get gassy sometimes and there’s only one way to remedy that!

Warning: The video below contains gassy bodily functions that some viewers might find disturbing.

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Diver Doesn’t Understand What This Gentle Giant Wants – Until It Grabs A Hold Of His Hand!

A group of divers has had an incredible encounter forced upon them by a gentle giant whale shark.

A meeting with a whale shark, which is actually the biggest species of fish in existence according to the Nature Conservancy, is impressive as it is, this, however, was to be much bigger even than that.

As the whale shark approached one of the lone divers, he expected the giant to just glide past as they normally do, but instead, the beautiful creature gently tugged on his hand.

The diver was at first understandably confused and the dive team equally concerned for the welfare of one of their team! Just as quick as the shark had taken his hand he’d let go again once more.

As the shark slowly moved passed him now, he noticed what looked to be a huge commercial fishing rope wrapped around the animal, cutting into its fins.

At this point he wasted no time and not taking a second to consider the risks, he took out a flip knife he happened to be carrying and began working on the rope.

The rescue took less than a minute, but judging by the state of both the rope and the animal’s skin underneath,

it is possible the rope had been there for a very long time, possibly even years which must have been an incredible frustration to the huge creature.

They Found A Dog Sitting On A Park Bench. Their Heart Sank Upon Closer Inspection

Most dogs enjoy taking a stroll through the park with their owners, relaxing under a shade tree and; of course, meeting other dogs. Yet, Polly was terrified at the park.

Polly’s owners used her to breed a litter of puppies. Then they left her on a park bench in California shortly after. Polly was scared and alone. She was abandoned by her only family and didn’t know what to do. So Polly just sat there.

When her rescuers came to Polly’s aid, it was determined that she was only about three years old but she was also blind. Polly didn’t have a very happy life so far.

Not only did she just give birth to a litter of puppies, Polly showed signs of neglect. She was hungry, starved for affection and had a treatable skin disease.

Her foster family is treating Polly with love and compassion and also a very delicious treat.

Watch the video below to see how Polly reacts to the special attention she’s getting with her new foster fam.

Polly is a loving dog who desperately wants a forever home. She has a lot of love to give and would make a great companion.

Polly is expected to recover fully and then hopefully get adopted to a loving family who won’t abandon her in a park bench.

The ideal companion for Polly would be someone who enjoys fast food from time to time. Share Polly’s story; and perhaps, some chicken nuggets too!

Dog Adopted But Has Returned To Shelter 11 Times. But Then They Finally Realize Why

At one point in his life, a South Carolina dog couldn’t seem to find a stable home. Gumby, a white hound, was 7 years old at the time he kept running away from his rescue homes and back to the place that made him feel complete.

Two years ago, the Charleston Animal Society shared a bittersweet account of a dog they said had “Houdini” gifts. Gumby wasn’t like other canines, and no one at the shelter could quite understand his behavior.

The pup was first introduced to the organization as a stray in 2014. He was adopted by a loving human, but it only lasted three days before they brought him back to CAS.

The next adoption was a little longer, but not good enough. Gumby was with his second human for six days and then was right back at the shelter.

His third owner was forced to drop him off twice, but he wasn’t the only one leaving him at the shelter. Gumby was also returned to CAS on two separate occasions: one by an animal control officer and the other by a good Samaritan.

He had a bad habit of running away from his new forever homes, and it seemed like no one could handle his escape mentality. Yet, the shelter didn’t want to give up on him yet.

In 2015, Gumby was given three more chances, but he wouldn’t stop making his way back to CAS. His extensive track record showed that he had returned to the shelter 11 times since 2014.

That means, three times he was found on the streets and eight times he was returned by an adoptive parent. His seventh adoption, however, turned out to be a success. Staff members finally decided to give up and keep him as their own. CAS had become Gumby’s official home, and “he rarely ever tried to escape while in their care.”

Maybe that’s where the pup wanted to be all along, and he seemed to fit right on in. The center’s Behavior Team Leader, Donya Satriale, recruited Gumby as her personal assistant.

He had a gift helping other pets with anxiety, and “seemed to have a natural ability to read the emotions of other dogs.” Additionally, Gumby has helped sheltered cats with bad eye conditions by being a blood donor.

A video posted by CAS in June 2016 stated: “We draw his blood every two weeks extract the white blood cells from his blood and administer to the kittens eyes! (Healing eye drops) The serum from his blood has healing properties!”

Finally, Gumby’s presence around the shelter had come in handy. He was no longer seen as an indecisive four-legged animal without a stable home, but a dog with a purpose and his chosen furever family.

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Service Dog Slammed By Truck, Veteran Left In Anguish. Watches Fragile Body Fade Before His Eyes

Nov. 22, 2016, started out as just another day for retired Navy Seal John Brophy. He and his dog, a retired service animal named Maggie, were visiting a friend in the Las Olas Isles neighborhood of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. John and Maggie were regular visitors to the area, familiar sights to those living in the neighborhood. It was no surprise when John’s friend took Maggie for a walk.

But that sedate stroll soon ended with a shock. As Maggie rounded a bush and walked out into the road, a truck struck her. Brophy came running. With the help of his friend, who happened to be an emergency-room nurse, he bundled Maggie into his vehicle and began to drive.

Unsure where to take his beloved pet, he frantically called a friend who urged him to go to Lauderdale Veterinary Specialists, a 24-hour emergency center. At the time, though, he wasn’t sure Maggie would make it.

“Her tongue was just kind of hanging out, her eyes were rolling back,” Brophy told The Sun-Sentinel. “I definitely thought I was losing her.”

Maggie made it, but the doctors at Lauderdale Veterinary Specialists made a terrible discovery during their examination. Not only was she in hypovolemic shock, she had sustained severe damage to her left hind leg.

The leg injured would prove particularly problematic for Maggie. In addition to multiple fractures, one section was so badly pulverized that the bones didn’t even show up on an x-ray. The veterinarians did the only thing they could. After Maggie was stabilized, they amputated the limb.

Many dogs can function fairly well with only three legs, but Dr. Jennifer Bibevski of Lauderdale Veterinary Services expressed concern that Maggie could eventually develop hip trouble. That was when they took the impressive step of fitting Maggie with her own special prosthesis.

Watch Video Below:

Other than a small limp, Maggie achieved full mobility with her new leg. However, at a cost of $20,000, it wasn’t what anyone would call cheap.

Family and friends chipped in to help Maggie and Brophy. Lauderdale Veterinary Services itself covered the balance of the bill through its The Pet’s Tree of Hope fund, a special provision for pet owners unable to fully pay for an animal’s treatment.

For Brophy, it seemed almost miraculous. “I couldn’t be more thankful for the help, love and support that I have received since the accident,” he told WSVN.

“That’s what we’re here for,” Dr. Bibevski said. “Anything that we can do to help the pets and their owners is what makes our day successful.”

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She Thinks Dog Is Covered In Bug Bites, Then Realizes Those Are Bullet Holes…

When Hayden Howard noticed some strange marks on her English Mastiff Jackson’s body, she thought they were bug bites. When she took a closer look, though, she was horrified by what she saw. Instead of raised bumps, Hayden realized those were actually holes covering her beloved dog’s body.

“I was in shock, I didn’t even know what to think,” the Seymour, Indiana, woman said.

Hayden rushed Jackson to the vet where they shaved his hair back and discovered holes across his body. He had been shot by more than 60 pellets and BBs. Vets removed 20 pellets and seven BBs, although another 20 pellets are still lodged in Jackson’s body and they believe 20 others hit him and bounced off.

Police checked the homes of Hayden’s neighbors and discovered a BB gun and pellets, along with drug paraphernalia, at the home of Tim Woodard.

Woodard was arrested for drug charges and police are waiting for laboratory tests to match the gun and pellets to Jackson’s injuries. If they are a match, police will bring an animal cruelty charge against Woodard as well.

Seymour Police Department Assistant Chief Craig Hayes said this was the worst case of animal cruelty he has ever seen.

“I have never seen an animal shot that many times,” he said. “It’s a very bad case and it’s sad to see.”

He said he believed Woodward was under the influence of drugs when he attacked Jackson.
Thankfully Jackson is now being taken care of and will hopefully make a full recovery soon. We wish him a quick healing and many happy years ahead.

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A Pitbull And Weiner Dog Had A Baby Together. You Need To See The Result

It might not have been a match that anyone expected, but its result is adorable. Meet Rami, a dog with an incredibly unique heritage: he is the offspring of a stocky, broad-chested pit bull and a stubby-legged lithe dachshund. This peculiar-looking dog was found in a backyard in Georgia with no home to call his own.

Rami was transported to the nearest animal shelter, and the shelter’s first post introduced him with: “Hi! I’m Rami and I’m looking for my forever home. I’m full of energy. I don’t like walking on a leash.” Keeping reading to see photos of this unique dog.

Once Rami’s picture, featured below, was posted on the shelter’s website, it had over 2.4 million hits within a day. Adoption offers poured in from around the world. His videos, like the one below, went viral, and his unusual parentage made him famous.

“It is a true pit bull head on a dachshund body,” said Dawn Blanton, director of the Moultrie-Colquitt County Humane Society.

Despite the many adoption offers submitted for Rami, the Society determined that Rami’s fame had given him a new purpose in life. The Society was concerned with making sure that Rami went to the right home, and that he wouldn’t be treated like a freak of nature.

So the Moultrie-Colquitt County Humane Society decided to keep Rami and appoint him as a shelter ambassador.

These days, Rami stays busy as both shelter ambassador and as a therapy dog for feral canines that the Humane Society is called in to locate and assist. He is paying forward the love and care he has received so he can help other dogs who are lost and lonely as he was once.

Follow Rami’s good works on his Facebook page with 7,900 followers and help Rami out by visiting your local shelter to donate, volunteer, or give an animal a loving home.
So what should we call Rami? A pitshund? A dachbull? How about just calling him beautiful! Here’s hoping that Rami has many happy years ahead as a wonderful representative of his extraordinary species: the dog.

Watch Rami below as he playfully runs around the Society’s central office:

So what should we call Rami? A pitshund? A dachbull? How about just calling him beautiful! Here’s hoping that Rami has many happy years ahead as a wonderful representative of his extraordinary species: the dog.
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Dad Posts Photo Of Daughter Eating Something Odd, Faces Backlash When People Realize What It Is

A New Zealand hunter has come under fire for letting his 8-year-old daughter eat the still-beating heart of a deer she had just killed.

BuzzFeed reports that Johny, who’s last name isn’t given, posted photos to a hunting community’s Facebook page of his daughter eating the heart of a stag she had successfully killed. The page has since been taken down.

“Check out my little pink ninja princess Chloe (8) with her first deer a young stag. Shot in a bush block on a friends farm last weekend,” Johny wrote.

Johny claimed Chloe “took a bite from its warm quivering heart,” and posted a photo to the New Zealand Woman Hunters Facebook page to prove it. The photo has since gone viral, with many people commenting on the graphic photos.

“Sounds like a psychopath to me,” one user wrote, “no normal kid wants to do something like that to that degree. It was either forced or she truly does have some deep problems.”

Another wrote, “Eating a raw creature’s heart after you kill it, sounds a touch evil. Not to mention disgusting and disease ridden. Any sane person would realize that there is nothing okay about this.”

Other users came to Johny’s defense, saying that biting the heart of your first kill is an old hunting ritual.

“Wow all you judgmental people!!” one user wrote. “I’m sure all the McDonald’s and processed food you feed your children are worse than one bite of a heart!!”

Johny claims he is surprised by the response to his photos. “Chloe has been coming hunting with me since she was eight months old on a front pack. This was her first deer. She has shot a goat, and been target shooting,” he said.

Johny added, “I’d quote the saying, ‘Lions do not care of the opinions of sheep.’ She wanted to do it when she saw a picture of her uncle biting the heart of his first deer.

We’re not too serious about it; it’s something some hunters do with the first kill. I wouldn’t say [it is] ritualistic, but she is a hunter now.”

93-Yr-Old Lonely After Losing Husband, But Watch What Happens When She Meets This St Bernard

When it comes to this pair it’s hard to determine who’s cuter: 93-year-old Sally or 1-year-old Brody. Regardless, together they are a joyful sight to behold.

Sally, 93, lost her husband in 1990 and has lived next to Dave Mazarella in Mt. Vernon, Washington, for 15 years. She has known all of his pets, but never had quite the bond as the one she’s nurtured with Mazarella’s 1-year-old Saint Bernard, Brody.

Sally was quick to tell TODAY that Brody, who has a very popular Instagram account, had already paid her a visit before lunchtime.

“He was here this morning already, he came over with Dave,” she said. “Oh he’s such a sweetheart! I gave him a crust of bread for breakfast.”

Brody visits Sally multiple times per day and it’s safe to say that they light up each other’s lives.

“Brody would wander over to her house,” Mazarella said. “Then she started giving him snacks.”

And the rest, as they say, is history. Now the duo walks to church, watches the news and grabs the daily newspaper – all by one another’s side.

“From the moment he sees me he’s so happy,” said Sally. “Brody really loves me – Dave says it’s my voice.”

Sally, however, thinks it’s her Dutch accent. She moved to Washington in 1952, but spent her childhood on her family’s farm in Holland – the very place where she learned to love animals.

Sally has four children, but only one lives nearby. She keeps in close contact with all of them and they love the pictures of Brody and her together just as much as the rest of us.

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Blind Man Straps Camera To Guide Dog’s Back. When Wife Sees Video Later She’s Horrified…

Blindness is a difficult disability for anyone to bear, but it can be especially hard for those who lose their sight later in life. People who were born blind have learned how to get around in the world from the time they were babies, but when someone goes blind as a child or adult, they have to relearn how to do everything.

That is what 37-year-old Amit Patel discovered when he went blind five years ago. Amit suffers from a condition called keratoconus, which affects the cornea, and he lost all vision.

To help him get around, Amit was paired with a guide dog named Kika. She helps him get where he needs to go and keeps him safe, but Amit admits he still often feels like a “scared little boy in the corner.”

One would expect that people seeing a blind man would go out of their way to show kindness and to help, but sadly, Amit has found that is not the case. In fact, people openly mock him and make things more difficult for him.

Amit decided to attach a GoPro camera to Kika’s harness to see if he was just imagining things or if people really were treating him as badly as he thought. Every day as they walked around London, Kika would be secretly recording the goings-on of the day.

When Amit got home he would upload the footage for his wife, Seema, to watch, and what she found left her furious and heartbroken.

The camera captured a woman on a train putting her bags on an empty seat so Amit couldn’t sit next to her.

It captured people sitting on the train watching Amit and Kika walk by without offering their seats.

It captured people hitting Kika with bags and umbrellas when they were on an escalator so she would move and they could get past.

It captured empty taxi cabs zooming past Amit as he tried to hail one down.

It caught train station employees ignoring Amit for several minutes as he tried to find someone to help him find the right train.

Guy Spots Strange Bug He’s Never Seen. Decides To Touch It, Left In Utter Disbelief

A lot of times the word insect brings creepy crawly things that buzz around and annoy us to mind. But some of the most spectacular organisms in nature are members of the insect family. From dragonflies to praying mantises, nature has found some pretty amazing ways for life to solve the problems that get thrown at it.

Well, we just found a marvelous video of a rare mountain katydid. In this clip, a hiker gently touches the unassuming creature and all of a sudden it reveals its true magnificence.

You are going to amazed when you watch this wonderful video, and best of all, you did not need to go out into nature yourself to see it.

Katydids make up a subfamily of the insect world called tettigoniidae, of which there are more than sixty four hundred known species. Also called bush crickets, they are mostly nocturnal.

These remarkable insects are found on every continent except Antarctica. While almost a third of all species of katydids live in the tropical rain forests of Central and South America, some two hundred and fifty five species can be found in the United States and North America.

Many species of katydid resemble small grasshoppers, but are easily differentiated by their extremely long antennae. Others could easily be mistaken for leaves on a tree on blades of grass. However some, like this rare mountain katydid, have extremely colorful markings.

Most katydids eat leaves, flowers, seeds, and bark, but some have been known to eat small snails, other insects, and small snakes and lizards.

Larger katydids can inflict a painful bite to humans, however, they can not break skin.

In some places, they are considered pests by farmers, but they typically do not congregate in large enough numbers to make an economic impact. In some parts of Africa like Uganda, katydids are actually consumed by humans as an excellent source of protein.

Male katydids have a sound producing organ on their wings that help them communicate, and is used as a courtship ritual in late summer.

Katydids live a fairly long time for insects. While the housefly has a lifespan of about three days, katydids can live for about a year. After mating in late summer, a female will deposit her eggs in a specially dug hole near grass stems.

Depending on the species, when they hatch, the nymphs may resemble other dangerous insects like spiders or assassin bugs to avoid predators. Others may look like flower petals as a form of camouflage.

Nymphs do not reach sexual maturity until their final molt in the summer time. When it comes time to mate, a male katydid presents a gift to the female in the form of a spermatophylax. The female will consume this gelatinous bulb, simultaneously gaining nutrients and becoming impregnated.

So, there you have everything you ever wanted to know about katydids all in one easy to understand story.

Have you ever seen a more beautiful insect in the wild? What is your favorite insect and why? Please share your thoughts and stories with us here.

Puppy Scares Himself Awake By Farting, And It’s Hilarious (Video)

An adorable video (below) of a puppy farting has gone viral for obvious reasons.

The video was posted on YouTube and shared by Newsiosity on July 18.

When the clip begins, the unsuspecting viewer thinks nothing of the cute canine quietly napping on a rug. Ten seconds into the footage, the dog rips an epic fart that so strong it wakes him up.

The puppy immediately sits up and shakes his head looking confused and shocked, while people can be heard laughing in the background.

Be warned, this video might be too cute for work (TCFW).

Man Sitting On Toilet, Reading Newspaper Experiences Every Guy’s Worst Nightmare

The world’s unluckiest man is recovering after reportedly being bit in the penis by an 11-foot python while using the toilet in his own home.

Atthaporn Boonmakchuay has lived out what is perhaps every man’s worst nightmare,

While sitting on the toilet in his Chachoengsao home, Boonmakchuay felt something bite him, the Daily Mail reported. When he reached down, he found a snake with its jaw clamped around his penis.

Boonmakchuay screamed for help as he tried to fight off the snake. His wife was able to get him a rope, and he managed to tie the python’s head to the bathroom door before collapsing.

Boonmakchuay was rushed to a nearby hospital after suffering substantial blood loss.

Emergency crews were able to remove the 11-foot python from the pipes under the toilet. The snake was released back into the wild.

According to reports, the python had swam up pipes to get to the home.

Boonmakchuay is currently in stable condition.

Bystander Spots Bald Eagle And Hits Record, Quickly Realizes Horrifying Sight [video]

While some people are comfortable allowing their cats around the company of bald eagles, most sane homeowners realize how dangerous this is – especially if they love their animal.

In the horrific video footage shared below, you’ll see that sometimes nature must do harsh things to survive. Watch the bald eagle stand in a park area along the highway in Two Harbors, Minnesota. The driver, who has caught the bird of prey on a video camera, slowed the vehicle and is catching it in action.

But, the filmmaker never expected to see the eagle lift off with a feline in its talons! At the end of the video, the bird takes flight and we see what appears to be a Siamese cat in its clutches…

The video has shocked the internet, which is known for loving cats and kittens.

But the commuter who happened upon the scene did not know that the cat was being victimized. At least not until the eagle took flight. Then the full-sized cat could be seen struggling to free itself from the better predator’s talons.

Although the eagle has the cat trapped, it is a fat cat and the bird struggles to gain elevation.

The clip was captured and posted online on March 8. And although it has only been online for a few days, it has been viewed about 150,000 times already.

  • Dozens of people left comments on YouTube.
  • “This is the food chain people.”
  • Another said: “Sometimes the hunter becomes the hunted. Poor kitty.’”

“Like it or not, humans are solely responsible for this.  Cats do fine as indoor animals and don’t need to be outside.  Every cat I’ve ever owned, (I’ve had many.) lived long happy lives fed, warm, played with, and safe.  Those allowed to wander can be hit by cars, mauled by raccoons (yes, it does happen) eaten by neighborhood coyotes, or killed by dogs, owls, eagles, or humans,” wrote Inu no Taisho.

“Bummer for the kitty…  I wonder how much weight an eagle can fly with? I would’ve thought a ten-pound cat would be too heavy,” shared Pat Ward.

And even more, people shared their thoughts on Daily Mail where the video was later picked up.

“Bald Eagles primarily eat fish from lakes or rivers, but if they are iced over in the winter …..I guess they eat whatever comes along…,” wrote a reader.

“I love cats and I agree with you – cats are indoor pets, period. I would say the same about tiny dogs, outside they’re part of the food chain. I knew one guy who let his dog roam constantly over neighbors farm although he was warned many times not to – the dog came home shot and had to be put down – he blamed neighbor, it was his fault,” Lee Thomas wrote.

A viewer from Lansing wrote, “It’s not “horrifying.” It’s what eagles do. Worried about your cats? Then keep them the hell in your home. Why do folks think it’s OK to let their pets roam freely?”

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Police Answer Call About Non-Stop Barking – Yhen They Find What’s On The Floor In The Home

A 62-year-old New Jersey woman’s life was saved thanks to her two dogs, who knew they had to call for somebody to help her.

The woman, a widow who lives alone with her two dogs, Bella and Sammy, collapsed in the bathroom of her Northvale home. According to NJ.com, the woman was semi-conscious, but the fall prevented her from being able to move, possibly for several days.

A few nights after the fall, neighbor Meg Verdigi’s daughter, Melanie, and her friend, Nicole Boyle, were taking their nightly walk when they heard the sound of dogs barking and glass breaking.

Concerned, the two women walked up to the home to ring the bell, but saw blood on a shattered window. Sammy barked the entire time.

“He never stopped barking,” Verdigi told NJ.com. “I think he has separation anxiety.”

Melanie called her mother to tell her what was going on.

“She said ‘I think the dog broke the window. And the dog is barking,’” Verdigi said. “She asked should she call the police. I said, ‘Yes. Call the police.’”

According to Newsiosity, when Northvale police officers arrived at the home, they reached into the broken window to unlock the front door. They found the two dogs inside the house “with no food or water in sight.”

Family Comes Home To Find Their Beloved Dog Murdered, Then Dad Spots Note On Counter

Dogs are man’s best friend. That’s how the saying goes, and the majority of dog owners can agree that this sentiment is true. After a long, hard day at work, a dog never fails to greet you at the door. And who better to share your long walks with than a happy-go-lucky pup?

We grow attached to them for good reason…because they are committed to the family members who took them in. Even for those who don’t initially love animals, it’s hard to escape the spell that a loving dog can cast on you.

So, imagine coming home to discover that your dog isn’t there to greet you? It would be pretty disappointing right? Well, one family recently experienced just that, but they soon found out that it was much worse than their dog simply escaping.

Dog owners everywhere are going to be appalled by how the Oakland Police Department handled a recent situation.

When the Hallock family returned home from their day out, they expected to be greeted by their 11-year-old golden lab, Gloria. But, instead, they came home to a note on the door that read…

“Your dog was shot and killed by a police officer due to threats.”

Evidently, the officers responded at the Hallock Home when their alarm went off. Allegedly, Gloria approached the officer with a threatening stance and bark, so the officer shot her.

“Did you have to go to the revolver first? Did you have pepper spray, a taser, a baton instead?” said Gloria’s owner, Ward Hallock.”There is no way you couldn’t stop Gloria if you simply dropped a donut or a ham sandwich in front of her.”

The family admits that Gloria had a loud bark and took it upon herself to protect the family and the backyard, but she also had arthritis and she moved slowly. Even family dogs are known to protect their owners, and it’s so very common for a dog to bark at a stranger approaching their home.So, why did the officer feel the need to go immediately for his gun?

“Being in her presence made everything feel complete,” said Gloria’s other owner, Matthew Hallock. “Now that she’s gone it’s like missing a family member.” The family now clings to Gloria’s favorite stuffed animal and spend a lot of time looking through a scrapbook with photos of the pup.

The family says that they are not angry with the police, but they do, however; want to know if some of the policies need changing. It seems a good topic of discussion to bring up, considering there are so many other ways of calming a dog down when you feel threatened. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that an innocent dog has been unrightfully killed. It makes one wonder if the responding police officer had an issue with dogs, to begin with. Maybe he had been bitten in the past and he had a fear?

In any event, Gloria’s life ended too soon and for a reason that simply wasn’t justified.

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Bystander Spots Dog Lying Alone On Side Of Road, Quickly Spots Devastating Reason Why

As you are probably already well aware, we just love dogs to death around here. Which is why we were so upset by a recent story we came across about an abandoned dog.

This story will break your heart when you read it.

Paul Skinner was out for a bicycle ride recently when he noticed a dog on the side of the road in a patch of undergrowth. Skinner saw the dog desperately sniffing and licking a plastic bag. When he pulled over to check on the poor dog, he made a gruesome discovery. Someone had placed the dog’s newborn pups inside the bag and suffocated them.

Skinner immediately called the police and they notified a nearby veterinary clinic in a vain attempt to save the puppies lives.

A spokesperson for the veterinary clinic said they could not determine if the four small pups had been stillborn or placed in the bag while they were still alive, but their mother is now safely recovering at an area shelter.

People who have read this story have taken to social media to share their thoughts on it, saying things like:

“I think people do that to a good dog it will be their turn to have a very evil thing in their life but I think of my dogs as my family.”- Ann Keene

“I’m a pet groomer own my business. I work 5 days a week with these ever loving precious angels.

It’s my passion, not a job. This story ripped me up. I’m crying here. Evil, rotten, no good people who do this shit to furbabies just rages me. I’m a big believer in KARMA… may it ride the person’s ass who did this to this mommy furbaby.

KARMA never sleeps and it has no mercy.. hope someone loving in the world adopts this beautiful babydoll.”- Ce Marie “Whoever did this horrific act should be put in a plastic bag and suffocated.” Mary McNeal

“That’s so cruel to do that that just breaks my heart.i would take her in a min and love her and show her she doesn’t have to live that way any more.”- Martha Summers

“Even if the puppy were stillborn, they should of comfort the mom not make her hurt , abandon her and leaving her puppies next to her in a bag,,,,God loves his animals, ,they will have to answer to God”- Nene Gonzales

“Anyone that hurts a dog. Child or,an older person needs to be put down.”- Sue Grear

“I think that’s awful. my daughter rescues and finds home for animals. to even think the puppies being placed in a bag alive is heartbreaking.”- Fran Kemp

“This poor dog…such heartbreak…whoever did this is a cruel, heartless bastard and should be charged with animal cruelty!!! Not only for those innocent puppies but for dumping the poor Mama as well….shameful and disturbing.”- Stephanie Czech

“So very cruel. How can people do this kind of thing?? And yes dogs mourn for their babies just as we do. I hope the owners of this dog never have another animal. Poor mom had tears in her eyes, how heart breaking!”- Maralyn Ikert

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Residents Slice Open Giant Python, See A Person, Immediately Recognize Who It Is

After going missing, a 25-year-old Indonesian man was found in the body a reticulated python — one of the largest snake species in the world (video below).

To all those Ophidiophobian (those with an abnormal fear of snakes), this story is without a doubt a real-life version of your biggest nightmare.

The Daily Mail reported that Akbar Salubiro went missing and after a couple of days and was found dead inside the body of a python.

In one piece. Salubiro lived in a village on the island of West Sulawesi, Indonesia, with his wife and two kids.

The young father left to harvest palm oil one day, but didn’t make it past his back garden, where a reticulated python had grabbed hold of him, suffocated him and slowly swallowed the man’s body whole.

According to Elite Daily, Salubiro Junaidi, the village secretary, said, “People had heard cries from the palm grove the night before Akbar was found in the snake’s stomach.”

With his wife away, it was friends and family members who noticed that Salubiro was missing and began the search.

They quickly found the swollen, massive python in the missing man’s backyard and noticed a bulge in the serpent’s stomach that, terrifyingly, matched the shape of boots.

They took it upon themselves to confirm their suspicions.

Using an 18-inch long hunting knife, locals cut open the animal’s huge torso to find their friend’s lifeless body.

Images show that Salubiro was, in fact, still wearing his boots, along with his shorts and T-shirt.

His wife had not yet returned to the village — nor had she heard the news from friends and family of her husband’s death — when she saw the images, videos and stories of the grotesque find swarming the internet.

According to the Animal Diversity Web, the specific type of snake is comes from southeastern Asia and western Bangladesh to south eastern Vietnam and on the Indo-Pacific islands west of New Guinea. But reports have recently concluded that the reticulated python has been spotted in southern Florida, Queensland, Australia and South Sudan.

Its average length is 15.68 feet and its average weight is 374.79 pounds, although some females can get quite a bit larger and heavier.

They don’t produce venom and nor do they bite. Like most large snakes, they kill their prey by wrapping around and suffocating it. They primarily hunt birds and mammals of all sizes.

Reticulated pythons are one of the most commonly hunted snakes by humans due to their large size, which guarantees a large quantity of snakeskin that can be sold. 

Teenagers Torture Dog By Breaking Legs And Setting Him On Fire, But He Survives And Still Loves People

Meet Chunky the pooch who was kidnapped by four teenagers and tortured in the most cruel way possible. “This was the most disturbing case I have ever dealt with – by an absolute mile,” Caroline Doe, an RSPCA inspector, told Honest To Paws.

“These youths admitted feeding Chunky drugs, kicking and punching him, and wringing and breaking his neck before dumping him.

They also said they set fire to his face and eyes after lighting a deodorant aerosol can. ” On top of that, Chunky got his legs broken. “The whole thing sends shivers down my spine,” says Doe.

All of this happened last year. Still, we can’t forget this story. Chunky the chihuahua mix has inspired so many people around the world to take a stand against animal cruelty.

Although the ordeal has left the doggie more timid and nervous than before, the good news is that the doggie is going strong and has reunited with his owners. Having recovered from it all, Chunky is one inspiring pooch!

Meet Chunky the pooch who was kidnapped by four teenagers and tortured in the most cruel way possible

“This was the most disturbing case I have ever dealt with – by an absolute mile”

The youngsters broke the doggie’s legs and neck and set his face and eyes on fire.

Watch Video Below:

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Footage Captures Tiger Giving Birth To Twin Cubs

Any birth is amazing, but add in the fact that the Sumatran tiger is an endangered species and the birth is of twins, and you have a remarkable story. Footage captures Australia Zoo’s Sumatran Tiger, Kaitlyn, as she gives birth to not one, but two twin male tigers. Viewers get the rare opportunity to witness the labor and delivery process.

The zoo staff sees firsthand the precious moments when a tiger cub takes its first breath after being stimulated by his mother’s licking. The video depicts those moments of uncertainty as the zoo supervisor, Giles Clark, refrains from helping Kaitlyn. Clark said, “I feel like I should get in there and give her a hand.”

However, the staff is all too aware that the tiger mother must do this on her own. After a few moments, the cub is breathing regularly and cries out. The simple sound of life brings cheers of joy from the viewers. The next cub comes out kicking and much more noisy than his brother which is very much welcomed from the anxious crowd.

The birth of the cubs is amazing for many reasons. Not only are the cubs the first to be born at this Australia Zoo, but their birth means great things on a much larger scale. According to Australia Zoo, Clark said, “Not only will these cubs ensure the survival of the species in captivity, but they will also provide genetic diversity among captive tiger populations. The cubs’ wild bloodline is an important factor. These cubs are possibly the most significant births for the program in recent history.”

As of right now, there are only about 500 Sumatran Tigers in the world so this birth certainly means a a significant increase in the population in the future.

What an amazing thing to be captured on film! Be sure to check out the entire delivery in the video below.

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Lion Gets Revenge On Trophy Hunters (Video)

Two trophy hunters in South Africa who posed behind a lion they killed got an unpleasant surprise (video below).

The duo learned the hard way that to shoot and kill exotic animals may not be worth the risk.

In the video, the couple sets up a camera to pose for the perfect shot of them with the lion they had killed.

After posing for a few shots, the man starts walking to the camera to shut it off, when the woman notices something terrifying — another lion is approaching, and he is not happy.

The video ends with the hunters running out of frame, leaving what happens next up to the viewers’ imagination, although what is assumed a gun being fired can be heard.

Since being uploaded, users have debated whether or not the video is genuine. Some have pointed out irregularities that lead them to believe that the incident may have faked.

“When the woman gets behind the lion, the contrast between them is off, as if it’s on a green screen,” one user wrote.

“You can tell it’s CGI due to the crappy shadows,” another commenter wrote.

Former NYPD analyst Conor McCourt told Inside Edition: “I think it is a fake.” He also said, “In the shadows we are having issues with the lion

in the foreground and the dead lion on the ground, there are issues whether they are from the same camera.”

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Woman Who Spent 5 Years Transforming Into Giraffe Makes Unexpected Decision

A woman who spent years artificially stretching out her neck with heavy metal rings to look more like a giraffe has decided to give up her unusual goal, saying “logic kicked in.”

Sydney Smith, 30, became obsessed with modifying her body since reading about the Kayan Lahwi tribes of Thailand and Burma, where young girls stretch out their necks by encasing them in heavy metal rings. 

“I’ve always had a long neck,” Smith, a Los Angeles resident, told The Huffington Post. “In middle school, they called me ‘giraffe girl.’

Then I saw the pictures of the long-necked tribes in Thailand and Burma in National Geographic and I became fascinated with them.”

As an adolescent, she would wrap coat hangers around her neck every night before she went to bed. She briefly stopped for a few years to contemplate whether she really wanted to modify her body so dramatically.

In 2011, she decided to take her quest for a longer neck to the extreme, purchasing a heavy, tight-fitting copper necklace to push down her collarbone.

Over the next five years, she would gradually add more rings around her neck, which she never removed, even when sleeping or driving.

At one point, she had 15 rings soldered around her neck, which weighed around 5 pounds, reports the Daily Mail.

She has since announced that she will no longer be the “giraffe woman,” as she calls herself, and plans to remove the heavy rings.

“I couldn’t function properly as a long neck woman with 15 rings around my neck in the United States of America,” she said.

“Unless you are willing to completely isolate yourself and you’re a trust fund baby and don’t ever need to leave the house, don’t ever need to drive, then maybe you can pull it off.”

She says that at some point the rings became the defining feature of her personality and that she began losing her sense of self.

“I spent five years of my life with rings around my neck and I just became very introverted and isolated and felt like the rings were taking over my life in every way,” she said.

“It was always about the rings, it wasn’t about Sydney anymore. I tried sticking my neck out to make it work but logic kicked in after a while.”

Smith now sees a physical therapist multiple times a week to help with the stiffness wrought by the rings. She says she is recovering more quickly than doctors expected and that her neck doesn’t seem to have any permanent damage.

“People have this misconception that they think that your neck is going to look super long when you remove the rings,” she said. “It goes back to normal. I do feel my neck is longer than when I started but I feel like it has shrunk since I took them off.”

She says she doesn’t regret making the initial choice to elongate her neck, saying that the heavy rings provided a feeling of comfort and security.

“I really enjoyed the feeling of the rings around my neck,” she said. “I miss the sensation of the weight on the collarbones, which was in a weird way very comforting.”

Sources: Daily Mail