20 Well Mannered Insults To Use Against Your Worst Enemy. Number 7 Is Pure Genius

Ever heard the term “Passive aggressive”.It is basically a defense mechanism that allows people who aren’t comfortable being openly aggressive get what they want under the guise of still trying to please others. They want their way, but they also want everyone to still like them.

Below are 20 well mannered insults that define passive aggressive in the best possible way.insult 1

insult 2

insult 3

insult 4

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Dad Is Stunned Silent When Son With Asperger’s Shows Him Poem He Wrote In Class

Every parent wants to shield his/her child from the harm and pain that can come when stepping out into the world with other kids. For parents with a special needs child, the risk of their kid experiencing harm inflicted by others can be much higher.

In a study cited by CNN, research shows that approximately 46% of children with autism in middle and high school had reported being victimized or bullied.

One proud father of an autistic 10-year-old boy named Benjamin Giroux is teary-eyed and beaming over a recent poem that his son wrote in his fifth grade class.

According to The Huffington Post, father Sonny Giroux and his wife were nearly in tears when Benjamin showed them a poem titled “I Am,” that he’d completed as an assignment.

Benjamin uses the poem to express the isolation and sadness that often comes as a result of having Asperger’s syndrome. Lines such as, “I want to not feel blue,” and “I try to fit in,” pepper the page, along with the repeated line that both opens and closes the poem: “I am odd, I am new.”

Giroux told The Huffington Post that he is extremely proud of his son and that him and his family have been overwhelmed by the positive response the piece has evoked from others.

Read Benjamin’s touching poem below.


I’ve Listened To This Classic Song For Decades, But I’ve Never Heard It Sung Like THIS. Wow!

This isn’t your dad’s folk tune. Well, I mean, technically it is. Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence” is an instantly recognizable classic, thanks in part to its inclusion in the 1967 film, The Graduate.

It has since been used to great effect in dozens of films and television shows, including, perhaps most famously, the cult hit Arrested Development, where it became a recurring theme, used to telegraph the inner thoughts of the Bluth family.

But when metal band Disturbed showed up on Conan, they did something very few expected. Instead of one of their visceral, often-profanity-laden, angst-ridden scorchers, such as “Down with the Sickness,” lead singer David Draiman stood up in front of his band and a group of classical musicians to deliver a stunning rendition of the 1964 folk song, penned by Paul Simon.

Not only is it a very different style from the band’s past hits, this live performance also shows off Draiman’s remarkable singing voice, creating a new intensity in a song that is already plenty stark, moody, and haunting. This performance works, not only because it’s so unexpected but also because it’s so darn good.

It could have been a novelty or a quirky flash-in-the-pan, but no, this cover is sure to go down in the annals of great covers that rise to the level of equal-or-better to the original.

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When This Waitress Was Left A $0 Tip, No One Thought She Would Do Something Like THIS

Being a server is no easy task. Anyone who has been in the industry can attest to that. One of the most deflating things that can happen to a server is not receiving a tip for their service.

Servers usually make below minimum wage and often rely on tip money as their actual payment. It’s the money they use to pay bills and buy necessities.

When this server received absolutely no tip for a large bill, she had something to say about it.

Taylar Cordova is a hardworking mother.

She works as a server to provide for her daughter. As any parent knows, balancing both family and work life is a hard task.

It’s even harder when you are living on a low minimum wage and are not sure how much money you will bring home that evening.

mom and daughter

So when Taylar didn’t receive a tip for a bill worth $187.43…

…she wasn’t happy. Rather than stand idly by and do nothing about the situation, Taylar decided to stand up for herself, as well as for other people in the service industry.

full bill

She posted her customer’s bill on Facebook as well as this message:

Taylar writes about the burden it places on servers and their families when they make such low wages and do not receive a tip.

She states that it affects the groceries they can buy, the bills they can afford to pay, and the clothes she can put on her daughter’s back.

“Servers are paid a base pay of $2-5/hr depending on the employer, so next time you don’t want to tip, regardless of the situation prior to receiving your bill, think about how much you would have to work that week off $2-5/hr to feed your family, not just you,” wrote Taylar.


Woman Didn’t Want Her House To Get Robbed. What She Did Next Is GENIUS!

Every home owners worst nightmare is their house being robbed. Luckily, it’s never happened to me, but I could never imagine what it feels like to know someone has been in your house and touched your personal belongings. Sickening. What lengths would you go to protect your home?

When I read this story, I couldn’t help but laugh. Hopefully, it will get your weekend off to a good weekend too. Enjoy!



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The Cashier Scowled At A Young Couple When They Couldn’t Afford Their Groceries. Then Something

Sometimes when you have had a long hard week, you read something that just gives you a fresh take on things.

In a world full of selfish and ignorant people, it is all to easy to forget there are a load of really good people out there. Just take this story for example!



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These 14 Photos Of Babies With A Full Head Of Hair Will Make Your Day

Parents have a lot to think about before their little bundles of joy finally arrive. You have to sort of mentally prepare yourself for the pooping, the tantrums, diaper changes, and vomit, lot’s of vomit. Have you ever heard the old wives tales that if you suffer bad heartburn when you are pregnant, then it means your child will probably come out with a good amount of hair? I don’t know if it is actually true, but for the sake of this article let’s just assume it is, the mothers to whose these children belong must have had a real nightmare!

It seems furry newborns are more common than I first thought. after scouring the depths of the internet I’ve compiled my favourite contenders for the ‘most hair ever seen on a baby award’. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this. don’t forget to leave us a comment in the section Facebook to let us know which one you think is the cutest/hairiest? Or both.

1 WOW!cute baby




pineapple head9. AWWW!

awww10. MORE HAIR THAN YOUR AVERAGE NEWS ANCHOR!nice baby11. I’M POSITIVE THIS IS A WIG!wig12. CUTE!impressive13. THAT QUIFF SCREAMS PROFESSIONAL.BEAUTIFUL BABY14.  MORE HAIR THAN THE DOG?doggy and babyIf you liked this post be sure to SHARE it with your friends and family on Facebook.

Wife Looks Into Mute Husband’s Eyes. When He Does THIS, She Can’t Believe It!

Don and Lorraine have been married for 25 years. Partners in life and in business, the pair ran a farm together. After having three beautiful children, in 1995, Don was diagnosed with ALS. Almost five years later, he was fitted with a ventilator, rendering him unable to speak.

Lorraine did not give up on her husband — true to her vows, in sickness and in health, she took on her role as caretaker and learned to do all the tasks Don did for their business. But Don’s inability to communicate hurt Lorraine the most.

Lorraine was determined to speak with her husband. She even made him a letter board. She would hold it up and Don would gaze at each letter to spell out a phrase. The process took forever, and he could only speak one word at a time, but it was a start to something wonderful.

With the help of his team, Mick Ebeling — the founder of Not Impossible Labs, a company that creates solutions for people with disabilities — invented a device that allowed Don to speak with his eyes, quickly. The program would even simulate an audible voice. After 15 years, Don finally got to tell Lorraine everything that had been on his mind, and it was beautiful.

“My dear Lorraine, I can’t imagine life without you. You have made the last 25 years fly by and the last 20 with ALS bearable. I can’t wait for the next 20 with you. Love, Don,” he said. It is truly a love letter for the ages.

Watch Video Below:

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12 Year Old Tells Judges She Is Nervous, But When She Began Performing JAWS Dropped

Beau Demott is a 12-year-old contestant on English TV show ‘Britains Got Talent’.

When she walks on stage she tells the judges that she is very nervous. Viewers don’t really know what to expect. If you watch the video below, you will see why she is now taking the internet by complete STORM!

At the end of the performance, there is also a super special surprise that will bring a tear to your eye



This Young Girl Silences A Politician With Just One Question

Sometimes children are a lot smarter than we give them credit for. Like this little girl, for instance, who knew how to make a point to a politician she met on an airplane. Check out the conversation she had with this congressman, you’ll be laughing, I promise.

While on a flight, a congressman was seated next to a little girl who was quietly reading her book.

The congressman turned to the little girl and asked, “Do you want to chat? Flights go quicker if you strike up a conversation with a fellow passenger.” The little girl put her book down on her lap and said, “What do you want to talk about?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” said the congressman.

“How about global warming, universal health care or stimulus packages?” he continued, smiling smugly. “Those could be interesting topics, but let me ask you a question first,” she started.

“A horse, a cow, and a deer all eat the same stuff — grass.

Yet a deer poops little pellets, while a cow makes a flat patty, but a horse produces clumps. Why do you think that is?” She asked. The congressman, surprised by the question and the little girl’s intelligence, thinks about it and says, “Hmm, I have no idea!”

The little girl picked up her book and opens it to the page she left off at.

“Do you really feel qualified to discuss global warming, universal health care, or the economy when you don’t know shit, sir?” She asked and went back to reading her book.


Have You Seen Parking Spots That Are Painted Purple? THIS Is What They Mean…

Have you seen any purple parking spots lately?purple sign

These designated parking spots have been making an appearance all around the country. But what do they mean? The purple parking bays have been designated for the men and women who have served and been injured in combat. Our veterans have given so much for the protection of our country, it should fill you with pride to know that they are back here amongst us. The least we can do is provide them with as much gratitude as possible when they return home.

Many soldiers return home with life-changing injuries, and trying to live a normal life again can prove a huge hurdle. The road to recovery after war isn ever an easy one. Any help towards making the transition as easy as possible is definitely worth our while. It is the least we can do. The organization named the The Wounded Warriors reported the following:

There are an estimated 1.8 million Purple Heart recipients, combat wounded service members who have transitioned back into civilian life. The organization came up with ‘Combat Wounded Parking Signs’ for local businesses across the nation who wanted to participate in the offering up of reserved parking for those injured in combat.

The parking spots, some of which have a purple heart image with the words “reserved, combat wounded” are a terrific tribute and constant reminder to us all of the sacrifices thousands of our men and women have made for the greater good. They have served us well in the military and they have done there bit to protect us from harm.


[youtube id=”1eqZaL4d32w” align=”center” maxwidth=”760″]


Boy Kills Himself Because Of This Text. When I Saw What It Read, I Was DESTROYED!

Bullying is not something that is new. In fact, bullying is something that affects many people from all walks of life and all ages. This has caused many families to be ripped apart as teens are committing suicide. This video shows a similar story about a boy named Daniel who was a normal boy whose life was completely destroyed from bullying.

His mother knew that he was getting bullied by some of his classmates, but she had no idea it was at this level. Daniel was one of the teens that could not handle the pain any longer and committed suicide.

Watch with a box of tissues here:

[youtube id=”J3CwdQDWqn4″ align=”center” maxwidth=”760″]


‘Gap’ Had To Apologise For This ‘OFFENSIVE’ Picture. Can YOU Tell Why?

‘Gap Kids’ has had to apologize after backlash from an advert that has racial undertones. The clothing giant shared pictures for the GapKids X ED campaign on Twitter on Saturday with the caption ‘Meet the kids who are proving girls can do anything.’

But can you spot what was wrong with the photo?girls

‘We all have the power to empower one another,’ is the tagline for the line – aimed to encourage young girls to ‘follow their passions.’ However, as soon as the picture was posted Twitter users immediately flagged up the photograph insisting it was outrageous…comments

Do you agree that this photo is sending out the wrong message?

Meanwhile, filmmaker Matthew Cherry produced a GapKids campaign from the past that used a similar shot – but with a black girl using a white girl’s head as an armrest. ‘Does the @GapKids pic on the left make the pic on the right okay? Let’s debate,’ he asked.girls laughing

A spokesperson from Gap has now apologized for the offence and said the company will remove the picture in the campaign.note

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The GROSS Reason You Need To Stop Picking The Skin Around Your Nails Immediately!

Did you know 2 out of 7 people bite and consume the skin around their nails? It is the only form of cannibalism still tolerated by our society (eurgh, I know gross, right?), though your manicurist probably hates you.

The technical term for this habit is called Dermatophagia, a Greek word originating from δέρμα ( skin ) and φαγεία ( eating ). It means eating / biting your skin, with the most commonly bitten are of the body being the fingers.

Research suggests there are links between the disorder and impulse control disorders and obsessive–compulsive disorders. But is it actually bad for you?

Though many people like to live in denial, of course this nervous habit is bad for you. Think about it, you are ingesting germs. Although many people who do this may not actually bite their nails people who pick or consume the skin around the nail still risk infection, or consuming harmful germs.


Not only is it bad for you, it can also be pretty painful for the person involved. Sometimes it’s hard for the people with this habit to stop themselves, or even know that they are doing it at time. Luckily, there a few tips and tricks you can try to help you stop if you are one of these people.

People who have this form of addiction can often feel embarrassed by it, it’s not something most people would think about going to their doctors for.

A lot of people find that they do it more when they are stressed, or bored.

The bad habit can be treated with therapy and medications, but if you are strong enough you do have the power to stop on your own.



We hope this helps.


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The Driver Sees A Bloodied 5-Year-Old Waving. As He Gets Closer His Stomach Is Churning

Angela Shymanski is a swim instructor and mother of two who was driving home from the Canadian town of Prince George with her two children in the car. Lexi, her 5-year-old daughter and her newborn son, Peter. Angela had a long, hard day of swim classes and knows that her day is often far from over because she is also a full-time mother. Exhaustion overtook her during this car ride and she nodded off to sleep. Unfortunately, this event turned into a serious tragedy when her car went off a 12-meter cliff and crashed into a tree!

mom and dad

Her daughter, Lexi managed to have nothing but a few scratches when she opened her eyes after the terrible crash. She also noticed that her mother was unconscious and her baby brother was crying in the back seat.

Without hesitation, little Lexi climbed out of the vehicle and managed to scale the steep cliff in her bare feet to reach the road. Once she did this, she was able to hail a car down and ask for some help for her and her family.baby girl

When the paramedics and firefighters arrived, they were shocked at what they found. The cliff was so steep that they could not even get down it without the aid of some rope.

This 5-year-old not only scaled the mountain, but also seemed to know why she had to do it. She did an amazing job at assessing the situation and going above and beyond to help her family out. Most little girls might have been scared and started to cry instead of jumping out and climbing into action!mom

Her baby brother experienced brain swelling and her mom’s back was broken and she was internally bleeding. However, due to their new hero, they will survive . “It’s crazy!” says Angela during her recovery.

“You can hardly even open the child seat she was in. It’s amazing what Lexi did and we’re eternally grateful and proud of it.”dad


Mom Saves A Starving Orphan Accused Of Witchcraft—But Wait Til You See Him 8 Weeks Later

On January 30, 2015, a shocking photo took the internet by storm. The picture showed a woman named Anja Ringgren Loven giving water to a horribly starving child. The two-year-old boy was found naked, roaming the streets of Nigeria all alone. Anja then wrapped him up in a blanket and took him straight to the hospital.

That’s when Anja pieced together the little boy’s nightmarish situation. At just two years old, the boy — now known as Hope — had reportedly been abandoned by his family because they thought he was a witch.

For months, Hope was left to fend for himself and find food wherever and however he could. Shockingly, like Hope, thousands of Nigerian children are accused of witchcraft and are subjected to fear and torture as a result.

Hope was finally in the right hands, because for the past three years, Anja has made it her life’s mission to save the lives of impoverished or neglected children. She and her husband run African Children’s Aid Education and Development Foundation, an organization based in Uyo that provides kids with education, food, shelter and medical care.

It’s been two months since Anja rescued Hope, and just wait until you see how different he looks today…

[iframe id=”http://www.littlethings.com/video-embed.php?vid=9HNCOjzd&dfpid=15856″ align=”center” maxwidth=”760″]


The Exterminator Wanted To Charge Me $200 To Rid The Ants. Then A Friend Showed Me THIS $2 Trick…

Ants can be a real problem in a household. They are small, hard to catch, and nobody wants to pick up an ant!Ants love homes because there is usually food lying around on the ground and around the open space, in addition to having safe crawl spaces to hide their colonies.

If you have ants, you most definitely want to get rid of them because they are such pests, however doing so can be hard, and hiring an exterminator can cost lots of money, and introduce harmful chemicals into your home.
This trick to getting rid of ants should be able to solve your problem almost overnight, and all you need are some common household ingredients!

What you will need for this trick is:

. 1 cup of warm water
. 1/2 cup of sugar
. 2 tablespoons of borax
. Borax is a 100% natural product that is found in many ant killing compounds, and turns out you can just buy it at the store!

To make this work, mix all the ingredients together, and soak some cotton balls in the mixture. When night time comes, lay the cotton balls around the areas where you usually see the ants.

The ants will come and try to get the sugar water off of the cotton balls, and when they do so the borax will kill them.People who have tried this recipe say that it has worked like a charm, and they have not had ant problems since.

Are you going to give this a try? What other ant problem solving recipes you know of? Let us know in the comments below!

Watch Video Below:

[youtube id=”J3lkRqLpqes” align=”center” mode=”normal” maxwidth=”750″]

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A Man Is Crying At The Gas Pump. When She Looks In His Car – She Takes Immediate Action . . .


Getting Involved: God presents himself in the most random of times and Nicole Heintz learned that firsthand when she stopped to get gas on a particularly chilly winter morning.

Nicole shared what happened next on the Love What Matters Facebook page. “So I was just on my way to work and I had to stop for gas so I allowed myself some extra time to get to work.

When I pulled up to the pump I shut my car off and saw this middle aged man crying looking at the gas pump.

I began to wonder what happened with this man and as I got out of my car and looked at him my heart felt like it stopped.

In Apple Valley, Minnesota it is 10 degrees and freezing cold with the wind. This man was wearing flip flops with socks covered in holes.

I look at his car and see his wife in the front seat covering her face in her hands and the two teenage girls both cuddling under a blanket in the back seat.

“Something told Nicole that this family needed help. She knew that she couldn’t just ignore their desperate situation!

woman and her pet

It Wasn’t Much But It Meant Something Big: She didn’t want to pry, but Nicole felt compelled to intervene after seeing everyone in the family in such an unhappy state.

“I went up to the man and said ‘sir is something the matter?’ He looked at me and I could tell he was on the verge of giving up because he didn’t even try to conceal his tears when he said ‘I can’t even provide for my family.’

Without even thinking I put my card in his machine and told him Jesus Christ the Son of God died to provide for you. Fill up. Something, something came alive in him.

He was in shock and it was like he forgot how to pump gas. In that same moment his wife got out of her car, she asked her husband what was going on and he told her

I just payed for their gas she started to cry and came around the corner to shake my hand when I saw her pants dirty and torn. I asked her to come to my car.

The airport lost some of my luggage on my way to Minnesota from California and I had to clean out my closet to find stuff to wear and get rid of a lot of stuff all of that

stuff that I had yet to give away was sitting in the back seat of the car and in the trunk. I opened up my car and told the lady to take what she wanted.”

Nicole could tell that the woman was overwhelmed by her sudden generosity!station

The Kindness Didn’t End There: Without another word, the woman ran back to her van. Nicole said she was scared that she had offended her in some way, but she had done the opposite!

She Found This Abandoned Baby Laying In Trash. How She Rescued Her Filled My Eyes With Tears

mom and daughter

Given A Death Sentence: Nika was born in the most unfortunate of circumstances. Her mother was a prostitute and she was born with several life-threatening brain conditions. But one saintlike missionary, Sarah Conque, made it her life’s mission to rescue little Nika from her detached mother and mediocre medical care.

Initially, the doctors in Haiti, where Nika is from, diagnosed her with hydrocephalus. This is a rare condition in which excessive fluid builds in the brain, and it’s something Sarah says many Haitian babies suffer from. According to the doctors prognoses, 99% of babies with this condition die within the first year. Sarah didn’t stop fighting for Nika after the devastating news, she proceeded to go one step further for this precious girl.nike

Nika’s Guardian Angel: During her initial two-year missionary trip in Haiti, Sarah fell in love with Nika and tried her best to work with her mother to get her the best care. Despite having access to free weekly medical treatments, Nika’s biological mother failed to make any effort to take her ailing daughter to the appointments. Before she left to return to the United States, Sarah promised to come back for Nika and get her the help she needed!nika's gaurdian

Regaining Her Health: Just like she promised, Sarah returned to Haiti after completing her master’s degree program. She was committed to helping Nika build her health and manage her illness – but without having complete access as a guardian, there wasn’t much that Sarah could do without the compliance of Nika’s mother. She tried her best not to let Nika’s passive mother get in the way of her mission to improve her health.nike in hospital

Against All Odds: After further medical probing, demanded by Sarah, the doctors discovered that Nika also suffers from hydranencephaly. That means a large part of her brain is missing, and it’s filled with spinal fluid – it’s also an indication that Nika had a serious stroke in utero.

Sarah shared on the Little Warrior Nika blog what Nika’s mother told her may have caused the stroke. “I learned that the mother [possibly] tried to terminate the pregnancy by drinking different types of poisons. Furthermore, the mother told me that she had tried to sell Nika to the Dominican Republic for ‘research,’ but they wouldn’t take her. Sadly, as horrific as this absolutely is, this is not an uncommon story for many children with disabilities in Haiti.”

Sarah knew that Nika’s mother could never love the precious baby girl in real way if she treated her like this, and she needed someone to really look after her. Even though her mom barely kept up with the treatments, Nika was showing serious signs of improvement – but without steady treatment, the fluids could quickly return. It was all up to Nika’s mom to do the right thing.transformation

New Beginnings: Unfortunately, Nika’s mother was becoming more and more inconsistent with her treatments and Sarah could tell that her health was slipping. The final straw occurred when Sarah and a local pastor went to find Nika and her mother, only to discover something absolutely horrific.

“I entered the house, only to discover Nika completely alone in the house lying on a rice sack and surrounded by trash, circled by dogs. She was eleven months old and weighed only six pounds. An estimated three to four pounds of that weight being fluid build up.”

She went to the Danita’s Rescue facility the following day and petitioned for Nika to be placed in their care. They approved her request and returned to the mother’s house.. Without hesitation, Nika’s mom handed over care of the child and, just like that, the battle for a stable home was over! She moved into the orphanage with Sarah that day. Then, after extensive paperwork, custody was handed over to Sarah!baby

Building Her Life In The United States: It took months of treatment to get Nika into a somewhat healthy condition. Every single day was a fight to keep Nika alive, but it was totally worth it for her proud new mom. Nika had surgeries to drain the fluid from her brain, implants to stop filling in the future and other complicated procedures. Then God blessed them one more time!

“Once again, God brought the right people to help and He made the way for Nika. In May 2015, she was granted a medical visa to enter the United States. On May 19, 2015 she arrived in America! On May 27, she had her second neurosurgery and had a VP shunt implanted. This surgery drastically improved her quality of life. Not only did her head circumference decrease by almost two inches, but she also lost two inches in height. She lost five pounds in fluid weight, too!”

Things were looking up for the happy mother and daughter – Nika was getting healthier every day, despite her rocky past and grim prognosis.mommy

Happy Birthday, Nika! Nika even got to ring in her second birthday in her new home with her new mother, her boyfriend, Stephen, and all of Nika’s new friends and family members. She looks beautiful (and very excited about cake)!happy baby

She Is A Blessing: Each day with Nika is a blessing, and Sarah is thankful for the time she gets to spend with her amazing daughter! “With every breath she takes, she defies the odds and proves the impossible is truly possible with God.”

Nika really is a little miracle and her strength inspires everyone she meets!family

New Traditions: The future looks bright for Nika – she has dedicated doctors and a mother who will stop at nothing to provide for her daughter. Now they get to relax a bit and enjoy the little things outside of Nika’s medical problems, like dressing up for Halloween!happy nike

Celebrating Easter: Nika’s health has improved every day and she even got to experience Easter for the first time with her new family! Sarah explained that their journey from here on out is all in the hands of God.

”We believe that God makes each and every one of us according to His plan, and we choose life, every time. We know that the textbooks have a lot to say about our bodies, but we rejoice in the knowledge that we aren’t just bodies, we all have a spirit and a soul, too. We choose to love no matter the prognosis and we believe that EVERY human life has incredible value.”

It’s easy to see that Nika’s life does have significant value!smily kid


Guy Drives By New Home And Notices Something Surprising. Do You Notice It?

Reddit can be a hub of laughs, information, surprise, and more. Take, for example, reddit user’s liquidthc picture titled, “They had one job.” Do you notice what the problem is?

homeCan’t figure it out? It’s okay. The top comment puts it eloquently: “It took me an embarrassing amount of time to see the problem.”

The problem is simple: The driveway leads to the side of the home and not to the garage. That means it’s completely inaccessible from the streets. For a lot of people, this seems absolutely baffling. Why would anyone do this?

Redditors hit the comments and starting providing reasons. The predominant reason seems to be is because it’s a model home. According to redditor f0gax:

This is a model home and sales office for the builder.

The road in front is still dirt. This house is close to being done, but it’s unlikely anyone would want to live in this neighborhood until that road is done.

There’s an obvious walk way from that slab to the front door.

There’s no “cut” in the curb that would accommodate a different driveway. I’m sure they’ll add it later when they eventually sell this house to someone. But for now it’s not necessary.

But this leads to even more question, like why wouldn’t they just configure it the right way? This could be because:

  1. A driveway in front can potentially block a clear view of the property with cars. Remember, it’s a model home: they’re trying to show it off.
  2. The ability to add more landscaping to make the home look better.
  3. The ability to add more parking.
  4. Bolognahead: “Home builders also like to ‘trap’ clients and will sometimes build doors into the garage where the sales office is as the only entrance accessible to clients and then building fences around the walkways to force people to go through the sales office before going through the front door to tour the home.”

There you have it. What was perceived to be an unbelievable error is just simply a design for model homes. Some might find it wasteful, but, in the end, it’s meant to be pretty enough to sell. Sales, am I right?

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She Was In Real Danger Until The Gas Station Clerk Did Something Remarkable!

After getting a bad feeling about a couple that came into his store, this cashier decided to take action and not allow her to go outside with the man she was with.


The crazy thing about this is the cashier didn’t ask the woman if anything was wrong nor did he know for sure, but he felt that something wasn’t right and acted accordingly.

Luckily he was right and ended up saving this lady from a man that carjacked her and then told her he had a gun and that she had to do as she was told.

He took her around town withdrawing money from different ATMs until the cashier from this gas station caught on and did something about it.

The kidnapper even threatened that he had a gun, but that didn’t stop this heroic man from potentially saving the woman’s life.


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Her Son Comes Home With A Birthday Invitation. What It Says At The Bottom Brings Her To Tears

When parents first discover that their child is afflicted with an illness that will affect their interactions with others, it’s hard to imagine what life will be like for them. The parents learn to adapt their schedules and needs to fit those of the child’s, in hopes that life will be easier for him or her. Often, however, people outside this child’s family may not consider his or her needs in the same way.

But as mom of three Tricia Klein found out, there are a few kind souls who are considerate of her child’s needs. Tricia’s son, Timothy, was diagnosed with nonverbal autism at 2 years old. Since then, she has helped her son overcome the daily challenges he faces.

Though he struggles with interacting with others, he loves many of the same things other 7-year-old kids enjoy: he likes to play soccer, swim, and watch YouTube videos. But it isn’t uncommon that his mom has had to decline his invitations to parties because of his condition.

But one day, a note from a mother whose son was in Timothy’s class changed that. Scroll down to find out what that mom said that moved Tricia to tears! Please SHARE to show your support for this amazing mom!disable sonTricia’s son, Timothy, was diagnosed with nonverbal autism. This diagnosis makes it hard for him to interact with others, especially in large groups. She would have to decline his classmates’ invitations to parties.cute son

But one of the mothers, whose son is friends with Timothy, decided to send Tricia a note, along with the invitation.

son letter

The note read: “Carter sat beside Timothy at school and he always talks about him. I really hope he can come. We are renting a bounce castle that we can attach a small bounce slide at the bottom. We will also have water balloons and water guns. Maybe Timothy can come earlier in the day if it would too much with the whole class. Let me know so we can make it work.”mom and on

The note moved Tricia to tears. To her, the final phrase “we can make it work” meant the world!


A Mysterious Stranger Appears At The Scene Of A Car Crash. Then They Notice His Shirt..

In 2013, Katie Lentz was 19 years old when a drunk driver slammed into her car as she headed down a cornfield-lined road in Missouri. For nearly an hour, Katie was pinned between her seat and the steering wheel, unable to move and struggling to breathe. First responders tried to free Katie from her totaled car, but time was slipping away. The fire chief began to lose hope for a successful rescue and Katie began to accept that she might not make it out alive. Out loud, Katie mustered the strength to ask the first responders and everyone gathered around the wreckage to pray with her.

Just then, seemingly out of nowhere, a mysterious figure emerged and led the group in prayer. The man wore a black priest shirt with a white collar. “Amen,” he said, before disappearing back into the crowd. Katie survived that day. But when the crowd went to thank the mystery priest for his calming prayer, he was no where to be found. Dozens of photos of the wreck were taken that day, and he wasn’t in a single picture.

Was this a priest… or an angel? Scroll down to find out…WOMAN

19-year-old Katie Lentz was struck by a drunk driver in 2013. For an hour, emergency crew workers tried to free Katie from her crushed vehicle, but their tools weren’t getting the job done fast enough. Time was slipping away, and Katie realized she might die. She asked everyone around her to pray with her.car accident

As a crowd began to gather around the wreckage, a mysterious figure emerged. The man wore a priest’s shirt and began to lead the group in prayer. Just then, the rescue team was finally able to get their tools to do what they needed to do.

Katie was finally freed, then taken to the hospital where she recovered.mysterious man

But just as suddenly as the priest appeared, he then vanished into thin air. When bystanders and rescue workers went to thank the priest for his “miracle prayer,” he was gone. There were about 70 photos taken at the scene of the accident — but the man wasn’t found in a single frame.

A composite sketch was drawn, but no one came forward. They claimed this was no man, but rather an angel.priest

As Katie’s story began to make headlines, the mystery man finally revealed himself. Father Patrick Dowling, who just so happened to be near the scene of the accident, had initially wanted to remain anonymous. He said he tried to avoid getting in the way of the struggling crew of first responders, and that he was only part of the answer to Katie’s prayers.

Father Dowling says the crowd and their combined prayers, along with the tireless emergency workers, were the heroes that day.katie and preist

On her 20th birthday, Katie received an incredible gift — a reunion with Father Dowling, her very own miracle worker.

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When A 6-Year-Old Came To School With THIS On His Back, His Teacher Desperately Screamed For Help…

When a 6-year-old didn’t do his homework, the mother brutally beat the boy with a wire hanger.Now Chinese police have decided not to press charges against the abusive mother. And this kind of abuse happens all the time…

When Xiao Bing was changing for gym class, a teacher noticed the massive welts across his back.Without hesitation, the teacher reported the abuse to the authorities. She also took pictures of the boy’s injuries so she had evidence of the brutality.

Officers asked Bing why he was beaten. He told police that he had failed to do his homework.

“The boy’s mother and father are unhappy about his performance at school, saying that he is a naughty boy who often fails to do his homework and needed to be taught a lesson,” said police spokesperson Hu Ling.

“His mother had hit him after discovering that once again he had not done his homework on time.”

The police said Bing was taken to the hospital where he received proper treatment. But cops said the injuries look much worse than they really are.

The boy’s mother was taken in for questioning. But the police decided not to press charges and let her off with a warning.

The photos of the boy’s back where posted online after the teacher learned that the mother wouldn’t be punished. The teacher says that young students in China face a lot of pressure and abuse like this is sadly common.

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Mother Horrified When Daughter Suddenly Cries Out In Pain. Then She Learns The Cause

With her young teenager becoming more independent and active in school activities, Jackie Fedro,

like many parents, wanted a way to make keeping tabs and checking in on her daughter easier. That’s how 13-year-old Gabbie got her first cell phone.

Within a week, the Illinois mother found herself warning parents of this unexpected danger in cell phone use, reports BuzzFeed News.


Gabbie was chatting on her phone, when Fedro heard her suddenly scream out in pain.

Running down the stairs, clutching her neck, Gabbie continued to cry out, unable to catch her breath.

scar in nrck

“It’s the worst feeling in the world as a mother to watch your child scream in pain and have no idea how to help her,” Fedro told BuzzFeed. “It took her a good five minutes before she was even able to tell us what had happened.”

Gabbie had been using her new T-Mobile LG d500 while it was plugged into the wall. Gabbie told her mother that she was suddenly shocked by the cord.

The current ran through a necklace she was wearing, causing 2nd-degree burns on her neck.

Scott Wolfson of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission told BuzzFeed News that burn cases connected to cell phone usage are rare, but can happen. He warns against using generic brand chargers or replacement batteries.

In most cases, burns from cell phones arise when the batteries overheat, Wolfson told BuzzFeed News.

The New York Police Department recently issued a warning about not sleeping with a cell phone under pillows for this very reason.

mobile burn

Fedro said that Gabbie had been using the factory-issued charger that originally came with the phone. T-Mobile sent Fedro a new phone and offered to pay for Gabbie’s medical bills.

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Scam Alert! How To Keep Your ATM Code Safe From A New Threat.

Getting your wallet or purse stolen can be such a scary and stressful ordeal. It has happened to me before and I can tell you it was an absolute nightmare. Obviously I was gutted about losing some cash, but I was more upset that I had lost all of my cards. It’s a scary prospect knowing someone could potentially fraud your entire existence. I couldn’t get on the phone to the bank quick enough.

However, did you know that there is now a way for thieves to steal your ATM information without even laying hands on your card. It has nothing to do with online scammers, although that is a big thing at the moment. This threat can be present in any grocery store, pharmacy or anywhere with a keypad for debit card PINs.

Professional Mark Rober explains this new threat, and most importantly, a simple way to keep yourself from becoming a victim to the threat. This YouTube video has racked up over a whopping 18 million views, so it is definitely worth a watch.

I was utterly shocked by what I saw, I can’t believe this is actually a thing. With advancements in technology evolving at a rapid rate, I think it is necessary that we work on protecting our data. We are all vulnerable, and we are all at risk. Everyone should see this. This type of threat is becoming more and more apparent in the news and we need to act fast.


atm card


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Forget The Tooth Fairy…THIS Is What You Should Be Doing With Your Kid’s Teeth

All children love the Tooth Fairy. It is a fact of life but have you ever considered that you might actually be doing your child a dis-service by providing them with money in exchange for their tooth? Scientific studies suggest that they have more value elsewhere! These results could even save your babies life!fairy tooth

There are just so many benefits of keeping these teeth around! I hope you are ready…coins

Inside the dental pulp are stem cells that can help to form bone, neurones and cartilage. They can potentially help save your child in the future!tooth shape

The cord needs to be stored immediately after birth. There are services such as Store-A-Tooth that provide the service required.

tooth box

The teeth need to be preserved within 48 hours of falling out so you must be quick! This is a great way to add longevity to the life of your children.

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cute kid


WARNING: If Your Child Is Using THIS Sippy Cup, Throw It Away IMMEDIATELY!

No matter how hard parents try to keep their children safe, there always seems to be some new threat to our kids’ health that pops up.

Last week, mothers Marie-Pier L’Hostie and Penny Powell from Montreal, Canada, shared pictures to Facebook of what they found hiding out inside their kids’ sippy cup lids, and now parents from all over are freaking out at what they find.dirtMrs. L’Hostie had this to say on her Facebook page:

“My friend Simon O’kanada wondered why his son was always sick. He broke the anti-spill top of his ‘Tommee Tippee’ bottle and discovered mold inside the mouthpiece. It doesn’t wash and can’t be seen unless it is broken open.

He called the company, and the lady on the phone laughed out out loud. Several moms on other groups have also discovered mold after my post in another Facebook group, so I’m sharing you. If you please, those who have these cups, pay attention! Being washed by hand or in the dishwasher, the mold will stay there!”

cupAnother concerned parent commented on the post saying:

WARNING: All the people who have been using anti-spill cups for some time THROW THEM OUT! Open your cups, remove the anti-spill guard and break it into two. Mold settles in the cap and makes children sick!! If you can, take pictures and join the other parents who have raised a complaint against the consumer service. Neither the dishwasher or washing by hand removes it!!”

The manufacturers of the Tommee Tippee cups responded to the controversy stating that there are separate instructions that describe how to properly clean this part of the cup, but according to actual users of the product, the only way to avoid your child becoming very ill is to just throw the cup away.

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Mom Set Up A Camera In The Nursery Overnight. What She Discovers The Next Morning Is Scary!

Was is it about little kids? One minute they are as sweet as can be, the next, they are totally insane, turning to seemingly unstoppable creatures fated to destroy everything in their path. Maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but after watching this video, we think it might be fairly accurate.

Take a look as one little boy does not like being in his crib alone, and he makes sure everyone on the block knows it. The video already has a spooky vibe about it as soon as we see it. Because it’s filmed with a night-vision Nannycam, we’re immediately flooded with memories of the terrifying 90s movie the Blair Witch.

Little boy Connor stands up in his crib and calls out for his mom and dad. Not hearing any reply, he naturally decides to scream a little bit louder. In order to be better heard, Connor climbs up onto the railings of his crib, screaming into the night with the power of something unworldly.

Continuing his shrill cries, Conner is able to stand himself up completely on the rails, but he soon starts to teeter and loses his balance, falling backwards into his crib. Worried that he might be injured as his cries have momentarily subsided, we are quickly assured that he is alright, as he now cries out in pain and shock, in addition to his general discontent.

While many toddlers seem to lead these double-lives as adorable innocents turned evil, we’ve never seen a kid display it quite as , um…passionately as this little boy. We just hope his parents have invested in quality earplugs- and considered putting him gymnastics!

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Postal Worker Notices Boy On Route Is Gone. Then She Shows Up To His House With Some Help!

Whenever any postal worker would go to the Watkins family’s home, they could count on a kind greeting from their son. They nicknamed the teen “Matthew the Mailman,” because he dreamed of being a postal worker someday.

Then one day, the Watkins’ postal worker noticed that Matthew was gone. Not for a day or two, but for eight months. When the postwoman investigated, she got some devastating news: Matthew was diagnosed with leukemia. The post office knew they had to do something.

After Matthew came home, they decided to surprise him. An entire fleet of 20 postal vehicles arrived at his doorstep. The teen, who wore a mailman uniform even during his time in the hospital, was ecstatic to see the support.

It goes to show, there are heroes on TV with superpowers, but in real life, our superheroes don’t require magical powers. Their uniforms aren’t tights, maybe they just wear a button-down shirt and kindness on their sleeves.

The postal service community adorned Matthew with gifts, another uniform, and even a sash. Some might think it’s a little silly, but for the Watkinses, it was a sign that in their most difficult time, their community was right there waiting to make their son’s dreams come true.

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He Asks This Woman Why She’s Using a Handicap Parking Space. How She Responds Will MAKE You Question

Unless you’ve been living on a different planet, you know what a handicap parking space is for. These are priority spots that people who have genuine disabilities have to use. Often the spaces are nearer the store entrance or just in a convenient place.


Most of us would never dream of using one of these spaces, since it would deprive a disabled person. But then again, most of us are not this woman…

Watch  the full video here:

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If Your Tendon Pops Out On Your Wrist Like This, THIS Is What It Means – Utterly Fascinating!

Your body is a temple, but it’s also a museum of natural history. When you look closely at your body, you will see parts of your body that aren’t there because you need them, but because your animal ancestors did. Evolution is a scientific theory that may disgruntle many religious ideologies because it proves the change in heritable traits of biological populations over time.

Regardless of your beliefs,  fascination with the human body is undeniable.  Every day, we see, breathe, touch, and feel, the human body consists of seven octillion atoms, which make up 37 trillion cells in our body which continuously regenerate themselves over time. Amazing!

It is important to love and nurture our body because it is the vessel that carries us through our entire life. Learning about the way it works can help you to look after yourself more effectively. If you’ve ever looked at your body and got lost in a trail of thought wondering why on earth we get goosebumps, or what that strange vein is on your arm,  then I hope this video answered some of those questions you ponder late at night.



game morning wake up


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This Man Is Diagnosed With Eye Cancer Because Of A Simple Thing All Of Us Do Every Single Night

A 40-year-old man was diagnosed with eye cancer with pinkeye.

There are many scientific studies indicate that green light from mobile screen can result in death of human’s retinal cells, affect our vision. When we use mobile phone in dim light condition for a long time, electron beam will shine directly into our eye, it will make conjunctival become prolonged dry, cause eye cancer and blind.

This unnamed 40-year-old man visited the doctor when he couldn’t see clearly, albumen turned red because of serious injuries. Whereby, he always use mobile phone for 30 minutes in the dark before going to sleep.

It was prolonged, made his macular’s eye degraded, lead to impaired vision and signs of eye cancer.

The doctors can’t seem to do anything in this case because replacing retina is an extremely difficult job for our current medicine.

Up to now, in Hong Kong, China, the age of patients with macular degeneration, dry eye, eye cancer is younger.

The main cause is smart phone. The experts recommend people to minimize the use of laptop, tablet and mobile in the night when turning off light, we should use them in the suitable light condition.


New Police Radar Gun Will Detect Much More Than Speeding. Drivers Be-Aware

A Virginia-based company has created a device that promises to be the bane of distracted drivers everywhere, according to CBS Local in Washington.

Most U.S. states have laws that allow people to talk on their cell phones while driving. But texting is illegal nearly everywhere while driving, and for the cops trying to spot texters on the road, this is sometimes a slippery slope. After all, it’s pretty hard to tell if somebody is texting or talking when they drive past you at 60-plus mph.

That’s where ComSonics, of Harrisonburg, Va., enters the picture. The company is developing a device that’s able to alert police when a mobile phone is used inside a vehicle — and the product can differentiate between phone call and text usage, reports the Virginian-Pilot.

The technology was originally designed for cable repairmen who needed to find a leak in a cable. Because of the way it points and shoots to do its work, which is similar to how a radar gun operates, ComSonics decided to make a few tweaks and develop it for potential use by police.

The hurdles the company seems to be facing, according to 2014 stories, include a legislative green light and “commitment from law enforcement.” For all you privacy advocates, here’s an interesting tidbit: ComSonics told the Virginian-Pilot that the device “could not decrypt the information that is transmitted by drivers.”

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Here’s How To Treat And Ease Gout Suffering From Home, And Prevent Another Flare-up

A rather peculiar disease, gout these days evokes thoughts of old Henry VIII and medieval medical treatments. But it does still exist today, and people who suffer from it can testify to how incredibly painful it is. A severe form of arthritis, gout is caused by an excess of uric acid, which creates crystals around joints, the Mayo Clinic says.

“Crystals” may not sound like that big a deal — but they are no joke. Uric acid buildups are mostly caused by high levels of purine, which in turn are brought about by what some people would call a lavish lifestyle. Here are a few ways to counteract high intakes of purine.

1. Watch what you eat — and drink: Meats, refined carbs, fructose, and yeast are all responsible for high purine intakes, LiveStrongindicates. As such, consumption of sodas and fruit juices should be limited, and so should beer. “Organ meats,” such as liver and kidneys, should be avoided as well, Mayo Clinic recommends — seafood too, such as sardines, anchovies and mussels.

2. Mix healthier foods into your diet: Top 10 Home Remedies suggests a number of natural foods that you can take to counteract the effects of gout. Cherries rank highly among them, thanks to their high levels in antioxidants and anthocyanins, which help reduce inflammation. Apples and bananas are also recommended, as they both contain compounds capable of getting rid of uric acid: Malic acid in apples neutralizes uric acid, while the potassium contents in bananas will liquefy the crystals and flush them out.

3. Try these alternative remedies: In addition to eating these healthy foods, there are a few other methods you can try. Watered-down apple cider vinegar can relieve pain with its acidity, Top 10 Home Remedies suggests, while ginger root (in powdered or liquid form) prevents inflammation.

Baking soda and activated charcoal can both reduce uric acid: The former by mixing half a teaspoon of baking soda with a glass of water, and the latter by applying paste made from charcoal and water to your gout-infected areas, either in the form of a lotion or a bath.

Finally, water is a great last resort. LiveStrong recommends solid hydration to allow your kidneys to process the uric acid and pass it through urine. For quick pain relief, immersing painful body parts in cold water can help — but Top 10 Home Remedies warns not to abuse cold treatment, as it could also promote the crystallization of uric acid and make things worse.

Naturally, it is strongly recommended to see a doctor regularly when you’re dealing with gout, as you will get a better idea of exactly how to adapt your diet to your own specific circumstances.

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Foster Son Starves While Mom And Daughter Eat. Then A Customer Turns Around To Do THIS…

There is nothing more shameful than hurting or taking advantage of a child. Yet every day, thousands of American children in the foster care system experience are abused and neglected at their most vulnerable. What is more epidemic are the scheming adults who take in foster children only to cash in the monthly paycheck.

The average foster parent receives $713 dollars per child a month. When we treat our children like paychecks, it’s only them who end up suffering. In this social experiment by What Would You Do?, a foster mom explicitly favors her biological daughter over her foster son at a diner.

She tells him that no one would ever adopt him, that her daughter can have whatever she wants on the menu while he has a budget of $4. The mother reprimands him when her daughter is misbehaving. She brings the young boy to tears. While this social experiment might be a reenactment, we know from the very real Lucci quadruplets who endured the same kind of abuse in foster care that this kind of treatment happens to foster children every day.

Even in this darkest moment, it’s regular people like you or me who shine a light. One woman leans in over to the table and tells the boy she’ll buy him whatever he wants. She asks him for his name and number to report the abusive mother.

If this social experiment proves anything, it’s that when we see children being harmed, we have the power to step in and make a difference!

Watch Video Below:

This Is How Eating Too Much Wine, Gluten, And Sugar Can Harm Your Face

When it comes to the health of your skin, it turns out that you really are what you eat. It’s no secret that poor diet and generally unhealthy lifestyle choices can effect your appearance over time, but did you know that that second glass of wine or extra piece of toast could be having an immediate impact on your complexion?

In her book, Reverse The Signs Of Ageing: The Revolutionary Inside-Out Plan To Glowing, Youthful Skin, Naturopathic doctor and skincare specialist Nigma Talib writes, “The second a patient walks into my clinic I can immediately tell the sort of foods they tend to over-eat just by checking the way their face is ageing.” Talib has personally treated celebrities such as Sienna Miller and Charlotte Tilbury and she is recognized as a global expert in skincare. She has classified common food-caused ageing patterns and has categorized them into the following groups; “dairy face,” “gluten face,” “sugar face,” and yes, sadly, “wine face.”

Please note: the information provided here is not intended to replace professional medical advice.

1. Dairy Face: Symptoms associated with “dairy face” can include puffy eyelids, dark circles or bags under the eyes, and little white spots or bumps on and around the chin. It’s very common for people to gradually lose their ability to digest dairy over time and this can result in mild to severe lactose intolerance. This intolerance causes inflammation in your body when dairy products are consumed, hence the swollen eyes. Some milk also contains hormones that have been injected into the cows and these hormones can disrupt your body’s natural hormone production, leading to acne and skin irritation.dairy faceWays To Fix It:  If you think you could have an intolerance or sensitivity towards dairy, try avoiding it for three weeks. If dairy is indeed the culprit responsible for your skin problems, not only will your face clear up, your digestion and overall energy levels should improve.healthy man

2. Gluten Face: Symptoms of “gluten face” include puffy red cheeks and dark spots or patches of pigmentation on and around the chin. Gluten is mixture of two proteins that are found in wheat and other similar grains. Gluten gives breads and pastries the elasticity that makes them so delectable. While gluten sensitivity is a relatively new term, it is estimated that 18 million people in the United States suffer from it. Gluten can disrupt your natural hormones and lead to skin discoloration, inflammation, rosacea, and a series of other unpleasant side effects.gluten face

Ways To Fix It: Depending on the extent of your sensitivity, it is definitely smart to see a doctor and inquire about gluten in your diet. If gluten is responsible for your skin problems, cut it entirely from your diet. Stay hydrated and be sure to consume the recommended amount of fiber daily.wheat

3. Sugar Face: Signs of a “sugar face” include premature wrinkles and lines on the forehead, sagging under the eyes, gauntness, painful pustular spots and splotches, thinning skin, and a generally gray or pale white hue to the skin.

When you consume high-glycemic foods, your insulin levels spike and this leads to inflammation throughout your body. This inflammation produces a series of enzymes that break apart your body’s collagen and elastin – the two elements responsible for youthful looking skin. Sugar also affects your body’s natural gut bacteria which can trigger acne and perhaps even cause a loss in cognitive function.sugar face

Ways To Fix It: Cut as many corn sugar products out of your diet as possible. Avoid simple carbohydrates like white breads and stay away from processed sugars and foods. Use honey, maple syrup, agave, or other natural sweeteners instead of simple white sugar.sugar

4. Wine Face: “Wine face” manifests itself through redness or pronounced lines between the eyes, enlarged pores, droopy eyelids, dry skin with feathery lines across the cheeks, reddish cheeks and nose, and deep nasolabial folds.

These symptoms aren’t associated specifically with wine – any alcohol consumed in excess can cause them. Alcohol dehydrates you and saps moisture away from your skin, causing dryness and wrinkles. Alcohol is also high in sugar and we already know how sugar can diminish elasticity and destabilize your gut’s beneficial bacteria.

When you drink, you may notice that your skin can become flushed. This happens because alcohol causes your blood vessels to expand. Over time, this can lead to rosacea and an overall reddish skin coloration due to broken capillaries. The continual expanding of pores induced by booze will also alter your pores’ ability to tighten up again, resulting in larger and more visible pores.

It’s also very important to consider that alcohol is a hepatotoxin that can damage your liver. A diseased or damaged liver can wreak havoc on your appearance and cause an unsightly pale or yellowing hue.wine face

Ways To Fix It: Give yourself a break from the bottle. Try taking three or four weeks off from drinking and you just might be delighted to see how your skin and body feels. When you do want to partake in some drinkables, remember not to overdo it. Drink in moderation and only rarely throughout the week.kitty and wine


Her Kids Walked In On The MOST Horrifying Site They Could Imagine. HEARTBREAKING.

I am telling this story as, whilst it is truly horrific, with the help of a loving family, this mother found light at the end of the tunnel, as you will see from the video.

Carmen Tarleton is A SURVIVOR of a brutal case of domestic violence. Going back to the beginning, Carmen’s second marriage started with great joy, as you would expect. Her husband, Herbert Rogers, was good natured and even got on well with Carmen’s sister.
There were no signs, whatsoever, that he could have been abusive.

It was 2006 when Carmen and her family moved back to Vermont that things started to take a turn for the worst. Rogers found it difficult to get work and he grew increasingly depressed. He became a recluse and starting staying in his room with the door tightly shut.

It put pressure on Carmen and her two daughters and, eventually, they decide to divorce, with Rogers moving out of their home.

Whilst the divorce was being filed, Carmen started dating a guy from work and life seemed to be a bit brighter. It’s not known, for sure, whether Rogers knew about this new romance, but he turned up at the house on 10 June 2007 AND THE NIGHTMARE BEGAN.

He couldn’t get in so he broke down the door and on seeing Carmen, he attacked her with a baseball bat and poured lye (an acid solution) all over her.

Did You Know What That Small Pocket On Jeans Is For? You May Be Surprised!

I am not sure that I know anyone who doesn’t own jeans. A pair of jeans is one of the most comfortable articles of clothing in any closet. They come in all shades, washes, styles, lengths and cuts, but there is one component that has stayed consistent since the dawn of the fashion staple’s existence. Have you ever been curious as to the purpose of that little pocket on the hip? Well, someone figured it out!

According to History.com, in 1873 Levi Strauss, a San Francisco businessman and a tailor from Reno, Nevada named Jacob Davis, was given a patent that allowed him to design and create pants with metal rivets.

That creation gave way to the modern jeans that we know and love today.levi coated

However, the history of the clothing item dates back to the 1600s. Weavers from the Genoa, Italy made fabric quite similar to modern-day denim, and that might explain how the name came about. Damn.com believes that the name must have derived from the word Genoa or “Genes.”paints

However, it wasn’t until the 1950s that jeans became a part of the American culture with the help of James Dean in the classic “Rebel Without A Cause.”jeans

So, why the side pocket? Apparently, at the time of the Davis and Strauss creation, wristwatches were not a thing, but pocket watches were. The small pocket served as a secure space to keep one’s pocket watch.clock pocket


If You Stick Out Your Tongue And See These Wavy Edges, Here’s What It Means

If you open up your mouth and stick out your tongue, you can learn a lot about your body (and greet friends in Tibet). Your tongue is a multifaceted organ enabling you to speak, swallow, talk and taste, according to LiveScience. But, did you know that taking a gander at your tongue in the mirror can tell you if you are getting sick, need to drink more water or need to take more vitamins? Take a look at what a healthy tongue looks like to see if yours measures up.

Pink and smoothpink tongue

If your tongue is pink, free of spots and grime, and full of papillae (taste buds), you’re good to go. Your tongue should be a little bumpy. If it’s too smooth, you may have a vitamin deficiency, according to Women’s Health.

Red and beefyred tongue

A bright red tongue could be a sign of vitamin deficiencies. A lack of vitamin B-12 or folic acid may make your tongue appear red, according to Cleveland Clinic. Consider a prenatal vitamin or more green leafy veggies to get more of these important nutrients in your diet, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Scalloped TongueScalloped edge tongue

If your tongue appears swollen with scallops (little waves) around the edges, this could be a sign of a thyroid disorder. Other symptoms to watch out for include frequent bruising, tiredness, hair loss and low blood pressure, according to Dr. Jeremy Kaslow.

A swollen tongue is also a symptom of dehydration, so make sure you are getting plenty of fluids throughout the day, according to the NIH.

Cracked or fissuredCracked tongue

A cracked tongue could be a sign of an autoimmune disorder, but more than likely it’s benign. Fissures usually appear when you are younger and can get bigger (like wrinkles) as you age. Make sure to keep up with regular dental exams and ask your dentist about the fissures if you are concerned, according to WebMD.

Brown or black coatingbrown tongue

If your tongue is black or brown this is a sign of poor dental hygiene. This condition may also appear in patients with diabetes or people taking antibiotics. Some chemotherapy patients also develop a black tongue. Brush and floss regularly to prevent bacteria growth, according to Cleveland Health Clinic.

White coatingwhite tongue

If your tongue has a white coating, you may want to call your doctor. Oral thrush (a yeast infection in your mouth) presents itself with a white coating. This condition occurs more often in infants and individuals with weakened immune systems. If you smoke, a white tongue could be a symptom of leukoplakia, a precursor to cancer, according to Cleveland Health. Check with your dentist or physician to be safe.

Lesions or soreslesion tongue

These types of bumps can be a sign of stress or cancer, according to Reader’s Digest. Canker sores usually resolve themselves within a week, though they can be quite painful for a few days. Talk to your doctor if you notice red patches and sores that last longer than two weeks, as this could be a symptom of oral cancer.

Simply taking a few moments to check your tongue while brushing your teeth is a great way to keep a check on your overall health. If you have any concerns about the appearance of your tongue, talk to your doctor or another medical professional.


SNEAK PEAK: Inside The Fully Functioning Replica Of Original Titanic Set To Sail In 2018

If like me, you were a HUGE fan of the movie you will be jumping up and down after reading this. Titanic, the ‘ship of dreams’ sank after hitting an iceberg in the North Atlantic ocean in 1912, over a hundred years ago. Australian billionaire Clive Palmer has now set out on a £300 million mission to rebuild a fully functioning replica. The plan is to launch an aesthetically identical Titanic II, equipped with the modern safety and navigational features. Like the original the ship the replica will be 270-metre-long, 53-metre-high, and it will offer first, second, and third-class tickets.

1. The grand staircase, in the first class section.stairs

new stair

2. The Cafe Parisienne.old cafe Parisiennenew cafe

3. Titanic was one of the first ships to have a swimming pool.old simming pool

new swimming pool

4. First class dining room.old dinning room

new dinning room

5. First class rooms.old rooms

new rooms

6. The bridge has been replicated but not for actual usage.old bridge

new bridge


7. First class smoking room that was only for men…smooking room

8. It will even have an edwardian style gym.gym9. More picture showing the intricate details…inside of shipship room


If it sets sail Titanic II will being its jounrey in 2018 from eastern China to Dubai, instead of Southhampton to New York. There will 2,435 tickets up for grabs, and 900 crew members (slightly more than the titanic itself) with increased lifeboat capacity.

The original Titanic sank following a collision with an iceberg and more than 1,500 passengers died as a result.

For more info on the rebuild watch the video here:

[youtube id=”PK0zckYQkgc” align=”center” mode=”normal” maxwidth=”750″]


16 Struggles That Are All Too Real For Short Girls

Life is a tall task. Being a short girl means double the effort for half the reward. Even the most basic tasks require more work than they’re sometimes worth. But asking for help would only mean admitting tall girls are better.

So instead, short girls try to make the best of a tough situation, which usually involves standing on counter tops, climbing up shelving units, and a lot of jumping. So if any the previous struggles apply to you, read on, because I’m sure you’ll have no problem relating to the rest of them.

1. Considering all the cooking that gets done in a day, short girls must stay fit.


2. When you have to jog just to keepup.

jogging3. When you can only really shop at three stores.

jeans4. When shirts aren’t any easier to find.

shirts5. When laundry takes twice the effort for half the volume of clothes.

laundry6. When you’re so short your feet don’t touch the ground.

short legs

Dermatologist Warns About The Damage This Common Baby Product Can Do To Your Children

According to a 2014 study published by the American Academy of Pediatrics, researchers led by associate clinical professor of dermatology and pediatrician Mary Wu Chang of the University of Connecticut School of Medicine in Farmington found that a common preservative in wet wipes may cause severe allergic reactions in children. In the study, the wipes under scrutiny were manufactured by the Kimberly-Clark Corp.

The preservative, methylisothiazolinone (MI), is not a new ingredient; the study notes that MI was previously used in conjunction with other preservatives but has been increasingly used on its own. The altered formulation is thought to be responsible for this new outcropping of allergic reactions, though research is still ongoing.

Each of the children in the study exhibited similar symptoms — swelling, rashes, blistering, cracking, and even disfiguring patches on their faces, hands, and buttocks (depending on where they were exposed to the wipes) — all of which are common symptoms of allergic contact dermatitis (ACD), according to the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology. To ensure that these reactions were caused specifically by MI, each patient underwent patch testing with the allergen. Ceasing contact with the wipes alleviated the symptoms.

HealthDay reports that Kimberly-Clark spokesman Bob Brand has issued the following statement regarding this study:

“While our wipe products remain safe for use, we recognize that recent studies have raised concerns about the use of MI as a preservative ingredient. We have been evaluating alternative preservative options over the past few years, and are now ready to confirm that, beginning this month, Kimberly-Clark will start introducing new wet wipes that are MI-free across its entire product range in the U.S., Canada, Europe and other global markets.”

It’s worth noting, however, that MI may not be the only allergen present in baby wipes, and any of those other ingredients may trigger a similar reaction. Dr. Carla Davis, director of the food allergy program at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, tells HealthDay:

“We’re talking about a very small proportion of people who will have a problem with MI, so, really, parents should be comfortable using wipes until or unless their child develops a rash that doesn’t resolve in the regular manner. But if that happens and the rash is persistent, then the wipes could be a problem and testing should be pursued by a dermatologist.”


Homeless Woman Has Her Period, But No Tampons. Now Watch What A Stranger Does.

According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness, there were 564,708 homeless people on any given night in January 2015. Many of these people live on the streets, sleep on the hard ground and constantly search for food. But for homeless women, there are other difficult challenges to consider — like what happens when they don’t have a proper bra to wear? What happens when they get their periods?

Many homeless women can’t afford food and housing, let alone necessary feminine items like bras and menstrual hygiene products. Yet, these products are essential not only for health reasons but also for any woman to feel good about herself. That’s where a woman named Dana Marlowe enters the picture.

Dana, a mother of two little boys in Washington DC, is known to many in her community as “the bra fairy.” From sports bras and nursing bras to tampons and camisoles, Dana collects and donates thousands of undergarments and feminine hygiene products for homeless women. It all began when she lost 35 pounds, decided to donate them to homeless women, and created a Facebook page where other women caught on and sent Dana their own, in all sizes and styles.

To date, Dana has donated more than 8,000 bras and nearly 30,000 feminine hygiene products. “Seeing their smile and how appreciate they are, that can energize me for weeks to come,” Dana says. “It’s not solving the world’s problems with the snap of a bra, but it helps a little bit.”

Meet the amazing “bra fairy” below, and please SHARE this brilliant idea with your friends on Facebook!

[youtube id=”5KNrNhg-2lQ” align=”center” mode=”normal” maxwidth=”750″]


Mom’s ANGRY Facebook Post Shaming Her Own 12-Year-Old Son For Bullying Has Gone Viral!

A schoolboy was Facebook shamed by his own mom the other day when she publicly punished him for breaking his classmates shoe. He has since written an apologetic letter to the girl involved. His mother also says she has no regrets about shaming him online.

I think it is important for children and adults to realise that what goes online tends to usually stay online or just simply reappear somewhere else and therefore, they should think twice about their actions. Terri Evans 30, was horrified when her 12-year-old son Jacob stamped on a girls foot so hard that he broke her shoe.

Using the hashtag #Iwillnothaveabullyinmyhouse, she revealed she would be making Jacob use his birthday money to buy the girl new shoes and a bunch of flowers to say sorry.mom

Apparently the young boy has since written a letter apologizing: ‘Sorry about breaking your shoes, I really didn’t mean to. I don’t really know why I did it but I promise I won’t do it again. I will fix your shoes.’ His mother’s original post got over 55,000 likes on the social media site, and she did receive some negative comments. Because of some of the negative feedback she got back, she has decided to explain her decision to take her child’s mistake so public.

At first, she felt terrible about how viral the post went but later added, ‘I don’t feel terrible for what I have done, I stand by my actions but my intention was for his friends to see it not the whole country to see it.’ ‘As soon as that happened for me it went to far. I would do it again tomorrow if he did it tomorrow.

‘What works for one parent’s child will work for one, what works for another will work for another. ‘When I take his computer off him, he goes “yeh alright”, if he has chores to do it’s “yeh alright”, he is just so reasonable. ‘The only thing I could do was show his mates that he is not big and he is not clever and he can feel just a tiny bit of what that little girl felt.

‘He has apologised to her, he wrote her a letter the same night and took it to school the next day. ‘It was the first time he has ever done anything like that and I wanted to make sure that it was the last.’

See his mothers post here:facebook comment

Bullying is not something we condone, but what do you think, did she do the right thing? Leave your thoughts in the comments section on Facebook we would love to hear from you.

See how other teens react to bullying in the video below:[youtube id=”VF6cmddWOgU” align=”center” mode=”normal” maxwidth=”750″]


Look Closely At This Photo Of Two Cops. It’s Going Viral For One STUNNING Reason

Recently, there has been a lot of negativity surrounding law enforcement in the United States. In response to the hateful comments, Officer Brittany Beard Hilton posted a photo to her Facebook page — never expecting it would go massively viral with over 100,000 shares.

The photo, at first glance, is pretty simple. It shows her and a fellow officer in uniform. Brittany starts by saying, “All you may see in this photo is two smiling police officers. But there is more.” You see, Brittany is posing in the squad car — and next to her is her husband, Steven, who also works as a police officer in Texas.

Brittany and Steven have four daughters to raise, and this photo was taken on Thanksgiving Day. They spent the holiday protecting the people of their city instead of spending it at home with their family.

Like so many law enforcement officers, Brittany has become the brunt of online threats. Some people have even told her that she deserves to be shot in the head, just for being a cop. But instead of perpetuating the hate, Brittany continues to pray for them while Steven says he understands that some people have had bad experiences with police. Once she posted her photo online, however, support for law enforcement officers began flooding in.

When Brittany was 3 years old, her mother was murdered; growing up, she was driven by the need to help and serve others, and that’s why she became a police officer.

Scroll down to see the viral photo for yourself, along with Brittany’s message for the public…

cops“All you may see in this photo is two smiling police officers. But there is more. We are husband and wife, parents to four beautiful girls, we are a son and a daughter, a Brother and sister, a grandson and granddaughter, a Niece and nephew. (Steven is also an army veteran). We are friends to many.”

cops family

Men Plan To Sexually Assault A Boy They Met On Facebook. What Mom Did Is…

Social media is a great tool for connecting with friends and staying in touch with family. However, when you look at someone’s friend list, it’s a common sight to see people on the list that they have never met before.

Young people are especially guilty of this social media infraction. They often accept friend requests from people they have never met without thinking of the consequences.

These days, it’s important to talk to your kids about the dangers of social media—especially the dangers of connecting with a stranger.

That person might be who they claim to be, but they could also be a predator. It seems like young females hear this message quite frequently, but it’s important for young males to practice social media safety as well!

In order to show that young males are just as susceptible to online predators as females, Coby Persin went undercover as a teenage girl and contacted three teenage boys with the permission of their parents.

Only 24 hours after connecting with the boys, Coby invited them to hang out, and surprisingly, they accepted.

These boys had no idea that the person waiting for them would not be “Amanda” the teenage girl, but Coby and their parents!

This is not the first time Coby has gone undercover to give young teens and their parents an important lesson about the dangers of social media.

In the first video, Coby pretended to be a teenage boy and lured young girls he had met online (with the consent of their parents).

It’s incredibly infuriating to watch these videos and see these teens making such bad decisions.

Their parents have talked to them about the dangers of social media, but still, they agree to meet up with a total stranger only 24 hours after connecting with them online.

This Is What Happens If You Place An Ice Cube On This Exact Point On Your Head

You might be slightly weirded out by the premise of this article but read on and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to have learned something you probably didn’t know before. This secret is known to make you feel energized and make you look younger. And yes, all you need is one simple ice cube.

Feel the nape of your neck; where the base of your skull meets the top of your neck. This is called the Feng Fu. This is the pressure point you want to place the ice cube on. This Is What Happens If You Place An Ice Cube On This Exact Point On Your Head

If you put ice on it on a regular basis, your body rejuvenates itself allowing you to feel full of life and health.neck

These are some of the things it can do:

  • 1. Improve your quality of sleep.
  • 2. Improve your mood.
  • 3. Heal your digestive system.
  • 4. Help relieve colds.
  • 5. Help relieve headaches, toothaches and pain.
  • 6. Aids in healing respiratory diseases and cardiovascular disease.
  • 7. Helps with thyroid issues.
  • 8. Helps PMS.
  • 9. Aids mental health.

This is how to properly target the Feng Fu pressure point:

Lie on your stomach, take your ice cube and place it right at the point indicated and hold it there for 20 minutes. If you don’t have time to lie there for 20 minutes, secure it with a scarf and go about your day. Do this regularly in the morning before breakfast and at night before bed with breaks of 2-3 days.

Don’t be alarmed, after 30-40 seconds you’ll feel some heat at the Feng Fu point but keep doing it and within the first few days of continuous use, you’ll feel a europhic sense while your body releases endorphins.


He Saved Over 600 People During The Holocaust. He Has No Idea They Are Sat All Round Him

If you have not yet read the story of Sir Nicholas Winton, you are in for a treat. I thought it was a poignant time to share it after Winton passed away today aged 106.

Sir Winton gained his fame after saving 669 Jewish Czech children from the barbaric Nazi death camps. Between the years of 1938 and 1939 he rescued the children and brought them back to the safety of the UK.

Winton who was a stock broker at the time used to arrange trains to carry Jewish children out of Nazi occupied Prague.winton dite

Nicholas Winton saved 669 Czechoslovak children.

You would have thought that someone who had done such a heroic deed would come home after the war and tell all his friends and family. Well not in the case of Sir Winton. His heroic deeds were all but forgotten until his wife Grete found an old photo album from 1939 with a list of all the children’s names and photographs.

In the video below, Sir Winton has been invited to take part in a show called “Thats Life” which aired back in 1988. He is sat in the audience unaware he is surrounded by the Jewish Czechoslovakian children and their relatives he saved all those years ago.

You can watch the touching moment below.

There are now over 6,000 people who owe their existence to Sir Nicholas. For more information on his story you may be interested in this.

Share this touching story with your friends and family using the buttons below.[youtube id=”6_nFuJAF5F0″ align=”center” mode=”normal” maxwidth=”750″]


Here Are 23 Facts About Left-Handed People That You Didn’t Know About. The Last One Surprised Me.

Have you ever known a left handed person? I myself am right-handed and have no problem finding all of the products that I need because most are geared towards the right hand, but I have known lefties and they seem to struggle a little with some everyday tasks.

However, they also tend to be more independent because they have spent their whole lives adapting to this right handed world that we live in. For that reason, let’s get to know these lefties a little more. Here are some fascinating facts:

1. Between 5-10% of the population are left-handed.


2. Lefties are three times more likely to become alcoholics.

alcohol3. They mostly use the right side of the brain.

brain4. They reach puberty between 4-5 months later than others.


Mom Expected A Normal Childbirth, But When The Doctors Get Excited? She Can’t Believe It!

It’s not everyday you’ll see something like this. And as this new mother began to recuperate from the pain of giving birth, she was obviously a bit concerned when she saw her doctor excitedly whispering to his colleagues.

But it was nothing to be concerned about because her team of doctors was looking at something very rare indeed.

The newborn, while out of his mother’s womb, was still swimming in the amniotic sac. Technically, this baby had not officially been born yet, and still hadn’t taken his first breath of fresh air!

The amniotic sac provides the baby with a constant supply of nutrients, as well as serving as a cushion of protection from any bumps that might occur from the outside world. As this little one grows inside of the protective membrane of his mother’s amniotic sac, it usually (and conveniently) opens, causing the mother’s “water to break” moments before she begins to give birth.

However, in rare occasions, this protective sac manages to make it out completely unopened. And as the doctors watch the baby moving inside, it really shows how much of a miracle childbirth is. As the baby moves his tiny arms, you can’t help but be amazed with how incredible this whole world is!

90-Year-Old Refuses Chemo For Her Cancer. What She Does Instead? BRILLIANT!

Norma is 90-years-old this year — but she leads a fuller, far more adventurous life than most of us can imagine. She has gone through her fair share of tragedy and loss. Just last year, her husband of 67 years passed away. Days after, doctors detected a deadly, cancerous mass in her uterus, and started preparing her for the worst.

Instead of lining up for cancer treatment, which would have involved undergoing major surgery, followed by rounds of radiation and chemotherapy, Norma decided to leave. She left the hospital and bid farewell to everyone at her nursing home. With her family in tow, Norma hit the road in an RV camper.

They’ve been traveling for the past six months, visiting several stunning national parks and traversing miles of breathtaking, rugged terrain across the country. Scroll on to read Norma’s heartwarming story, and to see photos from her amazing travels. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!old woman

Norma, a 90-year-old Michigan resident, didn’t have the greatest year in 2015. In a single week, she lost Leo, her husband of 67 years, and was informed by doctors that she had a large cancerous mass in her uterus.norma

Doctors first detected some blood in Norma’s urine during a routine exam, and asked her to come in for an ultrasound. That’s when they discovered the tumor. Doctors immediately began listing her treatment options.old woman and doggy

There was going to be surgery, of course, followed by rounds of radiation and chemotherapy. The doctor asked Norma how she wanted to proceed with her options. Norma paused for a minute, feeling exhausted. Then, she looked the doctor right in the eyes, and said, “I’m 90 years old. I’m hitting the road.”norma eating

She had talked to her son, her daughter-in-law, and the rest of her family about her decision. The doctors couldn’t stand in her way — in fact, they wouldn’t stand in her way!old model

“As doctors, we see what cancer treatment looks like everyday,” one of Norma’s doctors told GoodNewsNetwork. “ICU, nursing homes, awful side effects and honestly, there is no guarantee she will survive the initial surgery to remove the mass. [She is] doing exactly what I would do in this situation.” So he wished her all the best, and told her to enjoy herself on her trip.woman and her husband

At first, Norma’s family couldn’t bear the thought of her leaving to travel, let alone leaving the nursing home. So they decided to go with her and take her to all the destinations she had never visited before.old woman and robot

For the past six months, Norma and her family have been traveling around the United Sates in a mobile RV home. They have even traveled to countries outside the States, including China! Fortunately, Norma has experienced no pain so far, and even feels like her cancer might actually be going into remission.norman and her family

So far, Norma and her crew have visited several national parks, the Rocky Mountains, New Orleans, and have even joined in the festivities during a Native American ceremony. Norma even took in breathtaking scenery from her seat on a hot air balloon ride over central Florida!norma in florida

Although she has experienced her fair share of tragedy and loss, Norma maintains a strikingly positive attitude every day in her life. “Keep praying every day, and God will take care of you, even when it feels like you can’t care of yourself,” she told GoodNewsNetwork.surprised norma

Reminiscing about the days gone by can also make us happier. “Storytelling is really, really helpful,” she said, advising everyone to talk about the good times. “I’m pleased to know that I can be an inspiration to so many,” she added after finding out that her Facebook page has attracted more than 5,000 followers.happy norma

Her final piece of advice for us? “Just keep on going every day, that’s about it.”


This One Test Can PREDICT Your Death

Oh, life and death, humanity ponders your relationship more than we could ever ponder Brangelina or Kimye. How do you know when you’re going to die? Well, no one can give you a date and time to pencil in. Your life is now. But why not check how you measure up while you’re still limber enough to do something about it? Self-improvement is hard after rigor mortis sets in.

So, These Doctors In Brazil…

Brazil is an amazing country with world class doctors. Some of them developed this simple, try-it-anywhere test to see how likely you are to live a long life. Pretty impressive stuff.

doctorLess Is More

This test requires no equipment, so it can be done anywhere, with anyone and, probably more importantly, for free. The cheapest solutions are available to anyone and can thus help more people.

testIt’s A Points System

You start with 10 points and remove points for improper form, like any test. This gives a numerical result that can be used to establish patterns and degrees of proximity to the grim reaper.


Lose A Point For Using Your Hands

Lose half a point for wobbling or docking; this is test is no joke, people! Patients who scored fewer than eight points were twice as likely to die within the next *gulp* six years.

using handStop Living In Denial And Take The Damn Thing

Try this for yourself. Follow this diagram or watch the video below for a full explanation of this test and how to properly score yourself. Try this with family and friends!

methodHere’s The Expert:


Baby Girl Cries With A High Fever. Then Dad Takes Off Her Sock And Sees It On Her Toe…

Kansas father Scott Walker had a huge scare when it came to his daughter Molly’s well-being. The tiny girl, born seven weeks early, was having a crying fit when mom and dad noticed she was overheating. The concerned dad took her sock off to discover something bizarre. Scott and his wife had never seen or heard of this before. Molly wasn’t their first born either, the couple also have a three-year-old daughter.

Scott decided to share his story because with all the hidden dangers out there, it’s important for parents to speak up about their experiences because as we’ve seen in the past, it can save lives.

On Molly’s tiny baby toes, there was a single strand of hair wrapped so tightly around her second largest toe that it cut off circulation from her body. The phenomenon is known as a hair tourniquet, where a strand of hair or even a thread wraps around an infant’s toe cutting off proper blood flow. Fortunately, Molly is doing just fine thanks to her quick-thinking mom who promptly removed it with a pair of tweezers.

sister and baby“Had a small scare this afternoon with Ms. Molly. What happened was new to me, but apparently not totally uncommon, so I figured I’d share with my fellow parents out there.”

cute baby

“I was with the family over lunch and Molly was cranky and screaming — nothing out of the ordinary. As worked up as she was getting, she started to overheat, which prompted Jess to remove her socks and cool her down. That’s when we saw her toe. This is called a hair tourniquet, which is literally a strand of hair that, while inside a sock, unexplainably wraps around a toe so tight that it can cut through the skin and potentially cut off blood circulation.”


“Luckily for Molly, she has a mother with medical emergency superpowers who was able to remove the hair with tweezers and a magnifying glass within a few minutes. This picture was taken about 45 minutes after the hair was removed. Unfortunately, the hair managed to cut all the way through Molly’s skin, completely around her toe, but it could have been worse had it gone much longer untreated, or if the hair wasn’t accessible.”

baby toe

“The doctor told me, for future reference, to always check the toes if the baby is inconsolable. Just an FYI to any parents or care takers out there.”

Please SHARE this important information to help out the parents you know!


She’s Dressed Skimpy Onstage, But What She Does? Simon Can’t Keep From Grinning

When 27-year-old Emma Haslam takes the stage to audition for “Britain’s Got Talent,” Simon Cowell noticeably scoffs at her outfit choice.

Emma knows what the judges are thinking, but she goes on to reassure them that size doesn’t matter for pole fitness because obviously, she is a bigger woman.

As Emma goes on to perform, she shatters all his preconceived notions when showcasing her impressive talent, ultimately leaving Simon and the other judges with a big grin on their faces. 

The TV judges weren’t the only ones who noticed Emma. According to the Daily Mail, her body confidence was so magnetic that plus-sized clothing brand, Yours Clothing, tapped her to model their products.

Whether or not pole-dancing is your thing, we applaud Ms. Haslam’s promotion of positive body image and think she sets a tremendous example for women everywhere to unapologetically pursue their dreams regardless of their weight.

(Via HTimages)

She Posts An Ad To Sell Her Beloved Prom Dress. When She Reads The Comments? Stupefying!

Kristen Layne loved her junior prom dress. She said when she wore it, she felt like a princess. While the stunning purple dress was special to her, she decided to sell it, and give someone else a chance to feel as good as she did. She posted an ad for the dress in a Facebook group for thrifting. Instead of a buyer, Kristen was bombarded by hateful comments because of her size.

“I was trying to sell my prom dress, and these two men were just saying some very hateful things, just telling me I was fat and that I wasn’t beautiful,” Kristen told KSN. Followed by the horrific comments was something amazing. Complete strangers came to Kristen’s defense. “It’s obvious this woman is beautiful, inside and out,” one commenter wrote. Others reaffirmed that Kristen looked amazing in the dress.

“I don’t know how to say thank you to people and accept the compliments because it doesn’t happen a lot,” Kristen admitted. If the dress wasn’t special enough, Kristen now feels like it’s lucky. She hopes that the next person who wears it will feel as gorgeous as she did and as invincible toward their bullies and detractors.

“Don’t let anyone break you down,” she says.

Keep SHARING Kristen’s story to take a stance against bullying!

(Via HTimages)

Drunk Dad Left Hungry Baby In The Car. Now Look What’s In The Deputy’s Left Hand.

A 24-year-old New Mexico man being discovered drunk with kids in a driving car. The kids were five years of age, two years of age, and two months old. Police deputies Roger Garcia and Sam Rodriquez reached at the scene to discover the 2-month-old was in her car seat, but unfortunately she was locked inside car. What shocked the deputies most was that the kids couldn’t remember the last time they’d eaten.

Cold, terrified, and starving kids became the deputies’ top priority. Despite the truth they were angry by the behavior of the untrustworthy father, the two men in uniform tried to stay normal for the purpose of his children, doing whatever they could to make them feel protected and secure.

While three different officers arrived for help, Deputies Garcia and Rodriquez continued to do something incredible.

Bravo to these incredible men whose fatherly instincts proved heroic.

Keep SHARING this story with your friends and family on FB!

(Via Heartti)

Mom Looks Closely At The Baby Monitor, Then Sees THIS Standing Over Her Daughter…

Jade didn’t believe in ghosts — until recently, that is. The “freaked out” mom from Barongarook, Australia checked her baby monitor and saw something that sent chills down her spine.

Her daughter, Ruby, was sleeping in her room with the door shut and no one else in the house. Jade recorded the following video as proof that she saw two ghostly figures hovering over Ruby in the dark — two white orb-like figures that resemble an old lady standing next to a younger girl.

“I see a baby older than Ruby, it’s able to sit up and stand up, and an adult attending this baby and Ruby,” she wrote on Facebook. “I can see on some angles, an ear, eyes, an arm, but the whole time a baby’s shape and both of their head shapes. Ruby was not unsettled at all, but she does wake every hour or so at night, maybe this is why — someone wanting to play.

I don’t think [the ghosts] are nasty, as the adult looks to be so attentive. Creepy, but at the same time not really, as they seemed nice.”

Jade’s spooky footage has been viewed more than 20,000 times, and people everywhere are seriously creeped out.

It seems hard to believe this is proof of the otherworldly, but then again, what else could that figure be?! “Fair to say I won’t be sleeping very well tonight,” she wrote. I wouldn’t either!

See these mysterious ghostly figures for yourself, and please SHARE this crazy footage with your friends on Facebook!


Wife Caught Husband In Bed, Then Finds THIS On The Mattress Beside Him…

Bart just arrived home from a long day at the dentist, and the pain medication still hasn’t worn off.

As we’ve seen before, these drugs can be extremely strong and result in some off-the-cuff moments of anesthesia-induced hilarity and goofiness.

Bart may look like a rough-and-tumble dude — but as you’re about to see, he’s really just a big ‘ol softie in need of some TLC.

As he tries to calm himself down in bed, Bart’s wife enters the room to make sure he still has his beloved roll of tape to comfort him. She pulls back the covers, and there it is…

…Why tape? Because if his head falls off, he’ll need the tape to put it back on. Obviously. LOL!

She is just so sweet and understanding, despite the silliness of it all. I don’t know how she was able to comfort Bart like this without completely cracking up!

“Those must’ve been some drugs to go on a trip like this,” she writes on YouTube. “Thankfully he had his tape.”

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