Walmart Employee Fired For ‘Gross’ Thing He Did There Every Day For 20 Years


More bad press for the big box store Walmart? Read on, and you decide. Frank Swanson used to work at Walmart in Missouri, but he was fired.

The reason Swanson was fired has caused a social media uproar – are you ready for the reason? Swanson hugged the customers and helped them get good deals. That is it.

Swanson said he would always ask before hugging the ladies. The final straw for Walmart management was when Swanson helped a customer with a price match from a competitor.

Swanson offered her 50 cents off an item to match the competitor’s price. He was fired for giving a customer a 50-cent discount on Red Diamond Iced Tea.

I thought that was how price matching worked, you show the store a competitor has a better price, and you offer them a better one.

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