Guy Recognizes Something About Waitress, Then Shows What’s In His Pocket

A man took his son out to dinner when he noticed there was something oddly familiar about the waitress. His post about what happened is going viral.

Sean Whalen learned at a young age how traumatic a bitter divorce can be. After his parents had an intense fight, he remembered coming home with his mother and his little brother to find that their father had changed the locks. The family was left to fend for themselves from that moment on.

Whalen is now a singe parent himself, and understands now more than ever what it took for his mother to raise him and his brother, according to LittleThings.

One night, Whalen took his son to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. While eating, Whalen, through small talk, learned their waitress was a single mother.

While the father and son continued their meal, Whalen began to feel there was something strangely familiar about the waitress — she reminded him very much of his mother. Whalen decided he wanted to do something special before he left the restaurant that day. He left her a $100 cash tip.

  • Whalen wrote a touching post, which was shared on the Love What Matters Facebook page:
  • The day my parents split up is forever etched in my mind. 
  • Me and dad get into a big fight. 
  • Me, mom and my little brother take off cause my dad is going nuts. 

We stayed at a hotel that night. 

When we came back the next day my dad had changed the locks. 

I watched my mom plead with him through the door to let us in to get clothes etc. 

He wouldn’t.We had to go back later that day with a police escort. 

I’ll never forget the cops handing me a black trash bag saying I had 10 minutes to take the necessities. 

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