She Grabs Mic In Grocery Store And Starts To Sing. 3 Minutes Later Performance Is Going Viral

Kokonis-Viggers says she has no classical training – “Most of what you guys got to see is just hard work and practice” – but loves to challenge herself with classic tunes.

“I love to challenge myself with the old greats like Etta James and Sharon Jones, so I love to get into that big, brass-type music,” she said.

Only time will tell if this was the launching point for Kokonis-Viggers’ big musical career, but for now, she’s just enjoying the ride and trying to stay grounded.

Look what arrived !!!! Going live a little later on with Amanda to un-box it and try it out !!! Thanks The Singing Machine

Posted by Christina Kokonis-Viggers on Tuesday, October 31, 2017

“I would love to one day be up there with the greats like Adele and going to the Grammys, but if just the simplest thing happens where I could have a career in singing and pay my everyday bills, that’s what I’d love to do,” she said.

“My biggest thing is to make sure I stay the same and that I’m still goofy and laugh-in-your-face. Regardless of where it goes–whether it’s just a viral video and I get a couple of branches out or I actually make it big – I want to make sure I remain a regular human being.”

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