She Grabs Mic In Grocery Store And Starts To Sing. 3 Minutes Later Performance Is Going Viral

“It has been a whirlwind,” she said. “I am overwhelmed, and I’m not overwhelmed because of all these postings and people that are messaging me. I’m overwhelmed because there are so many women who are just messaging me left and right and saying, ‘We love you’ and ‘This is amazing.’ That’s really great to see there is this camaraderie between women.

Posted by Christina Kokonis-Viggers on Wednesday, April 19, 2017

“The other thing is putting a smile on somebody’s face. I’ve gotten so many messages where someone has said, ‘I just got out of my chemo treatment,’ and I want to cry with them, but then they’re like, ‘Thank you for putting a smile on my face.’

“I had one woman message me and said, ‘My son passed away two years ago, and I came across your video, and I just started smiling.’ How do you respond to that other than to say, ‘I’m so glad that I could at least spread some sunshine your way.’”

Right now, Kokonis-Viggers works as a senior consumer fund specialist at the Middletown-based Access: Supports for Living where she safeguards the funds of the developmentally disabled. She also serves as president of Upstage Productions, a musical theater in Hudson.

For now, she’s just waiting to see what happens, but she said she would love it if she could make a full-time career out of her music, even though she would miss the people she works with now.

I feel like I need to name this picture in honor of tonight: officially #12yearssingle

Posted by Christina Kokonis-Viggers on Sunday, September 17, 2017

“I’m sure that they are aware that if something does happen and it takes off from this that I will be pursuing that with their full support,” she said.

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