Family Welcomes 1st Baby Girl In 137 Years. Dad Freezes When Sees Highway Billboard

At first they were shocked that their newborn was posted on such a bright, “obnoxious”  billboard, but then they took a deep breath and realized how loved their daughter is already! In the period of just a few days, little Carter is famous in her hometown.

Now her parents are getting ready to teach Carter how to deal with the craziness that comes with being the first woman born in several generations!

“She’s going to have to be strong with all the men she’ll deal with in the Settle family.”

We’re sure she’ll do just fine!

Learn more about baby Carter’s incredible birth (and unusual welcome) in the video below!

Family stunned with billboard announcing birth of family's first girl in 137 years:

Posted by Good Morning America on Thursday, July 6, 2017

Does your family have a long-standing gender streak? Compare years with other excited readers in the Facebook comment section!

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