Cop Follows Frantic Dog Down Street. When He Sees Where He’s Going Can’t Believe Eyes

“They thought that she was dead,” said Tianne Wendt, Krystal’s daughter. “It was a miracle. My mom had two angels save her that day.”

Gonzalez says he doesn’t wish to be called a hero; it’s John Boy who deserves all the credit. This remarkable, loyal, smart, and adoring dog saved Krystal’s life.

Krystal remained in the hospital to undergo some tests and doctors determined she has a heart condition. Thanks to John Boy, she survived and is able to live another day.

I can’t fathom why John Boy’s previous owners returned him to the shelter. Perhaps they weren’t meant to be? Maybe John Boy and Krystal were, and that’s why John Boy didn’t work out with those folks. Who knows?

This intelligent, loving, and fabulous dog needs to remain with Krystal. He’s exactly where he belongs. He’s the hero who saved the day. Way to go, John Boy!

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