6-Yr-Old Punished For Being Tardy, But Local Radio Host Realizes There’s More To The Story

At Hunter’s elementary school, the child serving the punishment is forced to endure social isolation.

When Nicole learned Hunter had received detention, she went to check on him and was appalled by what she found.

Hunter was seated by himself in the cafeteria, a cardboard barrier erected to separate him from the other students. To add to his stigmatization, his cup had a large black “D” written on it.

Nicole described what it was like seeing her son like that:

“I was really upset,” she said. “He wasn’t tardy so many times that he deserved that.”

Hunter’s grandmother posted some photos of the scene in the lunchroom on Facebook and they quickly went viral. Many citizens grew concerned seeing the little boy treated like this.

One of these concerned citizens was Bill Meyer, a local radio host on channel AM1440. He knew he needed to do something to help.

“So seldom do we ever get a chance to fix the root of the problem,” Bill said. “I saw the school policy as being unjust, but I saw the root of the trouble was car trouble.”

So Meyer decided to tackle the root of the problem.

At first, he thought he would get the family’s vehicle fixed, but after contacting Lisa McClease-Kelly of Kelly’s Automotive, a local auto shop, and telling her the story, she came up with a better idea.

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